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The Paranormal Chronicles is proud to present over 5 hours of exclusive TPCN Youtube video on BIGFOOT. Exclusive Pictures, witness testimonials and expert theories on this enigmatic creature. Watch now and enjoy the comprehensive study of this amazing subject.

From all corners of the globe and from old and new cultures alike a secretive large, hairy, bipedal humanoid with apelike and human qualities is deeply interwoven into the fabric of their folklore.

There are many names like Bigfoot, Almas, The booger, Cer Ra Ca Wa, Grendel, Hokou, Kakundaz, Pongo, Yowie and Yeti to describe this elusive and mysterious creature. In a world of technology constantly watching would definitive proof been discovered to prove the existence that the Human race has a spiritual cousin wandering the earth?


Over the last few months, The Paranormal Chronicles has been interviewing experts in this Cryptid field to explore the notion that something incredible is not just a thing of folklore or the product of a hoax. During this investigation, we were presented with some incredible witness testimonials, pictures, and video footage and now we ask you to investigate our discoveries and make an informed decision on whether you believe such a thing can roam this world.

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The paranormal Chronicles presents two investigations for you to explore.

In Part 1, G L Davies and Dave Dominguez interview Author of Forrest Friends of the night and Bigfoot Researcher, Keith Bearden on his personal encounters, complete with photographic evidence, of what he believes is intelligent Bigfoot activity in this region. His in-depth detail on their habitual activities and intelligent design is deeply gripping with its emotional context and detail. Also, enjoy a startling first-hand witness testimonial from Kevin Malek of Northern Wisconsin society and his close encounter with a Bigfoot that shaped his life forever. Watch the link below now to explore the unknown…

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Our second investigation and second video included the controversial video of an alleged un-categorized creature with some saying is mistaken for a misidentified animal and others saying it is definitive proof of a new creature…Could this be Bigfoot? Bigfoot researcher Dale Boswell discusses in depth the Video, his personal experience with Bigfoot and his theories behind the creature’s existence. Watch now the link below to ponder this startling footage.

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If you believe in BIGFOOT, if you have an interest or if you are a skeptic then these video’s are a must so Watch them both and make your decision….

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Below is a special extra with the TPCN Hellflix team looking at how BIGFOOT has been portrayed in the movies. Enjoy!

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Together we explore the unknown…


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Bigfoot sighting? Idaho woman says she crashed because she saw a sasquatch


By the Associated Press POSTED: 03/25/17, 11:43 AM PDT

MOSCOW, Idaho (AP) — A northern Idaho woman told police she crashed into a deer because she was distracted by a sasquatch in her rearview mirror.

The Moscow-Pullman Daily News reports that the 50-year-old woman was driving south on U.S. Highway 95 on Wednesday when she struck a deer near Potlatch.

The woman told Benewah County sheriff’s officials that she saw a sasquatch chasing a deer on the side of the road while driving. She says she checked one of her mirrors to get a second look at the beast and when she looked up, the deer ran in front of her.

Sheriff’s officials marked the incident as a vehicle versus deer collision but did not report any evidence of Bigfoot.

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Are sea monsters real? Loch Ness monster-like creature filmed emerging from water

Loch-Ness-811046  By JON AUSTIN PUBLISHED: 15:15, Tue, May 30, 2017

VIEWERS of a video showing a large “Loch Ness Monster-like” creature moving in water have questioned if it proves sea monsters are real.In the remarkable footage, said to have been filmed at a lake in China, a black shape can be seen surfacing through the waves.

The shocked onlookers claimed it was about 16 to 19 feet (five to six metres) in length, as it did not completely come out of the water and all of it could not be seen. In the video, swimmers in the lake are heard to gasp as it seems to rear its head.

Commentators have said it resembles the mythical Loch Ness Monster, but this was filmed thousands of miles away from Scotland at the Mount Lu Xihai Resort in Jiujiang City.

The video has been seen by more than five million people on social media. But, one wildlife expert said it was likely to be a Chinese sturgeon – a critically endangered fish that can grow up to 16.4 feet.

He suggested it had escaped the Luoping Sturgeon Farm which he said had operated for eight years – more than enough time for the specimen to grow to the length of the mystery creature.

Strange creature washes up on Indonesian shore



Marine scientists who flocked the place suspected it could be a giant squid or a sperm whale. Mysterious objects and creatures always pique people and make them curious to know what it is and are not at rest till they do so. Recently, a big mysterious creature was washed ashore in Indonesia and people can’t really understand what it is.

According to a media report, the dead remains of the animal washed up on Hulung beach in Indonesia was clearly not a commonly spotted whale. A local, Asrul Tuanakota first spotted the creature on the shore but it eventually attracted a lot more people. The 15-metre long creature weighing approximately about 35 tonnes floating in the water also ended up making it red and also a public spectacle.

