The Ghost Sex Phenomena: Fact or Fiction? (Adult material)



WARNING: This article contains a descriptive and graphic account of an alleged paranormal sexual violation. This may not be to everyone’s taste and the Paranormal Chronicles advises due caution.

The Ghost sex phenomena has taken the world by storm with new reports emerging everyday from around the world from those claiming they have been sexually abused by paranormal visitors (Click here for more: Incubus attacks on the rise). The media have inevitably jumped on the band wagon due to the huge interest it musters and for those of you that are familiar with the Entity case are well aware of how harrowing these reports can be. The question that we need to ask is could such a thing exist?

World wide bestselling GHOST SEX: THE VIOLATION attempted to answer this question by documenting the very graphic account of one Pembrokeshire woman’s diabolical abuse. The account polarized readers with some calling it pornographic sensationalism while others called it brutal, chilling and possibly the most terrifying haunting the U.K has ever seen. Now you can decide with this extract from the account and lend your opinion in our Paranormal Poll at the end of this article and for the more cynical of you that believe this is just an device to sell more books then they will be thrilled to read that the book is free to download to all Amazon Kindle Prime members. The Paranormal Chronicles wants YOUR opinions. Is this a psychological issue perhaps stemming from sleep paralysis or sexsomnia or could a terrifying metaphysical visitor such as an Incubus be held accountable.

The account is from an ordinary, hard working single mother from Pembroke Dock. Lisa (All names have been changed) has only asked that her account is treated with respect as she has only wished to make sense of her terrifying ordeal. Her account is frank and detailed and once again we ask you to reconsider reading any further if you are from a more conservative persuasion.

The Poll is included at the end of the account so please leave us your opinion and also there is a link to GHOST SEX: THE VIOLATION should you care to read more. Thank you.

LISA: About two months after Leon left me I went out on a work night out with some of the Girls. They are fabulous. They tried so hard to cheer me up but I had that sadness within and I wasn’t interested in finding another man or having a one night stand. I sat most of the night watching them dance and flirt and they beckoned me over wanting me to join in but I sat there and drank. One of my friends found me in the toilet crying and she just hugged me and said a good dance would help. I went on the dance floor and just stood there bawling as everyone danced around me. I must have looked a right state. The girls wanted to get a minibus to Haverfordwest as there were a few night clubs there but I just was too sad to go and I felt I was just bringing everyone down. I just wanted to go home. Tyler was about sixteen at this time and he was at a mates or a girl’s house. He had a girlfriend around this time. I can’t remember her name. I don’t think they lasted long. I just hoped he didn’t get her knocked up like me and his Dad had. Not that I begrudged Tyler at all, he was my life, and I just wanted him to live a little before he settled down.


Tyler spent more and more time away, given some of the things that had happened in the house I couldn’t blame him, but I wanted the company. Sometimes it’s just nice to know that there is someone else in the house with you. They don’t even have to be in the same room, but it is comforting knowing they are there. I just felt the need to go home, after all, I had drank quite a bit and some fat sweaty man had been trying it on with me, that depressed me even more, thinking that only a fat sweaty man would be interested in me! Back then I had a great figure, when I made the effort I looked good, I definitely didn’t need the attention of some overweight drunk. I was always confident in how I looked, just not confident with how to talk to men. I think you can understand why that is. They all have a habit of just disappearing out of my life with no warning. Leon did all the work in the early days, he did all the flirting, chatting and chasing. I liked it as he made it easy for me. I guess I am shy.

I got home and was relieved; it was a big step going out for the first time after he left. It can go one of two ways; either you’re a miserable mess reeking of Bensons and heartache or you become a dancing, drinking, pulling machine. Well that’s what I’ve noticed in myself anyway. That night I was utterly depressed, home was a familiar and welcoming place to be, even if I was home alone.

I took off my heels and tights and pulled my dress off over my head. I sat in the living room in just my bra and knickers, drank a pint of water and smoked a cigarette. The curtains were closed, I think it was about eleven thirty, perhaps twelve, I was shattered. I stood up, turned off the living room light and went into the hallway, as I was about to turn the landing light on, I could have sworn that I saw someone stood on the landing. It looked like a figure of a man. Just briefly in the corner of my eye. I thought it might have been Tyler, maybe he had fallen out with his girlfriend or something and had come home. I shouted up for Tyler, but no reply, I turned on the light and there was nobody there. I was drunk and tired and just wanted a pee, brush my teeth and fall into bed. There was no one on the landing, I checked Tyler’s room and he was not there.

I sat on the loo brushing my teeth when I suddenly went deathly cold. A chill spread all over my body, like a freezing cold draught. I just told myself to ignore it, push it away and the feeling will go away. I was past caring to be honest. Ghosts or no ghosts I had a terrible night on the town and an awful couple of months with Leon abandoning me. The feeling quickly passed so I thought see, nothing and I literally fell into bed. I unhooked my bra and flung it across the room, turned off the light and fell asleep.

