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Life on Mars or Rocks, shadows and paredolia?
Life on Mars or Rocks, shadows and pareidolia?

Figure Spotted on Mars! Is it a woman? Is it a shadow? Is it a rock?

A mysterious ‘dark lady’ has been spotted looking out into space from the surface of Mars.

The eerie shape was taken by the NASA’ Curiosity Rover, the robot exploring a crater on the red planet. UFO Sightings Daily says the shape is proof that there is ‘life out there’.

The website has come up with a description of what the dark shape is, claiming it is definitely a woman because her breasts are visible, apparently. They wrote: The woman seems to have breasts…indicated by the shadow on its chest

We also see two arms that are lighter in colour and what looks like a head with long hair. Its hard to tell if this is a living being, or a statue of a being from long ago. However, a statue that small would be eroded and destroyed easily, so it has a higher chance of being a living being. Also it is facing the Mars rover…watching it from a distance.”

“This being is about 8-10 cm tall. This looks real. And it should concern every country in the world. There is life out there. “

The ‘dark lady’ follows in quick succession after the ‘ awesome Martian space crab ‘ was spotted a few days ago.

Mystery surrounds bizarre Mars ‘space crab’ spotted in NASA photo of the Red Planet

A strange object seen in a recent NASA image of Mars has set imaginations running wild among fans of the red planet.

time travel banner safe

Crabs on Mars?

Clues to an ancient civilization? A crab on Mars?
Clues to an ancient civilization? A crab on Mars?

Social media users have been quick to declare that a slightly highlighted area of a rock face on Mars is actually an ‘awesome Martian space crab’. Other suggestions include it being an alien or a spider.

The photo was taken by NASA sometime in July but reappeared in Facebook group Journey to the Surface of the Moon, whose slogan is ‘They will not tell the truth about MARS’. But scientists were quick to douse the excited speculation with hard fact.

Seth Shostak, a senior astronomer at the Center for SETI Research, said he put down the appearance of the ‘space crab’ to a phenomenon called pareidolia. Like seeing animals in clouds, this is the brain’s ability to see shapes in random objects. He says he gets sent similar images showing formations like the crab about once a week.

“Those that send them to me are generally quite excited, as they claim that these frequently resemble something you wouldn’t expect to find on the rusty, dusty surface of the Red Planet.It’s usually some sort of animal, but occasionally even weirder objects such as automobile parts. Maybe they think there are cars on Mars.”

He added: “Recognising a crab in a landscape filled with wind-weathered rocks is no more surprising — nor more significant — than seeing a winking face in a semicolon followed by a parenthesis. 😉

 Paranormal hunters claim to ‘prove ghosts exist’ after snapping one ‘above mass grave’

Ghost ghost on Camera?
Ghost on Camera?

GHOST hunters who were exploring an old community hall are claiming a paranormal coup after snapping “the eerie figure of a man” sat in the “haunted” building above a plague pit.

Spook Chasers Jodie Carman and Chris Hunter claim “the figure’s head and shoulders can clearly be made out in seats a few rows in front of her” and appeared after a series of unexplainable bumps and noises, while they were still, and a woman apparently being possessed.

The pair, who are refusing to identify the building in Norwich, said they were so stunned at seeing the “apparition” at the time, they shone a torch, but the chair was empty.

They insist that no one else was in the old community venue at the time the photo was taken.

Full-time Mum-of-one Ms Carman, 34, claims the photo was taken not long after midnight in the old community centre in Norwich that the spirit hunters are allowed to use.

Ms Carman said: “We knew there was something there with us that night; we could hear it moving around the hall around us. But this photo definitely proves it there is no way that you can deny it as the shape is very clear. When everyone saw it they were at first stunned into silence as everyone had seen me take the picture and knew there was no one in front of me. Once people calmed down they were just amazed and everyone started treating the hunt a lot more seriously as they realised we had caught some very clear evidence. There are lots of pictures that appear of ghosts, many of debatable quality but I think a photo like this is exceptionally rare, to get a clear shot, with nobody near it, completely untampered with. It’s quite incredible and I’ve never seen anything like this before.”

