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Event Horizon Online Radio is now part of The Paranormal Chronicles and TPCN ( The Paranormal Chronicles Network) prepare to leave the Universe you know behind.


Join Paranormal personality and broadcaster, Dave Dominguez from his El Paso Sanctuary as he interviews Guests from all around the world. Dave and his guests enjoy great paranormal discussion and theory, delving deep into the unknown.

Event Horizon Online Radio is an award nominated show and is recognized for Dave’s conversational and free flowing style and his in-depth knowledge on Metaphysics and the Paranormal.

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If you would like to contact Dave or join him on his show them email him at and find him on Facebook at Event Horizon – Internet Radio Talk Show.

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 All Event Horizon Online Radio presentations will be archived below so prepare to leave the universe you know behind….


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Join Dave Dominguez of The Event Horizon Radio show as he explores the Ghosts of Old Town, Albuquerque, with Julia Brown of the Listen to the stories of ghosts, the towns dark history and possible evidence of a Guardian Angel.


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Join Dave Dominguez on Event Horizon online Radio as he chats with Paralogian and Historian Justyne Williamson on the worlds greatest mysteries. Discover alien hybrid beings, ancient artefacts, strange creatures and much more in this compelling 60-minute presentation.

 Join Dave Dominguez as he chats all things Paranormal with Claire Elliot from The Claire Witch Files. Topics include E.V.P’s, Ghosts and Hauntings, The Black eyed children, The Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, Aliens and more. Click now to watch this special YOU TUBE presentation.


Christina Mckee Horrocks, clairvoyant medium, discusses her communications with Jack the Ripper & his final known Victim Mary Kelly, Ancient Mayans, Egyptian spirit guides and Titanic’s lost souls with Dave Dominguez, host of TPCN’s very own EVENT HORIZON ONLINE RADIO SHOW. This show deals with adult themes that may not be suitable for those of a sensitive nature.

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