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‘So shocked to capture so much!’: Katie Price goes ghost hunting in her own home and shares spooky images of a ‘demon’ and a ‘little boy’ on Instagram

By Julia Pritchard for MailOnline 7 March 2018 | UPDATED: 19:59, 7 March 2018

price 2

She has been adamant that her house is haunted for a number of years.  Katie Price shared a string of spooky snaps from her Sussex mansion to Instagram on Tuesday – in a bid to prove to fans she was in the presence of ghosts. The former glamour model, 39, posted creepy images of what she claimed to be a ‘demon’ in her mirror and a ‘little boy’ wandering in the corridor, leaving her fans horrified.

Katie kicked things off by sharing an eerie photo of one of her hallways – with a ghostly figure seemingly peeking out from the corner of a wall. Convinced there are supernatural presences in her house, the star revealed she had called in a ghost hunter and had snapped the spooky sighting while exploring the depths of her own home.

price ghost

She wrote in the caption: ‘Omg so shocked to capture so much with just a phone for a camera when Ghost Hunting with @MrLeeRoberts around my house! So many ghostly figures and strange apparitions, some we could easily explain, but these are some of the best ones.’

She went on to share a number of other creepy images from her sprawling abode – with one appearing to show a figure lying down, captioned: ‘I took this of my mirror when in my bed looks like a profile of a demon, what do you reckon ?’

price 3

Despite taking a photo of her mirror, which no doubt displayed her reflection, she wrote beside another snap: ‘I can see a massive face in this too actually looks like me! I have so much footage and pictures! I’m so not scared but want to know more.’

She rounded off the chilling social media display with a snap of a fuzzy figure in one of her dark rooms, writing: ‘Another one of what looks like a little boy !’, before adding in disbelief: ‘All these in my house!’

price 4

Katie, who recently appeared on Celebrity Haunted Mansion, reportedly first brought in ghost hunter Lee in January, after years of discussing her experiences with the supernatural. Speaking on Loose Women last year, the star explained she is convinced she is haunted, as a psychic once told her spirits are attracted to her ‘aura’.

She said: ‘I had a house that had memories. It was amazing but I couldn’t understand why it had been up for sale for two years and no one had bought it.  So I bought it and I had so many ghostly experiences there that I ended up having mediums come round and they told me what happened.’

price 5

Revealing she then discovered the property had been built on top of a nursing home, she added: ‘The orangery where the swimming pool was I found out was where they put the bodies and stuff. So many things happened there, with water and other stuff.’

However, she revealed ghost hunters and psychics alike have said that her ‘aura’ is attractive to ghosts, hence why she has had so many supernatural experiences.

price 6

‘Most of my houses are haunted,’ she continued. ‘When I’ve had mediums round they say it’s me. I have an aura around me.’

She even revealed her children had endured the same ghostly encountered – recalling a time son Junior, 12, woke her up screaming in the night, after claiming to have seen a spooky figure outside.

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The mystery of ‘alien’ skeleton found in Chilean desert finally solved by scientists

Josh Gabbatiss Science Correspondent

ata 3

Scientists have revealed the origins of a mysterious skeleton long thought to have been extra-terrestrial.After five years of examination, a research team unravelled the genetic make-up of the bizarre specimen found in the Atacama Desert in 2003, and nicknamed “Ata”.

Led by researchers at the University of California, San Francisco and Stanford University, forensic analysis of the remains revealed they undoubtedly belonged to a human, albeit one with severe and previously unknown genetic mutations.

ata 2

The skeleton, which was discovered in a leather pouch behind an abandoned church and has been dated approximately to the 1970s, has been the subject of intense speculation among online alien enthusiasts ever since it was revealed to the world.

Prominent among these has been Steven Greer, director of the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence and the Disclosure Project, who produced a documentary featuring the Ata skeleton called Sirius.

aat 4

Standing at 15 centimetres tall, the skeleton has an elongated skull, slanted eye sockets and only 10 pairs of ribs instead of the usual 12. Despite its tiny stature, the bone development of the skeleton matches that of a six-year-old child.

