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Is Paranormal romance the new in thing? Would people rather have the love and affection of those departed from this earth or is it an unbalanced mental well-being and a lack of connection to the living that fuels such dark desire. Could such a phenomena even exist? Over 45,000 people have searched this website looking for answers, looking for a means to attract Paranormal sex into their lives or looking for a new fantasy to fulfil. The paranormal chronicles have gone into depth with many articles on this website for you to explore on spectrophillia, Incubus and Succubus attacks and ghost sex in general but for the many of you that are looking for something a little tastier, then we present to you, our most shocking and detailed accounts in our archive! This is certainly adult material so if you are of a sensitive disposition then stop reading NOW!




The Spectral Intruder from

Ghost sex: 13 Shades by Gladys Truman.

Please be aware that this is a fictional account created by Gladys Truman based on real experiences reported of  Paranormal sex.

Can you keep a secret?

I’m not sure I should be telling you this but I JUST had to tell someone.

Now you’re going to think I’m weird or some mad woman but something incredible has happened to me. It gives my skin Goosebumps but not in a bad way but in an exciting way. It makes me feel so horny.

You promise not to tell……  OK?  But this may freak you out a little.

It all started one night after I left the gym. I was all hot and sweaty after an intense workout. I had been working on my ass and thighs, to keep them nice and tight. I normally shower at the gym but on this night I had been watching some really cute guys working out and I just needed to shower at my flat. I felt so sweaty and turned on watching those guys pump that iron so privacy was very much needed.

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I got back to my place a little after seven and I headed straight up to the shower as per my usual routine. I’m not sure if I was so wet below from the sweat or from feeling so horny but I knew I just had to do something about it. I quickly stripped off my tight clammy leggings, pulled off my t-shirt and unhooked my bra. To stand in the shower under the hot water felt so good. I took the soap and started to rub my breasts.

I am proud of them; they are small but perfectly shaped. My nipples quickly hardened as I massaged them with the soap. I started to rub my flat stomach; I could feel the hard bumps of the abs from my incredibly hard work out. I love to keep in shape as you never know who you will meet and you never know when you’ll be receiving a good long hard dirty fucking.

Black And White String Tanga Sunburn Sexy Lines

My hand kept moving down to my pussy. I keep it shaved and tidy. Just as I began to tease myself, the shower stopped and the light went off. Now living alone, I was a little frightened.

I stood soapy and wet in the shower, naked and alone in the darkness I clambered out carefully and felt for a towel on the back of the bathroom door and opened the bathroom door and was met with the gloom of the landing. Some light from an outside street lamp let me see a little bit.

I thought I saw in the bedroom doorway, the outline of a man. I was startled and I shouted out. Who is it? Who is there?


With that, the lights came back on and there was no one there. My heart was pounding in my chest and I felt so cold. I quickly hurried into my bedroom and double checked that there was definitely no one in there.

I might have just imagined it, probably because I was a little freaked out.

I sat on my bed, drying myself and giggled a little at how spooked I had gotten as I calmed down I felt that horny urge to just start playing with myself. I lay back on the bed and rubbed my hands down my body. I licked my thumb and gently rolled it across my nipple, it felt so good. I moved my other hand down to my shaved pussy and it was soaking and slippery. I took my finger and gently rubbed it around the entrance and then rubbed the moistness against my clit.


It felt so incredibly good. Ripples of pleasure shot up and down my body. I slowly rolled my finger on my clit; it felt like every nerve ending was being tickled. I love playing with myself. It makes me feels like my soul is at ease. It makes me feel like I am purging all the stress from my body.

I was soaking wet now; I could feel my pussy juice trickling down to my asshole. It felt so good. Waves of pleasure were washing over me. An orgasm was building up within.

It didn’t take me long to get myself off, I imagined those men at the gym kissing my neck, kissing my lips, sucking on my nipples, lapping at my pussy. Then I felt a cold take hold of me. It was chilling. The bedside lamp flickered on and off.

I tried to sit up when I was suddenly pinned to the bed. My arms were physically held behind my head but there was no one there. I tried to scream but nothing came from my mouth. I could see no one but could feel a presence in the room. I was not alone and I was terrified; there was a rushing in my ears and a pressure on my chest. It was like an awful nightmare but this time I was awake.

