ALIEN SPECIAL: UFO evidence? MH370 Found? Artifacts & War on Mars? Clinton on UFO’s and More!

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The Paranormal chronicles presents

THE ALIEN SPECIAL:UFO evidence? MH370 Found? Artifacts & War on Mars? Clinton on UFO’s and More!

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Welcome to The paranormal Chronicles Alien special news report. We scour the news from trusted news sites to bring you the best in metaphysics & paranormal reporting.  If you have a news item or article you wish to share then please email us at and please feel free to leave a comment at the end of this page with your views and opinions. This page is for YOU so follow this page so you never miss out and please delve into the archives for previous paranormal articles. There is SO much Paranormal content on this site just for YOU to explore!

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‘Aliens are controlling the SUN’: UFO hunters say they have spotted strange ships near the solar surface in latest bizarre claim

sun ufo 1
Are Alien craft utilizing energy from the sun?

6-7 years ago Russian scientist had claimed to see UFOs by sun everyday  .Images originally capture by Solar Heliospheric Observatory Shows glowing orbs floating around the sun in different spots


The sun’s light and heat keeps our planet alive and a Martian researcher believes UFOs are actually controlling how much is released to Earth.

A YouTuber and ‘UFOlogist’ has spotted what he claims to be numerous UFOs traveling around the sun this week in images sent back from the Solar Heliospheric Observatory. And this might not be their first trip around the sun, as Russian scientists have claimed to have seen the same event ‘six to seven’ years ago.

The video was released to the public yesterday and shows images with strange green lit objects floating around the bright glowing ball of gas.

‘I heard in a news story about 6-7 years back about two Russian scientists that discovered that there were numerous UFOs around the sun at the same time, 24 hours a day, every day,’ reports Scott C. Waring from UFO Sightings Daily on his website.

‘They stated the UFOs would increase and decrease their speed suddenly for no reason and they would make sudden hard right 90 degree turns without slowing down’.

One would hope if aliens are constantly traveling through space that their vehicles were far more advanced than our spacecraft. Waring continued to explain that the new story about the discovery by the Russian scientists ‘has long vanished’ from the web.

Another alien hunter found something similar far away from the sun. An enormous alien structure was, they claim seen moving in the direction of Jupiter’s moon Europa which, according to some, resembles an ‘interstellar mothership’ or ‘an intergalactic cruiser’. The image was taken by a Canon 650D camera with a 7D-300mm telescopic lens mounted on a tripod in someone’s backyard garden last week.

‘Jupiter has long been shrouded in mystery along with its moon and particularly that of Europa,’ says UFO researcher from SecureTeam, Tyler, in a YouTube video – who does not give his full name. ‘There has been a lot of scientific talk about alien life likely existing in the vast oceans that currently exists under its icy surface.’

SecureTeam is very excited about this ‘amazing find’ because they say there is no doubt that the glowing orbit is a structure and could actually be multiple structures put together. One thing for sure is that this definitely doesn’t belong there and it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if this was some sort of alien craft,’ says Tyler.

SecureTeam has expressed their belief about life on fifth planet and believe the icy world of Europa is also on the top of NASA scientists’ list for next exploration mission.




moon ufo
Has UFO activity been  photographed on the moon?

Three flying saucers were spotted on the moon during Nasa’s lunar landings, according to the bizarre claims of a former NASA contractor.

In a video testimony, Dona Hare says the space agency covered up a series of UFO sighting that they code named ‘Santa Claus’.

Hare claims she was told by numerous sources, which she does not name, about three UFOs that landed shortly after one of the moon landings. Not only is she accusing NASA of hiding UFOs from the public, she has also stated the agency has doctored and obscured thousands of photos. She went on record to state the agency erases anomalies from pictures before selling them to the public.

During her time at NASA, she was employed as an illustrator and photographic slide technician and received many awards for her work. She claims NASA threatened those who dared speak about the UFO sightings or airbrushed pictures.

UFO hunter finds Missing Malaysia Airline MH370?

Has a UFO hunter discovered the missing MH370?