Since its initial discovery, Ata was sold on to the black market and eventually passed into the hands of a Spanish businessman. Dr Garry Nolan, a microbiologist at Stanford University, first heard of the specimen through a friend and resolved to get to the bottom of its mysterious origins.

ata 1

“You can’t look at this specimen and not think it’s interesting; it’s quite dramatic,” said Dr Nolan, “So I told my friend, ‘Look, whatever it is, if it’s got DNA, I can do the analysis.”

After contacting the makers of Sirius, Dr Nolan and his colleagues were given the opportunity to undertake just such an analysis. Having examined the remains, they concluded the skeleton undoubtedly belonged to a female human foetus with a mix of Native American and European ancestry, although the reason for her unusual appearance remained unknown.

For the next stage of the investigation, Dr Atul Butte joined the team to help understand exactly what genetic factors resulted in the specimen’s appearance. Earlier analysis had demonstrated that the Ata skeleton had plenty of high-quality DNA for modern sequencing technology to unravel.

Using cutting-edge techniques, the scientists found rare mutations linked to dwarfism and a variety of other bone and growth disorders. The investigation also revealed four genetic mutations presumed to be involved with bone diseases, all of which were previously unknown to science.

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These mutations are the cause of both Ata’s unusual appearance and the premature ageing of her bones, which made her appear much older than she really was.

“When doctors perform analyses for patients and their families, we’re often searching for one cause – one super-rare or unusual mutation that can explain the child’s ailment. But in this case, we’re pretty confident that multiple things went wrong,” said Dr Butte.

The results of this analysis were published in the journal Genome Research. Besides solving a 15-year-old mystery, the scientists say the success of their project could be used for modern medicine as well and points to ways in which complex living cases can be handled.

“The phenotype, the symptoms and size of this girl were extremely unusual, and analysing these kinds of really puzzling, old samples teaches us better how to analyse the DNA of kids today under current conditions,” said Dr Nolan,”For me, what really came of this study was the idea that we shouldn’t stop investigating when we find one gene that might explain a symptom. It could be multiple things going wrong, and it’s worth getting a full explanation, especially as we head closer and closer to gene therapy,” said Dr Butte.

“We could presumably one day fix some of these disorders.”

As Ata is definitely not an alien, and her remains are probably no more than 40 years old, Dr Nolan said he hoped one day she would be given a proper burial.

“We now know that it’s a child, and probably either a pre- or post-term birth and death,” he said,”I think it should be returned to the country of origin and buried according to the customs of the local people.”


Why the U.S. Capitol’s ‘Demon Cat’ Legend Is So Persistent – A lot of it has to do with paw prints.


demon cat 1

OVER THE LAST TWO CENTURIES, the U.S. Capitol Building, with its underground passages and echoing side chambers, has amassed its fair share of ghost stories. Whether it’s the spectre of a lost Civil War soldier from the building’s brief stint as a wartime hospital, or the ghost of John Quincy Adams shouting his final words in the Speaker’s Lobby, the Capitol Building is a ghost hunter’s dream. But few such stories have captured the public’s imagination like that of the Demon Cat.

“It’s probably the most common of all the ghost stories in the capitol. Partly because of the physical evidence,” says Steve Livengood, the chief tour guide of the U.S. Capitol Historical Society.

cat 2

Tales of a spectral feline known as the “Demon Cat” (initials “D.C.,” get it?!) date back to at least the 19th century. Since joining the USCHS in 1973, Livengood has become an expert on the tale.

