Did Ghost ruin Honeymoon?


Did the sexual attentions of a ghost ruin a marriage? Read now the account of the Ghost of Red Mary. Warning this is a graphic and detailed paranormal account.

Location: Cardiganshire/Ceredigion, Wales.

We love your emails and messages that we receive at the Paranormal Chronicle offices and your feedback, opinions and stories inspire us on our journey into the unknown. You may have gathered if you have been to this website before that we like to pose questions and dilemma’s to you and we hope that when you read our investigations, our accounts and our e-novels and that you ponder and ask yourself  “what would I have done?” We certainly hope that you ask yourself that question after reading this heart breaking account.

This tragic account is from a lady from Fishguard, West Wales who was unfortunate enough to have an experience with an extremely sexually promiscuous female spirit that turned her attention to her husband…on their honeymoon.

Dare you read this chilling and brutal account of paranormal sexual abuse? Click now to read..if you dare!

Dare you read this chilling and brutal account of paranormal sexual abuse? Click now to read..if you dare!

As is common now we remind you that this account is of a sexually descriptive and disturbing nature and that those of a more conservative nature may wish to discontinue reading now. We ask you, as armchair investigators, to read the account and leave us feedback on what you believed happened. Your responses are invaluable to us and are an important aspect of our investigations. There is no right or wrong and your views are respected.

Here in her own words is the account that Samantha experienced during her honeymoon.

The wedding day was perfect. You could not have asked for a better day. We had married in a small old church on the coast and traveled up to Fishguard to have the reception. I had met Dave a year before online and he had moved up to Pembrokeshire and he had popped the question.

 We were very much in love and we were at an age where it was good to meet someone and settle down. I was in my mid-forties and Dave was in his early fifties. Neither of us had children but it was nice to think that we would have each other and companionship till our dying day.

 We had our friends and family down and it was a beautiful day, I didn’t need a lavish dress or a Rolls Royce to pick me up it was all about being together and being with our friends and family. We were blessed with sunshine, the smell of the sea and great people.

 We had decided that we would book into a coastal hotel up in Cardiganshire (West Wales). We had been to Spain and Malta in the year so we didn’t need anything fancy or expensive just a nice quiet place where we could be together. We wanted somewhere quiet and romantic.

 We got to the hotel and it was lovely, quaint and old fashioned and you could see the coast from the car park, it was lovely. We went into reception and there were all these old photos from the 19th century. There was an old man at the reception with a bald head and big white pork chop whiskers and he was very polite and helpful and as he carried our bags to the honeymoon suite he said that some of the guests had complained about Red Mary, a broken hearted ghost who had lost her husband at sea and had slept around to feel accepted. The story goes that a newlywed couple had found her dead in the bathroom of the hotel with her wrists slashed. It seemed that no other woman could have a man but her and she went out of her way to cause marital problems and eventually her despair consumed her and committed the act of suicide. Dave and I laughed and joked as we don’t believe in that kind of thing.

 That night, I put on my sexy nightwear ready to consummate the marriage, not that we had saved ourselves, not at all, but tradition is good. Dave was in the bathroom for ages and I thought, I hope he is O.K and I opened the door and he was stood there naked, eyes closed, with an erection. I asked him if he was O.K and he looked startled and shocked and quickly grabbed a towel and covered himself up. He was red in the face and he was looking around the bathroom all confused. I thought maybe he was just knocking one out so he would perform better. I am no prude and masturbation is a key part of sexual activity as far as I am concerned.

I grabbed him by the arm and led him to bed and I began to pleasure his tumescence but he seemed distant and showed no interest. He lost his rigidity and asked that he be excused to go to the bathroom. I was curious to why he was so prudish as we had been very wild and adventurous over the last year.

I lay there and Dave was gone another five minutes or so and so I got up and I went back into the bathroom and there he was again. Naked, proud as a trooper, eyes closed, holding his hand just above his crotch area like he was rubbing something. I was furious. I asked him what he thought he was doing and he panicked again and said “Nothing, nothing, just getting ready.” And he had the audacity to ask for another five minutes peace!!

I was livid and I put on my coat and stormed out of the room and headed to the bar. I sat there with a gin and tonic expecting him to come down and apologize. He didn’t and I could not understand what had gotten into him. It’s an awful shock to think that maybe you have married the wrong man that might have some issues. Twenty minutes passed and I though damn him and I stormed up and barged into the room and the sick bastard was sat in bed, again with an erection and was making weird sucking noise with his mouth, flicking his tongue out and his hands were moving as if on an invisible body. I was shocked and then I watched him ejaculate in a huge squirt even though there was nothing stimulating his penis. I screamed at him and he jumped off the bed and said that it was all her fault. I screamed at him and asked to whom was he referring to and he said the woman and was pointing frantically into the corner of the room. I could see no one but my perverted new husband, standing naked and shamed.

I did what any sane woman should do and that was to throw him out. He protested and was adamant that she was in there. I was furious. I had married a lunatic and now it was all over. Everything had been for nothing.

I lay on the bed sobbing and I sat up and for a quick second through my blurry eye I saw a naked woman, in her early thirties with long red hair flowing onto her chest. I was shocked and I saw the gaping gash’s on her wrists where severe cuts had been made. She smiled a sickly smile and she simply vanished.

Had Dave been telling the truth? I spoke to him in the morning and I asked him to describe this woman and he said she had long red hair and pale skin. I was appalled. He said that it was like he was under a spell and he was addicted to her. I contacted the hotel owner the following week and asked more about the story and they said that a pale, red headed woman had been seen and either the husband or the wife staying there fled the room, but never both.

I tried to fix it with Dave but every time I saw him or he attempted to touch me I saw his face, his shame from that night and after four months of other issues that mounted up, we were over and he moved back to Brighton.

Years later I was re-searching the haunting and found out that the room was no longer a honeymoon suite that a fire had gutted that side of the hotel and the remains of the room had been made into two single rooms, not doubt a tremendous surprise for lonely travelling businessmen.

I never believed till that night in ghosts but a spirit defiantly broke my marriage and I say to any honeymooners that you check the room you are staying in first. If that room has history of the supernatural then don’t risk it. Find another hotel!!

We are grateful for the account and please feel free to contact us with your experiences at paranormalchronicles@aim.com  and please follow us on this website. Would you tell anyone if you had sex with a Ghost? Would anyone believe you or would they think that you were suffering from a psychological break down?

The ghost sex phenomenon appears to be more widespread on a global level that we first anticipated based on your feedback and any information we can receive from yourself will be greatly appreciated. Could such a thing exist? We are skeptical but with so many accounts emerging could there in fact be something more to this?

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Click now to hear G L Davies discuss the paranormal sex phenomena and more with Kat Hobson

Click now to hear G L Davies discuss the paranormal sex phenomena and more with Kat Hobson

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Dare you read this chilling and brutal account of paranormal sexual abuse? Click now to read..if you dare!

Dare you read this chilling and brutal account of paranormal sexual abuse? Click now to read..if you dare!

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  1. I am glad to hear that I am not the only one who has had a supernatural experience like this. It does exist because it has happened to me a few times since I have been married. On my accounts I was always asleep and to be awakened by someone or something groping me and sometimes I did ejaculate and to wake up thinking, what the hell just happened??? The first time it happened was before I was going to be married, I was asleep and someone or something waa groping me and it woke me up and after being awake for sometime I could still feel like I was being groped and it gave me an erection. I wanted it to stop because I knew this was very strange so I turned on to my stomach and it stopped but the other two times after that I could not stop it, I did ejaculate and I felt so dirty.

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