MH370 ‘FOUND on Google Earth’ – ex US Air Force man claims THIS is the missing plane. COULD this fuzzy outline beneath the waves be the final resting place of the missing Malaysia Airlines MH370 plane?

By JON AUSTIN PUBLISHED: 05:13, Fri, Mar 4, 2016 The Express

A UFO investigator looking for evidence of flying saucers inadvertently stumbled across the suspected aircraft in an eight-month-old Google satellite image. If Scott C Waring is correct, the plane had traveled to the Cape of Good Hope, off Cape Town, South Africa.

His claim today coincides with the discovery of debris on the east coast of Africa in an area between Mozambique and Madagascar. The wrecked parts are being sent to Australia for tests to see if they came from MH370. Mr Waring, who is editor of UFO Sightings Daily, posted details of his discovery online.

If he has discovered the aircraft, it would appear the plane has survived the mystery crash largely in one piece. The Boeing 777 disappeared on with 239 people on board en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on March 8, 2014. The site of the debris find is about 1,200 miles from Cape Town.

Mr Waring today blogged: “I was looking around the Cape of Good Hope for an old UFO sighting I found three years ago, and was hoping to make an update when I came across a shadow in the water, which resembled an airliner. I used to work on B-1 bombers back at Ellsworth SD, at an SAC during my USAF days. I know a plane when I see one.

Mr Waring speculated a Boeing 777-200 like MH370 would have enough fuel to fly between 6,000 miles and 7,700 miles and the “crash site” was about 5,400 from where it took off from.

He added: “The Google earth photo is dated July 26 2015 and it crashed on March 8 2014. It’s had 16 months of moving about.” He now fears it could have moved since the picture was taken last July. He said action was needed urgently to confirm or rule out his findings.

He said: “I know there is less than one per cent of one per cent of a chance that this is MH370, but it’s better than we had five minutes ago right?”


YouTube user ‘SAUFOTX’ claims the saucer-shaped object was using advanced ‘camouflage technology’ to hide itself in the clouds

cloud UFO
UFO with Cloaking technology or drop of rain on windscreen?

A man claims to have filmed a UFO flying through storm clouds using advanced ‘camouflage technology’.

The YouTube user, dubbed ‘SAUFOTX’, captured the video while sitting in a parked car in San Antonio, Texas. In the footage, a saucer-shaped object can be seen travelling through the sky on an overcast morning last month. The man later posed the video on YouTube , claiming he had captured a UFO using ‘camouflage technology’ to hide itself in the clouds.

He wrote on the ‘site: “On this particular day a heavy storm had passed over head. “I was observing the clouds when i notice a strange looking cloud like a fuzzy distortion around that area. I decided to take a photo of it using an LG cellphone. That’s when i notice it appear to be a Saucer Shape U.F.O and was moving… so i began to record the sighting.  When zooming in a glow and a shadow could be seen underneath it. I was able to capture it as was moving erratic (used the top of the buildings as reference points).”

He added that after analysing the video, he had come to the conclusion that he had captured a ‘huge UFO using camouflage technology’.

“In my opinion it is no Cloud/Aircraft/Drone/Weather Balloon,” the man wrote.

However, many viewers of the footage did not agree, with some pointing out that the object appeared to be a drop of water on his windshield.

“Dude I love your work… BUT this is a drop of water on your windshield!!!” wrote one man.

Another added: “That’s obviously a drop of rain on the window.”

Does this mysterious ‘flying saucer’ French coin from the 1680s show an alien UFO visiting Earth?

french coin 1
Does this 17th century coin depict an UFO?

A 17th century French token has UFO hunters claiming ‘absolute proof’ of UFO sightings hundreds of years ago.

The ancient jeton, a coin-like object used for counting, depicts an unusual circular entity that looks remarkably like a flying saucer. Some have even argued that this represents the Biblical Ezekiel’s wheel, which they claim is the Bible’s own tale of a UFO encounter.

The perplexing object has spurred theories dating back decades, brought to life again by its recent mention on UFO Sightings Daily. Skeptics over the years have offered a slew of possible explanations, arguing that it looks like a drifting mushroom or flower, or even a shield.

