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Delve deep in search of our mysterious universe with The Paranormal Chronicles ever increasing UFO and Alien archive including Video, pictures, audio, news reports and articles on some of the worlds most stunning and controversial sightings. There is so much UFO and ALIEN content on this page alone for you to enjoy with new information and reports added weekly.

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Welcome to The Paranormal Chronicles exploration of the UFO enigma. 50 cases with picture evidence to accompany the reports. This article compliments a short video presentation of all the images so please feel free to check out the video, linked below, and then return here for the information to help you put the sightings into context.

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We, at The paranormal Chronicles, want to hear your views on each case. Give us your informed judgment, share your theories and help the Paranormal community make sense of this ancient and intriguing phenomena. Are we alone in the Universe? Have otherworldly civilizations visited us? Are we simply viewing top-secret military projects? Are these craft a visit from ourselves from the future on a mission to save themselves? Dimensional beings, drones, geese, Nazi’s, astronomical objects and angels have all been put forward as possible explanations.

Together we explore the unknown.

  1. The Jerusalem Sighting


2011 seems to be the year that was filled with more UFO sightings than ever before. What’s even more interesting is that this was not the first time that Jerusalem had a sighting of a UFO fleet or single craft hovering over the city before shooting up into the sky.


A fleet was sighted in 2012 and before that in 2011, both over the same general area. Now, the Israeli government has been trying to say that both sightings were likely hoaxes, but given the political and economic state over one of the holiest lands in Christian history, some are speculating religious and spiritual significance.


  1. The Phoenix lights


If you were living in Phoenix, Arizona on March 13th, 1997, you may have been looking up to the skies and wondering what in the world you were seeing.


In fact, odd lights were seen over five different cities in the state of Arizona. First, there was a row of six lights seen over Phoenix (the first city to report the lights), then it was followed by another row of eight lights moving in unison, and that was followed by nine connected lights. All of the lights moved slowly and hovered over the state and all in a V-like formation. The sightings started around 10 pm and ended around 2 am.

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  1. Salem sighting

Salem, Massachusetts, USA. 3rd August, 1952. This picture, taken through the window of a laboratory by a 21 year old U.S. coastguard, shows four unidentified flying objects as bright lights in the sky. Many American's believe them to be flying saucers.

This is one of the most famous photos taken during the American flying saucer wave of 1952. It was taken by Shell Alpert, a U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) seaman stationed at the USCG weather office in Salem, Massachusetts, superon July 16. The USCG briefly investigated the case and issued a press release. Afterward, the original negative was sent to Project Blue Book for analysis. The official air force report stated, “The photo was taken with a 4/5 Busch Pressman Camera loaded withSuperXX cut film. The photographer observed several lights which seemed to be wavering. He observed the lights for 5 or 6 seconds and grabbed the camera which had been on a nearby table.

  1. Trinidad UFO


In early January 1958, the ship “Almirante Saldanha” left Rio de Janeiro’s harbor and proceeded toward the Island of Trindade with a crew of three hundred.


The ship had previously been a Brazilian Navy training vessel. On-Board was Almiro Barauna, a photographer and former newspaperman working as a “free-lancer.” When the ship was preparing to depart, a strange object was sighted simultaneously by a number of observers gathered on deck. The UFO came toward the island at high speed, hovered briefly over a peak, disappeared behind it for a short time, and appeared again to move away toward the sea.


  1. The battle of Los Angeles


In February 1942, the United States was still recovering from the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in December of 1941. So, when an unidentified flying object was discovered hovering over the city of Los Angeles, the city went into near panic, as there were hundreds of witnesses.



The military got involved, fighter planes were shooting at the UFO along with anti-aircraft guns and spotlights shone on the object as the government was trying to figure out what it was. No wreckage of a destroyed aircraft was found. It appeared whatever it was, was impervious to the bullets and shells.


  1. Woodward Picture


David Woodward was filming his nine-year-old daughter Georgia on a flight from Manchester to Lanzarote earlier in May 2017. Footage shows Georgia chatting away next to the window when suddenly a mysterious spaceship-like object zooms past the wing of the plane.

“We had set off from Manchester and were only in the air for around 10 minutes when we started filming Georgia for her YouTube channel,” Mr. Woodward told the Manchester Evening News. “She was saying how lovely the sky was and then I saw the black object. “He continued: “I thought it might have been an anomaly on the screen or a bird. But after looking into it, a bird wouldn’t be that high up. It was strange because it kept changing direction and then bobbing and weaving around.”Mr. Woodward is now hoping someone can help him identify the bizarre object, saying he’s interested to hear people’s theories.


  1. McMinnville UFO


The McMinnville UFO photographs were taken on a farm near McMinnville, Oregon, United States, in 1950. The photos were reprinted in Life magazine and in newspapers across the nation, and are often considered to be among the most famous ever taken of a UFO.


Most UFO skeptics have concluded that the photos are a hoax, but many ufologists continue to argue that the photos are genuine, and show an unidentified object in the sky. Paul and Evelyn Trent lived on a farm approximately nine miles (15 km) from McMinnville (the Trent farm was actually located just outside Sheridan, Oregon).[1] According to her reports, on May 11, 1950, at 7:30 p.m., Evelyn Trent was walking back to her farmhouse after feeding rabbits on her farm. Before reaching the house she claimed to see a slow-moving, metallic disk-shaped object heading in her direction from the northeast.[1] She yelled for her husband, who was inside the house; upon leaving the house he claimed he also saw the object. After a short time, he went back inside their home to obtain a camera; he said he managed to take two photos of the object before it sped away to the west. Paul Trent’s father claimed he briefly viewed the object before it flew away


  1. ISS cloaking Object


A strange cylindrical UFO has been captured on a live feed taken from the International Space Station, claim conspiracy theorists. The UFO hunters believe it shows that visitors from other worlds have developed cloaking technology. But one expert says space junk or a satellite is more likely explanations than apparently ‘unreliable’ cloaking devices. The footage appears to show the object suddenly appearing near the space station, before starting to approach it. Part of the cylinder is then seen to disappear, which the UFO spotter who shared the footage believes is evidence of cloaking technology.


Speaking on his blog UFO Sightings Daily, astrobiologist Scott C Waring said: ‘I noticed a UFO in the distance that was coming closer and closer to the space station. ‘The UFO was partially cloaked, which made it look transparent.  ‘In the deep blackness of spaces, blending into the environment means you will be safer from other alien species that may not be so friendly.” This is not the first time that strange objects, argued to be evidence of aliens, have been spotted near the International Space Station. Over the past year, there have been a growing number of sightings of unidentified objects on Nasa feeds, and some have even claimed a cover-up of the existence of extra-terrestrial life.


9.    Apollo 10 moon UFO


ALIEN chasers have been left amazed after investigators analyzed video footage said to be taken during the Apollo 10 moon mission which appears to show a number of UFOs flying over the lunar surface. The clip said to have been filmed in the Icarus crater area, appears to show a number of pulsating bright lights moving at speed over the surface of the moon. Launched on May 18, 1969, Apollo 10 was the fourth manned mission to the moon, and the second to orbit it. The video was first uploaded by YouTube channel We Came in Peace, which focuses on perceived anomalies in official NASA pictures and videos of the lunar missions.


In a promotional blurb for the video, the channel said: “This video is part of series of original videos from Apollo Missions to the Moon containing footage of unidentified flying objects (UFO).”Describing the footage, it added: “A UFO materialises above the southern skies of lunar farside.“It initially moves away from the camera almost to horizon then decides to turn around and head straight to a crater near Icarus – located very close to the camera recording the UFO.“Try this quick experiment: Place a piece of paper or ruler on your screen, and trace the movement of the object across the surface from its position just above the horizon to the final destination.“Observe how absolutely straight the object’s movement path is from the horizon to Icarus crater. “The reason why you see the object ‘skip’ across the surface at the end is likely the combination of low frame rate of the original footage and the object’s actual speed.

10.            The Pembrokeshire Light


This picture is of  strange object seen between the Roch and Brawdy, Pembrokeshire area on the night of the 30th November 2014. The photographer reported

“It was on Sunday 30th of November 2014 and it was about 10.40 pm. I saw it between Roch and Brawdy. The object was low in the sky, it did not move for around fifteen minutes, and then it just jumped into the sky. It then sped off quickly out towards the sea. I thought it may have been the Sea king (helicopter) at first when it started moving but it made no noise and took off faster than I would have perceived a chopper to take off at but I may be wrong. I drive that road from Solva to Simpsons cross pretty often and I’ve never seen anything like it before. I went back the next night at the same time to see if it was back but it wasn’t . I hope other people saw it and have an explanation on what it was. I took some pictures and I’m sorry they are not better quality as I took them on my phone.”

The lights followed on from some strange occurrence’s in the area including to the loud bangs in the sky heard in Pembrokeshire and then across the U.K on the 29th November? People living hundreds of miles apart took to social media to say they had heard unusual loud noises between 10pm and 10.30pm with theories abound from fireworks, a military exercise, the sonic boom from aircraft to new weather phenomena.


  1.    The Swansea war hero photograph


The Paranormal Chronicles received this intriguing photograph and report from a Swansea resident who claims to have seen a large unidentified object from his bedroom window. Mr P Lewis captured the image in the early hours of the morning of Monday 21st July 2014. Mr P Lewis, a decorated ex-solider had this testimonial;

“I awoke around 04.30 hours. It was very hot in my bedroom so I opened the window and noticed a strange, stationary object hovering above Swansea. I would say that it was over the Llansamlet area. The object made no noise and my first notion was perhaps it was an exceptionally large bird of prey however the object remained stationary for at least five minutes. I thought that it was strange and it seemed to have something hanging below it so I grabbed my phone and I took several pictures of it. The whole time the object made no movement and no sound. I must have watched for seven minutes in total .My young son woke up and by the time I had settled him down and returned to the window the object had gone.” Mr Lewis also stated “I have been in two theaters of warfare and have seen many military and civilian aircraft and this certainly was not like anything I have seen before. When you look at the picture it would be easy to suggest it might be a bird or a kite, but then this would have to be a very large object and to remain stationary for so long was unusual. I doubt a bird of that size could hover for that long. We would be talking about a huge bird. There is also something hanging beneath it also. I would like to know if perhaps anyone else who was up at that time and saw the object as I would like to know what it is. I certainly will be keeping an eye out in the future to see if the object returns.”

On the 18th of July 2014, the paranormal chronicles received this witness account about a sighting again over south Wales; “I seen a large object last night over South Wales it had 4 large round white lights and a flashing red one. Also, a small white light came up from the trees beneath it and looked like it joined on as It didn’t go anywhere else and as it came back over our house you could see how big it was. It then vanished from sight.”

