Tragic Ghost pic, Ghost train filmed, Bigfoot exists & which Royal Ghost will be at Harry and Megans Wedding?

march news 2018

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march news 2018

Hen party flees in TERROR after creepy guest appears in photo – can you see it?

hen ghost 1 By Joy Basu

A CREEPY appearance in a hen party’s group photo left the girls so petrified, they reportedly ended their trip and fled home. The pals posed for two pictures with their arms around each other and holding up masks beside a lake while on a hen do on a remote estate Argyll and Bute, Scotland.

The first picture came out normal, but in the second a little boy can be seen crouching behind a log, next to one of their women. The mysterious guest terrified the girls – as it matched a local legend of a ghost of a boy who drowned in the lake, Lock Eck.

The four-year-old lad is said to have fallen into the lake when sleepwalking from a nearby lake.

When his body was found it was blue with cold.

hen ghost 2

A film about the case was shot in the exact location where the girls took their photos.

The TV movie The Blue Boy – starring Oscar winner Emma Thompson – was broadcast on the BBC in 1994. It was an adaptation of a tale involving the 17th-century Coylet Inn on the banks of the loch, which is said to be haunted.

Screenwriter Paul Murton said: “A young child had been on holiday with his parents in the hotel and he had been sleepwalking during the night. He had strayed outside, fallen into the loch, and drowned. When they found his body it was blue with the cold. Hotel staff had noticed that things like cutlery and plates were often out of place for no apparent reason – perhaps more sinister than that was the fact that they sometimes found wet footprints upstairs in the corridor.”

The hen party images first emerged last year but an online debate about the boy’s presence continues.

‘SPOOKY ARRIVAL’ Eerie CCTV footage captures ‘ghost train’ arriving at a railway station in China

train2 By Gemma Mullin 17th March 2018,

Security staff were left gobsmacked when the spooky outline of a train and its headlights became visible on surveillance cameras at Bataou station last Saturday

The strange apparition pulls into the platform and waits for approximately 20 seconds before continuing along the tracks.

Internet users claim it is as though the “ghost train” has stopped to “pick up passengers” and rides off into a “parallel universe”. The bizarre footage was posted on YouTube channel The Hidden Underbelly 2.0 on March 10 this year.

It was captioned: “When the station’s security [staff] were watching the surveillance cameras they noticed this ‘Ghost Train; pull into the station and stop as if it was picking up passengers and then leaving.My source said that in the 12 years he has worked there he has never seen anything like this before and hopes he never does again.”

The footage has already been viewed more than 18,000 times since it was posted four days ago.Viewers have been offering up their explanations of the freaky footage, and not everyone is convinced it’s paranormal.

NC group claims that they have evidence that Bigfoot exists Mar 16, 2018  By Savannah Sondov

bigfoot new 1

A group in North Carolina is claiming they have evidence that Bigfoot exists.

The group North Carolina Bigfoot has posted photos they claim to be evidence of Bigfoot, including footprints and bent branches, over the years.  North Carolina Bigfoot claims evidence of Bigfoot sightings have been found in Pender County, the Uhwarrie Forest, and Lake Hickory.

The fascination with Bigfoot is also spreading to North Carolina classrooms. Instructor Jim Charneski offers the class North Carolina Bigfoot at Mayland Community College. He began teaching the class four years ago.

bigfoot video screen

Charneski said he became involved with Bigfoot Research Field Organization ten years ago and now serves as an investigator for the organization.

According to Charneski, the class covers Bigfoot history in North Carolina and Bigfoot research and investigations. He said the television show ‘Finding Bigfoot’ has brought more attention to the topic.  Charneski said he had a sighting of Bigfoot approximately four years ago near the North Carolina/South Carolina border.

He is hoping to offer similar classes in the Asheville area and encourages people to keep an open mind about Bigfoot sightings.

“Keep an open mind, there are more sightings in our area than what most people are aware of. I don’t think they’re all misidentifications.”

Stefan Jagoe with the NC Bigfoot Facebook page said this is a footprint in mud found in March of 2016 after a sighting.

bigfoot new 1

Jagoe said this was an unusual tree formation found deep in Uwharrie Forest. “Other than humans, nothing in the forest has this type of dexterity,” Jagoe said.

bigfoot new 2

“Unusual tree bending requiring great strength and dexterity near Lake Hickory, NC,” Jagoe said.

bigfoot new 3

Jagoe said the photo shows a track found in Uwharrie.

bigfoot new 4

UFO flew over TWO US passenger jets – pilots’ shock caught on audio By JON AUSTIN PUBLISHED: Thu, Mar 15,


US passenger jet pilots were left stunned after a huge UFO passed over two planes – with every word of their shock recorded on audio. The series of bizarre events is revealed by air traffic control audio recordings involving the American passenger jets at high altitudes.

