Do you believe? Spiritual Eroticism and Time travel

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Explore the concept of time travel and our deepest spiritual fantasies with The Paranormal Chronicles Book review.

Now some of you may not find reading to your liking but trust us, we are going to cover two very intriguing and mind opening titles. Spectrophila ( Paranormal sex) is given a positive and raunchy facelift in Ghost Sex: 13 shades by Gladys Truman and if spiritual erotica is not your thing then explore the possibilities of time travel in the new offering from Ash Shannon in Leaplings.

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(Available on Audible, Kindle and in paperback through Amazon)

Review by G L Davies

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Ghost sex as many will know is a subject that I have delved into a great length when I published Ghost sex: The violation in 2014 which became one of the most controversial books of the year. Well, Gladys Truman read it and decided that Ghost sex or using the correct term of spectrophillia should not be portrayed as frightening or brutal but more fun, tender and sexually stimulating. She felt that spiritual loving was getting a negative reputation thanks to ghost sex: The violation and the hysteria the media created.

 Gladys and I conversed and said she was going to use real-life paranormal sexual encounters and add a much-needed dose of sexual depiction, loving, tenderness and raw graphic physicality and Ghost Sex: 13 shades is certainly graphic.


 Gladys believes she was born to write this. Gladys Truman was born and lives in Southern California and moved to the U.K at a young age and was educated at an English boarding school. Moving back to the United States in her late teens, Gladys began her career as a talent liaison within the adult entertainment industry and evolved into a talent agent. She left that field of work in the 1990’s to focus on the teaching of Yoga, spiritual healing and sexual therapy for former actors from the adult entertainment industry. She often attends conventions to discuss her spiritual healing and beliefs.

Her time spent in the adult entertainment industry is evident in her 13 stories and boy are they adult! Pornographic would be a more suitable description however as I tried to convince the Mrs that there are some really great paranormal ideas and concepts within the stories of sex, want and lust.


Each story as the title of the book suggests is based on a paranormal experience which inevitably leads to a detailed and graphic sexual encounter, most from a female’s perspective but there are also a few based on a man’s point of view.

Ghosts, Astral projection, Aliens, Time travel are all themes explored and even an encounter with a very horny Bigfoot. If you have sat at home and wondered what sex would be like with an 8-foot beast then this is the book for you.

I emailed Gladys and asked her how and where did this material come from and she responded with that she focuses on the concept and meditates while creating her own sexual energy that then allows herself to put herself into the minds of her characters and their sexual exploits. I just hope she does this at home and not on the bus.

The stories are well paced and well written. There is enough setup to get you invested in the characters and the paranormal concept and then of course lashings of hardcore sexual description. Now the descriptions are not just of the sexual actions but of the physical and emotional feelings too, as Gladys believes sex is 99% spiritual and mental for a woman so she takes you into their mindset as they are pleasured in some quite extraordinary and unique ways. There are some sexual ideas explored that even the most liberated of you will find quite shocking.

We are taken on journey where a spirit possesses a man and has his body used for the most debase actions imaginable, we join a young woman as she is gangbanged by five soldiers from the past, we explore the idea of residual energy with a story called the haunted dildo and my personal favorite was a new and ingenious take on sex-ting with a story called the Ouija board.

13 stories in  total of paranormal sexual concepts.

I would imagine that us guys might only read this one chapter at a time if you get the jist and the female market will find Ghost sex: 13 shades a fun and easy read. 13 tales of hardcore sex with little dashes of tenderness love and romance all wrapped around some intriguing paranormal concepts. The story of a woman’s car journey with a young gentleman hitch hiker was surprisingly touching.


I was a little worried about a story about the anal pleasures a man can enjoy and as liberated as I am I did not discuss this with my good lady over supper. She did have a quick look at the book and said she was surprised that there was more substance to the tales. she had expected a more readers wives take on the stories, not something that explored sexuality as well as the supernatural.

Ghost sex: 13 shades by Gladys Truman is available on Amazon Kindle right now and also available in paperback through Amazon. If the spiritual erotica and hardcore romance novel is what gets you going then this a winner and if that is not your preferred genre or you are not a big reader then I recommend a cheeky little delve. It could be the most exciting and stimulating three pounds or three dollars you will have spent in a long time and it is yours to keep and revisit. Keep it by the side of the bed for nights you find it hard to sleep… and if you don’t like it then no one had to know about your naughty little secret.


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Click for the xxx Audio version of Ghost sex: 13 Shades


Gladys has been very kind in allowing us at a little taster on our website. So head over to and head to the ghost sex page or linked in the written version of this review which we will give you a free treat of what to expect plus you can explore our archive of ghost sex material for those with an interest in the subject. I have included the link in the comments section for you to investigate if you would like to know more about Ghost sex: 13 shades. Click on the link below to read:


I have a feeling that this will be the guilty pleasure of the summer and will raise many smiles amongst other things within the reading community. A great, fun and easy read for a summer holiday.

If you do not own a kindle then the Kindle reading app is free to download for tablet, laptop and smartphones so not only can you enjoy tonight’s offerings but open up a world of reading that maybe you have overlooked. It’s very easy to use and there are 1000’s of titles by new and existing authors that you can enjoy at home or on the go.

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Click the cover to read Ghost Sex: 13 shades by Gladys Truman today



(Available on Kindle)

Reviewed by G L Davies

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Click to read LEAPLINGS by ASH SHANNON Today

It is the 29th of February and four people have just discovered the ability to physically travel back into their memories. The catch? They can only relive memories that occurred on previous leap days in their lifetimes. If only they knew then what they know now, then maybe things would have turned out differently. To prevent their future, they must change their present.

The project remains open. The mission incomplete

And so begins an intriguing tale of time travel that explores a unique concept. You can only travel back in time on a leap day, a day created to control how we calculate time.

Ash Shannon has created a fast flowing novel that you WILL read immediately after finishing. He uses a style reminiscent of Phillip K Dick with ordinary people thrust into an extraordinary world of possibility overshadowed by a cataclysmic event that has already been set in motion, but can it be avoided?

leaplings cover time

Leaplings rather than using some wild explanation of a physical time machine uses the concept that certain people can travel back in time to leap days, one of which is instrumental is stopping Armageddon. Characters are transported to key leap days in their life. An awkward romantic exchange on a beach, a blissful early childhood memory and a terrifying moment as a character is brought back to being a baby, powerless as he witnesses domestic abuse that has haunts his family.


Leaplings is about people and is it is about sci-fi. It bends the rules of Time Travel and presents a rational and ingenious concept that will have you pondering on every leap year for the rest of your life. These people are real and they are us with haunting and beautiful pasts explored in equal measure. Leaplings is superbly written by a Writer I am confident will make waves in the literary world. This is a must read this summer.

If you are a fan of Black Mirror then this reads likes the greatest episode not yet seen.

Leaplings by Ash Shannon is available on Kindle for just £0.99 or $0.99 and is part of the kindle Prime membership lending program

Click Below on the link below to hear Ash Shannon explain more about Leaplings, the concepts behind Time Travel, How man has created time, his personal experiences and how they related to this novel and more.

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