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Haverfordwest GHOST monk spotted!!!


monk pic 2018 new Click the above image to Watch the video now and then return for more details and analysis

The Paranormal has been dedicated to exploring many of Pembrokeshire’s spooky sightings and exploring many of its myths and The paranormal Chronicles has put Pembrokeshire paranormal phenomena on the media map with its exclusive reports.

Pictures, words and reports (c) The Paranormal

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The paranormal Chronicles in-depth study, investigation and research gave Clay lane outside of Haverfordwest the mantle of one of the most haunted roads in Wales. Our Investigation into the Owl man at St Thomas, The Devil Hound of Llanmill and the Steynton Spectre has fuelled the imaginations of many across the county.

owlmans new.jpg

St Thomas Church – Home of the Mysterious Owlman

The Pembrokeshire haunted Road trip created by The Paranormal Chronicles and its sister site Pembrokeshire Beyond urged paranormal enthusiasts to seek out paranormal adventure searching for the Myths and legends at Nevern, The flying Coffin of Clarbeston, The Waterson lady, The Teenage phantom at Newgale, the Ghost Children at St Govan and many more.

We have collated over 2500 reports in Pembrokeshire alone in the last 4 years. The paranormal Chronicles is truly dedicated to researching and investigating the wonderous paranormal events in Pembrokeshire, West Wales.

st g 1

St Govan’s – Home to many myths and reports of Ghostly Children

With all that said we have one character, one specter, one haunting that best selling Author G L Davies has personally been investigating for over 20 years. This character has had more sightings than of any paranormal entity in Pembrokeshire.

For over 300 years it has been seen.

The Monk of Haverfordwest…


And now we have new sightings to report and our own pictures for you to examine and make your own conclusions on.

He makes his way down union hill that many locals have walked or driven. From the waist down, he is invisible as he travels a long-buried and forgotten footpath. This shadowy specter has been seen many times with the first known report made in 1729 of a cowled and dark apparition making its way to the old Augustinian Priory.

Mr Rob Richards of Haverfordwest reminisced about a sightings, in the 1950’s,  at the end of Quay street where a hooded figure was said to disappear into a gate at the bottom of Union Hill while more recent reports have seen a hooded figure making its way up Tower-hill at the top of Haverfordwest and another seeing a monk-like figure traversing the Rifleman’s field near Winch Lane


On the evening 25th 2018 March, a lady was walking her dog at the Priory Ruin at approx. 10 pm when she was startled by what appeared to be a figure stood in the corner of one of the ruined abbey buildings illuminated by her head torch. Fearing it was a living person skulking in the darkness she quickly hurried away but her dog froze and barked hysterically. When she turned back the torch revealed no one stood there. The figure has vanished in the blink of an eye.

Now as interesting as that may be, could it easily be just a person or possibly a misidentified shadow or bricks within the wall resembling a person.


On Monday 2nd April 2018 we received a message through our Facebook page from a gentleman called Mark who said that while again walking a dog at night at the old priory ruin, that he saw a figure walking towards him in the mist. He said in his torchlight the mist looked like it was forming into a shape, the shape of a man. He claims that the human-shaped mist appeared to have a hood and he could make out the movement of an arm. This dog again reacted defensively but as quickly as the figure had appeared it had vanished.

On Dec 4th around 1:45am on a disappointing cloudy night to capture supermoon pictures G L Davies ended up at his old haunt, Priory ruins, to take some picture and use the opportunity to investigate the Priory ruins monk.

He has charted the monk’s path over the years which starts from St Marys Church retracing the steps of the first of two monks that haunt Haverfordwest. The Brown monk takes a different route and heads into Haverfordwest, towards the Friars,

Gav new slide tpcn

G L Davies, Author of the Haverfordwest based Bestselling A most haunted House and Pembroke Dock controversy: Ghost sex: The Violation

Taking bursts of pictures along the way, he took several dozen at the ruins and headed home.