Marine scientists who flocked the place suspected it could be a giant squid or a sperm whale but several reports say otherwise. However, a Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum officer said that the carcass is mostly that of a Baleen whale but the reports are yet unconfirmed.

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Is Nessie back? ‘Loch Ness monster’ is spotted swimming through a tranquil lake… but a nearby sailor doesn’t even notice

402A2C9B00000578-4492368-image-a-58_1494428146658  By REBECCA TAYLOR FOR MAILONLINE

After months without a sighting, the Loch Ness monster appears to be back and ready to be found.  For eight months there were no reports of the mysterious creature in the Scottish lake, prompting concerns the infamous ‘monster’ was dead.

But like buses, two have now come at once, as within days, two tourists have take videos of a creature that could be Nessie.

The creature appears to have a head and neck popping out of the water as it passes a boat

This video shows what looks like a head and a long neck poking out of the tranquil water in the Scottish loch. It was spotted by Rob Jones, 35, from North Wales, who uploaded the video to YouTube to find out if anyone knew what it was.

He asked: ‘What the h*** was it? Did anyone else see it?’

Speaking to the Scotsman, he said: ‘I saw it quite far across the Loch near the castle, but by the time I stopped the van, It was very close and other people stopped to take photos too. Sadly I don’t believe in monsters, but would love to know what it was.’


On May 2, a tourist took a picture of what she believed to be Nessie, the first recorded sighting since August last year.Hayley Johnson, from Manchester, noticed a strange and dark shape at dusk in Urquhart Bay, near Inverness, Scotland.

It delighted Gary Campbell, Nessie’s official sighting recorder, who had become concerned after a spell without a spotting. With Rob’s video being taken on May 7, it makes two sightings in five days.But viewers on YouTube were more sceptical of what they’d seen.

One wrote: ‘Just a piece of wood or something. It doesn’t move in any way even when a boat is right next to it.’

Another added: ‘The guy on the boat was closest and had the best view and ignored it completely. so we can assume he could tell what it really was and ignored it.’


Big Foot scare has villagers hiding indoors after dark

FMT Reporters | May 15, 2017


Reports of two six-foot monkey-like creatures calling out to villagers in Bachok, Kelantan, has left them in a state of utter panic.

PETALING JAYA: The myth of Big Foot lives on – at least for folks in a village in Bachok, Kelantan, who fear two larger-than-life mammals are terrorizing them nightly with their evil ways. According to The Star Online that quoted an article in Sinar Harian, most of the villagers now scurry home as darkness descends upon them and stay indoors all night for fear that the two Big Foot will harm them.

Some have said the creatures have been heard calling out the names of villagers, and those who unknowingly respond have battled inexplicable fevers for weeks on end.

News of the two Big Foot spread like wildfire when a villager, Zubaidah Abdullah, 50, claimed to dream frequently of two six-foot monkey-like creatures who emerged from a big tree behind her mother’s house.

“I was shocked that I could communicate with them. Sometimes I felt like they were sleeping next to me,” the news report quoted her as saying.

Zubaidah also said the only way to scare them off was by reciting religious verses. She said her siblings were also tormented by the same nightmares.The services of a spiritual healer have now been sought to restore calm to the troubled village.


Is this PROOF of Bigfoot? Video released of MASSIVE ‘head’ – but all is not what it seems


By Callum Hoare / Published 15th December 2017

A MAN has posted a video online claiming it is “the only proof of Bigfoot” – but there’s a catch. In the clip, Peter Caine, from New York, reveals what he says is the head of “Sasquatch” – a large, hairy creature from American folklore.

On camera, Peter examines the head of the beast, claiming that his dad, Mike, had captured it in 1952 during a hunt.

He added that since then, the 120lb head had been stored in a freezer.

But fear not, it may not be the mythical ape-like terror after all.

Peter, who is a dog trainer and comedian, has a history of posting comical videos and viewers were quick to debunk the Bigfoot theory.

bigfoot video screen

One said: “Oh come on… people falling for this crap? At least you’re getting lots of views. That’s the idea is isn’t it?”

While another admired his “creation”, saying: “Your artistic skills always amaze me. I love your bigfoot videos, they’re great!”

The video was uploaded yesterday to YouTube on Peter’s channel with the title “Bigfoot head, frozen since 1953. The only proof in existence of Sasquatch”. Racking up over 27,000 hits, others were still in amazement with some thinking this is finally the proof needed to solve the mystery of Bigfoot.

And Peter himself was adamant about the head’s legitimacy.

“Yes I do joke around, but this is real,” he said

California farmer claims to have spotted a BIGFOOT family-of-five running on his orchard – and one was carrying a pig.  EMILY CRANE FOR DAILYMAIL.COM PUBLISHED: 05:40, 18 October 2017


A California farmer claims to have witnessed the latest Bigfoot sighting after spotting five of the creatures running near his ranch.