  1. The Black Knight


The Black Knight satellite conspiracy theory claims that there is a spacecraft in near-polar orbit of the Earth that is of extraterrestrial origin and that NASA is engaged in a cover-up regarding its existence and origin.


This conspiracy theory combines several unrelated stories into one narrative. A 1998 NASA photo is believed by some to show the Black Knight satellite, but NASA has stated that this is likely space debris, specifically a thermal blanket lost during an EVA mission.


According to some UFOlogists, the Black Knight is an artificial satellite of extraterrestrial origin which has orbited Earth for approximately 13,000 years; however, The origin of the Black Knight legend is often “retrospectively dated” back to natural extraterrestrial repeating sources supposedly heard during the 1899 radio experiments of Nikola Tesla[7][8] and long-delayed echoes first heard by amateur radio operator Jorgen Hals in Oslo, Norway in 1928.[9] According to the Daily Express, “the noises from 1899 and 1928 remain a mystery, but the possible causes do not so far include an alien satellite, according to scientists.”


  1. Billy Meier


Eduard Albert Meier (born February 3, 1937) is a Swiss citizen who is the source of many photographs of alleged unidentified flying objects (UFOs), which he presents in support of his claim that he is in contact with extraterrestrial beings. He also presented other material during the 1970s such as metal samples, sound recordings, and film footage.


Meier reports regular contacts with extraterrestrials he calls the Plejaren. Meier has been widely characterized as a fraud by skeptics and ufologists, who suggest that he used models to hoax photos claimed to show alien spacecraft.


Meier claims his extraterrestrial encounters began in 1942, at the age of five, when he met an elderly Plejaren man named “Sfath”.[10] After Sfath’s death in 1953, Meier said, he began communicating with an extraterrestrial woman (though not a Plejaren) called “Asket”.


All contacts ceased in 1964, he said, then resumed on January 28, 1975, when he met “Semjase”, the granddaughter of Sfath, and shortly thereafter another Plejaren man called “Ptaah”. Other Plejarens, including a woman named “Nera”, have since allegedly joined the dialog as well. Photographs of these two women were later proved to have been faked.  Meier’s claims arise from a large collection of photographs and a few films which are alleged to include images of metallic discs floating above the Swiss countryside, pictures of celestial objects from an alleged non-Earthly vantage point, pictures of apparent extraterrestrials, prehistoric Earth scenes, photos of the controversial “Wedding Cake UFO” (WCUFO), and photos of “Energy Ships” changing shape.


His films purport to show UFOs disappearing in front of the camera, dancing around a tree and moving its treetop without touching it, and a UFO emitting flashes of light.




  1. 1952-WASHINGTON, D. C.


The 1952 Washington, D.C. UFO incident, also known as the Washington flap, the Washington National Airport Sightings, or the Invasion of Washington was a series of unidentified flying object reports from July 12 to July 29, 1952, over Washington, D.C.


The most publicized sightings took place on consecutive weekends, July 19–20 and July 26–27. UFO historian Curtis Peebles called the incident “the climax of the 1952 (UFO) flap” – “Never before or after did Project Blue Book and the Air Force undergo such a tidal wave of (UFO) reports.

At 11:40 p.m. on Saturday, July 19, 1952, Edward Nugent, an air traffic controller at Washington National Airport (today Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport), spotted seven objects on his radar.[3] The objects were located 15 miles (24 km) south-southwest of the city; no known aircraft were in the area and the objects were not following any established flight paths. Nugent’s superior, Harry Barnes, a senior air-traffic controller at the airport, watched the objects on Nugent’s radarscope. He later wrote:

We knew immediately that a very strange situation existed . . . their movements were completely radical compared to those of ordinary aircraft.

Barnes had two controllers check Nugent’s radar; they found that it was working normally. Barnes then called National Airport’s radar-equipped control tower; the controllers there, Howard Cocklin and Joe Zacko, said that they also had unidentified blips on their radar screen and that they had seen “a bright light hovering in the sky…[it] took off, zooming away at incredible speed.” Cocklin told Zacko “Did you see that? What the hell was that?”

At this point, other objects appeared in all sectors of the radarscope; when they moved over the White House and the United States Capitol, Barnes called Andrews Air Force Base, located 10 miles from National Airport. Although Andrews reported that they had no unusual objects on their radar, an airman soon called the base’s control tower to report the sighting of a strange object. Airman William Brady, who was in the tower, then saw an “object which appeared to be like an orange ball of fire, trailing a tail . . . [it was] unlike anything I had ever seen before.”[3] As Brady tried to alert the other personnel in the tower, the strange object “took off at an unbelievable speed.”[3] On one of National Airport’s runways, S.C. Pierman, a Capital Airlines pilot, was waiting in the cockpit of his DC-4 for permission to take off. After spotting what he believed to be a meteor, he was told that the control tower’s radar had detected unknown objects closing in on his position. Pierman observed six objects — “white, tailless, fast-moving lights” — over a 14-minute period. Pierman was in radio contact with Barnes during his sighting, and Barnes later related that “each sighting coincided with a pip we could see near his plane. When he reported that the light streaked off at a high speed, it disappeared on our scope.”[5]

At Andrews Air Force Base, meanwhile, the control tower personnel were tracking on radar what some thought to be unknown objects, but others suspected, and in one instance were able to prove, were simply stars and meteors.. However, Staff Sgt. Charles Davenport observed an orange-red light to the south; the light “would appear to stand still, then make an abrupt change in direction and altitude . . . this happened several times.” At one point both radar centers at National Airport and the radar at Andrews Air Force Base were tracking an object hovering over a radio beacon. The object vanished in all three radar centers at the same time. At 3 a.m., shortly before two United States Air Force F-94 Starfire jet fighters from New Castle Air Force Base in Delaware arrived over Washington, all of the objects vanished from the radar at National Airport. However, when the jets ran low on fuel and left, the objects returned, which convinced Barnes that “the UFOs were monitoring radio traffic and behaving accordingly.”  The objects were last detected by radar at 5:30 a.m.


  1. South African UFO


1956-Rosetta/Natal, South Africa. July 17. The photograph was taken by a well-respected member of South African society. Her husband was a major in the South African Air Force, and Elizabeth worked for Air Force Intelligence.


Seven photographs were taken in all. There were also two witnesses to the taking of the photos. Taken in the foothills of the Drakensburg Mountains, and so-dubbed the Drakensberg photos. If these are real, they are extremely impressive. She never changed her story. She died in 1994, at the age of 83.

  1. Chilean Airforce UFO


The Chilean government has been keeping an especially intriguing 10-minute UFO siting secret for the past two years, but now video evidence along with an official report have been declassified and released.

The video, captured on November 11, 2014, in the coastal sector between the port of San Antonio and Quinteros, was shot from a Chilean Navy helicopter and shows an unknown object flying forward at a speed similar to that of the helicopter before disappearing into the clouds. On two occasions, the object appears to disperse a trail of an unknown element into the air.


According to the report, the sighting was captured with a FLIR high-definition infrared camera and visually confirmed by the two officers who made up the helicopter’s crew. While Air Traffic Control failed to detect the object with radar, they did confirm the unauthorized traffic. They also received no response from the UFO when trying to communicate with it.


The Committee for Studies of Airborne Phenomena—which is comprised of scientists, analysts, and aeronautical technicians—studied the case and ultimately cataloged it as an Unidentified Air Phenomenon. Some analysts had previously suggested the object was a medium-sized line aircraft and that trail could be the reserved water inside the apparatus, thrown by the crew. This, however, was dismissed on the grounds that neither the altitude at which the object moved nor the temperature of that moment could allow for such a wave of condensation.


  1. Paris Orb


A MYSTERIOUS red orb which appeared in the night sky over Paris has left a startled couple convinced they saw a UFO.

In the clip, a huge light can be seen zigzagging over the streets of France’s capital. However, when the couple zooms in on the light, it becomes clear the object is flying high above any nearby signals. The startling footage comes after NASA has been accused of covering up the existence of aliens by conspiracy theorists.

The video was posted on social media yesterday and it has left alien hunters baffled. The red orb shines brightly in the sky before it vanishes in the dead of night a few seconds later. It has been claimed the orb, which first appears to be a red traffic light, is a UFO.

  1. Santa Ana UFO


1965-Santa Ana, California. August 3. Taken by highway traffic engineer Rex Heflin, while driving near the Santa Ana freeway. Heflin did not report his sighting, but the photographs were published by the Santa Ana Register on 09-20-65.


This turned into a very controversial case with photos confiscated, and disagreements between different Ufologists about the photograph’s authenticity. One of the most famous UFO photos ever taken, and more than not accepted as genuine.


  1. Tulsa Object


1965-Tulsa, Oklahoma. A large wave of UFO sightings occurred in 1965 in the U. S. From coast to coast strange low flying objects were reported almost nightly by people of all ages and walks of life.


As the year progressed, the number of reports rose dramatically. On the night of August 2, 1965 thousands of people in 4 Midwestern states witnessed spectacular aerial displays by large formations of UFOs. That same night a multicolored disc was photographed in Tulsa, Oklahoma while several persons watched it perform low altitude maneuvers. This picture was extensively analyzed, pronounced authentic, and later published by Life magazine.


  1. Mexican Volcano UFOs


Strange footage has captured a mysterious flying object cutting through the sky close to the mouth volcano just days after it erupted. Cameras spotted the white object, followed by streaks of smoke, flying behind Popocatepetl in Mexico, before passing out the other side.


The sighting, captured by a 24-hour webcam focused on the 18,000ft mountain every day since last week, has prompted UFO hunters to suggest that it could be a sign of extra-terrestrial life.


It is not the first time a strange object has been seen flying around Popocatepetl, with other sightings logged in October last year and in 2014. The suggestion that alien life forms could be paying us a visit was rubbished by WebcamsDeMexico.com, which made the clip and posted it online. It tweeted: ‘This is what could be seen at Popocatepetl. We believe it was a plane.’


However, it would be unusual for a plane to fly so close to such a dangerous site and conspiracy theorists often claim to make alleged UFO sightings at volcanoes.

VID: Horse-Shaped UFO Spotted By Erupting Volcano

They suggest aliens are studying Earth’s geothermal activity so that they can understand how it works. Another theory is that the bright lights could be volcanic material being ejected or an atmospheric phenomenon.


In a more radical suggestion, some scientists say the material from which these UFOs are formed could trigger hallucinations, which may explain bizarre first-hand accounts of alien sightings. After watching Popocatepetl’s latest encounter, viewers have been split on whether or not UFOs are flying in our skies, reports the Mirror. Angel Ramiro Rodriguez said: ‘I do think there is life on other planets. We’d be very selfish to think we are the only ones in the immensity of the universe.’

Abraham Vazkez Gomez added: ‘I don’t think it’s a plane because the airport is 30 km (19 miles) from the volcano of Popocatepetl towards the northeast and when a commercial plane flies around volcanoes, they set a 7 or 8,000-meter altitude.’