I woke in the night all confused and disorientated. You know when you don’t know where you are, or what time it is and I think I had been dreaming of Leon. I noticed that I was wet between the legs. I was warm and wet and thought I must have been having a wet dream but then I realized then something was flicking against my clit. Something wet but freezing cold. I panicked and thought that someone was in the house. This wasn’t a dream. I could not move, I could not move a muscle and there was a rushing sound in my ears. I couldn’t scream, I couldn’t turn my head, I couldn’t do anything.

I was convinced that there was someone giving me oral sex, lapping, I thought that maybe I had been spiked and that someone had followed me home and broken in and was now raping me. I was terrified. I was paralysed. I could not even scream. I felt a cold finger push itself inside me, like a man’s finger, it was inside me not rough but gentle and it slid in and out of me in a gentle motion all the while I was being licked. It wasn’t forceful but it was freezing cold and that was uncomfortable in itself, I could not see obviously as it was dark and I was frozen but that is what it felt like. I couldn’t feel a head or the shoulders of a person between my legs, or someone lying on me, or close to me. The fingering and the licking stopped and for this I was so thankful. I tried to sit up, to kick and lash out, but still I was paralysed. I just lay there motionless. I couldn’t even cry and I had thoughts of Tyler coming in and seeing his mum being raped. How awful that would be for him. I just prayed that whatever drugs were used on me would wear off or that whoever was doing this would get up and leave. Maybe panic that they were taking too long and leave. I thought as soon as they are gone that I would call the police, call my mum, and just get help from anyone. Over and over in my mind I hoped that Leon would miss me and turn up and rescue me.

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I felt icy breath close to my skin moving up my body and then I felt a cold kiss on my nipple. There was a cold tongue, icy lips and breath on my tit and it just suckled on my right breast for what felt like an eternity. There was no arousing sensation like when you have sex, it was so bitterly cold. There was no pressure on me, no weight of a person, just this cold icy breath moving across my body.  The cold breath made its way up to my mouth, the cold air touched my lips, filled my mouth and lungs and I felt something penetrate inside my vagina. A cold icy penis, big and hard, throbbing, thrusting and pushing while cold air filled my mouth and air rushed in my ears. It went on forever, deep penetrating thrusts. I feel so ashamed but I started to orgasm, I could feel my vagina clasping onto it even though I was numb down there with the cold and then the head of it swelled and just when I thought I was about to cum everything stopped. Everything just stopped; from the feeling of cold air in my mouth, the rushing air in my ears, the feeling of a penis inside me. Everything just stopped. I reached for the light, turned it on and lept out of bed. I actually fell out of bed as I was tangled up in the duvet, I lay on the floor in a heap and looked around the room. The bedroom door was shut tight and I could not see anyone under the bed from where I was. I was wrapped up in the duvet and the bed was empty. My heart was racing and pounding in my ears. I found the courage to stand up and check the room. Nothing was there. I even checked the wardrobe and the bedroom windows but they were locked from the inside. There was no one in the room.

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I grabbed the hammer from under the bed and I ran on to the landing, I was actually shouting. I think I shouted things like, How fucking dare you touch me and I’ll kill you, I’ll kill you if you touch me again. I was furious. I checked the house and the doors were locked, Tyler was not in his room, not at home. In the living room is a big mirror as you can see and I just stood starring at it. I was naked but my knickers were still on as they were when I went to bed, I felt myself down there, I was numb and wet. I felt like I’d had sex. I sat down on the settee and cried. I was so angry, so confused. Had I been raped? There was no one in the house, yet I had felt, what I thought, was a tongue licking my clit. I felt a finger inside me, I felt breath, lips and a tongue on my nipple, a penis inside me. I felt like any longer and I would have cum. I felt so awfully ashamed. What if I had cum? What kind of person would it make me, to find pleasure in a violation like that? I felt, despite what my mind and heart felt, that my body had betrayed me by enjoying the sensation. It was all so confusing. The time was only 1 a.m., I had been in bed about an hour. It happened all so quickly.

I was about to call the police when I thought what am I going to tell them? That I went out, got pissed, came home, was paralysed and some invisible man had sex with me? They would just think I was some nutter, some piss head having a laugh and would arrest me for wasting police time. I was grateful for one thing, that Tyler was not home. I could not bear to think of him seeing me like this, semi naked, make up all over my face, tears rolling down my cheeks.



