Incubus attacks and Ghost sex: The details


Graphic and shocking details emerge on the Incubus phenomena and Ghost sex attacks.

The paranormal Chronicles have been inundated with emails, reports and opinions on the Ghost sex and Incubus phenomena. It would appear that this subject has well and truly captured the paranormal community’s imagination. Our Incubus attacks article was read by thousands as many tried to make sense of this terrifying topic (Click here for the Incubus article). This subject is trending in the paranormal world as a very real and very chilling phenomena.

The Novel, Ghost Sex: The Violation explored in a graphic and detailed manner the effects of such sexual and abusive attacks on one woman and her family in west Wales. The Book was a bestseller, polarizing readers with its raw, harsh and brutal witness testimonial on the relentless and sickening abuse by unknown paranormal entities. Many were shocked by the detail.

Now for the first time ever Author of Ghost sex: The violation, G L Davies speaks in detail to the Paranormal Connections radio show on the grizzly events that occurred during the investigation. Paranormal investigator, radio host and expert Christina George talks to G L Davies for two hours exploring and discussing the harrowing and chilling events that took place. Now you can listen and decide for yourself on what is really happening to people all over the world experiencing these violations.

THIS IS NOT FOR THOSE OF A MORE CONSERVATIVE NATURE: This show covers a very adult topic and at times explicit descriptions of paranormal sexual abuse. The Interview also includes the Psychologist report on what may be causing the symptoms related to the phenomena. This is a must for those looking to explore this subject further.

Below is a link to the Show and also a link so you too can read Ghost sex:The Violation and join as thousands already have the Investigation into a terrifying and brutal Ordeal. We warn you that the novel is sexually graphic and detailed and is not for the faint of heart. This is not merely ghostly erotica but a harsh and at times sickening read. It is available for FREE through Kindle Prime and is also available in paperback through the link at the bottom of this page.

Now click on the picture link below and enjoy the Paranormal Connections radio show…..if you dare.

paranormal connections

ADULTS ONLY: It has been covered by the media across the GLOBE. Will you dare read? This may be the most chilling and disturbing haunting the U.K has ever known.Ghost sex: The violation  has been described as “Brutal and traumatic.” Will you read it alone? Read the bestseller today if you dare. Click now on the book image below…

Ghost Sex The Violation


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