Mysterious light seen over Pembrokeshire

What was the strange object seen over Pembrokeshire? Have your say in our Poll.

There are some people that see a report on a light in the sky and immediately dismiss it as another crack pot claiming to see an alien space craft without actually reading the report and taking the time to digest the facts. This report is based on one man trying to find an explanation for a strange light in the sky that exhibited unusual ariel agility.We hope you take the time to read his account, examine his photographs and then have your say on our poll on what you believe to be the cause. If you have definitive evidence and proof to solidify the origin of the light then please could you email us at

The Pembrokeshire man who wishes to remain anonymous at this time, as he is a prolific figure in the county, has asked for any information on the origin of a strange object seen between the Roch and Brawdy area on the night of the 30th November 2014. He has asked for anyone else who saw it to please contact us. This is what he witnessed.

It was on Sunday 30th of November 2014 and it was about 10.40 pm. I saw it between Roch and Brawdy. The object was low in the sky, it did not move for around fifteen minutes, and then it just jumped into the sky. It then sped off quickly out towards the sea. I thought it may have been the Sea king (helicopter) at first when it started moving but it made no noise and took off faster than I would have perceived a chopper to take off at but I may be wrong. I drive that road from Solva to Simpsons cross pretty often and I’ve never seen anything like it before. I went back the next night at the same time to see if it was back but it wasn’t . I hope other people saw it and have an explanation on what it was. I took some pictures and I’m sorry they are not better quality as I took them on my phone.

What is the origin of the light seen over Pembrokeshire on November 30th?
What is the origin of the light seen over Pembrokeshire on November 30th?

We are grateful to the gentleman for the time to contact us and allow us to publish his account and photographs.

So what could be behind the light?

The area is home to the 14th Signal Regiment (“14 Signals”), the British Army’s electronic warfare unit. They are situated at Cawdor Barracks a military installation located 6.3 miles (10.1 km) east of St David’s in Pembrokeshire, South West Wales. Could it be that the light is a mis-identified aircraft, a new military vehicle or something more?

Could the lights be related to the loud bangs in the sky heard across the U.K on the 29th November? People living hundreds of miles apart took to social media to say they had heard unusual loud noises between 10pm and 10.30pm with theories abound from fireworks, a military exercise, the sonic boom from aircraft to a new weather phenomena.

With Pembrokeshire experiencing many UFO reports during the summer of 2014 ( see archives) could Pembrokeshire be heading back to a plethora of sightings or will this case have a plausible explanation. The Paranormal Chronicles now receives sightings from all over the Globe on a Daily Basis. Where ever we can we always try and get the permission of the witness to publish their account. Anonymity is guaranteed and if you have a sighting to share with the hundreds that visit this page every day then please contact us at:

Before you complete the Poll on what you believe the origin of the light to be then please feel free to join Pembrokeshire’s leading paranormal website by pressing the like button and join us on Facebook at and after the poll read on for how you can read more on Pembrokeshire’s most haunted house.

Thank you so much for taking the time to help in our investigation.

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