“The story probably goes back to the post–Civil War era. The main thing is that the people who would see it particularly were the night watchmen,” says Livengood. The most common version of the legend goes that a guard was on patrol one night when he saw a black cat approaching. In those days, cats were not an uncommon sight in the building, introduced to control the rodent population. However as the cat came closer, it grew in size until it was as large as a tiger. The monster cat pounced on the guard, who fell down and tried to protect himself, but the creature vanished in mid-air.

cat 3

Like most ghost stories, tales of the Demon Cat have a number of variations. Later sightings are said to have scared people to death. The cat’s appearances have also been linked to national tragedies and presidential transitions.

What’s kept the legend alive all this time? A couple of features in the Capitol Building are said to be evidence of the Demon Cat’s existence. The most famous of these is a group of shallow paw prints in the concrete of the Small Senate Rotunda. In 1898, the Capitol Building was damaged by a gas explosion, and according to Livengood, in some spots the original stone was replaced by concrete. “It’s quite possible that a cat walked across the wet concrete,” he says. “Just enough to leave some impressions. It’s as you come out of the Old Supreme Court Chamber. There may be six or eight pretty clear ones.” In another part of the building, Livengood also notes that the letters “DC” have been scratched into the concrete. “Everyone says, ‘That’s the Demon Cat putting its initials there!’”

As much fun as it is to believe that there’s a monster cat prowling the midnight halls of the U.S. Capitol, Livengood isn’t having it. “I can put enough pieces together to know where the legend came from,” he says. “The night watchmen were not professionals. They would often be some senator’s ne’er-do-well brother-in-law that had a drinking problem.”

Livengood’s theory is these early Capitol guards would often get so drunk they’d fall down, so when one of the building’s cats came and licked their face, they assumed it must have been monster-sized. But when the guard in question reported their ravings to a superior, the boss couldn’t really discipline him for drinking because of his high-powered connections, so the guard would simply have been sent home to recover. “Then the other guards realize that if they see the cat and get attacked, then they get a day off. And that’s how history gets written,” says Livengood.

Livengood says that while he regularly gets asked about the Demon Cat, or sees visitors using their cell phones to illuminate the faint paw prints in the Small Senate Rotunda, he’s never heard of a modern sighting of the creature. “I’ve never had anyone who felt they had an experience like that,” he says.

Still, Livengood sees ghost stories as an important part of the building’s history. “They humanize the building,” he says. “One of the things I try to get across to people as I’m giving a tour is that the spirit of the people who built the building and the people who have acted out history in it are still there. And you can feel it.”

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California woman’s ‘Bigfoot is real!’ lawsuit has been dismissed for now

By JOE NELSON | San Bernardino Sun PUBLISHED: March 21


A lawsuit filed by a Crestline woman demanding that the state recognize the Sasquatch, aka “Bigfoot,” as an official species has been dismissed.

The court dismissed the case at the request of petitioner Claudia Ackley, on March 15, court records show.Ackley said her attorneys advised her to drop the lawsuit she filed Jan. 18 in San Bernardino Superior Court against the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and the state Natural Resources Agency. She plans to refile the suit so it is compliant with the rules of the court. A hearing that was scheduled for Monday, March 19, was vacated by the judge.


“The attorneys wanted me to stop it and then for them to rewrite it,” Ackley said, adding that her attorneys told her if she had gone forward with her original filing, she would have been “eaten alive.”

In a March 17 Facebook post, Ackley informed her friends, “I only get one chance and I must do it correctly in order to proceed.”

Ackley, 46, teamed up with documentary filmmaker Todd Standing, the man behind the Netflix film “Discovering Bigfoot” in drafting the original lawsuit. Standing, who had a similar lawsuit filed in British Columbia, Canada, where he resides.

bigfoot video screen

Standing said Tuesday that he, Ackley and a paralegal wrote the first lawsuit themselves, which was not vetted by any lawyers.

“There’s so many things a lawyer has to do appropriately. We now have a team of lawyers in the U.S. who are going to put it together,” Standing said in a telephone message. “They have to interview all the witnesses. They have a lot of work to do. The legal action is going to be enormous now.”

Ackley’s Texas-based attorney, Bobby Garcia, could not immediately be reached for comment.

