Roadside Ghost sex: The Horrific encounter



Roadside Ghost sex: The Horrific encounter

Location: A40 between St Clears and Narberth, West Wales

Chronicled by G L Davies

Pembrokeshire: Home of much Paranormal activity
Pembrokeshire: Home of much Paranormal activity

We at the Paranormal Chronicles knew that our Ghost sex report would cause a stir due to the nature of the account however what we did not imagine was the overwhelming response to the subject and world wide media coverage. From all over the world we have received messages from those that believe that they have been subjected to the same or similar experience (54% of voters on our poll believe a ghost can have sex with a person) and of course the backlash from those that we unintentionally offended who were appalled at the notion that such a thing could take place or that ghosts exist.

We of course are not here to offend, we are here to report on the Paranormal and let you the readers dissect the information and question and validate on the merits and idea’s presented in the accounts in your own personal fashion. We always give warning that the material may be inappropriate and that due caution be taken before you delve into the report. Never have those words rung as true as we prepare to take you on a most disturbing and unsettling account of a man’s ghost sex experience on a roadside in Pembrokeshire.

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We ask that if you are easily offended to perhaps explore one of our other blogs such as the truly horrific stinking men encounter or the baffling owl man mystery as for this account that we present is of a graphic and explicit nature that will make you think twice before you pick up a stranger on the road again.

John contacted us a few days after we published the original ghost sex artilce on our Facebook page. He said that he was local, from Milford Haven and that he had had a most awful and dumbfounding experience on a roadside in Pembrokeshire a few months ago. We relayed several messages back and forth until he agreed that we could telephone him and conduct an interview to publish on the Paranormal Chronicles. Like so many that allow us to publish their accounts they hope that others like them have had the same or similar experience that will help them make sense of what happened. John is a man in his mid-twenties and this is his account in his own words. Once again we appeal to your rationale that if you are easily offended then to please stop reading this now as not only does it contain a disturbing and frightening paranormal experience but has sexually explicit language that some may feel is not appropriate.

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At the end of this account is a poll for you to vote on as your opinions matter to us and please feel free to comment and have your say through the comments box.

Johns account

I was driving back from Swansea one afternoon around 4ish. I had met a woman online and I went up on the Friday to meet her and see how we got on. She was nice enough but she looked nothing like she did on her dating profile; her pic must have been from years ago before she had kids. Anyway I was on my way home, I had radio 1 on and I wasn’t looking forward to going back to work the following day. I was tired as I had been up late and I spent the day with this woman in Swansea having food, going to the cinema and stuff.

I was on the A40 road between St Clears and Whitland when it started to rain; it was starting to get dark too when I noticed up ahead a woman with her thumb out. As I got closer I realized that she was well fit and I thought I would give her a lift as she was probably not going too far so if she was a nutter then I wouldn’t have to be with her for long. I slowed down and saw that she was in a short black dress, black high heels and a small handbag. I thought either she was coming home from a night out or was on her way out. There were no other cars on the road so I slowed down and pulled in a few feet from where she was. The rain had started to come down quite hard but she took for ever to get in, I kept thinking you silly cow do you want a lift or not?

Dare you read this chilling and brutal account of paranormal sexual abuse? Click now to read..if you dare!
Dare you read this chilling and brutal account of paranormal sexual abuse? Click now to read..if you dare!

She eventually got in, her black hair matted to her face. She must have been freezing. I said hello and she looked over at me and pushed her hair from her face and she was stunning, so beautiful, she must have been the same age as me maybe a bit younger. She sat in and put her seat belt on and said “Thank you so much.” I asked where was she going and she replied “”Haverfordwest.” I asked her how she was out here all alone and she said her boyfriend had a row and he kicked her out in the middle of nowhere. I said he was a prick to do that and that I would get her to Haverfordwest. She smiled and asked first that I wasn’t a serial killer or anything and I laughed and said not today. I drove off and a song came up on the radio and she turned it up and she said she loved this song. We drove listening to the song and she turned the radio down and asked where had I been and I explained about the online dating and she laughed when I said that the woman wasn’t exactly what I had been hoping for but then she said “I bet you still sh***ed her though” and we both laughed.

I kept looking at her pale legs as her short black dress was hitched up on her thighs. She caught me looking and she smiled at me and I pretended like nothing had happened. As we were getting close to Narberth she said that there was a roadside rest stop and could we pop in there for a moment as she said the toilets there might be open and she was desperate to go. I pulled in and the rain was hammering on the car and as soon as I stopped she undid her seat belt and started to kiss me. I didn’t say no and let her carry on. Before I knew it she had undid my jeans and got my penis out and just started s***ing it. It was incredible, so horny, like some story out of a porno mag. You never think anything like this can happen to you. I thought I was going to orgasm but she stopped, pulled her dress up, pulled her black panties to one side and got on top of me and slid down on top of my st***y. It was fantastic. She pushed my head into her chest and up and down she went.

