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  1. This one time I was staying at my cousins. In regina sk. Canada… & I was just falling asleep and something overpowered me and I feel my soul left my body… I could see myself sleeping the exact way I fell asleep I could see my cousin and her man sleeping too… but this thing dragged me into the bathroom held me against the ceiling and slammed me around while i tried to scream but
    t could not move or speak. Then it started having sex with me… for some reason I liked it and began to orgasm… I woke up crying & scared thinking how did I enjoy that what the heck just happened…. my cousin woke up a minute after saying something was attacking her in her sleep too… did this thing really do this to both of us in the same night?! Its scary… never told anyone about the sex part ever but I remember it clear as day…

  2. What happened after Lisa found out what her mother had kept from her all those years after the book came out? Did she believe that the cold man was who Judith thought it was? How did she feel about it?

  3. When I was in 7th grade, a ghost… well, I think he raped me. I remember that night very clearly, and it all happened so fast. It started with me trying to go to sleep, but feeling lonely because no one liked me. I started imagining what it’d be like if I had a boyfriend, especially right now. I was a big anime fan at the time so I imagined one of my anime crushes as my boyfriend. I thought about who’d I want, and ended up deciding I wanted Inuyasha to be my boyfriend because he’s just as awkward as me, but he would be good at cuddling because he’d start blushing and just stay still.
    I rubbed my hand up and down on the space in front of me as if I was rubbing his arm, and then said, “if he was really here, this is when he’d turn and hug me.”
    I was so disappointed at the time that that wasn’t going to happen, but suddenly I felt a pressure over my shoulder, hands, and back. It was as if a person was in front of me and had pulled me into their chest to hug me. I got so happy and excited because, in my 13 year old mind, I thought I had made Inuyasha come to life and that he actually liked me.
    I was practically glowing, and stayed still for a couple of minutes, relishing the feeling of being hugged.
    But then… One of the hands on my lower back started to move downwards onto my bum. I wiggled away from the touch a bit, but when I felt it follow, I said aloud “Ok, that’s enough for tonight. I’m going to go to sleep now.”
    I turned the other way and scooted all the way against the wall on the opposite side of where I originally had been when this presence came into my bed.
    No sooner had I done that than did I feel a hand rubbing up my leg. I squeezed my legs shut to stop it, but it still went up to my genitals and started rubbing!
    I was terrified and turned the other way.
    The moment I did, I felt a sharp pain inside of me.
    I started crying from the pain, and jumped out of bed when I felt another thrust.
    I wanted to scream, to run, but I didn’t want my family to know. This was a late Saturday night. Normally, if I were up, I’d get in trouble because we had to go to church early the next day. I thought they wouldn’t believe me for one, and that they’d get mad at me for being up at this time anyways.
    So, I paced. I paced back and forth as far away from the bed as possible for a good hour, but I still felt that awful presence looking at me, staring at me hungrily, and a pain in my side from the disgust I felt at what happened building.
    I was tired and sleepy, but I could not go back into that bed. Not after what had happened.
    I was crying uncontrollably by that point, so I rushed to my parents room to ask them if I could sleep in their room tonight. I didn’t care if I just stayed on the floor. I didn’t want to go back to my bed.
    But I stayed in front of their for for another hour, unable to do anything. I just sat curled up in a ball besides the door crying because, what was I going to tell them?
    “Mom, dad, can I sleep in your guys’room tonight? A ghost just raped me after me wishing I had a boyfriend to cuddle with” ???
    No, I couldn’t say that.
    So, for that hour that I stayed in front of the door, I tried to come up with a logical story to convince them to let me stay while I heard them laughing at tons of Dave Chappelle jokes.
    There must’ve been a marathon going on because no sooner had I gotten the nerve to get up once they quieted down than did I hear it start up again, and hear them laughing again.
    But I suddenly felt scared and uncomfortable, as if someone else was in the room, and I couldn’t take it anymore.
    I knocked loudly, and they paused the tv while they opened.
    The smile on their faces vanished once they saw my tear stained face, and they asked me what’s wrong.
    All I could say was that I had a really vivid nightmare, and if I could stay.
    They didn’t let me stay, but they prayed.
    And my dad taught me a prayer for when things scare me. Ironically, after that night nothing really scared me, and I don’t even remember the prayer
    And since early 2008, it’s never come back.
    I still wonder if it was a ghost or an incubus.
    Terrifying either way since it was a pedophile.
    I’m 20 going on 21 in December now. In all that time, I’ve never wanted a boyfriend ever again, and I’ve never had sex.
    Yes, I get crushes. And yes, I imagine what it’s like to be in a relationship every now and then.
    But I don’t want to risk what happened that night with a non-corporal being happening to me in real life…

  4. Ghost sex dear one is a karmic experience; a transitional karmic experience. To better understand this, one needs to seek out counsel with a professional clairvoyant to get a read on the path ahead; The steps that must follow that will keep this from being repeated.
    Walk in peace, brave one.

  5. I’m so happy ’13 Shades’ is available on KU, and I cant wait to read it!

    You have GREAT pics on this post, but you should edit your web address onto them. Make sure that everything leads back here.
    The paint program on my desktop is ok for this since I’ve added a ton of fonts, but I use a free pic editing app on my Kindle that helps me do amazing things! Check out PicArt if you’re interested 🙂
    I can’t post a pic here in the comments, but I’m going to try to send one to your inbox.
    P, L & N ♥

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