Some even say it bears an uncanny resemblance to the towers built for the World’s Fair, made famous as alien ships in the Men in Black film. Scott C. Waring, editor of UFO Sightings Daily, speculates that the token is proof of UFO sightings so frequent in ancient France that they were inscribed on coins.

‘I’ve been looking for one of these off and on for a few weeks. It looks really amazing and is absolute proof that in the 1600s the French witnessed enough UFO sightings to decide to put some of what they saw on coins,’ writes Waring. ‘This is a French jeton minted somewhere between 1856 to 1680, a coin-like educational tool that was commonly used to help people count money, or sometimes used as a money substitute for playing games.

‘It is about the size of a U.S. quarter-dollar and similar to thousands of other jetons with different religious and educational designs that were produced and used in Europe during the 16th and 17th centuries.

‘It appears to commemorate a UFO sighting of a wheel like object. Some researchers feel it represents the Biblical Ezekiel’s wheel.  The Latin inscription ‘OPPORTUNUS ADEST’ translates as ‘It is here at an opportune time.’ It remains unclear what the token actually depicts. The other side appears to show rain drenching a flower-like plant.

FRench coin 2

The story tells of a vision in which four beings emerge, each accompanied by a wheel. The wheels are gyroscopic, each like a wheel intersecting another wheel. When the winged beings rise into the sky, the wheels rise as well, or move in any direction to match them.  UFO enthusiasts claim that this story is a Biblical account of a UFO sighting. This comes following the alleged sighting of a cross on the surface of Mars.

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Is there a CRUCIFIX on Mars? UFO hunters have spotted a cross on the red planet near the ruins of a ‘beautifully carved’ structure in latest bizarre claim

Martian Rock
Is this a Crucifix on the planet Mars?

Alien hunters claim they spotted cross and ruins of a carved roof on Mars


UFO hunters have made a bizarre new ‘discovery’ on the red planet, and they say it has significant religious implications. The alien enthusiasts have spotted what they say is a cross on a rocky Martian hill, and, according to one conspiracy site, it stands just a stone’s throw away from an alleged ‘caved-in roof’ of a nearby structure.

This claim was first spurred by a UFO hunter in France, who noticed the unusual shapes in a photo taken by Nasa’s Curiosity Mars rover. The claim has since been picked up by UFO Sightings Daily, where editor Scott C. Waring explains its potential religious significance to readers.

According to the post, the zoomed in photo from the Curiosity rover shows a cross that is partially blocked by rocks. Nearby is what they claim is a ‘beautifully carved’ roof, with archways and layered sections.

According to the post, the zoomed in photo from the Curiosity rover shows a cross that is partially blocked by rocks.

cross 2

‘This is a very unusual find and probably a significant discovery for some readers here that are religious. ‘A cross was discovered on Mars by Christian Mace in France,’ Waring says in the post. ‘The cross is sitting on the other side of the rock hill, so the bottom portion of it is not visible, but if the rover took the photo from the others side, I would be big money that this is a full size cross

‘Near the cross there is the ledges of a beautifully carved roof that has since caved in. It has archways carved in its top and three thin layered sections.’

Pareidolia is the psychological response to seeing faces and other significant and everyday items in random stimulus. It is a form of apophenia, when people see patterns in random, unconnected data.There have been multiple occasions when people have claimed to see religious images and themes in unexpected places. On the red planet, one of the most famous is the ‘face on Mars’ spotted by one of the Viking orbiters in 1976. This was later proven to just be a chance alignment of shifting sand dunes.

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Hillary Clinton AGAIN vows to find out what White House knows about aliens and UFOs

HIlary UFO
Could Hillary Just ask Bill if Aliens exist?

US PRESIDENTIAL hopeful Hillary Clinton’s team has pledged for a second time to get to the bottom of what top American officials know about aliens and UFOs.

By JON AUSTIN PUBLISHED: 16:11, Thu, Mar 3, 2016 The Express

The Democrat hopeful’s most trusted advisor John Podesta has now vowed to release top-secret government UFO files if she becomes president. Mrs Clinton’s campaign manager has long called for answers and full disclosure on what the US knows about aliens.