Did a Pembrokeshire man have sex with a Ghost?
Did a Pembrokeshire man have sex with a Ghost?

Then I started to smell something strange, at first I thought it was like a cigarette smell but then I noticed that it was like burning plastic. The woman shoved her tongue in my mouth and it tasted like shit, actual shit but she wouldn’t take her tongue from out my mouth. I thought I was going to be sick. Then it felt like my penis was being scraped by sandpaper or grit, the pain was horrendous. I tried to push her off but it felt like her tongue was going further down my throat, I was choking, and I thought I was going to die. I was crying and everything. I was passing out. I just wanted a police man or a dogger to start banging on the window and save me.

I pushed her back with all my force and there was not a pretty girl on me but some haggard, disgusting old woman with some kind of awful skin condition. I just screamed and screamed and somehow I came and she just vanished. I swear she just vanished and I was sat there on my own with my c**k out.

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I picked up a fit woman and got raped by an old haggard thing. I had not been drinking and I don’t do drugs. I got out of the car in the rain, it was near dark and there was no one there. I searched the back seat, the boot everywhere. I even looked under the bonnet. I was scared to get back in but I did and I got home. I cried for every second it took to get home. I live alone and I was terrified. The next day I got my car checked at the garage as I thought maybe it was the exhaust, you know the fumes, carbon monoxide poisoning but there was nothing wrong with my car.

What the f**k was that thing and why me? I will never ever pick up anyone again and I have driven that road a million times since hoping to see that woman again so I can call the police and get her arrested. I have no idea what happened but I still have nightmares about it now.

As an investigator it is always difficult to try and evaluate the events that occur without actual being there or witnessing them yourself. Was this merely an illusion, maybe the man’s disappointment at his date manifested into a waking day dream of picking up a beautiful and sexual promiscuous woman was suddenly changed into a nightmare fuelled by guilt and shame?  Was this perhaps a succubus?  A female demon or supernatural entity in folklore (traced back to medieval legend) that appears in dreams and takes the form of a human woman in order to seduce men, usually through sexual activity. (The male counterpart is the incubus. Religious traditions hold that repeated sexual activity with a succubus may result in the deterioration of health or even death)

Was this creature merely in an appealing guise to entrap this man and take his seed? If so then what agenda does it have for the man’s genetic soup? What profane and insidious plan has it for a human child born of a demon? If such things were to exist…

Whatever was behind this terrifying and horrific event I think we should all learn the lesson of not to pick up hitch-hikers, especially on the stretch of road between St Clears and Whitland.  For further reading on related subject please read our report on the Phantom Hitch-Hiker of Merlin’s Bridge and of course the original Ghost sex article that led to this account being published. For those with an interest in this phenomena we recommend our Incubus attacks on the rise article. 


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  1. He could have been having a hallucination – I don’t think he’d had too much sleep the night before and I know from personal experience that people who don’t sleep for a couple of days do sometimes have hallucinations.

  2. I dont no what to think but its creeped me out about her tongue down his throat as I went through a period of this kind of thing where it would stick ots tongue right down my throat and id choke and could taste.

  3. I believe it was true!! I had ghost in my house that imitate my granddaughter who lives with it came back and sat with me on the couch and was talking to me it look and sound just like her and then got up and left the room. Ten minutes later I went to her to ask her something and she was sound asleep. That wasn’t the first time there has been times they look like my husband my other granddaughter who is 7. I wouldn’t want his experience.

  4. I believe it truly happened to him. But what I don’t understand is why the demons do this. What reason do they have? That’s what I would be tripping about. My husband and I couldn’t come up with a conclusion but both agreed that this man experienced it. He did have an organ but dreams can cause that also. I believe the demons know that we are going to be skeptical so it’s easy. BUT WHY DAMN IT LOL!!!!!

  5. I do believe that this encounter did in fact happen to him. At first I was thinking that it sounded like a definite Succubus attack but after I thought of it for a bit realized it may have been an alien. I’m pretty sure that the history of Succubus, Incubus, demons, etc began when entities of horrifying nature began to mess w/man in one way or another. When I say alien I don’t mean specifically e.t. so much as I mean unknown. I also think that the Succubus/Incubus attacks are another form of the abduction phenomenon and I could go on all day about that but I’m not going to. Just wanted to throw out some thoughts on the above account as it’s interesting, a little amazing and very thought-provoking. Thank you very much for posting it!

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