Two ‘pervy ghosts haunt’ pole dancing club after ‘taking a fancy’ to female instructor

Paranormal pole dancing?
Paranormal pole dancing?

The pair of ghouls apparently won’t leave Wendy Reardon’s club but she said: “I don’t care what dimension you’re in if you watch, you tip!”

These spooky pictures supposedly show two ghosts who haunt a pole dancing school.The pair of paranormal guests dropped in to see instructor Wendy Reardon and liked her moves so much they will not leave, she claims. As the sultry 44-year-old shows her pupils a thing or two at Gypsy Rose Exotic Fitness in Boston, USA, the two over-friendly ghost’s whirl round her body.


Wendy said: “I asked a reputable psychic and she said that there was definitely paranormal activity. She said that they were two men who worked in that area in the 1930s, and had such a great time that they’d come back to visit sometimes.”

“They happened to see me one day, and liked it, and so told their ghost friends to come too.I don’t mind of course, except that they’re getting a free show.I don’t care what dimension you’re in if you watch, you tip.When they’re here they’re watching the girls pole dance.I think they’re dancing around them and feeding off their positive energy.”

Wendy has owned Gypsy Rose since 2003 but only noticed the spirit presence when she started filming her classes. She discovered the seedy spooks as she watched back one of her dances she recorded for a friend.

The hotel in-spectre! Did ‘ghost’ photo-bomb snap from organ concert?

Does this picture show evidence of Paranormal activity? What do you think?
Does this picture show evidence of Paranormal activity? What do you think?

Herald photographer Alex Walton got a fright when uploading pictures of a celebratory performance by Nigel Ogden at the Sidholme Hotel this week.

The translucent figure of a woman appears to be watching BBC Radio 2 The Organist Entertains presenter Mr Ogden, sending a chill down the spine of those who were sat nearby. Nigel Hyman, who can be seen seated next to the supposed spirit, insists there was no-one next to him.

Theories behind the apparent apparition include her being the ghost of a music-loving countess from the 18th century – or just someone standing behind a glass door who was given a paranormal projection through a trick of the light. A medium has described the shape as a ‘spiritual lady’.

Mr Ogden was performing in the 189-year-old building’s Music Room as part of a celebratory event toasting the £15,000 renovation of its historic organ last Friday (see page eight).

Mr Hyman, chairman of Sidmouth Museum, was snapped next to the ‘spirit’.

The historian, who is writing a book about the hotel, was sitting at the top of the stairs to the left-hand side. He was watching the performance from one of the two benches available – and said that only two people could fit on each.

After seeing the image, Mr Hyman said: “It could be somebody standing to the side of one of the glass doors at the top of the steps. The other explanation is that the well-known ghost of Sidholme was curious to see what the racket was all about and stood behind us. I run town walks, so I have heard of ghosts in some of the older buildings in town – and this building dates back to 1826 so it deserves a ghost.”

organ 2

The hotel, which opened in the 1930s, was previously called Richmond Lodge and was owned by the sixth Earl of Buckinghamshire.

The Earl moved to Sidmouth with his second wife, Countess Maria Isabella, who did not get along with the town’s vicar and asked for a private chapel to be built – which is now the hotel’s Music Room.

The Sidholme Organ Friends Association’s appeal organiser, John McGregor, said: “It was probably the Countess Maria Isabella, no doubt not wanting to miss out on all the fun and, of course, particularly the music. She just adored a good soirée.”

The countess died in Richmond Lodge in 1873. The hotel’s operations manager, Sameer Velaydhun, said: “You will have the realists on one side and the fantasists on the other. The building was first a home in 1826. It has been around a long time, so it’s a possibility.”

Exmouth-based medium Lesley Anderson said the shape looked like a ‘spiritual lady’ with ‘white curly hair’ and added: “She will either be attached to a person nearby or the building – it’s unlikely that she will be randomly there with no connection.”

More than HALF of Britons claim to have had contact with GHOSTS

Visit our other pages for more pictures like the Packhorse Bridge Ghost
Visit our other pages for more pictures like the Packhorse Bridge Ghost

MORE than two-thirds of Britons have had a brush with the paranormal – and over a third claim to have seen a GHOST, according to a new survey.

