Pembrokeshire Woman claims paranormal entity abuse


Has a Pembrokeshire woman been sexually abused by ghosts for over a Decade?

Warning: This article deals with content of a mature nature

For most of us the subject of the paranormal falls into one of two categories, fascination or skepticism. Some of you that follow our website may have had your own paranormal events and experiences but how many of you can say that you have been physically abused by an unknown invisible visitor? For most noises in the nights and chills in a room can be frightening enough but can you imagine being sexually assaulted by a metaphysical intruder? A recent study on our paranormal polls page saw that 51.30% of voters believe that a Ghost can have intimate relations with a living person. Could such a thing actually happen?

finger prints
Do ghosts exist? This photograph was taken hours before this dying man’s last breath. Three mysterious orbs appeared in the images, which some believe to be spirits and others swear are fingerprint smudges. What do you believe?

One woman from Pembroke Dock, Pembrokeshire claims that not only has her home been the epicenter of a terrifying haunting but also paranormal entities have been sexually abusing her for over a decade.

The woman in question is now 43 and has said the alleged sexual attacks began in her late twenties while she and her young son were alone in her home. There have been over a dozen assaults over the years which have affected her family and her ability to maintain a relationship. The spectral abuse has been documented in depth in the Amazon best-selling novel Ghost Sex: The violation by G L Davies.

Lisa (not real name) said that she has reached out on a number of levels for help but nothing has been able to dissipate the assaults and the attacks that have followed her to other locations and is not exclusive to her own home.Lisa’s son has witnessed his mother’s abuse and has experienced paranormal occurrences of his own. The events in the home have varied from the paranormal regular bumps and noises in the night, unexplained voices and singing, cold spots and smells and of course the deeply disturbing sexual abuse.

Ghost sex: The Violation has polarised readers with its graphic and detailed account of the events. It is a brutal and chilling documentation of a family in peril during a terrifying ordeal that has not suited everyone’s tastes. Controversial in its subject and raw in its telling paranormal investigator and writer of the Haverfordwest based worldwide bestselling A Most haunted house, G L Davies had this to say on the case;

I interviewed Lisa and her family over a 5 week period. The account was grim and relentless. The psychologist that I worked with does have explanations for what may be happening and a week long investigation was conducted at the property which is included in the novel. There are many theories on what is happening there but whatever is happening to Lisa she truly believes these paranormal transgressions are actually occurring to her. It was the most depressing and disturbing case I have ever investigated.”

Some have dismissed the case as implausible while others misguidedly have taken the graphic nature and detail of the book as an attempt at paranormal erotica. This is not the intention. To Lisa and her family this is a real event that has had a negative life altering effect on her and her family. Regardless of the theories that we as armchair investigators are encouraged and entitled to have we have to ask one fundamental question. What if this is true?

For Lisa and her family this may be a nightmare that may never go away. Lisa hopes one day that the attacks will cease and hopes to create a support group for other victims of this form of abuse. As for us, we can only hope that we never have our own personal paranormal violation. Join the investigation today and download Ghost sex: The Violation on Kindle (Borrow on Amazon prime) or in paperback through Amazon. We advise you read the taster first as the book is a very graphic and disturbing documentation of paranormal sexual violation and is not for those of a more conservative persuasion.

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Sleep well.

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  1. Incubus are said to be demonic entities and they are present in most cultures. There are ways to stop attacks. She (Lisa) should have tried all of them.

  2. I have read in the past that some women can fantasize such acts while fondling themselves, this is what I think is going on here.

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