The farmer, identified only as Keith, claims to have spotted the Bigfoot near Avocado Lake in Fresno County. He recounted the story to Jeffrey Gonzalez who runs the talk show Paranormal Central.

‘I’m going up the road and all of a sudden these five bodies, whatever, run past the front of my headlights on my truck,’ Keith said.


He said he believes it was the legendary Bigfoot.

Gonzalez told Fox News that one of the Bigfoot spotted by the farmer was supposedly carrying a pig.

‘One of them, which was extremely tall, had a pig over its shoulder. The five scattered and the one with the pig was running so fast it didn’t see an irrigation pipe and it tripped, with the pig flying over,’ Gonzalez claims.

Gonzalez, a self-described paranormal expert, said there have been two other Bigfoot sightings in the same area in the last five years.


He has a photo of one of the sightings that claim to show a Bigfoot running through an orchard.

Gonzalez also says he has what he describes as a footprint mold belonging to a Bigfoot from the orchard. Gonzalez claims a woman told him that her two sons saw a Bigfoot in their orchard. A few years later a man called him to say he saw five Bigfoot in the same orchard across from his house.


‘What are the odds of three people, three different families, who don’t know each other, within a radius of 2 to 3 miles, come and tell me what they witness, and it matches up,’ Gonzalez said.

‘I believe there are a lot more people out there who have seen things and are keeping it inside themselves. They don’t want to go out and tell people, they don’t want to be ridiculed. They don’t want to be made fun of.’

CREEPY CRAWLY MYSTERY Bizarre creature found squirming on the ground likened to ‘alien-life form’ by baffled witnesses

creature 1  By Sam Webb 28th August 2017

This bizarre creature baffled onlookers when it was spotted crawling across the ground in an unusual and creepy way.

Huang Meilan filmed the mysterious insect on rocks in Hsinchu, Taiwan, earlier this week.She said she was ”shocked” by the strange creepy crawly and had ”never seen anything like it before”.

Huang said: “I found this on the ground and it caught my eye. It was so strange and people said different things about it. But I wanted to know what it actually was.”

creature 2

Huang appealed online and many suggested the brittle looking insect appeared to be several nematomorpha – commonly called “horsehair worms” – tangled together.

In extreme cases, they can grow up to two metres in length. The parasitic creatures become entwined while they use a host to breed. Others believed the creature was a ”mutant species” of stick insect – or even a form of alien life.

What IS that? Mystery creature pokes its head out of a mud pool by a Queensland river – before slowly sinking beneath the surface when it realizes it has been spotted


A mysterious creature has been filmed poking its head out of the water during a Queensland river cruise. The unidentified animal was spotted during a Solar Whisper Daintree River Crocodile and Wildlife Tour on Tuesday. After staff posted the footage on social media suggestions have taken off about the beast’s identity and range from a mussel to a ‘miniature whale’.

David White, the owner of Solar Whisper cruises filmed the creature during the cruise, before uploading his footage to Facebook Tuesday morning.

bigfoot video screen

‘Martin (the director of Days of the Daintree) is adding a little mystery on set. He gave me no clues and I have no idea,’ he wrote in his post. Either a miniature whale, a mussel or an alien. One minute he was there the next he was gone.’

The video shows the head of an animal, with what seems to be an eye visible, as it pokes out of a mud pool at the mouth of the river. The creature remains above the surface for a few seconds, before slipping below and disappearing. The water was believed to be a shallow tidal pool, with staff stating that a crocodile had been sitting in the same area earlier that day.

Since it was uploaded the post has been viewed more than 1,400 times, with users offering up some interesting and unusual possibilities as to its identity.


‘Could it be a lungfish?’ one person commented while another suggested it may be a ‘bivalve of some type’.

Others called it an ‘underwater monster’ and the tour group’s very own ‘Daintree monster, like Nessie!’ Queensland is renowned for its mystery creatures with reports of  Yowies, Bunyips and giant cats all notoriously sighted in the state.

‘Don’t shoot Bigfoot!’: Police in South Carolina issue warning NOT to tackle sasquatch after a spate of ‘sightings’ of the mythic beast

bigfoot s  9 August 2017

Police in South Carolina are warning cryptozoology enthusiasts who think they’ve spotted Bigfoot, not to take potshots at the creature.

The Greenville Police Department, in Greenville, South Carolina, posted the warning on its Facebook page on Tuesday morning.It came the day after a report surfaced about an alleged Bigfoot close encounter in neighbouring North Carolina.The police Facebook post was equal parts poking fun and straight up ‘don’t shoot!’ safety advice for its community.

ds bigfoot

In the post, police exhorted: ‘If you see Bigfoot, please do not shoot at him/her, as you’ll most likely be wounding a fun-loving and well-intentioned person, sweating in a gorilla costume.’

