Paranormal assault: Are you safe while you sleep?

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Are you safe in your bed? An in depth look at Paranormal Sex attacks (ADULTS ONLY)

The Paranormal Chronicles advises all readers to please take note that the subject covered in this article will not be to everyone’s taste. It may be offensive or challenging to some and the links provided on this page lead to mature content with explicit sexual description of alleged paranormal sex attacks. Due caution is advised for a very mature and adult topic.

Over the last year the Paranormal Chronicles has explored in depth the disturbing attacks said to be caused by paranormal entities but one question has to be asked could such a thing actually happen?

In 2014 G L Davies published a book called Ghost Sex the Violation which was the witness testimonial from a woman in Wales and her continued and graphic sexual assault at the hands of not one but two paranormal violators. The book polarized readers with many not able to stomach the graphic depiction of sexual abuse while others skeptical to the claims. Ghost sex: the Violation followed on from the Doris Bither Entity case in a frank and detailed manner not previously published in such a graphic and brutal manner. The book has been featured in depth on this website and has been the subject of many radio discussions ( all links are included in this article for further recommended study). It seems however that this taboo and terrifying event is more commonplace than originally thought with more people coming forward to tell of their harrowing abuse.

Over 210,000 people have visited this website this year and not surprisingly the most searched for term is Ghost sex/ Paranormal sex or Incubus or succubus attacks. More and more people have come forward with their traumatic testimonial of sexual assaults from a source unknown. Could it be that none of us are safe while we sleep or is this merely a symptom of a sleep or psychological disorder.

A 23 year old woman from Liverpool, UK  contacted us after our last look into the subject and believes that these attacks can not be merely attributed to sleep paralysis or other such disorders. She has this testimonial for you.

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“I came home from work to the flat where I lived alone. The house has never had any presences or feelings. I have never really had a bad nights sleep or anything to worry about. The attack occurred when I was awake. I had just finished a yoga session on my living room floor when I felt like I was pushed down hard against the floor. I felt my bottoms ripped down to my knees and I felt a man ( or something with a penis) have sex with me. It lasted a few minutes. I was terrified. I thought I was being raped. I was raped. There was no one in the house and I saw no one. I felt a weight on me. I have no doubt this was a paranormal event and it was disgusting. How people say it is a pleasure I have no idea. I no longer live at the flat and I have never had an attack again. Please can you tell me how that is sleep Paralysis?”

And just to confirm it is not only Women that are subjected to these terrifying ordeals but also men as the next report reveals.

Could a paranormal entity have sex with the living?
Could a paranormal entity have sex with the living?

Chris from Philadelphia, U.S also claims to have had a vivid and chilling experience at the hands of an Succubus, a female demon in human form said to seduce men for their seed. Chris had these words on his experience

“I had just gone to bed and not even closed my eyes to sleep. I had just turned off the light. I felt a huge weight on my chest. I thought I was having a heart attack. I tried to reach over to grab my cell. I was paralyzed. I then realized there was an old woman sat on me. She was ugly and stank. She made me feel sick. She had sex with me. She sat on top laughing and spitting. It was awful. I had no control over my body. I could not feel my penis but was aware I ejaculated. She vanished and I knew I had not been asleep. I showered immediately and was terrified for weeks. I told no one. Who would you tell? I am 6′ 4″ and 275lbs and do I tell people I was raped by a little old lady? This was not human.”

Ghost sex the violation. Is this Britain's most brutal haunting?
Ghost sex the violation. Is this Britain’s most brutal haunting?

As a counter point we at The paranormal Chronicles have the psychologist report that was presented during the Ghost sex: The Violation case for your perusal and will certainly give you some possible causes of the Phenomena but first here are some links to other more graphic paranormal attacks. We advise you study them to give you an clearer idea of the various details and then return for the report below to see if you believe the report can explain the events experienced.

Incubus attacks on the Rise!

The Ghost Sex Phenomena: Fact or Fiction?

Pembrokeshire Woman claims paranormal entity abuse

Did Ghost ruin Honeymoon?

Roadside Ghost sex: The Horrific encounter

4 hour graphic and detailed audio discussion on the paranormal sex phenomena 

We highly recommend you read Ghost Sex: The violation if you have an interest in the subject. It is free to download for Kindle prime members and is the shocking, brutal and honest account of a woman’s sexual abuse at the hands of two paranormal beings. Click on the link below to read now

Dare you read this chilling and brutal account of paranormal abuse? Click now to read..if you dare!
Dare you read this chilling and brutal account of paranormal abuse? Click now to read..if you dare!

What the experts say

This is the actual psychologists report based on the Ghost sex: The Violation case. We hope it offers some comfort to those that are worried about the phenomena. At the end of a report is a poll for you to participate on what YOU believe is behind these attacks.