THIS is the moment a huge UFO was caught on NASA’s live video feed from the International Space Station (ISS) before suddenly the footage ‘cut out’ without explanation.

A space enthusiast has come across what could be an astonishing visit from aliens. An unnamed alien hunter recorded the UFO while watching the live feed from the International Space Station earlier this week.

However, the mysterious video of the giant UFO took a strange turn after the ISS video feed suddenly went dead for nearly an hour just as the bizarre flying object came into view. The “clearly defined UFO” appeared emerging above the horizon of Earth before it “disappeared completely from sight”.

The enthusiast said the speed of the object “had to be in the tens of thousands of miles per hour. “He described the bizarre sighting on Tuesday as “unquestionably real and present” and raised suspicions after “NASA cut the live feed for nearly an hour” just as the UFO vanished.

The sighting has sparked a frenzy online with hundreds claiming the video shows proof of aliens. The alien claim follows several other occasions when NASA has suddenly and without explanation stopped its live stream from space.

However, critics on social media claimed the sighting was “just a reflection off part of the ISS”.

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  1. The French coin UFO


A 17th-century French token has UFO hunters claiming ‘absolute proof’ of UFO sightings hundreds of years ago.

The ancient jeton, a coin-like object used for counting, depicts an unusual circular entity that looks remarkably like a flying saucer. Some have even argued that this represents the Biblical Ezekiel’s wheel, which they claim is the Bible’s own tale of a UFO encounter.


The perplexing object has spurred theories dating back decades, brought to life again by its recent mention on UFO Sightings Daily. Skeptics over the years have offered a slew of possible explanations, arguing that it looks like a drifting mushroom or flower, or even a shield.

Some even say it bears an uncanny resemblance to the towers built for the World’s Fair, made famous as alien ships in the Men in Black film. Scott C. Waring, the editor of UFO Sightings Daily, speculates that the token is proof of UFO sightings so frequent in ancient France that they were inscribed on coins.

‘I’ve been looking for one of these off and on for a few weeks. It looks really amazing and is absolute proof that in the 1600s the French witnessed enough UFO sightings to decide to put some of what they saw on coins,’ writes Waring. ‘This is a French jeton minted somewhere between 1856 to 1680, a coin-like educational tool that was commonly used to help people count money, or sometimes used as a money substitute for playing games.


‘It is about the size of a U.S. quarter-dollar and similar to thousands of other jetons with different religious and educational designs that were produced and used in Europe during the 16th and 17th centuries.

‘It appears to commemorate a UFO sighting of a wheel like an object. Some researchers feel it represents the Biblical Ezekiel’s wheel.  The Latin inscription ‘OPPORTUNUS ADEST’ translates as ‘It is here at an opportune time.’ It remains unclear what the token actually depicts. The other side appears to show rain drenching a flower-like plant.

The story tells of a vision in which four beings emerge, each accompanied by a wheel. The wheels are gyroscopic, each like a wheel intersecting another wheel. When the winged beings rise into the sky, the wheels rise as well or move in any direction to match them.  UFO enthusiasts claim that this story is a Biblical account of a UFO sighting. This comes following the alleged sighting of a cross on the surface of Mars.


  1. Pluto UFO


A NASA photo sent back from the New Horizons Pluto probe reveals several UFO images, according to a prominent online UFO researcher. The image allegedly shows multiple “cigar-shaped” UFO spacecraft zooming through space in the vicinity of the “icy dwarf” planet, believed to be one of the most distant celestial bodies in the solar system.

The image was discovered by a prolific YouTube alien hunter, the aptly-named “Mister Enigma,” who compiled a video of the supposed UFO images — which was then reposted by Scott C. Waring, whose site, UFO Sightings Daily, acts as a clearinghouse for UFO reports and evidence of all varieties.

The latest Mister Enigma video is viewable on this page, above. Here is how Waring described the latest UFO discovery in a NASA image — the source of dozens of UFO “discoveries” in the internet epoch.

“Mister Enigma of Youtube reports that there are UFOs in the latest Pluto photo. I agree, there are many of them,” Waring writes on his blog.


“The UFOs are in orbit around the planet and are facing long ways down. It’s an odd position for a UFO, but not unheard of. UFOs can tilt sideways and even upside without bothering the occupants inside. UFOs do have artificial gravity.”

The NASA New Horizons probe was launched in January of 2006, finally arriving within photo-snapping range of Pluto, about 4 billion miles from Earth, in July of this year when it began to send back startling images of the distant and mysterious planet — images that have provided UFO and alien enthusiasts plenty of food for thought.

It was none other than Mister Enigma, for example, who in July, just about a week after the first photos arrived back from the New Horizons Pluto probe, found what he described as “a giant, alien grey monument on Pluto.”

The images, which will appear either startling or insignificant depending on one’s preconceived notions about UFOs in our solar system, were uncovered by the online researchers on Thursday.

NASA, needless to say, has not commented on the photographic find if indeed it is a “find.”

“The New Horizons mission is helping us understand worlds at the edge of our solar system by making the first reconnaissance of the dwarf planet Pluto and by venturing deeper into the distant, mysterious Kuiper Belt — a relic of solar system formation.”

If NASA did comment, however, it would likely do what it usually does and dismiss the images of the apparent UFO ships near Pluto as mere photographic glitches that can happen when a camera is sending images 4 billion miles through space.




Provo, Utah, 1966. The pilot of a twin-engine C-47 “Skytrain” transport aircraft of the USAF captured this reddish object on the photograph in July 1966 at 11:00 AM.


The aircraft was flying over the Rocky Mountains, at about 40 kilometers southwest of Provo, Utah. The Condon commission, which concluded that UFOs are not worthy of scientific investigations, did analyze the negative at the time and concluded that the photograph shows an ordinary object thrown in the air. Many Ufologists disagree with their conclusion.


  1. Pembroke lights


The Paranormal Chronicles has received a report of strange lights flying over Pembroke. Jo Chambers from Pembroke saw the lights at approx 10 p.m on Thursday 12th March and was able to photograph the object. Jo had this to say on the sighting. “I live Wales in Pembroke, overlooking Pembroke town, last night l witnessed something strange, I was pulling the curtains at about ten o’clock when I saw several lights in the sky over the town. They vanished quickly then immediately reappeared again forming what looked like a V shape then again disappeared and didn’t reappear. I took two photos on my mobile. To the right of the pictures you can see the lamp post outside my house and to the left of that the lights in the sky, as far as I’m aware there was nothing on in the town last night, I’ve Googled it and found nothing, l was wondering if anyone else saw anything.”


The Object was said to have made no sound. The Paranormal Chronicles is still waiting on responses from various aviation sources to see if any aircraft were in the area at the time as part of its investigation into the mysterious lights.

With so much air traffic in the area from The Castlemartin Training Area and civilian aircraft from Withybush airport could this sighting have a rational explanation? Flares from Castle Martin may be the cause but we are yet to have confirmation on if any exercise was in progress on the night in question.

Pembrokeshire has been a hotbed of UFO activity with sightings in July 2014  witnessed in Haverfordwest which then resulted in an epidemic of sightings across Wales (read more). In the late 70’s and Early 1980’s Pembrokeshire was the focus of unprecedented UFO activity with hundreds of witness experiencing strange alien encounters as part of the world-renowned Welsh Triangle. Have these alien visitors returned?


  1. UFO’s photographed by google maps


While investigating purported sightings of a ghostly monk in Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, the paranormal Chronicles.com have stumbled over an intriguing photograph captured by the Google maps street view car.


The Photograph taken at the top of Market Street and facing Hill Street shows a strange object in the Sky. The google watermark shows that the photograph was taken in 2013 and a request has been made by theparanormalchronicles.com to Google for the exact time and date the photograph was taken.

Theparanormalchronicles.com founder and author of the bestselling A most haunted house and Ghost sex: The Violation, G. L Davies, had these comments on the photograph;

“Investigator, D J Jones and I were examining a route a ghostly monk was said to travel when we saw the strange object in the sky. It had been captured by Google street maps and totally took us by surprise. It would be irresponsible to jump to any form of conclusion without further analysis. It could be anything from a fly on the lens, a hang-glider or aircraft or may be caused by the camera itself. We shall contact Google to see if they will help us with our investigation. It’s compelling though.”

This is not the first time that a strange object has been captured by Google maps street view with a UFO over a Taiwan airbase being one of the more infamous.


“There are dozens of Google cars driving all over the planet snapping random geographic locations.” Continued G L Davies. “The probability is that something odd will be captured. I ask that anyone that reads this article to check their google maps street view to see what they see. It is not uncommon for people to witness nudity, crime, strange creatures and even UFO’s on there. If you see anything strange then please contact us at paranormalchronicles@aol.com.”

There are defects on the picture that may be the responsible for the image’s object but until word from Google then the object is open to speculation.

The Haverfordwest UFO follows on from an internationally reported object that was first reported by theparanormalchronciles.com in early June. Pembrokeshire has a rich history of UFO and alien activity stemming from the Broad Haven mystery and the Welsh Triangle enigma. Could alien visitors be returning or is there a simple explanation for this object?

Check your Google maps street view for your area. You never know what you may see.




A daytime photograph of a disk-shaped object was taken in East Woonsocket, Rhode Island by UFO contactee Harold Trudel.


The photograph shows a slightly asymmetric hubcap shaped object with a small dome and aerial extending from the bottom. Trudel believed he was in mental contact with space people, who sent him telepathic messages as to where and when they would appear.


  1. Costa Rico UFO


September 4, 1971-An official mapping aircraft of the Costa Rican government took this photograph. The aircraft was flying at 10,000 feet over Lago de Cote.


An investigation could not identify the object as a “known” aircraft. Debunkers took some stabs at it, but it is still recognized as authentic by most investigators. No “earthly” explanation has ever been given to explain the object.




1972, Apollo 16, Moon mission dates: April 16-27, CDR: John W. Young, CMP: Kenneth Mattingly, LMP: Charles Duke. Importance of mission: Explored the Moon’s rocky central highlands. NASA archives (photo No AS16-114-18423) Mission Apollo 16 on the Moon. Astronaut Charles Duke photographed collecting a lunar sample at Station 1. The UFO is seen at just right of top center. No explanation has been given for the object.




30.                   Sacramento Airship


Not many people know that seeing unidentified lights in the sky goes back over a century when the first UFO “flap” (a grouping of UFO sightings made over a specific area within a few months) occurred over a hundred years ago in the waning years of the nineteenth century. It all began when a mysterious unidentified light was observed by hundreds of people moving slowly over Sacramento, California in November 1896, apparently moving against the wind at a leisurely thirty miles an hour. It was seen again a week later, this time over San Francisco; by the end of the year hundreds of reports of the thing were coming in from all over the Pacific coast, creating a media frenzy.