The post also stated, tongue-firmly-in-cheek that after having reviewed shaky video of an apparent Bigfoot sighting from 2015, ‘we can say with some confidence that proof of Bigfoot still eludes us.’

The police linked to the video, which showed a Yorkie trying to scare off a two-footed, rapidly moving entity in daylight.

The Greenville police’s Bigfoot warning went up the day after the Charlotte Observer revealed that a member of a Bigfoot-watching group claimed to have had an encounter with a ‘large bipedal animal covered in hair,’ on Friday night at about 11 pm, in a wooded area in North Carolina’s McDowell County.

According to the Charlotte Observer, Bruner wrote in a Facebook post that, ‘I turned on my headlamp and saw a large bipedal animal covered in hair.’ He described the creature as having had a smooth, solid black face and shaggy hair.Bruner noted that he chased the creature and had a ‘stare-down’ with it before it disappeared deeper into the woods.

bigfoot video screen

Bigfoot sighting reports in the Carolinas are common, with multiple reports circulating around Bigfoot enthusiasts Facebook groups and drawing enough attention from professional Bigfoot hunters to warrant filming episodes of TV series in the area.

Laws regarding the shooting of Bigfoot and other similar cryptids vary by state. killing Bigfoot is expressly outlawed in Skamania County, Washington, but it’s technically legal to hunt and kill one in Texas because the cryptid is not on the state’s recognized official species list.

bigfoot s1

John Bruner, of Bigfoot 911, reported that at the time of the apparent sighting, he and six others were in the woods, spreading out glow sticks in hopes of attracting Bigfoot’s attention.

Would you kill a bigfoot or are you pro life? What would you do if you encountered a big foot? Leave your comments below.

Bigfoot sighting reports in the Carolinas are common, with multiple reports circulating around Bigfoot enthusiasts Facebook groups and drawing enough attention from professional Bigfoot hunters to warrant filming episodes of TV series in the area.


Bizarre Video shows Dutch youngsters freaking out while ‘filming a bigfoot’ peering out from behind a tree

bigfoot-2  By Guy Birchall

BIZARRE footage showing a large man-like creature peeking at tourists from behind a tree has surfaced online. A strange video filmed by two youngsters named Lucas and Jeroen was shot at a Dutch national park, with some speculating that they have glimpsed Bigfoot.

The lads were wandering round Veluwezoom National Park when the noticed the humanoid figure peering at them from behind a tree in the distance.

The pair can be heard swearing with incredulity when they see the creature lurking in the forest. But they are forced to run after a gunfire like bang can be heard in the background.


One claims it could be a “tall, skinny bear” while another suggests it’s a woodpecker or crow. Continuing the ornithological theme others say it seems to be a giant pigeon.But many have claimed the figure is Bigfoot, the mythical primate from American folklore while others have suggested it could be the Slender Man.

Clearest ever ‘BIGFOOT’ on camera? Mythical beast allegedly caught on video

Big-Foot-Oregon-792609  By JON AUSTIN PUBLISHED: 16:20, Sun, Apr 16, 2017

COULD this video show the legendary Bigfoot primate conclusively caught on camera for the first time ever?

Bigfoot hunters claim this could be the clearest video yet of the mythological creature.The footage is said to have been taken during a family trip to Oregon state in the US.It shows a man talking to the camera as he is next to Wildhorse Lake in the Steens Mountains.

But, way behind on the other side of the lake, the unmistakable alleged form of Bigfoot can be seen.A boy spots the odd creature and asks: “Dad, what is that?”

The dad is also shocked as he says, “Wow what is that?” before someone says it’s a bear.

bigfoot close 1

But the dad questioned why it would be standing on two legs. The clip ends with the dad again asking “What is it?”

Bigfoot is the name given to a mythological simian, ape, or hominid-like creature that is said to inhabit forests of the US. It is similar to the Yeti said to inhabit the Himalayas.

The video has been discussed on Bigfoot hunting conspiracy theory websites as possible conclusive proof.

Others have said it is a fake, involving someone wearing a suit.

Monster hunter reveals terrifying British ‘Bigfoot’ encounter


By Alex Hickson

MYTHICAL creature hunters have claimed that the elusive Bigfoot may have made a home in Britain.

Chilling accounts of the UK’s own Bigfoot are fairly common, and many claim to have spotted a glimpse of an ape-like creature roaming the countryside. It comes just months after a photographer told Daily Star Online that he may have captured the first ever footage of a Bigfoot roaming the British countryside.

One such bizarre sighting has been reported by monster hunter Jonathan Downes, who says he had a very “peculiar” encounter which he “still can’t explain” today.

bigfoot video screen

While investigating a string of sightings at Bolam lake near Newcastle in Northumberland he claims to have seen a man-like person leaping through a bog.

