TOP TIPS for a SPOOKTACULAR Halloween!!!

Enjoy the best ever Halloween with top tips from The Paranormal!

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Ghost Stories, Fiendish Food, Pumpkins, Chilling movies, A scariest book and more to complete your Halloween...

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TOP TIPS for a SPOOKTACULAR Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween

It is the time of year that gets all of us at The Paranormal Chronicles offices excited! Like us, many people take great joy and effort to celebrate Halloween. Straddling the line between fall and winter, life and death, Halloween is a time of celebration and superstition. It is thought to have originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain when people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off roaming ghosts. They believed it was the time when ghosts and spirits came out to haunt, and the Celts would appease the spirits by giving them treats.

Millennia later we still celebrate the tradition and with the aid of our top tips we wish everyone a dark and stormy Halloween…and please do keep safe. Please feel free to explore and share the wealth of paranormal photographs, reports and news on here at website to really get yourself in the spirit.


It is important if you are holding a Halloween Party that you amaze and disgust your guests in equal measure with your culinary devilish delights. Here are some tasty ideas to really churn your guests’ guts!

Turn a simple snack into a terrifying treat!
Turn a simple snack into a terrifying treat!

halloween food

A HELL-thy Eating option
A HELL-thy Eating option


The perfect Halloween Buffet!
The perfect Halloween Buffet!

Pictures and Video of Ghosts

Get yourself into the spirit of things by turning off the lights and enjoying some good old-fashioned pictures and video of ghosts and then ask yourself could such things be real? Its all in the mind, right?


The Pumpkin

Are you really satisfied with carving out a wicked face on this year’s pumpkin? Really? Then have a look at these imaginative beauties!

halloween wars

freddy pump




The costume

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It is Important to set yourself out from the crowd and make the most of the once a year opportunity to really spook and chill. We at the Paranormal Chronicles are going back in time for our inspiration this year. We are going old school. We are sure you will agree these are some very creepy looking costumes!!

old h 0

old h 1


old h 4

Scary clown this year anyone???…

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The paranormal very own G L Davies and Ash Shannon who present the HELLFLIX cult and horror podcast have chosen 10 chilling MOVIES you MUST watch this Halloween so lock the doors, light the candles and take your pick of top 10 scary movies!!!


  1. The Ring (1998)

  2. Dawn of the dead (1978)

  3. The Haunting (1963)

  4. Ju-on: The Grudge (2002)

  5. Alien (1979)

  6. 28 days later (2002)

  7. The Omen (1976)

  8. Halloween (1978)

  9. The Fog (1980)

  10. Lovely Molly (2011)

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Now you may disagree with our top ten so please do get in touch with what movies really scare you as you may have something we have not seen or forgotten! Email us at or find us on our Facebook page.

Don’t Forget Baby!

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A creepy Story

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Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest

Blissful beginnings for a young couple turn into a nightmare after purchasing their dream home in Wales in 1989. Their love and their resolve are torn apart by an indescribable entity that pushes paranormal activity to the limit. Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest is the prequel to the bestselling A Most Haunted House (Included as a new edit). Dare you step inside...

Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest

What Dwells Within: A Study of Spirit Attachment

A book discussing the work of leading paranormal investigator Jayne Harris and her studies into haunted objects.

What Dwells Within: A Study of Spirit Attachment

The Afterlife Unveiled

What happens to us when we die? Many think of heaven as an unimaginable state of bliss. As for hell, it’s far out of proportion to any sin we might have committed and makes a travesty of God. But what if the afterlife was something very different? The key to such knowledge is mediumship. Three decades of research have taught the author, a world expert in the field of death and afterlife studies, who the most reliable voices are. These accounts are far better developed and more plausible than anything found in the scriptures or theologies of the world. Taken at face value, they represent the vivid experience of spirits, or ex-humans, eager to tell about their amazing world.

Afterlife Unveiled, The

Happy Halloween from all of us at The paranormal Chronicles! Your support has been amazing. Keep reading, keep sharing and together we explore the unknown…


Haunted: horror Haverfordwest


Blissful beginnings for a young couple turn into a nightmare after purchasing their dream home in Wales in 1989. Their love and their resolve are torn apart by an indescribable entity that pushes paranormal activity to the limit.

Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest is the prequel to the bestselling A Most Haunted House (Included as a new edit), Dare you step inside…

G L Davies is an author who leads the reader through a gripping account of his own personal haunting which I found to be very interesting. Through his experience, he has gained an unusual insight into what can happen to a normal person when they happen across The Paranormal. This chilling read will certainly start to worry the reader and will certainly have them looking behind them at some stage. This is a must read for those looking for explanations. As Demonologist on the TV show Most Haunted, I understand what the author went through and this book should not only make people more aware of what to them was previously unknown but make them think twice about meddling with it. ~ Fred Batt, Most Haunted – TV Series

GL Davies takes us into the real-life terror of a malevolent haunting in the pages of Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest. If you have the intestinal fortitude to venture forward, your bravery will be rewarded with a great, if frightening read. I’d say go for it and pick up your copy today! ~ Jim Harold, Host of The Paranormal Podcast and Jim Harold’s Campfire

This is a Terrifying read, a book that will haunt you long after you have read it. Its builds masterfully, drawing you closer and closer and then the terror hits you. This is a modern paranormal masterpiece, complete with the original A most haunted house and a must-read section on explanations, this is possibly the most important paranormal account of the 21st Century. This is a haunting people will be talking about in a hundred years time and all the while they will say, I hope it didn’t happen in our house. G L Davies is finally back and he has grown as a writer and investigator, this is shocking and chilling brilliance. ~ K-Town, Mysterious

G L. Davies is up to his old tricks again in his latest book Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest. His nasty detailed and unimaginable horror scenarios will give some readers nightmares. I interviewed G. L Davies on my YouTube Show before and thoroughly enjoyed his previous work ~ Kevin Moore, The Kevin Moore Show

If you are a paranormal investigator and have not read this book then you are not a real Paranormal Investigator. Raw, real, detailed, gritty and utterly frightening. As it includes the first book, A most haunted house, then this is the UK’s most detailed and prolific modern haunting investigating over twenty years worth of evidence. There are incidents and events that still linger long after reading, things difficult to make sense of, disturbing things that will leave you with you one thought, I hope this never happens to me! The best paranormal book out there, Read it, just not before bed. ~ Nikki Davies, Lead Investigator – Devon Ghost Adventures

The courage it took to tell a story of the supernatural that drove one to the depths of depression is to be admired. G L Davies accounts are raw, real and riveting ~ Jeremy Scott, Into The Parabnormal Radio

I had the pleasure of interviewing G. L Davies on my Radio Show many years ago discussing his first book and my listeners and I were left in awe, but I must say that his current book Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest also did not disappoint. It gave me chills as read it and I was unable to put it down as I was led on a journey through this very twisted Paranormal tale. It is a must-read for anyone interested in the Paranormal and this book will definitely be put on my shows “MUST READ” List. ~ Christina George, Paranormal Connections Radio Show

G L Davies once again takes readers on a terrifying journey into madness and the unknown that will grip believers tightly and shake sceptics to their very core ~ Ashley Shannon, Schlock Tactics podcast

A paralogian to the paranormal is like a theologian to theology. A paralogian should have a good understanding of paranormal history, theory, & application. It is clearly evident that G L Davies not only has a real solid understanding of the different kinds of paranormal activity & phenomena people may experience, but he also understands the impact in which that said phenomena can have on an individual’s psychological well being as well as the parasociological implications for the surrounding family unit. G L Davies is a true paralogian through & through. Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest is a testament to that statement & a real pleasure to digest. I enjoyed this immensely. ~ Kevin Malek, Paranormal Historian & Ufologist; Founder Of The Northern Wisconsin Paranormal Society Ltd & Co-Host for Paraversal Universe on the LNM Radio Network.

At Black Lotus, we pride ourselves in the exhaustive research we put into each of our episodes. Too often, people will not do the necessary legwork and research that is inherently required when investigating the paranormal. They simply parrot what others are saying and offer nothing new. This is why it was such a pleasure to discover G. L. Davies’ Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest. Written as an interview with the previous tenants of the house in which Davies once resided, it is not your typical haunted house story. While maintaining the integrity required of such research, Davies also writes with a human compassion that is rarely found among other paranormal explorers. Amazing work! We loved it!! ~ Damian Gray & Ralph Torlucc, Black Lotus Media Productions

Few of us will ever experience the paranormal in our own home. Where a place of sanctuary becomes strange and we fear for our own sanity. G L Davies takes us on a journey through the unknown with extraordinary clarity and humility. Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest will appeal to those interested in the paranormal, as well as those who want to know more about how such experiences can help us grow as a person. Life is for the living, not the dead. ~ Claire Elliot, The Claire Witch Files

G L. Davies has done it again! Having experienced his previous work I can only say that “Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest” is the natural progression to the level of master in development of suspense & the building of shock & disbelief, all leading to the realization that these horrific paranormal experiences truly DO exist! ~ Kat Hobson, Paranormal Experienced Radio

G L Davies masterfully brings the terror of living in a real haunted house to life again as he returns to the Horror of Haverfordwest! ~ Jason Bland, Paranormal Soup – LNM radio

“G L Davies is a masterful author who, once again, leads the reader through a gripping account of the paranormal. Genuinely worrying and chilling. This is a MUST read and the section on the rationale behind the haunting is worth the read alone.” ~ Dave Dominguez, – Event Horizon online Radio

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