The study, carried out to discover how many people believed in “paranormal activity” and would pay to see a clairvoyant, found a whopping 82 per cent of Britons believe in the supernatural.

More than two-thirds (68 percent) said they had experienced some sort of supernatural event – and more than half (56 percent) said they had been given a sign that a deceased loved one is present.

Researchers at aimed to find out how many Britons believe in the paranormal and whether they would ever pay money to communicate with the dead or a deceased celebrity.

When asked to reveal their paranormal experiences, almost a third (31 per cent) claimed to have seen or felt the presence of a ghost.

And 16 per cent of people felt and late loved ones continued to protect and look out for them.

Nick Swan, founder and CEO of, said: “It’s surprising to know how many people claim to have seen ghosts or believe in the paranormal but I can definitely understand why.

“With the growing use of the internet, it’s easy to now share ghostly experiences with other paranormal fans and I believe these stories fuel our interest into the unknown.”

Participants were also quizzed about their views of the growing psychic industry.

Just over a third (34 per cent) said they would pay cash to a psychic to try to communicate directly with a dead loved one. 11 per cent admitted to having already seen one, with the average amount they would be willing to pay for a psychic visit being £65.

Mr Swan added: “I also found it interesting to see just how many people would pay to see a psychic or medium, with some even saying they’ve already participated in this. It’s great that people get some closure or satisfaction from these encounters, however, I would always be cautious when paying for a medium or a reading. Make sure you aren’t being conned, look at reviews and average costs on the internet before you jump in head first.”

The firm polled a total of 2,952 British adults aged 18-65.

  1. I believe in the supernatural – 82 per cent of respondents
  2. I have experienced a supernatural event – 68 per cent
  3. I’ve been given a sign that a deceased loved one is present – 56 per cent
  4. I would pay to see a psychic – 34 per cent
  5. I’ve seen or felt a ghost’s presence – 31 per cent
  6. I don’t believe in the paranormal or am not sure – 18 percent
  7. I’ve felt a deceased loved one protecting me – 16 per cent
  8. I have paid to see a psychic – 11 per cent
  9. I have contacted spirits through Ouija boards/tarot cards – eight per cent
  10. I’ve experienced a near-death experience – six per cent

FEATURED ARTICLE: Paranormal assault: Are you safe while you sleep?

How you safe from paranormal attack?

Are you safe in your bed? An in-depth look at Paranormal Sex attacks (ADULTS ONLY)

The Paranormal Chronicles advises all readers to please take note that the subject covered in this article will not be to everyone’s taste. It may be offensive or challenging to some and the links provided on this page lead to mature content with an explicit sexual description of alleged paranormal sex attacks. Due caution is advised for a very mature and adult topic.


Over the last year, the Paranormal Chronicles has explored in depth the disturbing attacks said to be caused by paranormal entities but one question has to be asked could such a thing actually happen?

In 2014 G L Davies published a book called Ghost Sex the Violation which was the witness testimonial from a woman in Wales and her continued and graphic sexual assault at the hands of not one but two paranormal violators. The book polarised readers with many not able to stomach the graphic depiction of sexual abuse while others sceptical to the claims. Ghost sex: the Violation followed on from the Doris Bither Entity case in a frank and detailed manner not previously published in such a graphic and brutal manner. The book has been featured in depth on this website and has been the subject of many radio discussions ( all links are included in this article for further recommended study). It seems however that this taboo and terrifying event is more commonplace than originally thought with more people coming forward to tell of their harrowing abuse.

Over 210,000 people have visited this website this year and not surprisingly the most searched for term is Ghost sex/ Paranormal sex or Incubus or Succubus attacks. More and more people have come forward with their traumatic testimonial of sexual assaults from a source unknown. Could it be that none of us is safe while we sleep or is this merely a symptom of a sleep or psychological disorder?

A 23-year-old woman from Liverpool, UK  contacted us after our last look into the subject and believes that these attacks can not be merely attributed to sleep paralysis or other such disorders. She has this testimonial for you…

Click here to read more:

Do you believe in Ghosts?

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