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  1. Basel, Switzerland UFO Battle of 1566


In Basel Switzerland on August 7, 1566, at dawn, many citizens became frightened when they witnessed black spheres in the sky involved in a formidable aerial battle for several hours. There was no doubt that the skies above their city were being invaded.

The city’s Gazette recorded: At the time when the sun rose, one saw many large black balls which moved at high speed in the air towards the sun, then made half-turns, banging one against the others as if they were fighting a battle out a combat, a great number of them became red and igneous, thereafter they were consumed and died out.

It should be pointed out that the descriptions and woodcuts are attempts by artists nearly 500 years ago, to depict an event that they potentially could not comprehend. Some have pointed out that the woodcuts and descriptions of the event sound very much like a modern-day “dogfight” between planes of opposing forces.


The black circles in the woodcut look very similar to explosions in the sky as photographed by World War II reporters. In addition, the cross-shaped vehicles look very similar to the profile of a World War II fighter ascending in a steep climb. As such, some have proposed that the events witnessed were actually old World War II battles and that some sort of slip in space/time allowed the 16th-century town to witness an event that would not occur for another 400 years.

To date, the only original source we’ve discovered that recorded this incident is the 1958 book, A Modern Myth: things seen in the skies (Ein moderner Mythus Von Dingen, die am Himmel gesehen werden).

  1. Battle Over Nuremberg Germany in 1561


According to the Nuremberg Gazette, the “dreadful apparition” filled the morning sky with “cylindrical shapes from which emerged black, red, orange and blue-white spheres that darted about.” Between the spheres, there were “crosses with the color of blood” (i.e. red crosses).


April 14, 1561, at dawn over Nuremberg, Germany. What was described as a war in the heavens, with a wide variety of craft ranging from spheres to spear-like cylinders to crosses and “plates”. The sky was apparently filled with the machines, clashing in a battle for well over an hour. The battle was such that a winner was perceived as well. Spheroid UFOs were seen emerging from cylindrical ‘motherships’.

At the conclusion of the battle, it seems a magnificent, black, spear-like super-ship of some kind came upon the scene. An ancient woodcut was created by Hans Glaser to document the event. A second woodcut was created by an unknown artist that depicts the same event.

It began at dawn, as dozens, if not hundreds, of crosses, globes, and tubes fought each other above the city. It ended an hour later, when “the globes in the small and large rods flew into the sun,” and several of the other objects crashed to earth and vanished in a thick cloud of smoke.

According to the Nuremberg Gazette, the “dreadful apparition” filled the morning sky with “cylindrical shapes from which emerged black, red, orange and blue-white spheres that darted about.” Between the spheres, there were “crosses with the color of blood” (i.e. red crosses).  This “frightful spectacle” was witnessed by “numerous men and women.” Afterward, a “black, spear-like object” appeared.

The author of the Gazette warned its readers: The God-fearing will by no means discard these signs, but will take it to heart as a warning of their merciful Annunciation with St. Emidius Father in heaven, will mend their lives and faithfully beg God, that he avert His wrath, including the well-deserved punishment, on us, so that we may, temporarily here and perpetually there, live as His children.




Tavernes, France, 1974. A classic French UFO picture. Photographed by an anonymous French medical doctor. Taken on March 23, 1974, in Tavernes in the section of Var, during a major UFO flap over France. Skeptics doubted the picture on the grounds that “luminous rays cannot end like this.” Of course, they do not, normally. But the skeptics simply forgot to consider that these are not luminous rays but light emission by ionized air, for example. The object in the photograph is still considered a UFO.




Connecticut, 1987. Randy Etting was taking a walk outside his home. A commercial airline pilot with over 30 years experience, he always looked at the sky. On the night he took the photograph, he saw a number of orange and red lights approaching from the west.


He got his binoculars and called his neighbors to come outside. The object, by this time, was a great deal closer and seemed to be over I-84, just east of Etting’s home… the lights were shimmering like distortion from engine heat, but he could hear no sound. Etting stated: “As the UFO passed over I-84, cars in both the east and westbound lanes began pulling over and stopping. The UFO displayed a semi-circular pattern of very bright multicolored lights. Five motorists reported that, as the object became visible, a number of cars lost power and had to pull off the highway.”


  1. The Nuremberg Chronicle, UFO of 1034


The Nuremberg Chronicle is an illustrated Biblical paraphrase and world history that follows the story of human history related in the Bible; it includes the histories of a number of important Western cities. Written in Latin by Hartmann Schedel, with a version in German translation by Georg Alt, it appeared in 1493. It is one of the best-documented early printed books—an incunabulum (printed, not hand-written)—and one of the first to successfully integrate illustrations and text. A rare typeset book from 1493 contains what may be the earliest pictorial representation of a UFO.

The book Liber Chronicarum (or commonly known as the Nuremberg Chronicle), describes a strange fiery sphere, seen in 1034, soaring through the sky in a straight course from south to east and then veering toward the setting sun. The illustration accompanying the account shows a cigar-shaped form haloed by flames, sailing through a blue sky over a green, rolling countryside. This “may” be the first work that actually contains actual illustrations of UFO’s.

  1. Gulf Breeze UFO


Starting on November 11, 1987, Gulf Breeze, Florida resident Ed Walters reported seeing a UFO near his home, and within the next three weeks, reported and documented several UFO sightings. Ed also took several clear, high-quality photographs of the alleged craft, but due to the quality, many people became skeptical.


However, Ed claimed that the photographs and his sightings were genuine, but he was not the only person that saw the UFOs in Gulf Breeze. Over two hundred people from Gulf Breeze came forward claiming that they had sightings, photographs, and even videos of the UFOs.


UFO researcher Jerry Black investigated the case of the Gulf Breeze UFOs, and became suspicious of Walters and believed that the sightings and photographs may have been a hoax.


 Jerry Black soon determined in the early 1990s a suspicious trail of money that led to Walters, giving indications of a hoax. Then, over the subsequent years, new evidence was discovered, including a model in one of Walters homes that seemed identical to the ones in the photographs and many were certain that the sightings were faked.


  1. The Belgian UFO wave


The Belgian UFO wave began in November 1989. The events of 29 November would be documented by thirty different groups of witnesses, and three separate groups of police officers. All the reports related a large object flying at low altitude. The craft was of a flat, triangular shape, with lights underneath. This giant craft did not make a sound as it slowly moved across the landscape of Belgium. There was free sharing of information as the Belgian populace tracked this craft as it moved from the town of Liege to the border of the Netherlands and Germany.


The Belgian UFO wave peaked with the events of the night of 30–31 March 1990. On that night, unknown objects were tracked on radar, chased by two Belgian Air Force F-16s, photographed, and were sighted by an estimated 13,500 people on the ground – 2,600 of whom filed written statements describing in detail what they had seen. Following the incident, the Belgian air force released a report detailing the events of that night.


At around 23:00 on 30 March, the supervisor for the Control Reporting Center (CRC) at Glons received reports that three unusual lights were seen moving towards Thorembais-Gembloux, which lies to the southeast of Brussels. The lights were reported to be brighter than stars, changing color between red, green and yellow, and appeared to be fixed at the vertices of an equilateral triangle. At this point, Glons CRC requested the Wavre gendarmerie send a patrol to confirm the sighting.

Approximately 10 minutes later, a second set of lights was sighted moving towards the first triangle. By around 23:30, the Wavre gendarmerie had confirmed the initial sightings and Glons CRC had been able to observe the phenomenon on the radar. During this time, the second set of lights, after some erratic maneuvers, had also formed themselves into a smaller triangle. After tracking the targets and after receiving a second radar confirmation from the Traffic Center Control at Semmerzake, Glons CRC gave the order to scramble two F-16 fighters from Beauvechain Air Base shortly before midnight. Throughout this time, the phenomenon was still clearly visible from the ground, with witnesses describing the whole formation as maintaining their relative positions while moving slowly across the sky. Witnesses also reported two dimmer lights towards the municipality of Eghezee displaying similar erratic movements to the second set of lights.

Over the next hour, the two scrambled F-16s attempted nine separate interceptions of the targets. On three occasions, they managed to obtain a radar lock for a few seconds but each time the targets changed position and speed so rapidly that the lock was broken. During the first radar lock, the target accelerated from 240 km/h to over 1,770 km/h while changing altitude from 2,700 m to 1,500 m, then up to 3,350 m before descending to almost ground level – the first descent of more than 900 m taking less than two seconds. Similar maneuvers were observed during both subsequent radar locks. On no occasion were the F-16 pilots able to make visual contact with the targets and at no point, despite the speeds involved, was there any indication of a sonic boom.

During this time, ground witnesses broadly corroborate the information obtained by radar. They described seeing the smaller triangle completely from sight at one point, while the larger triangle moved upwards very rapidly as the F-16s flew past. After 00:30, radar contact became much more sporadic and the final confirmed lock took place at 00:40. This final lock was once again broken by an acceleration from around 160 km/h to 1,120 km/h, after which the radar of the F-16s and those at Glons and Semmerzake all lost contact. Following several further unconfirmed contacts, the F-16s eventually returned to base shortly after 01:00.

The final details of the sighting were provided by the members of the Wavre gendarmerie who had been sent to confirm the original report. They describe four lights now being arranged in a square formation, all making short jerky movements, before gradually losing their luminosity and disappearing in four separate directions at around 01:30

  1. Puebla, Mexico UFO


1994 December 21. The Carlos Diaz photo gallery is extensive. While taking photos of the eruption of Mt. Popocatepetl in Puebla, Mexico, he shot this photo. It has been authenticated by many photographic experts and published in numerous magazines, newspapers, and books. This picture shows a glowing, yellowish, disc-shaped object with a red hue toward the top and windows or portholes. Diaz has taken both still and moving imagery of many UFOs.

  1. Llandudno Beach Object


1998 – Llandudno Beach, UK. Thanks to Margaret Fry who said that this photo was taken in the summer of 1998 by a couple and their young son who were watching a display by the helicopter from RAF Valley, Anglesey. The film wasn’t developed until two years later, in March 2000, when the couple finally finished the reel of film. The amazing thing is, they had forgotten about the Llandudno photos they had taken two years earlier and were using the camera in 2000 to photograph UFOs in the shape of white arrows they were seeing regularly over West Shore, Llandudno.


  1. Grangemouth, Scotland


1991 – Grangemouth, Scotland. It was on 12th November at around 9.30 PM, that friends Phil Trevis and Paul Penman (pseudonym) were out taking photographs for a project called ‘Light and Dark.’ The following is the written testimony by Phil Trevis, as given to SPI.

