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SPOOKY! Dashcam footage captures terrifying moment a driver realised there was a ‘ghost sitting the middle of the road’

4087EF2200000578-4522292-image-m-42_1495197746526  By KATIE FRENCH FOR MAILONLINE

This is the moment a terrified driver decided to do a u-turn after believing a ghost was sitting in the middle of the road.

Aswan Yap, 25, had been travelling with a friend when he spotted what looked like an apparition sitting down in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. They were so afraid they stopped the car and quickly backed up before driving away in the opposite direction.

Aswan claims he was ‘spooked out’ even more when the dashcam warnings lights appeared at the same time. The footage was captured in the Bukit Tunku district of the city, which is said to be home to a haunted abandoned mansion.

Mr Yap, a motoring journalist, said some people believe it is a person sitting in the road waiting to rob them – but he’s convinced it is a ghost.

He said: ‘I was scared, there’s no doubt about it. For me, honestly, I thought it was a ghost. When we checked the car’s error logs it said that the car thought it had crashed, which was also really spooky.’


Mr Yap took a longer alternative route home after the friends too afraid to go back to the spot of road.

He added: ‘We’ve watched enough horror movies to know you don’t mess around with this. Just when we stopped, all the warning lights came on and the dash cam started showing an error.

‘If you honestly think that’s a cat, trash can, or whatever on the road, then I really hope you don’t have a driver’s license. If your eyesight is so bad, you really shouldn’t be behind the wheel. This is not a joke. This happened around 10 pm between Lake Gardens and Kenny Hills. Some people are saying it’s probably someone playing a prank or that it’s someone trying to rob us. Even if we ignore the fact that the car’s dashboard was lighting up, you would still want to get off the road as quickly as possible.

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Mum-of-three captures astonishing footage of ‘ghost of her son from a past life’ walking past her TV


Mum-of-three claims she has filmed the angel of her “fourth child” from a “past life” walking past the TV in her home. Mandy Baynham, 45, from the West Midlands, captured a white “spirit” as it passed her camera in the shape of a “head and shoulders”.

In another video, she filmed a small “gold spark” near her television before a ghostly figure appeared and “walked” in front of the screen.

After visiting a medium, Mandy, of Wednesfield, believes the boy, called Danny, was the product of a frowned upon love affair she had in another life.

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The gran-of-two said: “The medium told me the little boy was my son from a past life. “At first I was so shocked, I just couldn’t believe it. But as he told me the story, I started to have visions like flashbacks and I just cried because I knew it was all true. Danny’s story is that I met this man called Stefan and we fell madly in love but we were both really young. Stefan was Jamaican and living in the town of Morocco in Newton County, USA, in the 1920s we knew people wouldn’t let us be together.”

“I fell pregnant but when my parents found out they sent my love away and when the baby was born they put him up for adoption. Danny was sent to live with another family but then one day he was out playing with a ball and he chased it into the road and got hit by a lorry and died.”


Mandy revealed she broke down in tears when the medium told her about her past life. She added Danny’s spirit is very mischievous and she often hears him jumping on her bed and switching the kettle off when she’s trying to make a cup of tea.

Since childhood, Mandy, a self-taught medium, has been a spiritual person and claims she has always been able to sense paranormal beings. But after learning of Danny’s presence in her life, Mandy is learning how to develop her natural abilities offering tarot and photograph readings online.

The gran, who is currently unemployed, said she has had such positive feedback on her communications with those who have passed away that she is now planning to set up her own business. Being close to Danny’s angel and exploring her spirituality has brought Mandy from a “dark place” to one where she is “surrounded by love”.

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GHOSTS captured in photo taken at old asylum

Smiling-ghost-woman-729617  BY STEVE GRAVES

An ECHO story on a picture of a “ghost girl” which has left a paranormal investigator baffled has prompted a lot of responses from readers. The image, taken by ghost hunter Phillip Baron before a tour of the old asylum at Newsham Park, appears to show the figure of a girl in a group picture – but nobody knows who she is.

The team Phillip works with has no idea who the ghoulish shadow could be despite it being the site of a sanatorium from the 1800s and a mortuary. First built in 1869 the grade II listed structure was put on the market in 2007 for £1.5m after plans to turn it into flats were met with resistance from local regeneration campaigners. Inside, it is littered with broken beds, commodes and trollies from its time spent as a hospital.

On the top floor, an attic is lined with cupboards – which were used as ‘naughty’ cupboards to lock misbehaving children inside.    Newsham Park Hospital is often considered one of Liverpool’s most haunted buildings and since its closure in 1992 the building has fallen into a state of disrepair.


Phillip said nobody else who was there remembered the person, who appears between two others in the shot taken before a ghost hunt.

ECHO readers have been debating the image online, with some suggesting an elaborate hoax – while others say there could be something in it. But one reader spotted something even Phillip did not – the possibility of there being one, or even two, more people close to the “ghost girl”. The woman’s face, circled, appears quite clear. She also seems to be in a different light compared to the other people around her in the image. Phillip said: “I have never come across anything like this before.”

An ECHO reader sent us this image via Facebook – and circled what they believe are the two extra ghosts. There certainly does appear to be something resembling eyes, a nose and mouth in the middle circle. The lower one is less distinct – or maybe it’s in the eye of the beholder.


Bizarre Video shows Dutch youngsters freaking out while ‘filming a bigfoot’ peering out from behind a tree

bigfoot-2  By Guy Birchall

BIZARRE footage showing a large man-like creature peeking at tourists from behind a tree has surfaced online. A strange video filmed by two youngsters named Lucas and Jeroen was shot at a Dutch national park, with some speculating that they have glimpsed Bigfoot.

The lads were wandering round Veluwezoom National Park when the noticed the humanoid figure peering at them from behind a tree in the distance.

bigfoot video screen

The pair can be heard swearing with incredulity when they see the creature lurking in the forest. But they are forced to run after a gunfire like bang can be heard in the background.


One claims it could be a “tall, skinny bear” while another suggests it’s a woodpecker or crow. Continuing the ornithological theme others say it seems to be a giant pigeon.But many have claimed the figure is Bigfoot, the mythical primate from American folklore while others have suggested it could be the Slender Man.

Russian UFO hunter claims satellite pictures show a 1,900ft alien spaceship crash landed in Antarctica ‘millions of years ago’

407F1F9700000578-4519040-image-a-34_1495117950656   WILL STEWART

A Russian man claims to have found evidence of a giant alien spaceship that crash landed in Antarctica. He posted images of the alleged UFO wreckage which he spotted while analysing Google Earth pictures of the planet’s most southerly continent.


Valentin Degteryov from Nizhny Tagil claimed the unusual object is some 1,900 feet in length, and a video he posted has attracted hundreds of thousands of hits. However, many of the comments are skeptical.


Many say plausibly that the images show a rocky outcrop on a barren mountain.UFO hunter Degteryov claimed the supposed alien wreckage became visible due to melting ice in Antarctica. A video he posted claimed: ‘The huge spaceship in Antarctica. Millions years ago in Antarctica the huge spaceship has crashed. He has fallen to the big mountain. Its length is 600 meters. He became visible after ice has descended.’


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  1. There was a follow up story to the ghost in the group photo. It was from a gentleman that worked on the switchboard at Newsham General hospital. He said there were places he didn’t like going the hospital. And some staff didn’t like going through the part of the hospital that used to be the orphanage. The said they could hear banging/knocking coming from what used to be the naughty cupboard! My mum was a patient there when it was a TB hospital. She said her and others often saw shadows in the corridors!

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