I felt an intense coldness by my feet and then I felt what felt like a tongue kissing my toes. I was powerless to move. I felt the invisible tongue move up my legs. I could feel the little pecks of lips as they gently kissed me. What was happening? Who was this? Was I going mad?…

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LOCATION: A40 road between St Clears and Whitland

We at the Paranormal Chronicles knew that our Ghost sex report would cause a stir due to the nature of the account however what we did not imagine was the overwhelming response to the subject. From all over the world we have received messages from those that believe that they have been subjected to the same or similar experience (54% of voters on our poll believe a ghost can have sex with a person) and of course the backlash from those that we unintentionally offended who were appalled at the notion that such a thing could take place or that ghosts exist. The photograph presented with the story also created controversy as it appears to depict a naked woman with a spirit engulfing her body. Again it is for you the reader to decide based on your own philosophies and beliefs to what actually occurred to the woman from Pembroke Dock as is this diabolical story from a man from west Wales.


We, of course, are not here to offend, we are here to report on the Paranormal and let you the readers dissect the information and question and validate on the merits and ideas presented in the accounts in your own personal fashion. We always give warning that the material may be inappropriate and that due caution is taken before you delve into the report. Never have those words rung as true as we prepare to take you on a most disturbing and unsettling account of a man’s ghost sex experience on a roadside in Pembrokeshire.

We ask that if you are easily offended to perhaps explore one of our other blogs such as the truly horrific stinking men encounter or the baffling owl man mystery as for this account that we present is of a graphic and explicit nature that will make you think twice before you pick up a stranger on the road again.


John contacted us a few days after we published the original ghost sex blog on our Facebook page. He said that he was local, from Milford Haven and that he had had a most awful and dumbfounding experience on a roadside in Pembrokeshire a few months ago. We relayed several messages back and forth until he agreed that we could telephone him and conduct an interview to publish on the Paranormal Chronicles. Like so many that allow us to publish their accounts, they hope that others like them have had the same or similar experience that will help them make sense of what happened. John is a man in his mid-twenties and this is his account in his own words. Once again we appeal to your rationale that if you are easily offended then to please stop reading this now as not only does it contain a disturbing and frightening paranormal experience but has sexually explicit language that some may feel is not appropriate.

Johns account

I was driving back from Swansea one afternoon around 4ish. I had met a woman online and I went up on the Friday to meet her and see how we got on. She was nice enough but she looked nothing like she did on her dating profile; her pic must have been from years ago before she had kids. Anyway, I was on my way home, I had radio 1 on and I wasn’t looking forward to going back to work the following day. I was tired as I had been up late and I spent the day with this woman in Swansea having food, going to the cinema and stuff.

I was on the A40 road between St Clears and Whitland when it started to rain; it was starting to get dark too when I noticed up ahead a woman with her thumb out. As I got closer I realised that she was well fit and I thought I would give her a lift as she was probably not going too far so if she was a nutter then I wouldn’t have to be with her for long. I slowed down and saw that she was in a short black dress, black high heels and a small handbag. I thought either she was coming home from a night out or was on her way out. There were no other cars on the road so I slowed down and pulled in a few feet from where she was. The rain had started to come down quite hard but she took forever to get in, I kept thinking you silly cow do you want a lift or not?


She eventually got in, her black hair matted to her face. She must have been freezing. I said hello and she looked over at me and pushed her hair from her face and she was stunning, so beautiful, she must have been the same age as me maybe a bit younger. She sat in and put her seatbelt on and said: “Thank you so much.” I asked where was she going and she replied “”Haverfordwest.” I asked her how she was out here all alone and she said her boyfriend had a row and he kicked her out in the middle of nowhere. I said he was a prick to do that and that I would get her to Haverfordwest. She smiled and asked first that I wasn’t a serial killer or anything and I laughed and said not today. I drove off and a song came up on the radio and she turned it up and she said she loved this song. We drove listening to the song and she turned the radio down and asked where had I been and I explained about the online dating and she laughed when I said that the woman wasn’t exactly what I had been hoping for but then she said “I bet you still shagged her though” and we both laughed. I kept looking at her pale legs as her short black dress was hitched up on her thighs. She caught me looking and she smiled at me and I pretended like nothing had happened. As we were getting close to Narberth she said that there was a roadside rest stop and could we pop in there for a moment as she said the toilets there might be open and she was desperate to go. I pulled in and the rain was hammering on the car and as soon as I stopped she undid her seatbelt and started to kiss me. I didn’t say no and let her carry on. Before I knew it she had undid my jeans and got my penis out and just started sucking it. It was incredible, so horny, like some story out of a porno mag. You never think anything like this can happen to you. I thought I was going to cum but she stopped, pulled her dress up, pulled her black panties to one side and got on top of me and slid down on top of my stiffy. It was fantastic. She pushed my head into her chest and up and down she went.

