(Watch Video) Is this the voice of a ghost on the Pembrokeshire Coast?

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Is this the voice of a spirit still guarding abandoned Pembrokeshire coastal position?

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Press play on the link below to hear the recording, information on the location and possible explanations for what happened.

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On Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017, Intrepid local urban explorer Sian Davies invited G L Davies of The Paranormal Chronicles for an expedition to a site of historical interest she had discovered on a previous explore.

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 The site, on the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path and near the village of St Ishmaels had been a defensive position during many wars. It had been used during the Napoleonic, First and second world war and old installations still stand to this day abandoned over looking the Pembrokeshire coast.

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One of the installations had been a previous Radio detection Finder ( Precursor to Radar) and upon entry, the building had greatly lost its battle with Nature. The installation was over grown, the ground littered with organic debris, a canopy of trees creating a natural roof but inside was a dark and diseased nightmare place.

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Large spiders, bats and a water drenched room crawling with maggots and a dead rotting sheep added to a suffocating and unwelcoming atmosphere.Phones, torches and recorders all malfunctioned in the stuffy and damp atmosphere.

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G L Davies was able to get his phone working for a brief spell and decided to use the opportunity to conduct a quick interview, for a future broadcast on TPCN, with Sian Davies on her pursuits and why they were at the location. It was not until the next day he heard what sounded to be a voice muffled in the gloom, hidden in the darkness.

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It was not until the next day he heard what sounded to be a voice muffled in the gloom, hidden in the darkness.

Both believed they were alone in the lonely and gloomy place and apart from Sian’s Dog, Elaine, they had seen no one else at the location. Who was behind the voice?

Was it human? Was it a very real and human presence lurking in an unwelcome and uncomfortable place, was it a radio signal carried in from many radio sources on the estuary picked up by the phone or was it something altogether supernatural?

Listen to the recording and decide for yourself. Press play on the picture below.

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So what did you hear? What do you believe was behind the voice?

Local Knowledge on the area G. V Thomas has listened to the recording and believes the voice is saying ” Stand and be recognized” Which would be a possible challenge from a guard or sentry. Could it be possible that we are hearing the voice of a spirit trapped to his honour bound duty of protecting the site? Was he challenging two unwelcome strangers trespassing on his domain?

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G L Davies author of the Haverfordwest based A Most Haunted house had this to say on the matter. ” I never expected to hear the sound and definitely did not hear or see anyone apart from us. I was editing the recording to remove my wheezing when I heard the gruff voice. There was no one there but I think it would be wise to explore all possibilities before jumping to a paranormal conclusion.”

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The place was depressing and dismal and triggered an asthma attack which you can hear in the recording.

He continued, “To me, it sounded like the voice was emitting from a radio. Neither Sian or I had a transmitter radio but could it be possible my phone picked up a signal off the estuary? It could be a prank played upon us by someone lurking in the depths of the installation but it would seem a very elaborate and unhealthy hoax to play. The place was depressing and dismal and triggered an asthma attack which you can hear in the recording. I would ask that anyone that explore the area to please be careful and respectful of the area and if you capture any further evidence to please contact me directly.”

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Other people have since heard the recording and believe the voice is actually saying, “Stand and be grateful.” or “Standard red skies.” What do you think? Let us know what you can hear?

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Further investigation is underway and we will publish any further findings right here at The paranormal Chronicles. If you have any ideas or theories or can hear something different in the recording then please email paranormalchronicles@aol.com or Message us on Facebook at The Paranormal Chronicles.


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Please keep safe and remember…together we explore the unknown.

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