The Pembrokeshire road haunting epidemic: 2 years on

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What did happen on that stretch of Pembrokeshire road that captivated a county and sent the national media into a frenzy?


2 years ago G L Davies, founder of the paranormal and author of the best selling A most haunted house published a series of reports regarding a cluster of strange and chilling apparitions on the  A4076 that connects Milford Haven and Haverfordwest. Within 24 hours the had received a record breaking  10,000 visitors and within 48 hours over 25,000 with over 40 reports of paranormal incidents witnessed on that road.

Mothers contacted G L Davies scolding him for his irresponsibility for scaring their children as pupils of local schools whispered of a terrifying entity on that road.The media was a buzz over this paranormal phenomena with coverage in national newspapers and on radio, naming this the most haunted road in Wales and then upgraded it to the Most haunted road in Britain!  While Paranormal enthusiasts patrolled the road looking for evidence worried motorists looked for alternative routes home. It was a county wide paranormal epidemic.

Theories were abound on just what was causing this rash of sightings. Owls, pranksters, reflections of light were all hypothesized . Skeptics cried foul and believers were convinced that the intensive roadworks were to blame, that something long forgotten had been disturbed or unearthed. After a frantic month of reports the accounts trickled down and the story became interwoven into the  fabric of  Pembrokeshire mythology.

The Paranormal still receives reports of strange encounters on the road between Haverfordwest and Milford Haven. That lonely bus stop in Steynton is still said to have the tall and dark lanky spectre reside there looking for a lift home. The road before Johnston still has reports of a tall and skinny shadowy figure run across the road, narrowly avoiding the traffic. Here is a report we received on Thursday 7th February 2017,  from Tom Evans, a local man living in Milford Haven.

Not sure if this will interest you but I just seen something by the traffic lights by the Horse and Jockey. It was around 8 tonight when I saw a tall, very tall shadow run across the road. I did think it was just headlights making someones shadow look really big, you know, maybe someone walking on the pavement but you could see the shadows hair and it was running. I don’t want to say I was scared it was just really weird watching this thing run across the road like that. Has anyone else reported seeing anything tonight as I passed several cars after seeing the figure?

Could something really have happened on that road? Was a tragic and lonely soul trapped in the darkness, illuminated by the beams of a passing car. The paranormal has carried out intensive research on the road, cataloging dozens of fatalities and incidents on that stretch. Sadly we found a person, dark haired, tall and slim that had violently died on that road many decades ago and for obvious reasons of respect that there may be family member’s still alive and living in the county we cannot publish our findings.

G L Davies got into quite a lot of bother for his reports.

If a veiled world that resides over ours does exist then it makes the A4076 haunting a sad affair. A human with hopes and dreams dying tragically and cursed  forever to roam that road, looking for help, for answers, for closure.

Was it all a hysteria built on an original misinterpretation of an rational incident fueled by this websites coverage, the media at large and a county powered by suggestion or are the sightings real?

We will present to you all the articles and information from the time for you to peruse and ponder below and if you have a theory or have an account then please do contact us. Whatever your beliefs, what ever your opinion for that one month in 2015, Pembrokeshire and the nation was captivated by  paranormal activity of an unprecedented scale…

Drive safe….

The stinking men of Pembroke Castle plus 12 other haunting witness accounts. Watch now…


Haunted Pembrokeshire road deemed Britain’s most haunted highway

Have you seen it?  Mass of chilling accounts and reports chronicled from all around the county. 

Dozens of Pembrokeshire drivers have reported strange activity on a main road. Have you seen anything?

Chronicled by G L Davies February 24th 2015 –

Since the Paranormal Chronicles published three terrifying testimonials of  paranormal activity on a local road on the 22nd February (link at end of this article) we have been inundated with dozens of reports and accounts of similar and even stranger happenings. The article has since been picked up by the Wales online, BBC Wales, the south wales evening post and also locally in the Western Telegraph and Milford Mercury. With the reports spreading fast and more and more people coming forward with their experience we have to ponder just what is happening on the A4076 that connects Milford Haven and Haverfordwest?

The south Wales evening post have suggested that the A4076 be the most haunted road in the U.K and since we at The Paranormal broke the story dozens of investigators and journalists have waded in with their opinions. Some locals have begun to blame the ongoing roadworks for disturbing some metaphysical presence that is causing the events while others say it is nothing more than over active imaginations.

Over 20,000 of you read the Paranormal chronicles report in 48 hours and many sharing their own terrifying and confounding experiences. Some local Drivers have been driving the road relentlessly hoping to catch a glimpse of the roadside ghoul while others have been cautious travelling back and forth in an effort to avoid anything that could create a perilous situation. Parents have complained that their children have had sleepless nights due to discussing the haunting at school and with their friends, but is there anything to be concerned about?