Did a Pembrokeshire man have sex with a Ghost?
                                 Did a Pembrokeshire man have sex with a Ghost?

Then I started to smell something strange, at first I thought it was like a cigarette smell but then I noticed that it was like burning plastic. The woman shoved her tongue in my mouth and it tasted like shit, actual shit but she wouldn’t take her tongue from out my mouth. I thought I was going to be sick. Then it felt like my penis was being scraped by sandpaper or grit, the pain was horrendous. I tried to push her off but it felt like her tongue was going further down my throat, I was choking, and I thought I was going to die. I was crying and everything. I was passing out. I just wanted a policeman or a dogger to start banging on the window and save me.

I pushed her back with all my force and there was not a pretty girl on me but some haggard, disgusting old woman with some kind of awful skin condition. I just screamed and screamed and somehow I came and she just vanished. I swear she just vanished and I was sat there on my own with my cock out.

GSTV pin


I picked up a fit woman and got raped by an old haggard thing. I had not been drinking and I don’t do drugs. I got out of the car in the rain, it was near dark and there was no one there. I searched the back seat, the boot everywhere. I even looked under the bonnet. I was scared to get back in but I did and I got home. I cried for every second it took to get home. I live alone and I was terrified. The next day I got my car checked at the garage as I thought maybe it was the exhaust, you know the fumes, carbon monoxide poisoning but there was nothing wrong with my car.

What the fuck was that thing and why me? I will never ever pick up anyone again and I have driven that road a million times since hoping to see that woman again so I can call the police and get her arrested. I have no idea what happened but I still have nightmares about it now.

As an investigator, it is always difficult to try and evaluate the events that occur without actual being there or witnessing them yourself. Was this merely an illusion, maybe the man’s disappointment at his date manifested into a waking daydream of picking up a beautiful and sexual promiscuous woman was suddenly changed into a nightmare fuelled by guilt and shame?  Was this perhaps a succubus?  A female demon or supernatural entity in folklore (traced back to medieval legend) that appears in dreams and takes the form of a human woman in order to seduce men, usually through sexual activity. (The male counterpart is the incubus. Religious traditions hold that repeated sexual activity with a succubus may result in the deterioration of health or even death)

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Was this creature merely in an appealing guise to entrap this man and take his seed? If so then what agenda does it have for the man’s genetic soup? What profane and insidious plan has it for a human child born of a demon? If such things were to exist…

Whatever was behind this terrifying and horrific event I think we should all learn the lesson of not to pick up hitch-hikers, especially on the stretch of road between St Clears and Whitland.

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It has now been covered by the media across the GLOBE. Will you dare read? ADULTS ONLY: This may be the most chilling and disturbing haunting the U.K has ever known. Ghost sex: The violation has been described as “Brutal and traumatic.” Will you read it alone? Read the bestseller today if you dare.

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Location: Cardiganshire/Ceredigion    Chronicled by G L Davies


We love your emails and messages that we receive at the Paranormal Chronicle offices and your feedback, opinions and stories inspire us on our journey into the unknown. You may have gathered if you have been to this website before that We like to pose questions and dilemma’s to you and we hope that when you read our investigations, our accounts and our e-novels and that you ponder and ask yourself “what would I have done?” We certainly hope that you ask yourself that question after reading this heartbreaking account.

This tragic account is from a lady from Fishguard who was unfortunate enough to have an experience with an extremely sexually promiscuous female spirit that turned her attention to her husband…on their honeymoon.