“My friend and I were taking photographs of the BP chemicals plant in Grangemouth (from Polmont Reservoir) when we noticed a dim, or rather, two small dim flashing lights over by the two ‘flashing pylons’ at Kincardine Bridge. We watched the object, which we thought was a helicopter, fly slowly over from the bridge to above the brightly lit Grangemouth Stadium. We watched it hover for around five minutes. It was then that we noticed that the ‘craft’ wasn’t making any noise. Normally, if it was a helicopter, we would have heard the blades. It then turned around and faced our direction.

“It was roughly 2,000 feet above the ground, then it dipped and increased dramatically in speed. At the point of the photograph, it was about 200 to 300 feet directly above us. It was then that we heard the light ‘pulsing hum’ of the object. My friend and I were quite shaken at the time, but afterward had an overwhelming sense of excitement.”

  1. Taipei, China UFO


2004-September, Taipei, China. A Taipei citizen claimed he had taken photos of an unidentified flying object (UFO) using his cellphone. Lin Qingjiang, a worker in Hualian County of Taipei, discovered a suspected UFO, shaped like a large bamboo hat, at about 10:00 PM when he was resting outside the house, the reports said. Lin was quoted as saying that the suspected UFO flew towards east and west five times within 10 minutes. But it had disappeared when he wanted to ask others to share in the excitement after taking photos through the cellphone.

  1. Valpara, Mexico UFO


2004-October. Taken in Valpara, Mexico. This photo is lacking details but I will tell you what I have. It was taken by newspaper reporter Manuel Aguirre. He works for the Mercury newspaper of Valpara. A band of glowing lights is seen in the distance over the city of Valpara. This photograph has not been debunked and is considered legitimate. The unknown object appears to be circular or spherical in shape.


  1. UFO Flares


The strange phenomena, described as an orb of light inside a disk-shaped purple haze, continues to make headlines worldwide after being captured on camera.


In the latest case, The Irish Sun reported that a “bizarre UFO” was pictured in daylight above County Leitrim, which it said was a UFO hotspot. The newspaper website described it as an “eerie snap of a UFO,” and said it had been recorded as a sighting by the Filer’s Research Institute, the US-based National UFO Center, run by Major George A. Filer, who spent 20 years in the Air Force working as an intelligence officer, and is now convinced aliens exist.

The Irish Sun warded of skeptics, saying: “Before you dismiss it as a picture of the moon at night – the image was taken in broad daylight.”

It called on astronomer Eamonn Ansbro of Kingsland Observatory in Boyle, Co Roscommon, for his view. He said he thought the latest sighting could be a new form of light known as a plasma ball. He said: “There’s a similar ball of light that has been seen in a place called Hessdalen in Norway. “I know the people who operate there and they have automated instrumentation that has recorded them, and we’ve had recordings here as well.It appears to be a new form of light in physics that we don’t know about yet, so we’re putting the physics to it to see what it’s about.”

MUFON usually receives 20 plus reports, often including photographs or video, from people around the world each day. We found scores of alleged UFO pictures sent in by members of the public to MUFON that were clearly or likely to be just lens flares. In most of these cases, the person filing the report said they saw nothing at the time, but spotted the “object” after later reviewing the picture. In many situations, the lens flare only appeared in one or two of a series of images.

In one case the photographer, a man from Los Gatos California, said: “As soon as we looked at the pictures, to our amazement, we had captured a strange orb with layers of color around it in a couple of the shots.”

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  1. The Hessdalen lights


The Hessdalen lights are unexplained nocturnal lights observed in 7.5-mile-long (12 km) Hessdalen valley in rural central Norway.


The Hessdalen lights are of unknown origin. They appear at day and night and seem to float through and above the valley. They are usually bright white, yellow, or red and can appear above and below the horizon. Duration of the phenomenon may be a few seconds to well over an hour. Sometimes the lights move with enormous speed; at other times they seem to sway slowly back and forth. On yet other occasions, they hover in mid‑air. Some hypothesize that the light is ionized iron dust.


Unusual lights have been reported in the region since at least the 1930s. The especially high activity occurred between December 1981 and mid-1984, in which period the lights were being observed 15–20 times per week, attracting many overnight tourists who arrived in for a sighting. As of 2010, the number of observations has dwindled, with only 10 to 20 sightings made yearly.


Since 1983, there has been ongoing scientific research, referred to as “Project Hessdalen”, initiated by UFO-Norge and UFO-Sweden. This project was active as field investigations during 1983–1985. A group of students, engineers, and journalists collaborated as “The Triangle Project” in 1997–1998 and recorded the lights in a pyramid shape that bounced up and down In 1998, the Hessdalen Automatic Measurement Station (Hessdalen AMS) was set up in the valley to register and record the appearance of lights.


Later, the EMBLA programme was initiated to bring together established scientists and students into researching these lights. Leading research institutions are Østfold University College (Norway) and the Italian National Research Council. Despite the ongoing research, there is no convincing explanation for the phenomenon. However, there are numerous working hypotheses and even more speculations.

One possible explanation attributes the phenomenon to an incompletely understood combustion involving hydrogen, oxygen, and sodium and occurs in Hessdalen because of the large deposits of scandium there.


One recent hypothesis suggests that the lights are formed by a cluster of macroscopic Coulomb crystals in a plasma produced by the ionization of air and dust by alpha particles during radon decay in the dusty atmosphere. Several physical properties including oscillation, geometric structure, and light spectrum, observed in the Hessdalen lights (HL) can be explained through a dust plasma model. Radon decay produces alpha particles (responsible by helium emissions in HL spectrum) and radioactive elements such as polonium. In 2004, Teodorani showed an occurrence where a higher level of radioactivity on rocks was detected near the area where a large light ball was reported. Computer simulations show that dust immersed in an ionized gas can organize itself into double helixes like some of the occurrences of the Hessdalen lights; dusty plasmas may also form in this structure.

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45.                     Giant  Sun Objects


The sun’s light and heat keep our planet alive and a Martian researcher believes UFOs are actually controlling how much is released to Earth.


A YouTuber and ‘UFOlogist’ has spotted what he claims to be numerous UFOs traveling around the sun this week in images sent back from the Solar Heliospheric Observatory. And this might not be their first trip around the sun, as Russian scientists have claimed to have seen the same event ‘six to seven’ years ago.

The video was released to the public yesterday and shows images with strange green lit objects floating around the bright glowing ball of gas.

‘I heard in a news story about 6-7 years back about two Russian scientists that discovered that there were numerous UFOs around the sun at the same time, 24 hours a day, every day,’ reports Scott C. Waring from UFO Sightings Daily on his website.

‘They stated the UFOs would increase and decrease their speed suddenly for no reason and they would make the sudden hard right 90 degree turns without slowing down’.


One would hope if aliens are constantly traveling through space that their vehicles were far more advanced than our spacecraft. Waring continued to explain that the new story about the discovery by the Russian scientists ‘has long vanished’ from the web.

Another alien hunter found something similar far away from the sun. An enormous alien structure was, they claim seen moving in the direction of Jupiter’s moon Europa which, according to some, resembles an ‘interstellar mothership’ or ‘an intergalactic cruiser’. The image was taken by a Canon 650D camera with a 7D-300mm telescopic lens mounted on a tripod in someone’s backyard garden last week.

‘Jupiter has long been shrouded in mystery along with its moon and particularly that of Europa,’ says UFO researcher from SecureTeam, Tyler, in a YouTube video – who does not give his full name. ‘There has been a lot of scientific talk about alien life likely existing in the vast oceans that currently exists under its icy surface.’


SecureTeam is very excited about this ‘amazing find’ because they say there is no doubt that the glowing orbit is a structure and could actually be multiple structures put together. One thing for sure is that this definitely doesn’t belong there and it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if this was some sort of alien craft,’ says Tyler.

SecureTeam has expressed their belief about life on the fifth planet and believe the icy world of Europa is also on the top of NASA scientists’ list for next exploration mission.



2005-July-8:50 PM. The photographer states: “I noticed some kind of craft toward my left that appeared from behind a tree that is in our front yard. I rapidly rotated my camera on its mount and took one picture.

There were several brilliant lights that surrounded this craft. It was impossible to make out the shape of the craft because the lights were so brilliant. The lights did not strobe or flash like a normal aircraft array would. Each light glowed with the same intensity and color as a sodium-vapor type street lamp.” © R. David Anderson




2005-San Juan Teotihuacan, July. The sighting report with photographs came from INEXPLICATA-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology, on August 1, 2005.


Images are dated July 28, 2005, taken at 19:31 hours along the Piramides-Ecatepec Highway in the municipality of San Juan Teotihuacan, State of Mexico. Teotihuacan UFO Photos by Ana Luisa Cid.

  1. ISS Huge object


In a video uploaded to YouTube, a “cigar-shaped” object is seen above Earth, with two bright objects below it. And the two smaller orbs appear to move towards the larger shape. The, before the footage ends, the UFOs appear to suddenly disappear. Prolific UFO hunter Streetcap1 uploaded the video to YouTube.

Fellow UFO chaser Tyler Glockner – who another YouTube channel SecureTeam 10 – said of the discovery: “I have monitored hundreds, likely thousands, of hours of ISS, live feed footage and I’ve seen UFOs, I’ve seen ice crystals, I’ve seen space debris and I’ve seen light reflections.

“What we’re seeing here looks like none of those. And it would appear that shortly after these objects come into view, NASA – either purposely – or the UFOs do it on their own, but the objects quickly dim out. “So we may have had NASA dimming the feed, messing with the contrast or the exposure to make these objects disappear from view.”

Many viewers were not convinced by the theory. One posted on YouTube: “probably an old satellite that’s space debris.” Another added: “It’s obviously an airplane distorted the same way you see an image through a clear glass that is round.”

  1. Kota Bharu, Malaysia lights


On the night of 13 July 2005, a private TV channel showed a video footage taken from a CCTV camera placed on top of a tall building. The footage showed a hazy black mass of no definitive shape measuring about 3.5ft by 2.5 ft sliding or crawling swiftly on top of the roofs of several houses below.

When it reached a drainage pipe of a 4-story building, it climbed upwards. The movement of this entity seemed to show that it was actually using its hands and legs to climb up the pipe. Upon reaching the top, it turned around and descended back down and then moved over the nearby roofs until it disappeared from the camera’s view.

The movement of the entity suggests that it was ape-like in nature. It climbed the pipe like an ape and walked or moved across the roofs on four “legs”. Its movement, however, was much swifter than any monkey. The strange thing about the episode was that the view of all the buildings was well in focus and clear but the entity appears out of focus thus obscuring its true shape.


  1. Cave painting UFO’s


All over the world, there are unexplained cave paintings that archeologists struggle to explain. Here are 8 cave paintings depicting aliens / UFOs. It is believed that prehistoric caveman used to draw whatever he used to see, hence the existences of the images of UFOs and aliens in the various cave drawings certainly prove that aliens and UFOs are not the yields of creative minds only.


