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By Claire Waters

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Raising Faith – A True Story of Raising Psychic Medium details our family’s experiences over the past ten years. Starting with how I first discovered my two young children Faith (4 years old) and Tom (2 years old) were communicating with Spirits and how, during this time, my own psychic abilities have also developed.  

One of the most important lessons we have learned on our journey is the importance of Grounding amd Protecting.  For anyone – but particularly those who are sensitive, intuitive or Psychic – this is an important daily routine to protect our energy from the world around us. Without it, our energy becomes drained and unwanted energies can attach to us.

Last year, my daughter Faith (now 14 years old) mentioned there was a scary looking lady in her room.  Faith was staring in the corner of her bedroom and explained the lady was just stood there, watching her. She explained how she looked terrifying because she had a disease, much like the character in the book ‘The Lady in Black’ which Faith was reading with her class at school.  I questioned Faith on whether she was sure this lady was there as it seemed odd to me that she looked like a character in her book, but she too was puzzled.

Claire Waters - Raising faith - The True story of raising a child psychic medium
Claire Waters -Raising faith – The True story of raising a child psychic medium

Multiple times over the coming weeks Faith mentioned this lady was still in her room. Although she looked scary to Faith, I assumed that it was just one of the many spirit visitors Faith always had visited her over the years.

It was shortly before Halloween when this lady began to increase her behavior.  I had just left the house one evening to drive Grace to a sports commitment, leaving my son Tom at home with our family dog.  Within minutes of leaving the house, Tom phoned me in a panic to say there was somebody in the house, and our dog was barking in a distressed manner which was adding to him feeling scared.  I was running late but I quickly drove back to collect Tom and he joined us on the car journey, much happier to be with us than on his own in the house.

When we returned home, Faith walked in and commented that “something isn’t right”.  It’s spooky enough when a regular child mentions this, but when your child is a Psychic Medium, this isn’t the most reassuring of comments to hear upon returning home!


It took me a long time to settle the children and get them into bed. They were both clearly spooked.  A few nights later as I was curled up on a sofa in our living room, Faith came running downstairs with her hands clamped on her ears shouting to me “make her stop, she’s screaming at me”. 

At the same time as Faith ran into the room, all the lights in our living room started flickering like something from the movies, and I felt my Spirit Guides step in close to me. I knew we were protected, but I also knew we were not alone.  The energy in the room had completely changed, and the lady was very much with us and wanted our attention. 

This was a whole new experience for us. We were used to Spirit visitors daily, but these were usually our Spirit Guides or loved ones from this lifetime or previous lifetimes. Never before had we experienced a Spirit visitor that was so frightening to us.

Faith explained that the lady was screaming a date at her.  The date was in a few weeks after Halloween. I’m not sure what this date signified as Faith was too frightened to ask the lady any questions, so I talked to the lady in the room myself.  I couldn’t see her, but I could feel her presence. I explained that she was scaring both me and my children, that I acknowledged she needed help and I promised to help her, but I needed her to step back and stop frightening us.

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To my relief, the lady immediately disappeared.  The following afternoon, as the children returned from school, Tom saw a lady in black running from my bedroom into Faith’s bedroom and he was then too frightened to stay upstairs on his own.  I explained to him that this lady meant us no harm. She wouldn’t have stepped back when I asked if she had any bad intentions towards us, but she was trying to stay out of his way until I had helped her move on.

Within 48 hours I had asked for help and my friend and Celebrity Psychic Medium Stewart Keeys who has written the Foreword to ‘Raising Faith’ kindly sent his amazing Spirit Guide Solomon to help this lady pass into the light, and the energy in our home returned to normal again.  This lady was at peace and back in the Spirit World with her loved ones.

I have no doubt this lady found Faith, knowing she could see her and ultimately help her. But this was still a distressing experience for our family.  Faith had attracted this lady, who had a similar energy to the character in the book she was reading at school because she had not Grounded & Protected, she was open to receive the same energy she was reading about.  Intuitive and Psychic people, especially children, are like beacons of light to these lost souls who are trapped between the material world and the Spirit world.

So often they mean us no harm, but they do need our help moving into the Spirit world & their actions may sometimes seem frightening, but ultimately it is their only way of getting the attention and help they need.  There will be loved ones waiting for them in Spirit, and they are literally stuck between worlds and need our help.


Grounding & Protecting would have helped Faith avoid attracting this lady and being so affected by her. Faith does know how to Ground & Protect but, being a teenager, she has not always been consistent in doing so.

As a family, we now understand the importance of Grounding & Protecting and have developed a way to easily incorporate this into our daily routine. For your FREE copy of my Grounding and  Protection Meditation go to my website and sign up to my newsletter.  You will receive the meditation in your email as soon as you have signed up.

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Raising faith - The True story of raising a child psychic medium
Raising faith – The True story of raising a child psychic medium
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Raising faith - The True story of raising a child psychic medium
Raising faith – The True story of raising a child psychic medium

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