As is common now with this page we remind you that this account is of a sexually descriptive and disturbing nature and that those of a more conservative nature may wish to discontinue reading now.


Here in her own words is the account that Samantha experienced during her honeymoon.

The wedding day was perfect. You could not have asked for a better day. We had married in a small old church on the coast and travelled up to Fishguard to have the reception. I had met Dave a year before online and he had moved down to Pembrokeshire and he popped the question.

 We were very much in love and we were at an age where it was good to meet someone and settle down. I was in my mid-forties and Dave was in his early fifties. Neither of us had children but it was nice to think that we would have each other and companionship till our dying day.

 We had our friends and family down and it was a beautiful day, I didn’t need a lavish dress or a Rolls Royce to pick me up it was all about being together and being with our friends and family. We were blessed with the sunshine, the smell of the sea and great people.

 We had decided that we would book into a coastal hotel up in Cardiganshire. We had been to Spain and Malta in the year so we didn’t need anything fancy or expensive just a nice quiet place where we could be together. We wanted somewhere quiet and romantic.

 We got to the hotel and it was lovely, quaint and old fashioned and you could see the coast from the car park, it was lovely. We went into reception and there were all these old photos from the 19th century. There was an old man at the reception with a bald head and big white pork chop whiskers and he was very polite and helpful and as he carried our bags to the honeymoon suite he said that some of the guests had complained about Red Mary, a broken hearted ghost who had lost her husband at sea and had slept around to feel accepted and that a newlywed couple had found her dead in the bathroom of the hotel with her wrists slashed. It seemed that no other woman could have a man but her and she went out of her way to cause marital problems and eventually her despair consumed her and committed the act of suicide. Dave and I laughed and joked as we don’t believe in that kind of thing.


 That night, I put on my sexy nightwear ready to consummate the marriage, not that we had saved ourselves, not at all, but tradition is good. Dave was in the bathroom for ages and I thought, I hope he is ok and I opened the door and he was stood there naked, eyes closed, with an erection. I asked him if he was O.K and he looked startled and shocked and quickly grabbed a towel and covered himself up. He was red in the face and he was looking around the bathroom all confused. I thought maybe he was just knocking one out so he would perform better. I am no prude and masturbation is a key part of sexual activity as far as I am concerned.

I grabbed him by the arm and led him to bed and I began to pleasure his tumescence but he seemed distant and showed no interest. He lost his rigidity and asked that he be excused to go to the bathroom. I was curious to why he was so prudish as we had been very wild and adventurous over the last year.

I lay there and Dave was gone another five minutes or so and so I got up and I went back into the bathroom and there he was again. Naked, proud as a trooper, eyes closed, holding his hand just above his crotch area like he was rubbing something. I was furious. I asked him what he thought he was doing and he panicked again and said “nothing, nothing, just getting ready.” And he had the audacity to ask for another five minutes peace!!


I was livid and I put on my coat and stormed out of the room and headed to the bar. I sat there with a gin and tonic expecting him to come down and apologise. He didn’t and I could understand what had gotten into him. It’s an awful shock to think that maybe you have married the wrong man that might have some issues. Twenty minutes passed and I thought damn him and I stormed up and barged into the room and the sick bastard was sat in bed, again with an erection and was making weird sucking noise with his mouth, flicking his tongue out and his hands were moving as if on an invisible body. I was shocked and then I watched him ejaculate in a huge squirt even though there was nothing stimulating his penis. I screamed at him and he jumped off the bed and said that it was all her fault. I screamed at him who was he referring to and he said the woman and was pointing frantically into the corner of the room. I could see no one but my perverted new husband, standing naked and shamed.

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I did what any sane woman should do and that was to throw him out. He protested and was adamant that she was in there. I was furious. I had married a lunatic and now it was all over. Everything had been for nothing.

I lay on the bed sobbing and I sat up and for a quick second through my blurry eye I saw a naked woman, in her early thirties with long red hair flowing onto her chest. I was shocked and I saw the gaping gash’s on her wrists where severe cuts had been made. She smiled a sickly smile and she simply vanished.

Had Dave been telling the truth? I spoke to him in the morning and I asked him to describe this woman and he said she had long red hair and pale skin. I was appalled. He said that it was like he was under a spell and he was addicted to her. I contacted the hotel owner the following week and asked more about the story and they said that a pale, red-headed woman had been seen and either the husband or the wife staying there fled the room, but never both.