Large eyes and missing limbs of the creatures would certainly remind you of visitors from the outer space. These paintings are found to be 7,500 years old.


Dating back to 10,000 B.C., there are several strange depictions in this Italian caves. It appears to depict two beings in protective suits holding strange implements. Notice the halo looking objects over their heads, which is very similar to other early cave drawings and paintings.


What looks exactly an outline diagram of a spaceship as seen in sci-fi movies is actually a cave drawing that is found in the Niaux caves of France. This Paleolithic cave painting was drawn sometime between 13,000 B.C. and 10,000 B.C.


This figure also does not look human. Notice the same halo-looking object around the head that we see in some of the other paintings from other parts of the world. This cave painting is from Tassili, the Sahara Desert in North Africa. It dates back to 6000 B.C. The figures do not look human. Notice the flying disk in the sky.


Several disc-shaped objects are seen in the cave drawings of Itolo, in Tanzania that dates back to 27,000 B.C.


The drawings in the cave of Pech Merle near Le Cabrerets in France depict a field of different wild animals, amidst which there is a strange looking humanoid structure that has limbs and a tail as well. There is no reason to believe that this figure was imaginative as all the other animals seen in the drawing can be recognized. Three flying objects are also seen in this drawing that was drawn about 17000 to 19000 years ago.


These cave paintings date back to approximately 3,000 B.C and are from Kimberley, Australia. These are more ancient paintings of what the local Aborigines call the Wandjina.


Notice how these also possess the same dominate characteristics: the eyes and the halo-type object around the heads. Most of these also possess the bulbous head which the famous “greys” are said to possess.

We already write about this one here. These paintings which are about 10,000 years old depict humanoid figures that do not have nose or lips and are characterized by large bulging eyes only.

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The Paranormal Chronicles does hope you have enjoyed these 50 UFO cases. Please give us your views and opinions and if you have enjoyed this article then visit the rest of this website for more on Ghosts, BIGFOOT, Aliens, Ghost sex, myths and legends and all things paranormal.

More UFO & Alien Reports

Glowing UFO ‘spaceship’ spotted ‘watching’ ISS before DISAPPEARING into darkness

dailystar.co.uk By Callum Hoare / Published 16th April 2018


Bizarre footage has emerged that proves we are not alone in the universe – according to wild claims online.

The video was captured by NASA’s International Space Station on Friday and it appears to show a spaceship lurking in the background. The small orb-like object floats nearby the artificial satellite before appearing to glow and release smaller objects.

It then slowly fades out and disappears completely into the darkness. It was captured and shared on popular YouTube conspiracy channel The Hidden Underbelly 2.0.

ufo aug play slide

The title read: “This UFO appeared on live cam and spit out an orb that quickly came closer to the space station. As the orb left the main ship, it was visible. However, its systems seem to become activated after it left, because it soon cloaked.”

The clip comes amid rising concerns of an alien invasion. Only last week we saw similar scenes after a larger “cloaked object” was spotted on the feed – before it was cut.

The mystery of ‘alien’ skeleton found in Chilean desert finally solved by scientists

Josh Gabbatiss Science Correspondent www.independent.co.uk

ata 3

Scientists have revealed the origins of a mysterious skeleton long thought to have been extra-terrestrial. After five years of examination, a research team unraveled the genetic make-up of the bizarre specimen found in the Atacama Desert in 2003, and nicknamed “Ata”.

Led by researchers at the University of California, San Francisco and Stanford University, forensic analysis of the remains revealed they undoubtedly belonged to a human, albeit one with severe and previously unknown genetic mutations.

ata 2

The skeleton, which was discovered in a leather pouch behind an abandoned church and has been dated approximately to the 1970s, has been the subject of intense speculation among online alien enthusiasts ever since it was revealed to the world.

Prominent among these has been Steven Greer, director of the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence and the Disclosure Project, who produced a documentary featuring the Ata skeleton called Sirius.

aat 4

Standing at 15 centimeters tall, the skeleton has an elongated skull, slanted eye sockets and only 10 pairs of ribs instead of the usual 12. Despite its tiny stature, the bone development of the skeleton matches that of a six-year-old child.

Since its initial discovery, Ata was sold on to the black market and eventually passed into the hands of a Spanish businessman. Dr. Garry Nolan, a microbiologist at Stanford University, first heard of the specimen through a friend and resolved to get to the bottom of its mysterious origins.

ata 1

“You can’t look at this specimen and not think it’s interesting; it’s quite dramatic,” said Dr. Nolan, “So I told my friend, ‘Look, whatever it is, if it’s got DNA, I can do the analysis.”

After contacting the makers of Sirius, Dr. Nolan and his colleagues were given the opportunity to undertake just such an analysis. Having examined the remains, they concluded the skeleton undoubtedly belonged to a female human fetus with a mix of Native American and European ancestry, although the reason for her unusual appearance remained unknown.

For the next stage of the investigation, Dr. Atul Butte joined the team to help understand exactly what genetic factors resulted in the specimen’s appearance. Earlier analysis had demonstrated that the Ata skeleton had plenty of high-quality DNA for modern sequencing technology to unravel.

Using cutting-edge techniques, the scientists found rare mutations linked to dwarfism and a variety of other bone and growth disorders. The investigation also revealed four genetic mutations presumed to be involved with bone diseases, all of which were previously unknown to science.

time travel banner safe

These mutations are the cause of both Ata’s unusual appearance and the premature aging of her bones, which made her appear much older than she really was.

“When doctors perform analyses for patients and their families, we’re often searching for one cause – one super-rare or unusual mutation that can explain the child’s ailment. But in this case, we’re pretty confident that multiple things went wrong,” said Dr. Butte.

The results of this analysis were published in the journal Genome Research. Besides solving a 15-year-old mystery, the scientists say the success of their project could be used for modern medicine as well and points to ways in which complex living cases can be handled.

“The phenotype, the symptoms, and size of this girl were extremely unusual, and analysing these kinds of really puzzling, old samples teaches us better how to analyse the DNA of kids today under current conditions,” said Dr Nolan,”For me, what really came of this study was the idea that we shouldn’t stop investigating when we find one gene that might explain a symptom. It could be multiple things going wrong, and it’s worth getting a full explanation, especially as we head closer and closer to gene therapy,” said Dr. Butte.

“We could presumably one day fix some of these disorders.”

As Ata is definitely not an alien, and her remains are probably no more than 40 years old, Dr. Nolan said he hoped one day she would be given a proper burial.

“We now know that it’s a child, and probably either a pre- or post-term birth and death,” he said,”I think it should be returned to the country of origin and buried according to the customs of the local people.”

Is Oumuamua an alien spaceship? Does NASA know the TRUTH behind cigar-shaped asteroid?


By SEBASTIAN KETTLEY http://www.express.co.uk PUBLISHED: 16:12, Fri, Dec 15, 2017

THE barreling asteroid dubbed Oumuamua has baffled scientists and conspiracy theorist alike. But has NASA found signs of alien activity on the mysterious object?

Initial scans of the mysterious cigar-shaped object have found no signs of extraterrestrial life but scientists are still scanning to find evidence of its supposed artificial origin.

The breakthrough announcement was made by scientists at the Breakthrough Listen Initiative who have blasted the asteroid with radio signals from the Green Bank Telescope in West Virginia, US.

Oumuamua caught the attention of astronomers across the globe due to its unprecedented shape, sparking fears it was an alien spaceship from beyond the solar system. It was given a name which in Hawaiian means “a messenger from afar arriving first”.

The mysterious object is roughly 400m wide, about 10-times as long and “unlike any asteroid in our solar system”, NASA have said.

The American space agency added: “While its elongated shape is quite surprising, and unlike asteroids seen in our solar system, it may provide new clues into how other solar systems formed.” But on Thursday scientists announced initial scans of four-bands of radio waves have failed to produce evidence of alien life – but the search continues.

Andrew Siemion, Director of Berkeley SETI Research Center, said: “It is great to see data pouring in from observations of this novel and interesting source.

“Our team is excited to see what additional observations and analyses will reveal”.

If researchers were to pick up any radio signals from the alien object the evidence would be monumental, agreed Avi Loeb, professor of astronomy at Harvard University.

But the expert remained grounded in his belief that Oumuamua is still most likely nothing more than a peculiarly-shaped asteroid.

He said: “We are most likely not to find anything, but it is worth checking steadily our fishing hooks. We will keep searching for artificial signals from Oumuamua or any other interstellar object that will be discovered in the future.”

The first batch of scans ran from 8.45pm GMT on Wednesday, December 13 to 2.45am GMT on Thursday, December 14 (3:45pm to 9:45pm ET). The Virginia telescope’s scans spanned billions of individual radio channels across the 1 to 12 GHz range in hopes of detecting signs of life. A grand total of over 90 TB of raw data were collected which will take a considerable amount of time to analyze.

But Mr. Siemion remained hopeful that a new observational time window between December and 15 and December 16 could lead to some new exciting discoveries.

He said: “The team has just met and reviewed our results from all four bands observed last night and we don’t see anything continuously emitting from Oumuamua.

Oumuamua asteroid space

“We’re now digging into some of the intermittent candidates, and trying some new machine learning-based techniques we have been working on.

“We expect our next observation window to be scheduled for December 15 or 16 when we should get a view of additional ‘phases’ of Oumuamua as it rotates.”

But despite the disappointing result, conspiracists remain hopeful that Oumuamua is direct proof of a UFO trying to reach out for contact.

Penn State University associate professor Jason Wright, who personally does not believe Oumuamua to be alien-made, happily embellished and engaged in some of the conspiracy theories. He speculated the object’s tumbling motion resembled that of a broken-down spacecraft lost in the darkness of space.

On his online blog, he wrote: “Such derelict craft would if they are not traveling so fast that they escape the Galaxy, eventually ‘thermalize’ with the stars and end up drifting around like any other interstellar comet or asteroid.


“In fact, since they (presumably) no longer have attitude control, one would expect that they would eventually begin to tumble, and if they are very rigid that tumbling might distinguish them from ordinary interstellar asteroids. And in fact, just because their propulsion is broken doesn’t mean that their radio transmitters would be broke.”

Astronomers have already cataloged some 750,000 asteroids, but Oumuamua has fuelled speculation by being the only one to originate far from beyond our galactic neighborhood.

In fact, NASA has suggested that the alien asteroid has wondered through the Milky Way for hundreds of millions of years before chancing upon our solar system.

Thomas Zurbuchen, associate administrator for NASA’s Science Mission Directorate said: “For decades we’ve theorized that such interstellar objects are out there, and now – for the first time – we have direct evidence they exist.

“This history-making discovery is opening a new window to study the formation of solar systems beyond our own.”