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Simon Lepetit, 30, from Haverfordwest said that the roadside haunting has been a myth deeply interwoven into the county’s history for years with reports of a shadowy and strange roadside figure just outside Steynton. He recalls that if you fail to offer a lift to it, the spook will chillingly appear in your rear view mirror sat in your back seat and the driver will befall a motoring accident not long after.

Steynton Church is by the roadside where the chilling spectre is said to be seen? is there a connection?

Other more rational explanations have ranged from reflections of light from other cars, reflections or lights bouncing off traffic signs, large birds swooping onto the road, drivers fatigue and over active imaginations. Regardless of the cause there is a epidemic of reports in Pembrokeshire of strange encounters on this stretch of road.

Here are some of the reports we have received through email, our Facebook page and direct to this website. If you have had a similar experience or need to contact us then please email and we shall get back to you as soon as we can.

I have had a very similar experience on the same stretch of road. It was on the top of the hill at red stock coming back home at about 11pm last august. I thought I was going to hit a person that just jumped out in front of the car. I braked but there was no bump and nothing in the road. Really shock me up.

I had shivers reading these! Only about 2 months ago my colleague and I were working nights and driving from Milford to Haverfordwest. It was about 2 am and we were just approaching Johnston. As we did I saw a very tall lanky dark figure run straight across the road into the hedge! We stopped and got torches etc but there was no where it could have gone. It literally disappeared into the hedge. Some paramedics then stopped and told us about the road being haunted. The figure had long arms and legs and ran very quickly. Definitely blink and you’d have missed it.

I have just read with interest your article on paranormal activity along the road between Johnston and Steynton, Pembrokeshire. I grew up in Milford Haven and remember very much the accidents that occurred along that stretch, particularly near Redstock bridge. I have had my own experience when I was back visiting from Canada. My husband and I were driving down from London back to my parents house in Steynton and it was getting on for midnight. I began telling him about the ghost at Redstock bridge and how many people have witnessed this over the years. I believe that this is the cause of many accidents on this stretch over the years. As we came through Haverfordwest I had a very uneasy feeling and as we approached the Redstock bridge a figure we thought may have been a huge bird swooped across our windscreen. We nearly lost control of our vehicle and I was terrified. I will share this post and maybe some more of our friends will come forward with their stories. I have heard many over the years and the Redstock area is well known to be haunted.


Many years ago I had an Odd experience in that area but it was on the Steynton to Neyland  A477 road on the road between Steynton and Sentry Cross roundabout. I was driving a taxi at the time and I was on a return trip to Pembroke Dock it was a hot night 1988 and I just dropped a customer off in Milford Haven and was heading to Pembroke Dock and there was a big temperature drop in my car! For no logical reason no air conditioning in those window open and it occurred for about 400 yards. I did not see anything or anybody either but it was like driving into a freezer! Also I was not tired and  I was aware that something was wrong! I got back to the cab company base and I was shaken . I have talked with a few people who are local and they said something is on the roads in that area at night. It was about 1:30 am as well I do not scare easy as I am used to working shift work most of my life and but it did make the hair on my head stand up at that time so who knows.

Vine road just outside of Johnston. Have motorists experienced a collision with a paranormal entity?

I  work in Milford Haven on the Marina. Every day I travel to Milford Haven and 3 weeks ago I was travelling through the road from Johnston to Steynton in my car at about 9.20 in the morning, listening to uptown funk to be exact! And all of a sudden my car jolted and the engine light came on. It felt as if I had hit someone or something hit me! As soon as I got on the 40 mph road past the traffic lights the engine light came off. It happened in the dip of the road just before you go up the hill to the pub. I told my close friends and they all said that the road was known for being spooky but I did not think anything of it as I just thought it was a fault with my car until I read an article on the internet about the X factor fans who drove on a  road and their car “jolted” and felt like they had hit someone. the same thing happened exactly to me! There is definatley something with that road! I travel that road morning and night and until now nothing has ever happened. I do not remember seeing anything on the corner of the road or anything run across the road which was weird, but it definatley felt like I had hit something.

I’ve seen it! I was driving to work one morning 5:30am and saw a figure running up the side of the road, I swerved to miss hitting the person but when I looked back there was no one there. This was a couple of years ago.

Not surprising with the amount of deaths from car accidents on that stretch of road over the years. Also there is a graveyard behind the pub in Steynton so if there are ghosts haunting that road that could have something to do with it. A ghost of a woman has been seen numerous times on the stretch between Steynton and Johnston where the road bends and goes over the bridge.

I saw a woman there, and “knocked her over” but did not if you get me? I drove through her. Slammed brakes on, got out to check, no one there, was strange. Had hubby with me, he saw it too, so know it was not just me. then about a week later my friend came down to visit and said the same thing had happened to her mum!