The eerie airborne encounter was revealed by website The Drive which obtained the official recordings.One of the planes was flying at around 37,000ft when the crew spotted something bizarre above them.

They were travelling east between the Sonoran Desert National Monument and the New Mexico Border in the US on February 24. Official audio recordings from the FAA of Albuquerque Centre air traffic control revealed how the incident unfolded.

An N71PG Learjet aircraft asked if traffic had passed above them. The controller replied “negative” meaning there was nothing to his knowledge that would account for such an observation.

But the pilot replies defiantly: “Something did.”

And another pilot chimes in on the frequency saying “a UFO” to which the Lear jet pilot replies “yeah”. A few minutes later, the controller asked another flight behind to look out for anything passing over “in the next 15 miles”

An American Airlines captain exclaims in a puzzled manner “if anything passes over us?”

The controller hits back:” Affirmative, we had an aircraft in front of you that reported something pass over him and we didn’t have any [radar] targets, so just let me know if you see anything pass over you.”

And sure enough, a minute later American 1095 Airbus calls back to confirm he has spotted the UFO.

He says: “Yeah something just passed over us. I don’t know what it was, but it was at least two or three thousand feet above us. Yeah, it passed right over the top of us.”

Baffled by the report, the controller asks the navigator:” Could you tell if it was in motion or if it was just hovering?”

The navigator quickly replies: “I couldn’t make it out if it was a balloon or whatnot, but it was just really beaming light or had a big reflection and several thousand feet above us going the opposite direction.”

The entire event lasted around six minutes.

ufo PLAY

Is Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Wedding Venue Haunted?

March 09, 2018 – Jess Bolluyt


Everybody would love to get an invite to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding. But “only” about 800 people get to attend — plus the 25 or so ghosts that are rumoured to haunt their wedding venue at Windsor Castle. It’s no surprise that rumours about royal ghosts have been making the rounds since the castle has a long and storied history. It was built in the year 1070 by William the Conqueror. Here are the various ghosts who might have a front-row seat to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s upcoming wedding.

William of Wykeham Born: 1320  Died: 1404

royal 1

The BBC reports that witnesses have reportedly encountered the ghosts of many historical figures at Windsor Castle. That includes the ghosts of some members of the royal family. But not every spirit spotted at Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding venue belongs to a royal. In fact, some witnesses have encountered the ghost of William of Wykeham. William served as a key architect of Windsor Castle.

As the Royal Collection Trust explains, William the Conqueror chose the site for the castle on the edge of a Saxon hunting ground. It took 16 years to build the castle. But various monarchs made many additions and renovations through the generations. William of Wykeham oversaw the reconstruction of the Upper Ward. That involved building an inner gatehouse, adding royal apartments, and constructing internal courts.

King Henry VIII

Born: June 28, 1491 Died: January 28, 1547

royal 2

Queen Elizabeth II supposedly loves Windsor Castle. And Reader’s Digest notes that King Henry VIII must have loved it, too. As the publication explains, “he hasn’t seemed to have left even though he died hundreds of years ago.” Numerous witnesses have said they spotted his ghost wandering the rooms of the castle. And the BBC reports that some have heard him dragging his feet in the cloisters and groaning. (Perhaps from the pain of his leg ulcers.)

The king supposedly looks despondent and agitated. And some witnesses have described him as “a large man pacing furiously and shouting loudly.” One possible explanation for his agitation? He did behead two of his wives. And he ordered many other people executed. As Reader’s Digest advises, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry might want to steer clear of this ghost.

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Anne Boleyn

Born: Circa 1501 Died: May 19, 1536

royal 3

Elle reports that another well-known ghost supposedly haunts Windsor Castle. Anne Boleyn became the second wife of King Henry VIII. And she was also one of the aforementioned wives whom he had beheaded. She was executed on false charges of incest, witchcraft, adultery, and conspiracy against the king. (In reality, she gave birth to a stillborn son. The king wanted to remarry to have a son and heir.)