WAS MARS BRIMMING WITH LIFE? Alien hunter claims to have found BONES on Red Planet


http://www.express.co.uk By JON AUSTIN

Researchers have scoured NASA images taken by the Curiosity Rover – the space agency’s famous droid which is exploring the surface of Mars – and claims to have come up with images showing suspected fossil bones scattered across the rocky surface, and growing fungi and lichens on rock surfaces.

The channel released its findings in a video entitled “Fossilized Bones, Petrified Wood, Fungus & Lichen, Growth & Movement, Life on Mars.”

The video points out several objects strewn among rocks that it suggests are the shape of fossilized bones in a number of locations.

The footage also shows what it suggests is lichen growing on rocks, which would mean alien life was currently thriving on the Red Planet.

In two images taken 10 days apart, it suggests an object has grown and could be a fungus. There are also objects it suggests could be petrified wood. Some viewers were excited by the “discoveries”.


TJ Devereaux posted: “After years of research and study, I’m convinced now, more than ever, that there much more to Mars then what NASA admits to. I’m certain life, including water, and intelligent life form once occupied the planet, and… big leap here… that both still exist, in much smaller quantities.”

However, NASA says it has so far found no evidence of current or former life on Mars, even in the most simplistic forms.

The rover has detected evidence of water in the ground, and some evidence of surface water, meaning the conditions may have once been perfect for life to form.

Skeptics say that discoveries like these made by Martian Archaeology are just the results of pareidolia. This is a phenomenon when the brain tricks the eyes into seeing familiar objects or shapes such as faces or animals in textures or patterns like a rock surface or clouds.

time travel banner safe

Russian ‘genius child’ says Egyptian Sphinx holds a life-changing key to Life beyond Earth


http://www.express.co.uk  By MATT DRAKE PUBLISHED: 00:01, Wed, Nov 8, 2017

A “GENIUS” Russian who has confounded experts for 20 years claims he was a once Martian and life will change once the Sphinx is “unlocked”.

Boriska Kipriyanovich, 20, has allegedly baffled experts with his knowledge of outer space since he was a child. He claims to have flown to ancient Egypt as a pilot. When he was a schoolboy, he said the Martians have a strong connection to the ancient Egyptians on Earth. He said life on Earth will change when the Great Sphinx in Giza is “unlocked”.

He added the opening mechanism is behind its ear. He said: “The human life will change when the Sphinx is opened, it has an opening mechanism somewhere behind the ear; I do not remember exactly.”

Mr. Kipriyanovich says Martians, who measure about seven-feet tall, still live underground on the planet and breathe carbon dioxide. He said they are technologically advanced and capable of interstellar travel.

ufo PLAY

His parents claim he could speak only months after he was born and amazed doctors as a toddler by being able to read, write and draw by the age of two. His mother is a doctor herself and said the first indication he was special came to a couple of weeks after birth when he could hold his head up unassisted.

They say he would discuss subjects they had never taught him.

While in kindergarten, his teachers noticed his incredible writing and language talents along with astonishing memory skills, allegedly.

His mother and father claim they never taught him anything about space as a child, but he would sit and talk about Mars, the planetary systems, an alien civilization.

They said it became his number one interest and it was was not long until he started claiming to have been born on Mars.


Mysterious void in Great Pyramid of Giza could finally reveal how pyramids were built

giza void

http://www.telegraph.co.uk   Sarah Knapton, science editor 2 NOVEMBER 2017

A mysterious void has been discovered in the Great Pyramid of Giza and Egyptologists believe it could finally shed light on how the ancient tombs were constructed.

The enigmatic gap, which is around 100ft long is situated directly above the Grand Gallery, an elaborate access route which cuts through the pyramid.

It was found using a state-of-the-art scanning process called ‘muography’ which picks up tiny cosmic particles known as muons.

Muons lose energy and eventually decay when they move through matter, so if large numbers are picked by a detector it means a hole must exist, which has allowed them to pass through unimpeded.

Today a team of scientists from France and Japan announced that months of scanning had shown a clear void in the pyramid, and they are hoping to drill a small hole and release a tiny flying drone to video the chasm.

Expedition leader Mehdi Tayoubi, president of the Heritage Innovation Preservation Institute, Paris, said: “We were very surprised to see a big anomaly. We were expecting to detect the King’s chamber and grand gallery but we were surprised to find a big void and we think what we have is very important.


“What we are sure if it is there, and it is impressive, It is the same height as the Statue of the Liberty. It could be a second grand gallery, it could be a chamber. We are working with archaeologists to compare it to other chambers, The void is there, it’s very big.  It was not expected by any kind of theory. We are thinking about sending in a very innovative robot that can get through a small hole.”

The Great Pyramid of Giza which was built for Khufu, or Cheops, the second pharaoh of the 4th dynasty who reigned between 2589 to 2566BC. His tomb is 456ft high and 755ft wide, the largest pyramid ever built, and one of the Seven Wonders of The Ancient World.

play wgm

However experts are divided about how the Ancient Egyptians moved the massive stones into place, some of which weigh 80 tonnes, and which came from Aswan, more than 500 miles away. Some theories suggest elaborate cranes and pulleys, wooden rail tracks, spiral outer ramps, or even floatation chambers.

The new void is 230 feet from ground level and scans suggest it may be sloped at a similar angle to the Grand Gallery below.

Dr Kate Spence, Senior Lecturer in Archaeology and Egyptology at the University of Cambridge, said the incline could be the key to the purpose of the chasm, and help solve the mystery of how the Egyptians got their huge stones inside.

“This finding is very exciting, but not because it is some kind of secret chamber,” she said. “I think it is an inclined ramp that was used to transport huge blocks into the center of the pyramid and then sealed off by the builders. The orientation leads up to the huge granite roof struts at the top of the relieving chamber.

“Although that might not sound as exciting as a secret burial chamber, in fact, this would be the first evidence of the use of a ramp inside, which gives us a really important insight into how those huge bricks were put into position and how pyramids were constructed.”

Professor Hany Helal, of the University of Cairo, said the orientation resembles a corridor that was found hidden behind the North Face.

“It’s too early to go and conclude what is this void. Was it deliberately hidden away? This structure is not accessible. This void was hidden since the construction of the pyramid. We needed to have this new technique. A new, innovative robot that can fly, maybe. While there is currently no information about the role of this void, these findings show how modern particle physics can shed new light on the world’s archaeological heritage.”


Jean-Baptiste Mouret of ISIR in France said the team would be releasing details next week of a small flying robot which could fit into an inch wide hole to explore the void. Any drilling into the pyramid would require permission from the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities.

Once the mystery of the void is solved, archaeologists hope to use similar technology to locate the burial place of the queen Nefertiti, the wife of King Akhenaten. Some Egyptologists think she could be buried in a secret chamber in Tutankhamun’s tomb.

The research was published in the journal Nature.

ghost audio book

Sightings of suspected UFO caught on film across Cornwall

cornwall UFO

People have been taking to social media with startling footage of what looks suspiciously like a UFO over various spots in Cornwall.

Over the last couple of days the strange, shimmering black object has been spotted over Truro city centre, Carluddon clay tip, Fistral beach in Newquay, over the A30, above Roche Rock and by a surfer above the sea off the Cornish coast.

The first to spot it was surfer Kiefer Krishnan, who caught it on his Go-Pro camera, which he posted on his Instagram account on Monday.

corn ufo 3

Photographer Shayne House spotted the weird object, which appears to disappear and rematerialise, over the A30, also on Monday. He filmed it for A30 and even managed a close-up. He declared on Twitter: “What the?! Is this an alien spacecraft over the A30?”

Harry Wild, who works in food marketing, was the next to upload footage of the unexplained object. She saw it over Fistral beach on Monday and asked on Twitter is anyone else had seen it. Many people commented it looked like a swarm of birds or insects.

There were three more sightings on Tuesday. The first was by Trudi, from Kent, who posted footage over Roche Rock, near St Austell, on Instagram. She wrote: “What on Earth is this in the sky? It looks like some kind of craft to me, has anyone else seen this?

corn ufo 2

Cornwall Live has approached various agencies about these sightings but no one has any answers. We then realized that the Eden Project launches its new Journey Into Space attraction on Thursday, July 27, and wondered if these supposed UFOs had anything to do with that.

We contacted a spokesman for Eden, who replied: “It’s true we have a galaxy of ways to tell the story of space at Eden this summer. To coin a phrase … ‘The truth is out there’.

Shock PICTURE shows black ring UFO hovering METRES above beachgoers


dailystar.co.uk  By George Martin

A MYSTERIOUS UFO was spotted flying over a beach – just meters over the heads of terrified onlookers. Strange footage emerged online of an object appearing in the sky over Jinshitan beach in the city of Dalian, China.

The video shows the object floating among the clouds before disappearing. Swimmers and beachgoers can be seen observing the ring as it flies above them.

In the video, onlooker Jing Qi said: “There is an unidentified flying object appearing in the sky. Its oval shape is expanding and it’s coming towards us closer and closer.”

Before disappearing, the UFO-like ring changed its shape into a parallelogram. Following the publication of the video, social media users began to speculate on the possible origin of the object on China’s version of Twitter, Weibo.

Local residents said the ring had been caused by special visual effects from a performance that had just taken place.

Disappointingly for UFO hunters, a spokesperson from a local playground later confirmed the ring was a flame effect from a show organized for the public.

They explained that the smoke from the special effect manifested as a floating ring.

ghost audio book

Stephen Hawking’s mission to find alien life detects mystery signals



A mission to explore intelligent alien life in the universe has recorded some mysterious signals coming from a galaxy three billion light-years away, according to an Indian-origin scientist working on the ambitious project co-founded by Stephen Hawking.

Vishal Gajjar is part of the team working under the Breakthrough Listen project – set up by Hawking, one of the world’s best-known scientists, and Russian billionaire Yuri Milner – to discover the truth about the universe.

The latest fast radio bursts (FRBs) prove their equipment is working well and ready to pick up signs of life if they exist.

“We really have no idea about where they come from,” Gajjar, one of the scientists from the University of California Berkeley Research Centre, told The Daily Telegraph.

He noted: “If some form of life would like to produce a signal that is detectable to another civilization this could be a way to do it, but I don’t think they are coming from intelligent civilizations.

“There are more theories than the number of sources. We have opened more questions than answers. As we do more study we find more weird things,” he said.

Breakthrough Listen is a USD 100-million global astronomical initiative launched in 2015 by Hawking and Miller and has teams around the world using their telescopes to look for evidence of life. The initial 10-year programme will survey the 1,000,000 closest stars to Earth, scanning the entire galactic plane of the Milky Way.

Beyond our galaxy, it will listen for messages from the 100 closest galaxies at 10 billion different frequencies. Announcing the project at the time at a press conference in London, Hawking said it was time to commit to finding the answer to life beyond Earth.