Describing the encounter, Jon told Daily Star Online: “When it came to dusk on the last day we were leaning on the bonnet of my car enjoying a cigarette”. He went on: “Then suddenly I and three of the other people I was with saw something like a very tall spindly man moving incredibly fast over about 12 yards. We saw this thing move from right to left and then left to right before it disappeared. It was something I was not expecting because I went there thinking it would be a hoax.”

Jon, who investigates sightings of monsters as a cryptozoologist, added that there’s no way what he saw in 2003 could be a person because of the way it moved through the bog.

And it isn’t the first time people have claimed to have an encounter with Britain’s own Yeti. Earlier this month massive ape-like footprints with claws caused a stir in Manchester when a dog walker spotted them on the outskirts of the city.


Jon works as a cryptozoologist for the Centre for Fortean Zoology and regularly investigates animals which are thought to be extinct and not exist at all.

But even he was completely shocked by this sighting. He said: “The chances of there being a Bigfoot in Britain are almost nil, and yet people keep seeing these things, including me.

“So the question is, what are we dealing with?”

bigfoot ad

Jon is almost certain that what he saw was something paranormal, but he believes that whatever he saw might also be what others see when they spot a Sasquatch. More footage of Bigfoot-like creatures has been spotted all over the world, including walking through a waterfall in Indonesia.

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Shocked family find bizarre creatures with ‘cat’s head and rat’s body’ in their kitchen  BYJESSICA HAWORTH

Strange creatures that appear to have a cat’s head and rat’s body has apparently been discovered by a terrified family who called their local church leader to kill them. The animals were found in a house in Lethabong, Rustenburg, in South Africa. Locals believe the creatures are cursed, according to reports, after their origin couldn’t be explained.

The family said they first realised there was something strange going on when they heard unnerving noises coming from behind their pantry and went to investigate.

They found the animals stuck behind the grocery cupboard and rather than help them, the family called the local pastor who arrived with his grinding machine to get the animals out and kill them.

But the Rustenburg Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) said they should not have been killed, insisting the animals should have been handed over to them for a thorough investigation.

Attending officers who were too late to most of the animals believe they are an “unusual cat breed” not seen before and wanted to take blood samples to ascertain exactly what they are and where they came from.

Four of the animals had already been killed by the time they arrived on the scene but they did manage to take away the final two for tests.

SPCA spokesman Carla van den Berg, who was one of the inspectors at the scene said there was a concern that too many people panic when they stumble across animals that are not considered the norm and kill them.

She said: “People must remain calm and call the SPCA emergency number. Killing a creature in an inhumane way could lead to prosecution.”


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Mum snaps Bigfoot figure in Irish forest but others say it could be ghost of passenger killed in plane crash


A mum was spooked out when her dogs alerted her to the outline of a furry creature many believe is BIGFOOT while strolling through a ‘haunted’ forest.

Maxine Caulfield said her mutts used their ‘sixth sense’ to seek out the creepy figure among the trees as they walked through Slieveanorra in County Antrim, Northern Ireland – rumored to be haunted by a fatal plane crash.

Spooky tales have been told about Slieveanorra since October 1942, when a US Air Force B17 Flying Fortress bomber crashed into a mountain there, killing eight of the ten people on board.

But after showing others photos she’d taken of the suspicious shadow, people began likening its face to Bigfoot, a hairy creature said to inhabit forests in American folklore, rather than the ghost of a plane passenger.

Mum-of-one Maxine, 49, said: “I haven’t got a clue what it is but when I saw it, it really freaked me out. It’s not like anything I’ve ever seen before.

“The dogs are normally full of energy and never stop running but when we went through that part of the forest they just stopped still and stared in the same direction. It was as if they knew something was there. I couldn’t see anything at the time but when I got home and showed people the pictures it was spooky. People were pointing out its face and saying it was Bigfoot. I’ve always been pretty open-minded about the paranormal. I don’t disbelieve, and this has really reinforced my view that there could be something out there. The dogs were playing away in the snow but my German Shepherd’s ears pricked up when she went through this section. It wasn’t normal. When you zoom in it really does look the body of a beast. Along with all the other history and rumors about the place, it really makes you think.”

THE PARANORMAL CHRONICLES OPINION: Tree stump and Pareidolia:  Pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon involving a stimulus (an image or a sound) wherein the mind perceives a familiar pattern of something where none actually exists.Common examples are perceived images of animals, faces, or objects in cloud formations, the man in the moon, the moon rabbit, and hidden messages within recorded music played in reverse or at higher- or lower-than-normal speeds. What do you think?

What is this creepy jungle giant? Film shot deep in Indonesian forest shows a huge creature walking upright under a waterfall



A possible sighting of legendary Bigfoot has been captured in Indonesia The footage shows a large creature walking through a mountain range

It’s supposed to be a mythical creature hiding somewhere in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, but has Bigfoot finally been captured on video in Indonesia?

Footage shot in the south-east Asian country appears to show an enormous creature walking upright through a waterfall and rolling green hillside.

