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The Paranormal Chronicles is proud to present over 5 hours of exclusive TPCN Youtube video on BIGFOOT. Exclusive Pictures, witness testimonials and expert theories on this enigmatic creature. Watch now and enjoy the comprehensive study of this amazing subject.

From all corners of the globe and from old and new cultures alike a secretive large, hairy, bipedal humanoid with apelike and human qualities is deeply interwoven into the fabric of their folklore.

There are many names like Bigfoot, Almas, The booger, Cer Ra Ca Wa, Gerendel, Hokou, Kakundaz, Pongo, Yowie and Yeti to describe this elusive and mysterious creature. In a world of technology constantly watching would definitive proof been discovered to prove the existence that the Human race has a spiritual cousin wandering the earth?


Over the last few months, The Paranormal Chronicles has been interviewing experts in this Cryptid field to explore the notion that something incredible is not just a thing of folklore or the product of a hoax. During this investigation, we were presented with some incredible witness testimonials, pictures, and video footage and now we ask you to investigate our discoveries and make an informed decision on whether you believe such a thing can roam this world.

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The paranormal Chronicles presents two investigations for you to explore.

In Part 1, G L Davies and Dave Dominguez interview Author of Forrest Friends of the night and Bigfoot Researcher, Keith Bearden on his personal encounters, complete with photographic evidence, of what he believes is intelligent Bigfoot activity in this region. His in-depth detail on their habitual activities and intelligent design is deeply gripping with its emotional context and detail. Also, enjoy a startling first-hand witness testimonial from Kevin Malek of Northern Wisconsin society and his close encounter with a Bigfoot that shaped his life forever. Watch the link below now to explore the unknown…

Click below for Part 1

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Our second investigation and second video included the controversial video of an alleged un-categorized creature with some saying is mistaken for a misidentified animal and others saying it is definitive proof of a new creature…Could this be Bigfoot? Bigfoot researcher Dale Boswell discusses in depth the Video, his personal experience with Bigfoot and his theories behind the creature’s existence. Watch now the link below to ponder this startling footage.

Click Below for part 2

bigfoot video screen

If you believe in BIGFOOT, if you have an interest or if you are a skeptic then these video’s are a must so Watch them both and make your decision….

Your support is greatly appreciated and if you would like to be interviewed about your paranormal experiences or views for an upcoming broadcast then please reach out to us via email at Please Share, like and comment on your opinions. Your support motivates us to produce more content for you to ponder and enjoy.

Here is more Bigfoot content!

Below is a special extra with the TPCN Hellflix team looking at how BIGFOOT has been portrayed in the movies. Enjoy!

Click now to watch!


Together we explore the unknown….


Click below as TPCN examine the Portrayal of Werewolves in movies


Thank you so much for reading.

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Sleep well…..

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