I made a cigarette and I howled and howled. I knew what this was; I knew exactly what it fucking was. It was the ghost, it was the fucking ghost. It was the same dirty, cowardly prick that had put its fingers in me when I was on my period. I was so disgusted that I choked on the cigarette smoke and was sick all over the floor. I literally spewed on the floor. My life at this time, I felt, was a joke. No living man wanted to be with me and ghosts wanted to fuck me.  I wished to be dead, that mum would look after Tyler. I was miserable and depressed beyond all belief; I was a victim of an illegal sexual act in my OWN home. If it wasn’t for Tyler I would have ended it there, but I couldn’t bear to leave him behind. I know that’s a dark statement and many people out there would do anything to bring people they have lost back to life. People might think that wanting to throw away something as precious as a life is utterly wrong, but until they are in my situation, how could they possibly tell how they would react?

I thought maybe I’d had some breakdown. Maybe after everything with Leon, the strains and pressures of life, I had just gone mad. Or was it a vivid dream? I had heard that in your sleep you can freeze up and not be able to move, but this was so real. The feelings in my vagina and my breast and lips were real. I knew this much. Part of me almost hoped that I had gone mad or that maybe someone had spiked me with drugs which made me hallucinate. I have never taken any drugs, not even smoked weed or anything like that. I hate the idea of not being in control. I do drink, not a huge amount, I hate the hangovers and sickness associated with booze, but I have been very drunk from time to time. I knew that after all the years of hauntings and strange events in the house that the ghost had returned. The same one that fingered me all those years back.

I slowly made my way upstairs, one slow step at a time, terrified that it would be up there, just waiting for me. I was in a daze, shock I guess. I went into the bathroom, ran the shower and sat under the hot water. I wanted to wash it away from me, the experience, and the feelings. It was like every drop of warm water was removing the iciness of its touch. I guess, I hoped that this would wash away the memory. I don’t know how long I was in there for, but I was startled to hear the door handle turning. I thought no, not again, just get away and I screamed LEAVE ME ALONE, JUST FUCKING LEAVE ME ALONE!!!

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  1. I know it’s true because it’s happened to me, but with someone I knew and loved in life

  2. This could happen and probly did. It is a widely known fact that your mental and emotional state contributes to a paranormal experience such as this incubus. Both the incubus and sucubus spirits exists and they will prey on people if the conditions are right, I.e. the mental and emotional anguish such as a long term relationship fallout. Like I said about conditions, there is a tipping point for the exposure and experience to occur.

  3. a ghost can not have sex with anyone, they do not have a body. so ask yourself how can that story be true? you have to have a body flesh and bone to do anything or your would not be able to touch anything more less have any kind off sex.

  4. It was not a ghost it was a Demon and Incubus. Reminds me of the movie Entity. Based on a true story.

  5. I experience this often i have photos of the place i live in with faces in them demonic faces. I have conztant nightmares, things pushing me and waking up with bruises things ebtering and leaving my home things falling smashing breaking.

  6. “I been having sex with a “Female Spirit” now for over 7 years. I knew her for over 10 year’s now. “Her name is “Judy” What is everyone’s issue about having sex with ghost? look at it this way? You don’t have to feed them/ You don’t have to bring them flowers everyday, but they really do like getting them/ Their very cheap dates and they are more thing happy to clean up after themselves…I have them on evps and video’s. “I am a “Shell Walker” so it does come to reason why they come to me.’ To bad that I can’t put her photo’s up here to show you how beautiful she is. like they say? Just because your died doesn’t mean that your dead.” AND!!! by the way? There is a very big lie going around the world about died girls don’t say “NO” They sure do say “NO” because they say “NO” to me all the time. “I even have them on evp’s, To prove that also. “Well if any of you want to see my “Spirit Girlfriend then please just drop by my page on face book. Have a great 24

      1. Hi,I believe your story.we call them jens in in Iran and Arabic country.this invisible creatures control human mind and starting sextual temptation, you are forced to enjoying sex with them when you are asleep.

        Use garlic juice and don’t asleep in wet rooms like bathroom.

  7. I deliberately sought it out via meditation and some little rituals I came up with that felt right- candles, incense, that sort of thing. In hindsight I think it set the mood and made my mind more open and receptive. Anyway, after three months of trying and experiencing slowly growing awareness of another presence and physical sensations (tingling all over, touches, caresses) I had one evening where it worked. The tingling became extremely intense, and several waves of it started in my chest and traveled downward. When they hit my groin, it was very pleasurable. I would twitch involuntarily, thrusting my hips upward. I got very aroused and, well, very erect. After the last wave, the sensation continued and built, feeling like gentle vibrations. This went on for a couple minutes and finally I had a powerful orgasm. Never touched myself at all.

    I’ve had about a half dozen encounters like this over the last two years. I don’t see much in the candlelight other than a slight darkening of the air above me and occasional flashes of a woman’s face. Dark hair and pretty eyes. I don’t know who she is or was. Interestingly, the images look like old photographs. There is a sense of a presence- nothing threatening, more curious and playful. The other sense I get is that there are a lot of other unknown factors at work that need to sort if line up correctly for us to really connect.

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