While on the somewhat distorted clip it can’t be determined exactly what the creature is, some conspiracy theorists are believing it may finally be the real deal.

The video begins with a wide shot of a stunning Indonesian mountain range. All appears still and quiet until suddenly there’s movement to the left of a waterfall. What looks to be the large Bigfoot emerges out of nowhere, walking in front of the cascading water.

Some believe that judging from the height of the creature in comparison to the waterfall, the video is just one of the hundreds of fakes littered across the internet.

It is unclear when the legend of Bigfoot, also called Sasquatch, was first created, however, most sightings are attributed to being black bears.

Adding to the intrigue over this video, however, is the fact that the large bears are not found in Indonesia.

Whisky warehouse worker  claims to have the most ‘convincing evidence yet’ of the Loch Ness monster!



A whisky warehouse worker has excited Nessie hunters after photographing something mysterious in Loch Ness – but it appears to be just three seals.

Ian Bremner, 58, was driving around the Highlands in search of red deer – but stumbled across what he claims could be the world’s most famous monster swimming in calm waters.

His photographs show what appears to be a dark beast with a long winding body bobbing on the surface on Saturday between the villages of Dores and Inverfarigaig.

Some friends have said the beast’s head could be a seal and his picture captures the extraordinary moment three of them were playing together in the water. But he said: ‘I suppose it could be seals – but I’m not so sure. The more I think about it, the more I think it could be Nessie.’

But Mr. Bremner said he is sure it is Nessie and shows a two-meter long silver creature swimming away from the lens with its head bobbing away and a tail flapping a meter away, preparing to swim further on.


He said: ‘It’s a part of the world that always makes you second guess what you’re seeing. When you’re up there you’re constantly looking in the water to see if you can spot anything in there. This is the first time I’ve ever seen Nessie in the loch. It would be amazing if I was the first one to find her. I’m normally a bit of a sceptic when it comes to Nessie and I think it’s just something for the tourists but I’m starting to think there is something out there. When I saw it on my screen I said ‘what the hell is that. If you’re fishing there it’s the sort of place where you can get a tingle up your spine and second guess what you’re seeing. You start seeing things even when you know fine there’s nothing there.’

He says that the photographs match the common description of Nessie being a long serpent creature which stretches as far back as 1933.

The image he took closely resembles some of the clearest and most notable examples of the creature.


Encounters from 1933 tell of a 10ft long limbless creature crossing the road leaving behind a slimy trail of undergrowth.

And in 2001 a pair of fishermen spotted a dark 6ft long blob sticking there have been five other reported sightings of the monster this year which, including Ian’s latest, is the highest number since 2002.

Some of Ian’s friends think this picture actually shows three seals playing in the water.

Over the years there have been 1081 recorded sightings of the Loch Ness Monster lurking in the water.

The monster and the tourists who come to look for it are thought to be worth around £30million to the Highland economy.

The legend of the Loch Ness Monster has been around since the sixth century when Irish monk Saint Columba witnessed locals burying a man who had been attacked by a ‘water beast.’

Sightings were scarce until the first modern newspaper report of a monster in the Northern Chronicle of in 1930 which told of fishermen in a boat on Loch Ness being ‘disturbed’ by a 18ft (5.5metre) long creature.

But it was a sighting in 1933, when George Spicer and his wife claimed they saw ‘a most extraordinary form of animal’ which was four-foot high (1.2metre) and 25 foot (7.6 metre) long crossing the road near the loch, that started Nessie mania.

Among the most famous claimed sightings is a photograph taken in 1934 by Colonel Robert Kenneth Wilson. However, it was later exposed as a hoax by one of the participants, Chris Spurling, who, on his deathbed, revealed that the pictures were staged.


And in 1935, renowned big game hunter Marmaduke Wetherell found a footprint he said was the monsters.

It was later revealed to have been made by him using a dried hippo’s foot of the type used as umbrella stands at the time.

In December last year, it was revealed that sightings of the Monster are at their highest in more than a decade, with five people claiming to have spotted the creature in the last year.

But in July 2015, a famous ‘monster’ hunter Steve Feltham, who spent 24 years watching the Loch, made global headlines, by declaring that the creature – or creatures – in the loch was probably a Wels Catfish, native to waters near the Baltic and Caspian seas in Europe.

Bizarre mummified creature discovered


A bizarre mummified creature has been discovered at the heart of a diamond mine in the Sakha Republic, in northern Siberia. This ancient “monster” could date back to between 252 and 66 million years ago as it was found in sand deposits of that age.

The Siberian Times reports that the miners who found the remains had been working at the Udachnaya pipe diamond deposit, an open-pit diamond mine located just outside the Arctic Circle.

The site was discovered in 1955 and since then yielded 350 million tonnes of ore containing rough diamonds. There has also been a number of unusual discoveries such as that of a mystery red rock full of diamonds.

