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8 chilling paranormal photographs!

peaches close up

Thank you for joining the Paranormal Chronicles for Part 5 of our series of articles looking to discover the best photographs of paranormal evidence. As usual once you have reviewed and studied the 8 pictures we ask you to vote on the one piece of evidence that you find the most compelling. If you have missed the other parts then do not fear as you can click on the links below to study and vote and then ping back to this page. The most voted for pictures will return in the grand finale to determine which picture compels or chills our readers the most.

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Visit our other pages for more pictures like the Packhorse Bridge Ghost
Visit our other pages for more pictures like the Packhorse Bridge Ghost

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Now we ask Skeptics and believer alike to analyse the pictures below and determine which if any have any validity. If you have have any thoughts or views on the photographs then please leave in the comments. Together we explore the unknown. Enjoy and do not forget to Vote! Every vote counts.


1. Samurai Feet

This snap appears to show the ghost of a samurai soldier standing behind a little girl. The photo was taken along the Japanese shore in Kanagawa – supposedly near tombs of soldiers who died in battle. It shows eerie black boots behind the girl’s legs, giving the impression he is looking out to sea. The disturbing images were uploaded to Reddit with the user ‘Obiaruf’ insisting they have not been Photo shopped. What do you think?

The Stockport Ghost
The Stockport Ghost

2.The Stockport Ghost

A woman exploring a derelict hospital was left stunned after a photo she took in the spooky building appeared to show the ghostly figure of a doctor. Jamie-Leigh Brown, 21, was walking the abandoned corridors of St Thomas’s Hospital in Stockport – which closed down in 2004 – when she took the chilling picture. She did not check the photo at the time as she and her and friends were too concerned with the footsteps they were hearing above them – despite the hospital having no usable staircases. The group became spooked and fled the building after only a few minutes and it was not until later that Ms Brown discovered the haunting figure lurking in the background of the shot.

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Has a ghost photo bombed a family picture?
Rounday Park Ghost

3. Roundhay Park Ghost

One Family got a severe case of the creeps after seeing a ‘spectral figure’ in the background photobombing this shot of two children in front of an 1812 building. The spooky picture of Mayrian Islam, 11, and nine-year-old Ryhan Kaliqwas was taken in Roundhay Park, Leeds, West Yorkshire, next to the Victorian folly.On closer inspection, a strange cloaked figure is standing on steps in the background, but the family insist no one else was there at the time.

Peaches Geldof Ghost hand Picture
Peaches Geldof Ghost hand Picture

4. Ghost Hand

Peaches Geldof claims a mysterious hand which appeared in a selfie she took belongs to a ghost. She snapped the picture of herself with son Astala in the bathroom of her Kent home. But when she looked at the photo she noticed the ghostly hand by the side of her head and posted it on Instagram saying: “Close up shot of the mystery ghost hand in pic I took of Astala and me In the bath And no that isn’t my hand- one of mine was round his waist to hold him during the photo, the other holding the camera to take the shot.”  Peach’s body was found on 7 April 2014  at her home Kent. Geldof was found dead in a spare bedroom surrounded by all the paraphernalia of heroin abuse.

Dare you read this chilling and brutal account of paranormal abuse? Click now to read..if you dare!
Dare you read this chilling and brutal account of paranormal abuse? Click now to read..if you dare!
Cabin Ghost
Cabin Ghost

5. Cabin Ghost

This petrifying photograph was taken in February 2002 of what used to be a local general store. Actually, it’s a 180-year-old cabin that is rumoured to be haunted. One afternoon, a girl, her brother and some friends were exploring the spooky site when she decided to take a picture of the small house. They photographed what appears to be a transparent shrouded figure

The haunted Bereau
The haunted bureau

6. The Haunted bureau

This disturbing early 20th century photograph of a bureau was taken by Montague Cooper, a well-respected photographer at the time. A furniture collector, who admired the bureau’s craftsmanship, requested the photographer to take a photo of the bureau. After it was developed, she was so stunned to find that a hand seemed reluctant to part with the piece of furniture. Could this be an example of an early attempt of tampering with the picture to create a chilling effect?

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Manila Ghost
Manila Ghost

7. Manila Ghost

This picture made the rounds on the internet a few years ago and though that alone is enough to make one suspicious of its authenticity; it’s still an interesting photo. Supposedly taken in Manila (Eastwood City), the story goes that these young ladies had asked a passing stranger to photograph them with their Nokia 7250 phone camera and the transparent figure on the right appeared.  Fact or faked?

Michael Jackson Ghost
Michael Jackson Ghost

8. Michael Jackson Ghost

The alleged sighting is the latest in a string of bizarre rumors to emerge after the death of Michael Jackson. These include reports the late singer will tour the world via hologram and that he will was buried without his brain. But after this photo of an alleged shadowy figure seen at the Never land Ranch was posted on YouTube, rumors have spread like wildfire across the internet. Viewer comments and chat forums have debated in earnest the possibility that the shadow belongs to Jackson himself.

The paranormal Chronicles hopes you have studied the pictures in depth and are ready to vote. Do not worry if one of your favorites have not made this list as there will be more coming soon to vote on. The series will conclude with all the top voted pictures in a head to head grand finale. Share this page with your friends to give them a chill and feel free to peruse this site for more metaphysical material. If you would like to review our featured monthly investigation into Paranormal assault: Are you safe while you sleep? Then click here:  Paranormal assault: Are you safe while you sleep?

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