I tried to fix it with Dave but every time I saw him or he attempted to touch me I saw his face, his shame from that night and after four months we were over and he moved back to Brighton.


Years later I was researching the haunting and found out that the room was no longer a honeymoon suite that a fire had gutted that side of the hotel and the remains of the room had been made into two single rooms, not doubt a tremendous surprise for lonely travelling businessmen.

I never believed till that night in ghosts but a spirit defiantly broke my marriage and I say to any honeymooners that you check the room you are staying in first. If that room has a history of the supernatural then don’t risk it. Find another hotel!!

The ghost sex phenomenon appears to be more widespread on a global level that we first anticipated based on your feedback and any information we can receive from yourself will be greatly appreciated.

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It has now been covered by the media across the GLOBE. Will you dare read? ADULTS ONLY: This may be the most chilling and disturbing haunting the U.K has ever known. Ghost sex: The violation has been described as “Brutal and traumatic.” Will you read it alone? Read the bestseller today if you dare.

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3.The Ghost Sex Phenomena: Fact or Fiction? (Adult material)


WARNING: This article contains a descriptive and graphic account of an alleged paranormal sexual violation. This may not be to everyone’s taste and the Paranormal Chronicles advises due caution.

The Ghost sex phenomena has taken the world by storm with new reports emerging every day from around the world from those claiming they have been sexually abused by paranormal visitors. The media have inevitably jumped on the bandwagon due to the huge interest it musters and for those of you that are familiar with the Entity case are well aware of how harrowing these reports can be. The question that we need to ask is could such a thing exist?

Worldwide bestselling GHOST SEX: THE VIOLATION attempted to answer this question by documenting the very graphic account of one Pembrokeshire woman’s diabolical abuse. The account polarised readers with some calling it pornographic sensationalism while others called it brutal, chilling and possibly the most terrifying haunting the U.K has ever seen. Now you can decide with this extract from the account and lend your opinion in our Paranormal Poll at the end of this article and for the more cynical of you that believe this is just a device to sell more books then they will be thrilled to read that the book is free to download to all Amazon Kindle Prime members. The Paranormal Chronicles wants YOUR opinions. Is this a psychological issue perhaps stemming from sleep paralysis or sexsomnia or could a terrifying metaphysical visitor such as an Incubus be held accountable?


The account is from an ordinary, hard working single mother from Pembroke Dock. Lisa (All names have been changed) has only asked that her account is treated with respect as she has only wished to make sense of her terrifying ordeal. Her account is frank and detailed and once again we ask you to reconsider reading any further if you are of a more conservative persuasion.

The Poll is included at the end of the account so please leave us your opinion and also there is a link to GHOST SEX: THE VIOLATION should you care to read more. Thank you.

LISA: About two months after Leon left me I went out on a work night out with some of the Girls. They are fabulous. They tried so hard to cheer me up but I had that sadness within and I wasn’t interested in finding another man or having a one night stand. I sat most of the night watching them dance and flirt and they beckoned me over wanting me to join in but I sat there and drank. One of my friends found me in the toilet crying and she just hugged me and said a good dance would help. I went on the dance floor and just stood there bawling as everyone danced around me. I must have looked a right state. The girls wanted to get a minibus to Haverfordwest as there were a few night clubs there but I just was too sad to go and I felt I was just bringing everyone down. I just wanted to go home. Tyler was about sixteen at this time and he was at a mates or a girl’s house. He had a girlfriend around this time. I can’t remember her name. I don’t think they lasted long. I just hoped he didn’t get her knocked up like me and his Dad had. Not that I begrudged Tyler at all, he was my life, and I just wanted him to live a little before he settled down.

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Tyler spent more and more time away, given some of the things that had happened in the house I couldn’t blame him, but I wanted the company. Sometimes it’s just nice to know that there is someone else in the house with you. They don’t even have to be in the same room, but it is comforting knowing they are there. I just felt the need to go home, after all, I had drunk quite a bit and some fat sweaty man had been trying it on with me, that depressed me even more, thinking that only a fat sweaty man would be interested in me! Back then I had a great figure, when I made the effort I looked good, I definitely didn’t need the attention of some overweight drunk. I was always confident in how I looked, just not confident with how to talk to men. I think you can understand why that is. They all have a habit of just disappearing out of my life with no warning. Leon did all the work in the early days, he did all the flirting, chatting and chasing. I liked it as he made it easy for me. I guess I am shy.