Ackley and Standing said they plan to present evidence proving the existence of Sasquatch, including testimony from wildlife biologists, wilderness experts and police forensic officers. They said they also will introduce fingerprint, footprint, and even DNA evidence from hair samples Standing said he obtained from a tree during a 2014 expedition.


Yet even the most devout Bigfoot aficionados have their doubts about Ackley and her lawsuit.

“I suspect it will be dismissed for lack of evidence,” said Daniel Perez, a Riverside-based Bigfoot researcher and historian who publishes the monthly Bigfoot Times newsletter. “I can’t see the matter getting any legal footing.”

Ackley’s claims of encountering three Sasquatches in Lake Arrowhead last March while hiking with her two daughters are the only documented claims on record of a Bigfoot sighting in the mountain resort community, Perez said.

“I did talk with some people at the Bigfoot Bonanza just recently who live near Claudia, and they know the area well and they reported that outside of Claudia and her claims, no one else is reporting anything like Bigfoot in the area,” Perez said. “This whole matter is bad publicity for the serious Bigfoot community and just one more reason why a great many folks across the nation take the matter with a grain of salt.”

On the hunt: Former deputy now committed to Bigfoot research, discovery

By Sheila Stogsdill | Posted Mar 23


Larry Newman, a retired deputy sheriff’s detective, was just one of the speakers at the Bigfoot Field Research Organization meeting on Saturday, March 17, in Jay.

Larry Newman was just one of the speakers at the Bigfoot Field Research Organization meeting on Saturday, March 17, in Jay. Approximately 30 people were present for the four-hour meeting.

There have been several reports of Bigfoot sightings all over Delaware County, including in Grove and by the Pensacola Dam, Newman said. He claimed Bigfoot inhabits areas where there is good food, clean water, and good terrain.

“We have people that make up stuff,” Newman said of reported Bigfoot sightings. “But we know the difference.”

He said there have been a couple of sightings in southern Delaware County within the last two weeks. The problem, he said, is that when members of the Bigfoot researchers group interview witnesses, they are often told that 25 other people have seen the same thing but are embarrassed to talk about it.

Newman, a retired deputy sheriff’s detective from Jasper County, Missouri, is a certified crime scene investigator who is trained in interrogation and interviewing techniques.

Those skills — listening, documenting, investigating — “prove or disprove” a person’s claim of spotting Bigfoot, he said.

“We follow-up on the evidence,” Newman said.Some of the evidence that is tested is hair samples, he said.

“The DNA analysis comes back unknown — no known animal,” Newman said. Other evidence is footprints, he said.

One sighting was near Bull Holler in the Kenwood area, and another was east of Jay near Colcord.

Newman said the witnesses described the Bigfoot sightings near Colcord as two roughly 4-foot-tall creatures walking on two legs. Ron Boles, another speaker, said the creature near Kenwood was 6-feet-tall and ran across the road in front of witnesses.

Boles shared with the audience how he became involved and showed several YouTube videos of his night-time adventures.

“You will never hear me say it was 100 percent Bigfoot — but you will hear me says it is interesting,” Boles said, referring to the evidence.

Bigfoot is often described as an undiscovered primate, he said. One question the men said they had never encountered before Saturday’s meeting dealt with the interaction between domestic animals and Bigfoot.

No one wants to report a sighting, Boles said, because “no one wants to be the village idiot. “But he told the crowd, “Don’t let anybody sway or embarrass you.”

One of the highlights of the meeting was a telephone call from Matt Moneymaker, the Bigfoot Field Research Organization founder who appears on the reality television show “Finding Bigfoot.”

Moneymaker spoke to the crowd via speakerphone about some of the sightings.

“Don’t try and kill them — but film them,” he said.

Moneymaker said the creatures like to use sounds to intimidate and typically run in groups of three.“They adapt and specialize in sneaking around in the dark and grabbing deer,” he said.

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