However, no find has been as strange as the mummified monster that has just been uncovered. The miners believed they had just stumbled upon the remains of a previously unknown species of dinosaurs.

Their theory has yet to be proved. The creature will, therefore, be taken for more analysis to the regional capital Yakutsk, a city 1,686km south of the Udachnaya diamond pit.

Other hypotheses about the little monster’s potential origins are that it might be a wolverine, a carnivorous mammal resembling a small bear or a marten – another slender, agile mammal living in the snowy forests of Siberia.

Closer analysis of the mummy’s morphology, bones, and of possible DNA samples should yield more clues about its origins and give a more precise approximation of the time it lived at.

REAL LIFE SPIDER PIG: Piglet born with EIGHT trotters and TWO tails


It comes just months after pictures of a similarly-deformed piglet were taken in the village of El Galpon, in the northwestern Argentine province of Salta.

The latest image was snapped by the Murillo family who has a pig-rearing business in the coastal city of Los Mochis in Mexico’s north-western state of Sinaloa. The farmers said they were shocked when they discovered the newborn piglet and decided to share an image of the animal online, where netizens started widely sharing it.

It was also published in several local news outlets. The Murillos said that they had never seen anything like it and they thought that two piglets had actually somehow fused together in their mother’s womb.

The little black-spotted creature, which only had one head but two bodies, was very weak and reportedly died just minutes after being born.

This incident is just the last in a string of similar cases where deformed animals are being born in farms across Latin America.


In Argentina, local media coined the term the ‘Spider-Pig’ for a similar piglet that had also been born with eight legs.

Experts quoted in reports believed the deformities were due to an excessive use of pesticides used on genetically-modified food fed to farm animals.

Animal rights activists believe it is due to the industrial chemicals that the farmers are said to have used on their land or possibly the side-effect of intensive farming techniques.

bigfoot video screen

A video which seems to show a “strange creature” in the Thames has divided the internet over whether it is a whale, a submarine or the Loch Ness Monster

Thames beast

The YouTube clip, taken from the Emirates Air Line cable car, shows a long dark shape which appears to have two humps emerging from the river.

After a brief glimpse, it disappears back beneath the murky water in front of The O2 in Greenwich.

YouTube user Penn Plate, who took the video, wrote: “Something huge was moving under the water and then briefly surfaced.

“Are there whales in the Thames?? Or is it some weird submarine?” asked one citizen.

One wrote: “If you slow it down enough and pause it, kind of looks like a pod of dolphins or porpoises.

“But there’s still a huge shadow under the water that just looks like one giant sea creature, and it’s way more exciting to think that it’s some crazy undiscovered ancient beast that’s probably going to crawl out of the river and start eating people and toppling buildings, so I’m gonna go with that. ”

Others speculated it might have been the mythical Loch Ness Monster a long way from home.

“Straight up Godzilla’s tail right there,” wrote another viewer.

But many people are sceptical about the video and questioned why it had been filmed in such a clumsy way.

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The Devil Hound? Could such a creature exist?

In the field of the paranormal, it’s not unexpected to receive a frantic phone call early on a weekend morning. One can never assume that you can merely plan a day off without the apprehension that someone, somewhere in the county is experiencing a paranormal incident that defies their rational thought and that they need some help to come to terms with what they experienced. This is why I investigate, it’s that feeling of expect the unexpected that fuels my desire to uncover truths.

The paranormal chronicles and its sister site Pembrokeshire Beyond have documented accounts of an Owl man, a Phantom hitchhiker (Please feel free to explore our archive on this website), roadside hauntings, published an account of a terrifying haunting in A most haunted house and even had to interview people who claim they have had paranormal sexual relations. One man even claiming a demon stole his seed  (click here to read:  but on this morning we had something a little different to contest with: The Devil Hound.


Having lived on the Outskirts of the peaceful town of Narberth, Pembrokeshire a few years back, I had heard, drunken talk about a large black red eyed dog called the Devil Hound. Larger than a domesticated canine this beast was said to roam the fields and valleys around the area surrounding the crematorium. No picture of evidence has to my knowledge ever been produced and as far as I was concerned it was just a local legend,  a startling myth. Most areas have such creatures and Pembrokeshire has its fair share of big cats, strange and cruel hairy goblins and even a dragon.

Narberth, Pembrokeshire. Visit it.

Narberth, Pembrokeshire. A wonderful place to Visit.

The origin of the creature is unknown but a local farmer was kind enough to divulge that when he was a young lad growing up in the area in the 1950’s a series of brutal slayings had been reported of sheep.One sheep carcass found ripped to shreds high up in a tree another’s innards spread over half a mile of road. He always believed it was the Devil hound; a cruel creature cast out form the pits of hell to roam the green fields of Pembrokeshire causing terror to the good hardworking folk that lived there. He joked that it has been sent from hell to remind us that the devil cherished our soul and that we needed to hold on dear to our faith in Christ.