I got home and was relieved; it was a big step going out for the first time after he left. It can go one of two ways; either you’re a miserable mess reeking of Bensons and heartache or you become a dancing, drinking, pulling machine. Well, that’s what I’ve noticed in myself anyway. That night I was utterly depressed, home was a familiar and welcoming place to be, even if I was home alone.

I took off my heels and tights and pulled my dress off over my head. I sat in the living room in just my bra and knickers, drank a pint of water and smoked a cigarette. The curtains were closed, I think it was about eleven thirty, perhaps twelve, I was shattered. I stood up, turned off the living room light and went into the hallway, as I was about to turn the landing light on, I could have sworn that I saw someone stood on the landing. It looked like a figure of a man. Just briefly in the corner of my eye. I thought it might have been Tyler, maybe he had fallen out with his girlfriend or something and had come home. I shouted up for Tyler, but no reply, I turned on the light and there was nobody there. I was drunk and tired and just wanted a pee, brush my teeth and fall into bed. There was no one on the landing, I checked Tyler’s room and he was not there.


I sat on the loo brushing my teeth when I suddenly went deathly cold. A chill spread all over my body, like a freezing cold draught. I just told myself to ignore it, push it away and the feeling will go away. I was past caring, to be honest. Ghosts or no ghosts I had a terrible night on the town and an awful couple of months with Leon abandoning me. The feeling quickly passed so I thought, nothing and I literally fell into bed. I unhooked my bra and flung it across the room, turned off the light and fell asleep.

I woke in the night all confused and disorientated. You know when you don’t know where you are, or what time it is and I think I had been dreaming of Leon. I noticed that I was wet between the legs. I was warm and wet and thought I must have been having a wet dream but then I realised then something was flicking against my clit. Something wet but freezing cold. I panicked and thought that someone was in the house. This wasn’t a dream. I could not move, I could not move a muscle and there was a rushing sound in my ears. I couldn’t scream, I couldn’t turn my head, I couldn’t do anything.

Sexy Model Portrait Girls Sexual Excitement Woman

I was convinced that there was someone giving me oral sex, lapping, I thought that maybe I had been spiked and that someone had followed me home and broken in and was now raping me. I was terrified. I was paralysed. I could not even scream. I felt a cold finger push itself inside me, like a man’s finger, it was inside me not rough but gentle and it slid in and out of me in a gentle motion all the while I was being licked. It wasn’t forceful but it was freezing cold and that was uncomfortable in itself, I could not see obviously as it was dark and I was frozen but that is what it felt like. I couldn’t feel a head or the shoulders of a person between my legs, or someone lying on me, or close to me. The fingering and the licking stopped and for this, I was so thankful. I tried to sit up, to kick and lash out, but still, I was paralysed. I just lay there motionless. I couldn’t even cry and I had thoughts of Tyler coming in and seeing his mum being raped. How awful that would be for him. I just prayed that whatever drugs were used on me would wear off or that whoever was doing this would get up and leave. Maybe panic that they were taking too long and leave. I thought as soon as they are gone that I would call the police, call my mum, and just get help from anyone. Over and over in my mind, I hoped that Leon would miss me and turn up and rescue me.