Mr Podesta said he is applying pressure on Mrs Clinton in the hope she will deliver on a pledge she made in January to secure the realizes of documents and to send a task force into the mysterious Area 51 military base in the Nevada desert.

Speaking to Las Vegas Now, he said: “I’ve talked to Hillary about that, this is a little bit of a cause of mine which is that people really want to know what the government knows, and there are still classified files that could be declassified.” He even said that some people think his fascination with the subject means he is “off his rocker.”

He said: “I think I’ve convinced her that we need an effort to kind of go look at that and declassify as much as we can, so that people have their legitimate questions answered.

“More attention and more discussion about unexplained aerial phenomena can happen without people who are in public life, who are serious about this, being ridiculed.”

In January the Democratic candidate said she also wants to open up on what is happening at the mysterious Area 51 military base in Nevada, where UFO conspiracists believe evidence of alien technology is hidden away.

For years conspiracy theorists and UFOlogists have claimed that various governments have evidence of alien visitations and that they have been withheld from the public amid fears over the potential impact on religion and the rule of law.

Responding to questions about UFOs from a reporter during an election interview in New Hampshire, she said: “Yes, I am going to get to the bottom of it.”

Clinton even admitted that she realizes Earth may have actually been visited by extraterrestrials.

Paranormal Chronicles comment: Many presidential candidates have offered disclosure on the UFO phenomena but failed to follow up on their promise upon entry into the White house. Would former president Bill Clinton have been made aware of the cover up and if so then could Hillary just ask him or do the Presidents actually have access to the information on such things? When asked recently by a Young girl on the Ellen show that had we made direct contact with Aliens, U.S President Barack Obama replied that we had not made “Direct Contact”. Was he hinting that indirect contact had been made? Ronald Reagan at the presidential screening of E.T leaned towards Stephen Spielberg and whispered  “… there are a number of people in this room who know that everything on that screen is absolutely true.”  Was Reagan serious and was his obsession with the Strategic defensive Initiative Program called Star wars not just a cold war deterrent but perhaps a way to protect the earths inhabitants from an extraterrestrial attack?

Former President Jimmy Carter had his own experience. One evening in 1969, two years before he became governor of Georgia, Carter was preparing to give a speech at a Lions Club meeting. At about 7:15 p.m (EST), one of the guests called his attention to a strange object that was visible about 30 degrees above the horizon to the west of where he was standing. Carter described the object as being bright white and as being about as bright as the moon. It was said to have appeared to have closed in on where he was standing but to have stopped beyond a stand of pine trees some distance from him. The object is then said to have changed color, first to blue, then to red, then back to white, before appearing to recede into the distance. Carter felt that the object was self-luminous, but not a solid in nature. Carter’s report indicates that it was witnessed by about ten or twelve other people, and was in view for ten to twelve minutes before it passed out of sight. Did Carter gain access to the information on the UFO phenomena  upon arrival to the White house?


The relationship between the White House and the UFO phenomena will continue to intrigue and until full disclosure is made we will never fully know how deep the cover up runs and if for certain sophisticated alien life has visited our planet. What do you think? Email with your thoughts or leave in the comments section at the bottom of this page.


mars war

Last year, physicist Dr John Brandenburg said he believes an ancient civilization on Mars was wiped out by a nuclear attack from another alien race.

Dr Brandenburg says ancient Martians known as Cydonians and Utopians were massacred in the attack – and evidence of the genocide can still be seen today.

Back in 2011 the scientist first postulated that the red colour on Mars could have been due to a naturally occurring thermonuclear explosion.

‘The Martian surface is covered with a thin layer of radioactive substances including uranium, thorium and radioactive potassium – and this pattern radiates from a hot spot on Mars,’ he told Fox News at the time.  A nuclear explosion could have sent debris all around the planet.’

But since then he has advanced his theory to the level that he now no longer thinks it was a naturally occurring explosion – but rather one planned by an intelligent alien race.

According to Vice, the conclusion of his latest paper says that nuclear isotopes in the atmosphere resembling hydrogen bomb tests ‘may present an example of civilization wiped out by a nuclear attack from space.’

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