My mum and two of her sisters were going to Fishguard one night in October, and as they were driving through Redstock, the sisters noticed a man tucked back in the hedge, on the left hand side. What struck them as odd is that he was dressed really old fashioned, with a hat on, and string tied around his knees. But they both saw him. Coming back, later on that night, they were approaching the bridge at Redstock, when it looked like there was a brick wall there that veered off to the right. We’ve lived in the area all our lives, and my sister who was driving, slowed down, panicking, as she knew there was no wall there. It was a road that veered to the left. They were all panicking and screaming what to do, and my mum said keep going, but slowly. When my sisters bumper touched the ‘wall’, it disappeared. If they didn’t know the road they’d have crashed into the bridge. 

The Paranormal Chronicles greatly appreciates the time taken to send us these reports and as the mystery intensifies and more and more people come forward we urge every motorist to be vigilant and to be careful. For those with a taste for paranormal investigation and adventure then please do be careful on a very busy road. We ourselves have begun an inquiry to the events and have member’s of the team investigating the key area’s of the sightings. With media focus, interest from national paranormal groups and a vigilant county we expect that these startling spectral sightings to not only continue but to intensify.

 Please follow this page to ensure you are updated on further reports and keep reading for more on what could be the most haunted house in Pembrokeshire. We appreciate your time so much. Drive safe Pembrokeshire…. you never know who you may have as a passenger in your car.

 Keep reading for even more on this roadside haunting



Motorists spooked on Pembrokeshire Road

Published 22nd February 2015 L Davies –

The Paranormal Chronicles have received three reports this week from motorists claiming to have seen a strange apparition running across a well used Pembrokeshire Road. The A4076 that connects Milford Haven to Haverfordwest and runs through Johnston has been a hive of strange encounters that now contends Clay Lane as the most haunted road in Pembrokeshire. Should motorists using this road be wary?


Our First report of strange activity came from two ladies that were travelling to Haverfordwest on February 5th at approx 7.30 p.m. The driver, whom wishes to remain anonymous at this time, said that she and her friend were travelling to a well known supermarket in Haverfordwest. They had just driven through Johnston and were heading towards Dredgemans Hill when a dark shadow ran from the right hand side of the road from the hedge and in front of the car. The lady described the figure as a shadowy, human shape with long arms and legs. She said that it was so sudden and she was so shocked that she slammed on the brakes thinking she was going to run over a person. She went on to explain that the shadowy shape had vanished. She believes that the figure had not made it to the other side of the road and was a “blink and miss it” experience. She described the event as shocking and was compelled to contact us after her experience seeking answers. The Passenger in the car did not see the figure and only experienced her companions shock and confusion. The driver also commented that she has driven the road countless times and has never had an experience like it before and hopes not to have one like it again.

vine road

Four days later on Monday 9th February two ladies were travelling from Milford to attend work in Haverfordwest when they had own similar and startling experience. This time their experience occurred outside of Steynton, Milford haven, just after 6 a.m. Both ladies wish to remain anonymous due to their profession, claim that after the traffic lights and past a well known pub in the area that they saw a tall shadowy figure on the right hand side of the road as you travel to Haverfordwest. They said it is not uncommon to see people on the side of the road as there are many workers up at that time of day waiting for lifts and they took no further notice other than how tall the figure was. As they continued their drive they claim the tall figure “darted” across the road at astonishing speed and disappeared into the road. The driver “slammed on her breaks” expecting to have hit someone or something.

The passenger left the car and there was no evidence of an accident or of a person or animal on the road or near the car. They continued their journey, both confused and shaken up and when they safely arrived at their work place they told a senior college of their experience . Their colleague casually told them that it was a common occurrence and a well known paranormal hot spot and others had seen a strange figure at that spot. The ladies have informed us that since the event they have not witnessed any further activity but are very mindful on their morning journey that there is something not quite right with that part of the road.


A Gentleman that was driving the area on the evening of Wednesday 11th February when he had his own experience on the same part of the road as seen by the Morning workers. This is the brief message that we have received at the Paranormal Chronicles  from the gentleman and a follow up interview has been arranged to question further the sighting.

” I’m 100% certain I saw what I believe was a ghost/apparition driving home from Milford on the Steynton road I saw it run right in front of me from one side of the road to another I had to slam on my breaks! All the years I lived in Milford and I NEVER saw anything until last night!! I saw it as clear as day!!.”

The road has witnessed some terrible and tragic accidents over the years and one can speculate that if there is a paranormal world veiled over our own reality that local drivers are witnessing chilling and disturbing hauntings replayed in the darkness. Perhaps it is merely reflections of light produced from the headlights and from other cars or a hoax played out by a daring and suicidal prankster. We ask all of you to please drive safe and if you experience your own paranormal experience to please contact us immediately at as you maybe able to help us with our investigation into the incidents.We ask that anyone that drives the road regularly and has a car recording camera system to please use it and examine frequently. You never know what maybe lurking on the side of the road.

Drive safely.


The Haverfordwest Haunting: Do you believe in Ghosts?

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  1. My mother died in a motorbike accident at Red stock in January 1954 left 4 childrenthe youngest was me 20 months old nearly lost father as well but thank goodness he is still with us

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