GSTV pin

I felt icy breath close to my skin moving up my body and then I felt a cold kiss on my nipple. There was a cold tongue, icy lips and breath on my tit and it just suckled on my right breast for what felt like an eternity. There was no arousing sensation like when you have sex, it was so bitterly cold. There was no pressure on me, no weight of a person, just this cold icy breath moving across my body.  The cold breath made its way up to my mouth, the cold air touched my lips, filled my mouth and lungs and I felt something penetrate inside my vagina. A cold icy penis, big and hard, throbbing, thrusting and pushing while cold air filled my mouth and air rushed in my ears. It went on forever, deep penetrating thrusts. I feel so ashamed but I started to orgasm, I could feel my vagina clasping onto it even though I was numb down there with the cold and then the head of it swelled and just when I thought I was about to cum everything stopped. Everything just stopped; from the feeling of cold air in my mouth, the rushing air in my ears, the feeling of a penis inside me. Everything just stopped. I reached for the light, turned it on and leapt out of bed. I actually fell out of bed as I was tangled up in the duvet, I lay on the floor in a heap and looked around the room. The bedroom door was shut tight and I could not see anyone under the bed from where I was. I was wrapped up in the duvet and the bed was empty. My heart was racing and pounding in my ears. I found the courage to stand up and check the room. Nothing was there. I even checked the wardrobe and the bedroom windows but they were locked from the inside. There was no one in the room.


I grabbed the hammer from under the bed and I ran on to the landing, I was actually shouting. I think I shouted things like, How fucking dare you touch me and I’ll kill you, I’ll kill you if you touch me again. I was furious. I checked the house and the doors were locked, Tyler was not in his room, not at home. In the living room is a big mirror as you can see and I just stood staring at it. I was naked but my knickers were still on as they were when I went to bed, I felt myself down there, I was numb and wet. I felt like I’d had sex. I sat down on the settee and cried. I was so angry, so confused. Had I been raped? There was no one in the house, yet I had felt, what I thought, was a tongue licking my clit. I felt a finger inside me, I felt breath, lips and a tongue on my nipple, a penis inside me. I felt like any longer and I would have cum. I felt so awfully ashamed. What if I had cum? What kind of person would it make me, to find pleasure in a violation like that? I felt, despite what my mind and heartfelt, that my body had betrayed me by enjoying the sensation. It was all so confusing. The time was only 1 a.m., I had been in bed about an hour. It happened all so quickly.

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I was about to call the police when I thought what am I going to tell them? That I went out, got pissed, came home, was paralysed and some invisible man had sex with me? They would just think I was some nutter, some piss head having a laugh and would arrest me for wasting police time. I was grateful for one thing, that Tyler was not home. I could not bear to think of him seeing me like this, semi-naked, makeup all over my face, tears rolling down my cheeks.


I made a cigarette and I howled and howled. I knew what this was; I knew exactly what it fucking was. It was the ghost, it was the fucking ghost. It was the same dirty, cowardly prick that had put its fingers in me when I was on my period. I was so disgusted that I choked on the cigarette smoke and was sick all over the floor. I literally spewed on the floor. My life at this time, I felt, was a joke. No living man wanted to be with me and ghosts wanted to fuck me.  I wished to be dead, that mum would look after Tyler. I was miserable and depressed beyond all belief; I was a victim of an illegal sexual act in my OWN home. If it wasn’t for Tyler I would have ended it there, but I couldn’t bear to leave him behind. I know that’s a dark statement and many people out there would do anything to bring people they have lost back to life. People might think that wanting to throw away something as precious as a life is utterly wrong, but until they are in my situation, how could they possibly tell how they would react?


I thought maybe I’d had some breakdown. Maybe after everything with Leon, the strains and pressures of life, I had just gone mad. Or was it a vivid dream? I had heard that in your sleep you can freeze up and not be able to move, but this was so real. The feelings in my vagina and my breast and lips were real. I knew this much. Part of me almost hoped that I had gone mad or that maybe someone had spiked me with drugs which made me hallucinate. I have never taken any drugs, not even smoked weed or anything like that. I hate the idea of not being in control. I do drink, not a huge amount, I hate the hangovers and sickness associated with booze, but I have been very drunk from time to time. I knew that after all the years of hauntings and strange events in the house that the ghost had returned. The same one that fingered me all those years back.

I slowly made my way upstairs, one slow step at a time, terrified that it would be up there, just waiting for me. I was in a daze, shock I guess. I went into the bathroom, ran the shower and sat under the hot water. I wanted to wash it away from me, the experience, and the feelings. It was like every drop of warm water was removing the iciness of its touch. I guess I hoped that this would wash away the memory. I don’t know how long I was in there for, but I was startled to hear the door handle turning. I thought no, not again, just get away and I screamed LEAVE ME ALONE, JUST FUCKING LEAVE ME ALONE!!!

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