Ghosts caught on camera? What do you believe?

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Thank you for joining the Paranormal Chronicles for Part 3 of our series of articles looking to discover the best photographs of paranormal evidence. As usual once you have reviewed and studied the 5 pictures we ask you to vote on the one piece of evidence that you find the most compelling. If you have missed part one and two then do not fear as you can click on the links below to study and vote and then ping back to this page. The most voted for pictures will return in the grand finale to determine which picture compels or chills our readers the most.

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Now we ask Skeptics and believer alike to analyse the pictures below and determine which if any have any validity. If you have have any thoughts or views on the photographs then please leave in the comments. Together we explore the unknown. Enjoy.

Beach Ghost
Beach Ghost

1. Beach Ghost

The Ghost on the Beach. A mysterious dark hooded figure stands at the water’s edge. The Sceptics’ explanation is that the figure is an illusion created by an indentation in the rock face. What do you believe? Ghostly apparition or optical illusion?

Romanian Hotel Ghost
Romanian Hotel Ghost

2. Romanian Hotel Ghost

This picture was taken in 2008 at the then-under-construction Decebal Hotel in Romania. There had long been reports of a ghostly woman in a long white dress on the premises.Could this be her?

Australian Ghost
Australian Ghost

3. Australian Ghost

The Woman at Corroboree Rock, Australia. This picture, taken in 1959 and seems to show a semi-transparent woman in a long gown standing at the edge of a group of trees, holding what might be a camera or pair of binoculars.

Queens Staircase
Queens Staircase

4. Queens Staircase

This picture, originally intended only to capture the spiral staircase in the Queen’s House section of the National Maritime Museum in England, was taken in 1966. A shrouded figure appears at the bottom of the stairs — possibly corroborating the many reports of strange encounters surrounding them over the years.

Worstead Church
Worstead Church

5. Worstead Church 

A picture taken in 1975 of Diane Berthelot sitting in the pews at Worstead Church in Norfolk, England, appears to show a creepy white figure sitting just behind here, though nobody else was present at the time the picture was taken by Diane’s husband Peter. What do you believe?

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The paranormal Chronicles hopes you have studied the pictures in depth and are ready to vote. Do not worry if one of your favorites have not made this list as there will be more coming soon to vote on. The series will conclude with all the top voted pictures in a head to head grand finale. Share this page with your friends to give them a chill and feel free to peruse this site for more metaphysical material. If you would like to review our featured monthly investigation into the alarming rise of Incubus attacks then click here:

Thank you for your time and now get voting!

Stay safe and sleep well.

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  1. The ghost by the stairs is either several ghosts, or one with two left hands! I don’t feel qualified to say which is the case.

    1. In the Queen’s staircase photo (aka The Tulip Staircase), I have long said there are two ghosts also. If you look closely, the hand further up the railing isn’t from the white “ghost” at the bottom; it’s facing the wrong way. I have always thought the black shadow figure is also a ghost.

  2. I was looking at your five photos and wish to add a few comments. The Beach Ghost photo could very well be an optical illusion. As a costumer I often have to study photos for minute details and the “ghost” in this photo looks more like a cave opening than a person. It would be helpful to have another picture of the rock formation to reach a conclusion. The Romanian Hotel Guest looks like a classic ghost photo but there is something about the similarity of the “ghost” and the wall of the stair way that makes me wonder about the veracity of this photo. Again another photo of the stair way would help compare and contrast the image. That’s why I always like to get multiple photos of an area when I go ghost hunting. There are so many reasonable explanations for photo anomalies that it makes it hard to take an image at first glance. The Australian Ghost has been researched in the past and found to be untouched, or not tampered with. It was my first choice but I have to go with the Tulip staircase, or Queen’s staircase photo. I remember reading about this picture back in 1975 when I was a child. It was thought that the figures were three monks climbing the staircase. I am surprised no one has thought to colorize this photo and see what the image would be like. I would digitally enhance the image and try to lower the light distortion of the overhead lamp while seeing if you could get a better breakdown of the figures. Perhaps determine how many there really are in this image. Compounding the confusion of the photo is the optical illusion of the staircase itself. Are the figures on the stairs going up? Or are they on the outside of the railing and the stairs are going down? Lastly, the Worstead Church photo is like the Romanian Hotel Guest in there are many other explanations for the image here. Is there any corroboration that there was no one else sitting nearby? There is a great deal of light reflection off the “ghost”, what’s causing it? Do ghosts reflect light? The Romanian Hotel Guest and the Australian Ghost blend perfectly into their backgrounds where the Queen’s Staircase phantoms and the Worstead Church figures definitely are reflecting light back. I could go on about light, photons and wave lengths but that’s a much longer conversation. I would love to ask Diane what was she thinking at that moment the photo was taken. Was she praying? sleeping? Did she feel the hairs on the back of her neck stand up?

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