The creature has been alleged to have been spotted between Narberth and Llanmill

Then in the 1980’s a man travelling the road on his moped claims to have witnessed a large black dog with large coal red eyes and a large mouth drooling smoke or stream in a gateway. The man was so terrified that he  lost control of his moped and nearly crashed and was mortified that his small bike could not carry him away from the beast quick enough.

Again in early 2003 a family on a Sunday drive claimed to see a large black dog with glowing red eyes emerge from a gateway a mile from the crematorium and bound across the road and disappear as quickly as it had appeared. Was there such a creature or was it merely a normal animal mistaken for something far more hellish?

On Friday 8th August 2014 around 8 p.m a car with four people aged between 18 and 22 claim that while driving on the Amroth Road (A477) they saw a large black dog with red eyes bound across the road and disappear into the Pendeilo woods. They insisted that it was not the Big Cat that is often reported in the County but definably a dog, much larger than any domesticated canine they were aware of and its movement and eye colour were certainly distinctive. They declared the creature to be pure black, red eyes and a steam or smoke rising from its body.

“They were red, literally red, like glowing red..”

Could the Devil Hound be on the move? Looking for pastures and prey new to feed upon? The area in which the alleged creature has been seen is vast and is home to many woodland, valleys and fields. Then  I had a frantic call from a lady who was given my number by a colleague saying that while her and her daughters had been out riding their horses near the llanmill valley they saw a large black dog with red glowing eyes and steam or smoke rising from its back and head. It was large, larger than a normal dog and its presence disturbed the horses that then tried to turn back. The three witnesses’ watched in puzzlement as the dog looked at them, made a strange hissing noise and leapt into the undergrowth. The mother was unsettled but had the wits to dismount and take a picture on her phone of a footprint of the proposed beast and put a BIC lighter next to it for scale.

Devil hound or just a normal big dog print?

Devil hound or just a normal big dog print?

As you can see the footprint is very large, probably a large heavy dog but to determine its size is difficult as the earth beneath is exceptionally damp enlarging the footprint further. A cast has now been taken and a canine expert who will try and determine what breed of dog it is. I asked the woman if it was possible that it was just a normal dog that was perhaps suffering from some malady like red eye. Red eye causes the dog’s eye to become inflamed and, well, red. This inflammation may be due to various factors, including excess blood in the eyelids (hyperemia) or in the eye’s blood vessels (ocular vasculature). This occurs when vessels expand in response to extra-ocular or intra-ocular (outside of, and within the eye, respectively) inflammation or a passive accumulation of blood. The lady had this response for me;

I know an ill dog when I see one, whatever this was frightened the girls, the horses and myself. The dog was jet black with a massive head and a large body. It has steam or smoke coming off it. Its eyes were not inflamed. They were red, literally red, like glowing red and I don’t care how bad red eye gets it doesn’t  make your eyes glow like that. This was no pet dog or even a wild dog. This was something different and I shall not be taking the horses and the girls there again


The lady went quiet when I asked her could this be the local legend of the Devil hound come to life.

Further investigation will continue and with so many reports of large black cats, a wolverine and now this, it shall be a most interesting time in Pembrokeshire for cryptozoologists and paranormal investigators. Please follow our page so that you can keep up to date with this investigation and hopefully we shall unearth more on this terrifying creature after further analysis.

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Help us search for proof on such a diabolical creature by taking a road trip to the area. Bring your camera because you never know just what could be lurking on the side of the road…

Loch Ness Monster mystery solved?

Monster? Dinosaur? Hoax or a Cat fish? What do you believe?

A man who gave up everything to spend 24 years searching for the Loch Ness monster believes he has finally solved the mystery

But Steve Feltham, 52, is going to upset fans of the paranormal, folklore and mythology, as his conclusion more than two decades on is that it is probably just a huge cat fish. The Wels, or European catfish, was introduced to the lock in Victorian times to give fishermen a trophy specimen.The non-native giant can grow to 13 feet and has an almost sea monster appearance.

Mr. Feltham gave up his job, home and girlfriend, to focus on tracking Nessie, but has never had a sighting of anything prehistoric or unknown.

Celebrities who have come looking for the monster during that time included Robbie Williams, Billie Connolly, and Charlie Sheen who reportedly brought a leg of lamb as bate for the creature in 2013.

Now Mr. Feltham says he’s convinced the legendary Scottish monster is just a myth.

After seeking the creature and investigating the case for so long, he deduces it’s more likely any reports of a water beast are a very large Wels.

Despite the realisation, he was chasing a more mundane explanation, he said: “I certainly don’t regret the last 24 years.” And he still lives in a caravan on the shore of the lock selling Nessie nick nacks to tourists.

Done reading? Watch now!

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