Elle reports that after her execution at the Tower of London, “Anne returned to Windsor.” There, many people say they’ve seen her ghost, weeping in a window of the Dean’s Cloister. According to the College of St. George at Windsor Castle, Elizabeth I — the next ghost Meghan Markle and Prince Harry should watch out for — has appeared at the same window.

Queen Elizabeth I

Born: September 7, 1533 Died: March 24, 1603

royal 4

Reader’s Digest reports that Queen Elizabeth I, the daughter of Anne Boleyn, ruled Britain for 44 years “and has never really left.” People claim to have spotted the so-called Virgin Queen at Windsor Castle. She reportedly floats from the royal library to an inner room. According to the BBC, witnesses have even heard the sound of her high heels on the floorboards before they see her appear.

In fact, even members of the royal family have supposedly seen her ghost. Both King George III and King Edward VII said they saw a woman dressed in a black gown and identified her as the queen. And King George VI, father to Queen Elizabeth II, said that he saw the ghost of Elizabeth I on eight consecutive nights at the beginning of World War II.


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King Charles I

Born: November 19, 1600 Died: January 30, 1649

royal 5

The BBC reports that King Charles I also numbers among the ghosts who supposedly haunt Windsor Castle. The publication explains that the monarch reportedly haunts a Canon’s house in the castle precincts.

As Royal Central explains, Charles I lost his head during the English Civil War. (That war took place between 1642 and 1651 and resulted in the execution of Charles I and the exiling of Charles II.) But in light of the way that Charles I died, it seems worth noting that his ghost “is seen whole,” according to Royal Central.

Sir George Villiers

Born: August 28, 1592 Died: August 23, 1628


Bustle reports that witnesses have reportedly spotted Sir George Villiers, the first Duke of Buckingham, in one of the bedrooms at Windsor Castle. The publication notes that the spirit doesn’t seem to have any malicious intent. And he doesn’t seem to have the same temper as some of the other ghosts.

Interestingly enough, The Guardian reports that Villiers is thought to have been a lover of King James VI and I. (Confused by that monarch’s name? He ruled Scotland as James VI and England and Ireland as James I.) No word on whether the king also haunts Windsor Castle.

King George III

Born: June 4, 1738 Died: January 29, 1820

royal 6

The BBC reports that King George III also reportedly haunts Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding venue. “The sad face of mad King George III is seen peering from the window in the room where he was often detained,” the BBC notes. As Royal Central explains, the king was taken from London to Windsor Castle during the most severe periods of his mental illness. So he “spent many a dark night confined within the walls of Windsor Castle.”

Need to brush up on your British history? The monarch got the name “the mad king” for several reasons. As History puts it, “most people remember King George III for two things: 1) losing the American colonies, and 2) losing his mind.” In fact, researchers have suggested, based upon the king’s letters, that he experienced “acute mania,” a hyperactive condition that could resemble the manic phase of bipolar disorder.

Queen Victoria

Born: May 24, 1819 Died: January 22, 1901

royal 7

King Edward VIII made quite the splash when he kindled a romance with the still-married Wallis Simpson, an American socialite. Reader’s Digest characterizes the scandal as “the reality TV of its time.” Royal Central reports that even though Edward never actually became king, he “quickly set about changing things at Windsor at the request of Wallis Simpson.”

Simpson had ideas for several renovations she wanted to make to the castle and its grounds. Reader’s Digest reports that she wanted to remove trees planted by Edward’s great-grandparents, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. Staff set to work. But the trees never came down. The reason why? “The workers were scared away by the clearly unhappy spirit of Queen Victoria waving her arms and moaning loudly,” as Reader’s Digest explains.

Herne the hunter

royal 8

Another famous ghost associated with Windsor Castle? Herne the hunter. The BBC reports that witnesses have frequently encountered this ghost in the Great Park. Legend has it that Herne became the favourite huntsman of King Richard II when he saved the monarch from a cornered stag. Herne was mortally wounded. But supposedly, he was healed through witchcraft, which involved tying the stag’s antlers to his head.

The BBC explains that Herne’s subsequent friendship with the king — plus his skill in the field — made his colleagues jealous. So they framed him for theft. He reportedly grew so ashamed that he hung himself on a tree now known as “Herne’s Oak” in the Home Park at Windsor Castle. Numerous witnesses have reported seeing his ghost going across the Great Park.

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