“Somewhere in the universe intelligent life may be watching the lights of ours aware of what they mean,” he said.

Explanations for the latest signals detected range from rotating neutron stars with extremely magnetic fields to energy sources used by extra-terrestrial civilizations to power spacecraft.

Whatever they have they left their galaxy when our Solar System was just two billion years old and life was just getting going on Earth.


Russian UFO hunter claims satellite pictures show a 1,900ft alien spaceship crash landed in Antarctica ‘millions of years ago’


http://www.dailymail.co.uk   WILL STEWART

A Russian man claims to have found evidence of a giant alien spaceship that crash landed in Antarctica. He posted images of the alleged UFO wreckage which he spotted while analysing Google Earth pictures of the planet’s most southerly continent.


Valentin Degteryov from Nizhny Tagil claimed the unusual object is some 1,900 feet in length, and a video he posted has attracted hundreds of thousands of hits. However, many of the comments are skeptical.


Many say plausibly that the images show a rocky outcrop on a barren mountain.UFO hunter Degteryov claimed the supposed alien wreckage became visible due to melting ice in Antarctica. A video he posted claimed: ‘The huge spaceship in Antarctica. Millions of years ago in Antarctica, the huge spaceship has crashed. He has fallen to the big mountain. Its length is 600 meters. He became visible after the ice has descended.’


Do You believe in Ghosts?

Haunted: horror Haverfordwest
Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest available 30.11.18

Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest

The new terrifying true haunting from G.L.Davies

PRE-ORDER NOW for a 30.11.18 release

Blissful beginnings for a young couple turn into a nightmare after purchasing their dream home in Wales in 1989. Their love and their resolve are torn apart by an indescribable entity that pushes paranormal activity to the limit. Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest is the prequel to the bestselling A Most Haunted House (included as a new edit for the complete account).

G.L Davies and 6th-books.com are proud to announce the release of the new chilling true paranormal account, HAUNTED: Horror of Haverfordwest

It’s been 4 years since G.L.Davies shocked the world with his brutal and graphic depiction of paranormal sexual abuse and torment in the controversial bestseller Ghost Sex: The Violation. Now, on November 30th 2018 he returns to his roots with the pre-sequel to his chart-topping true paranormal account that was A most haunted house.

Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest is the return to that terrifying house that first sent chills up the spines of readers in A most haunted house. This time the account is set between the years of 1989 and 1991 and focuses on the account of a Pembrokeshire couple who move into that terrible home and this is their testimonial of the bewildering and horrifying events that took place there.

One of the spookiest writers around, G.L Davies dares you to enter his latest haunted house. A couple are pushed to breaking point as an entity possesses their home. Terrifyingly real, this is a must-read for horror fan

NetGalley’s Books of the Month for November 2018

This, new longer account explores the paranormal activity that pushes the occupants to the brink of sanity with the unique style that G.L.Davies fans have grown accustomed too through his previous works. This is not a sensationalised account more often found in other offerings of the genre but the actual transcripts from the interviews of the people involved along with notes and insight from G.L.Davies as he tries to discern what had happened to these people and how it links to his own personal experience at the house.

Haunted: horror Haverfordwest
Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest available 30.11.18

Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest not only includes a brand new account set between 1989 and 1991 but a NEW edit of A most Haunted house with the events that took place there in 2002 PLUS a summary of explanations which is a must for sceptic and believer alike as it dissects the possible rationale behind the events from the ordinary to the arcane. This is one of the most complete paranormal documentations in recent memory.

G.L.Davies is an author who leads the reader through a gripping account of his own personal haunting which I found to be very interesting. Through his experience, he has gained an unusual insight into what can happen to a normal person when they happen across The Paranormal. This chilling read will certainly start to worry the reader and will certainly have them looking behind them at some stage. This is a must read for those looking for explanations. As Demonologist on the TV show Most Haunted, I understand what the author went through and this book should not only make people more aware of what to them was previously unknown but make them think twice about meddling with it. 

Fred Batt, Most Haunted – TV Series

Already accepted by members of the paranormal community as one of the greatest paranormal accounts in Modern History,  Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest is assured to make readers feel uneasy as they turn their lights off before bed.

Available through 6th-books.com, Amazon, Waterstones, W.H.Smiths, Barnes and Noble, Hive, Victoria Bookshop Haverfordwest, Kindle and wherever books are sold.

PRE-ORDER NOW for a 30.11.18 release

Bring your copy to Victoria Bookshop in Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire for the Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest book signing on

December 1st 2018.

Read what others are saying about

Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest

G.L Davies takes us into the real-life terror of a malevolent haunting in the pages of Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest. If you have the intestinal fortitude to venture forward, your bravery will be rewarded with a great, if frightening read. I’d say go for it and pick up your copy today! 

Jim Harold, Host of The Paranormal Podcast and Jim Harold’s Campfire

This is a Terrifying read, a book that will haunt you long after you have read it. Its builds masterfully, drawing you closer and closer and then the terror hits you. This is a modern paranormal masterpiece, complete with the original A most haunted house and a must-read section on explanations, this is possibly the most important paranormal account of the 21st Century. This is a haunting people will be talking about in a hundred years time and all the while they will say, I hope it didn’t happen in our house. G L Davies is finally back and he has grown as a writer and investigator, this is shocking and chilling brilliance. 

K-Town, Mysterious Radio.com

Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest - Dare you step inside...
Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest – Dare you step inside…

If you are a paranormal investigator and have not read this book then you are not a real Paranormal Investigator. Raw, real, detailed, gritty and utterly frightening. As it includes the first book, A most haunted house, then this is the UK’s most detailed and prolific modern haunting investigating over twenty years worth of evidence. There are incidents and events that still linger long after reading, things difficult to make sense of, disturbing things that will leave you with you one thought, I hope this never happens to me! The best paranormal book out there, Read it, just not before bed. 

Nikki Davies, Lead Investigator – Devon Ghost Adventures

The courage it took to tell a story of the supernatural that drove one to the depths of depression is to be admired. G L Davies accounts are raw, real and riveting 

Jeremy Scott, Into The Parabnormal Radio

A paralogian to the paranormal is like a theologian to theology. A paralogian should have a good understanding of paranormal history, theory, & application. It is clearly evident that G L Davies not only has a real solid understanding of the different kinds of paranormal activity & phenomena people may experience, but he also understands the impact in which that said phenomena can have on an individual’s psychological well being as well as the parasociological implications for the surrounding family unit. G L Davies is a true paralogian through & through. Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest is a testament to that statement & a real pleasure to digest. I enjoyed this immensely. 

Kevin Malek, Paranormal Historian & Ufologist; Founder Of The Northern Wisconsin Paranormal Society Ltd & Co-Host for Paraversal Universe on the LNM Radio Network.

G L Davies once again takes readers on a terrifying journey into madness and the unknown that will grip believers tightly and shake sceptics to their very core 

Ashley Shannon, Schlock Tactics podcast

G L Davies Author of Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest
G L Davies author of Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest

G L. Davies is up to his old tricks again in his latest book Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest. His nasty detailed and unimaginable horror scenarios will give some readers nightmares. I interviewed G. L Davies on my YouTube Show before and thoroughly enjoyed his previous work 

Kevin Moore, The Kevin Moore Show

At Black Lotus, we pride ourselves in the exhaustive research we put into each of our episodes. Too often, people will not do the necessary legwork and research that is inherently required when investigating the paranormal. They simply parrot what others are saying and offer nothing new. This is why it was such a pleasure to discover G. L. Davies’ Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest. Written as an interview with the previous tenants of the house in which Davies once resided, it is not your typical haunted house story. While maintaining the integrity required of such research, Davies also writes with a human compassion that is rarely found among other paranormal explorers. Amazing work! We loved it!! 

Damian Gray & Ralph Torlucci, Black Lotus Media Productions

G L. Davies has done it again! Having experienced his previous work I can only say that “Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest” is the natural progression to the level of master in development of suspense & the building of shock & disbelief, all leading to the realization that these horrific paranormal experiences truly DO exist! 

Kat Hobson, Paranormal Experienced Radio

G L Davies masterfully brings the terror of living in a real haunted house to life again as he returns to the Horror of Haverfordwest! 

Jason Bland, Paranormal Soup – LNM radio

I had the pleasure of interviewing G. L Davies on my Radio Show many years ago discussing his first book and my listeners and I were left in awe, but I must say that his current book Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest also did not disappoint. It gave me chills as read it and I was unable to put it down as I was led on a journey through this very twisted Paranormal tale. It is a must-read for anyone interested in the Paranormal and this book will definitely be put on my shows “MUST READ”List. 

Christina George, Paranormal Connections Radio Show

Few of us will ever experience the paranormal in our own home. Where a place of sanctuary becomes strange and we fear for our own sanity. G L Davies takes us on a journey through the unknown with extraordinary clarity and humility. Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest will appeal to those interested in the paranormal, as well as those who want to know more about how such experiences can help us grow as a person. Life is for the living, not the dead. 

Claire Elliot, The Claire Witch Files

“G L Davies is a masterful author who, once again, leads the reader through a gripping account of the paranormal. Genuinely worrying and chilling. This is a MUST read and the section on the rationale behind the haunting is worth the read alone. 

Dave Dominguez , – Event Horizon online Radio show

Very creepy retell of what happened in a haunted house when a married couple lived in it for a short period of time in the late 80’s -early 90’s. I am a sceptic, but that does not mean that I could not suspend belief a few times while reading about the horrifying things that happened in that house…

Giulia Naccarato, NetGalley

I could not put this book down. I found the story to be creepy, scary and at times terrifying.  

Jill Long, NetGalley

A creepy ghost story just right for this time of year as the nights draw in. Atmospheric and draws you into the story and the characters 

Tracy Clarkson, NetGalley

Another creepy and scary book to read from GL Davies. This time it follows the story of another couple who lived in The House years before, the things they suffered and how it affected them. The tales are horrific and awful and I couldn’t imagine ever living through what they did. Having lived in Haverfordwest for 18 years of my life, I’m really grateful it wasn’t in this house….and I’m grateful I didn’t know it existed. This is a fantastic read if you want to read a horror that’s real life….if you’re brave enough to! 

kels_reads, NetGalley

I have just finished reading this book. I still have chills up my spine. I liked the way the story was set out and really got a sense of the terror experienced by Dai and Anne. Whether you are a believer in the paranormal or not, this book is well worth a read. 

Sue Blanchard, NetGalley


Haunted: horror Haverfordwest
Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest available 30.11.18


Available through 6th-books.com, Amazon, Waterstones, W.H.Smiths, Barnes and Noble, Hive, Victoria Bookshop Haverfordwest, Kindle and wherever books are sold.

PRE-ORDER NOW for a 30.11.18 release

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