I would not wish to dispute Lisa’s integrity; the events in her life have been extremely traumatic. I have spoken to her, with you, at length and she believes what is happening to her to be real. I have observed during these testimonials and she has displayed no micro expressions associated with deceit or misrepresentation. I would say that she strongly believes that what is happening has happened.

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I have many theories and ideas on what may be behind the perception of what the family believes to be occurring. In fact a whole separate book could be written on this. What I have done is given a few succinct ideas on the causes behind the alleged events. I would say to your readers, that, these are not definitive answers and without continued investigation we will be unable to define the explanation. I think it is certainly food for thought for the readers.

Now, there is a condition known as Sleep sex, or Sexsomnia, it is a condition in which a person will engage in sexual activities while still asleep. This condition falls within the broad classes of sleep disorders known as parasomnia. In extreme cases, Sexsomnia has been alleged as the cause of rare instances of sexual assault, including rape.

Sexsomnia is considered a type of non-rapid eye movement sleep. Sexsomniacs do not remember the acts that they perform while they are asleep. Sexsomnia can co-occur alongside other sleep disorders such as sleepwalking, sleep apnea, night terrors and bedwetting and can be triggered by stress, previous sleep deprivation and excessive consumption of alcohol or drugs. Sleep related epilepsy may be associated with sexual arousal, pelvic thrusting and orgasms, though in these sorts of cases the acts are often not remembered. Sexsomnia episodes could be triggered by physical contact with a bed partner. It is a fairly new medically recognized behaviour, has been used in criminal defence cases of rape.

Click to read NOW
Click to read NOW

Now this does not explain what Tyler or Daniel claimed to have witnessed. A broad hypothesis would be that they experienced a hallucination. Visual hallucinations involve seeing things that aren’t there. The hallucinations may be of objects, visual patterns, people, and or lights. For example, you might see a person who is not in the room or flashing lights that no one else can see. This may explain the electrical orbs that were seen in the house.

Hallucinations are sensations that appear real but are created by your mind. They can affect all five of your senses. For example, you might hear a voice that no one else in the room can hear or see an image that is not real. These symptoms may be caused by mental illness, the side effects of medications, or physical illnesses like epilepsy or alcoholism. Treatment may include taking medication to cure a physical or mental illness or adopting healthier behaviours like drinking less alcohol and getting more sleep.

Hallucinations are false or distorted sensory experiences that seem real and may be seen, heard, felt, and even smelled or tasted, yet are generated only by the mind. A hallucination occurs when a misfire occurs within the mechanism of the brain that helps to distinguish conscious perceptions from internal, memory-based perceptions.

I have known of a case where a woman claimed to hear people in her home and this was always at the time of her period. She was diagnosed with PMMD, the most severe form of premenstrual syndrome, which was affecting her hormonal and brain wave activity and was creating very real hallucinations. A course of medication soon eradicated the symptoms and the voices ceased to exist.

Sleep states and altered states of consciousness can lead people to believe that they have experienced something supernatural. For example, sceptics have used sleep paralysis or a hypnogogic trance to explain encounters in which people see spirits while in bed and are unable to move or escape. Most people experience a hypnogogic trance once or twice in their lives, although it is far more common in people with epilepsy or certain sleep disorders.

Can the spirits of the dead have sex with the living?
Can the spirits of the dead have sex with the living?

In regards to the sense of people in the house or even shadowy figures being seen in the home there is research to explain what may be happening. When Swiss scientists electrically stimulated an epileptic patient’s brain, the patient, reported a shadow person sitting behind her copying her every move. When she sat up, it also sat up. When she bent forward and grabbed her knees, it reached around her body and held her. The doctors then told her to read a card, but the shadow person tried to take it out of her hand. The scientists had stimulated the left temporoparietal junction, the part of the brain that defines the idea of self. By interfering with the area that helps us tell the difference between ourselves and others, the doctors confused the brain’s ability to understand its own body, thus leading to the creation of a copycat shadow person. Researchers are hoping this is the key to understanding why so many people, both schizophrenic and healthy, encounter shadow beings and other creatures like aliens. Tyler claimed that there were electrical charges, like a static in the home before and during the paranormal experiences. It is possible that somehow an unknown electrical discharge was affecting the activity of their brains and causing these perceived events to be seen as real.

I sound exceptionally sceptical to the events that Lisa and her family have endured but I do believe that there are rational explanations for some of these metaphysical activities. My concern is for Lisa. I have offered to refer her to a general practitioner and a counsellor to help her make sense of what has happened, to ensure she has the full support of professionals that can work towards a solution. It is in everybody’s best interest that Lisa is allowed to live a normal life.

Thank you for reading and please feel free to explore this website for a variety of paranormal subjects, polls and Pictures.

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We do hope you sleep well!

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  1. I am a victim of this same very real phenomenon, i would be grateful to meet someone to share so they know that they not alone, also not mentally ill, i to did think i had mental issues at first until i recorded this spirit on my phone, i still suffer visits but wake up next morning but with symptoms. God bless us all, Amen.

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