G L Davies said  ” I am not gifted in that I have no abilities, I witness very little on investigation and since I suffered a mini stroke I am more susceptible to tiredness but during my saunter to the ruins I did feel as if I were being watched and several times felt that the rain and mist was very clumped together in places, which in itself could be an atmospheric solution to what’s happening down there. As per usual With All my pictures and audio I volunteer them to independent researchers for data analysis. I’ve had them back and a few were very interesting.

He continued, “ I am well aware that the power of suggestion is very much at play, in one of the pictures it may just be a person wandering around late at night…I was and that in some cases you can’t really see anything until its pointed out.”


Pictures, words and reports (c) The Paranormal

The Pictures

In Picture A – Like the witness claimed a mist appears to be taking the form of a hooded figure, yes very convenient, but what was of interest was that the mist seems to be in two layers to create this effect, almost 3D, in relation to its surroundings it would be approx. 5 feet 3 inches tall and around 50 centimeters broad.

The large head area does look hooded and an arm could be possibly part of the form. Again not a solid shape and more than likely just a mist illuminated by the camera. What can you see? What do you think?


Can you see the outline of a hooded figure?

hooded figure

The ghostly figure of the Haverfordwest monk or simple Pareidolia?

In this second Picture taken across the Abby, there appears to be a solid figure stood at ground level. Unlike the mist apparition, this has more form and could be possibly just another person strolling the ruins. The light that was identified as an orb but G L Davies can confirm it is one of the street lights from the poet’s corner area as he has been able to capture it several more times. The figure he has not. Could the two incidents be related or are they merely coincidental?


Is that white figure a person, the monk or something else?

priory figure

Is this the Haverfordwest monk in Ghostly form?

priory figure close up jpg

We will include many of the pictures for you to peruse as We would like to hear your feedback. What do you see? What are your theories? Can you pick up on something we have missed? Have you had your own experience with the Monk? If you have any form of interest and you live in Pembrokeshire then we strongly encourage you to investigate.


G L Davies has said. ” I shall continue the search, I shall continue the investigation…but what is more effective than one man with a lifetime of passion and experience to investigate our friend the ghostly monk?….an entire county of people!! The hunt is on!”

More on the Haverfordwest Monk!

Pictures, words and reports (c) The Paranormal

St Marys Haverfordwest. Has a ghostly monk been seen leaving this building?

St Mary’s Haverfordwest. Has a ghostly monk been seen leaving this building?It is here that in the early 1980’s that reports surfaced of a hooded figure making its way down the stone steps and disappearing onto the road that is Tower Hill. Could people from the modern day be seeing the replay of a person long now deceased making their habitual journey from the Church to a destination unknown?


Could it be this shadowy person that is seen in Haverfordwest making its way to the Augustinian Priory?One of the Historical gems at St Mary’s is an effigy of a medieval pilgrim. His identity is unknown but it is hypothesized that he was staying at Haverfordwest on a pilgrimage to St David’s. Dating from around 1450 this is the oldest monument in the church. Could this be the man behind the apparition?

The earliest registers date to 1590 and are probably the oldest to survive in Pembrokeshire. However is our pedestrian phantom from a much earlier time period? paranormal enthusiasts spend most of their time at The Priory Ruin in search of this notorious ghost however it is the route he is most often seen on which yields the most m6

That is where this silent soul makes its way through the sleeping town. We believe there are either two routes or two hooded figures walking the town after the sunsets.

Route 1 leads from St Marys and up to Tower Hill. From here it is seen submerged in the ground at Rifleman’s field and then has been twice at the entrance to Clay lane. Clay Lane is the road connecting to Union Hill ( And possibly the most haunted road in Pembrokeshire – see archives). Union Hill is the most common location for a sighting of the monk.


Route 2 again begins at St Mary’s and is not seen again till the footpath by St Thomas Church. The figure has been seen once again submerged into the concrete and making its way on the path by the Tennis courts and back towards Union Hill.

still connected




Having spoken to recent witnesses about the sightings they encountered we have two points of detail that could help us understand more about the spooky traveler. One is seen to be in a brown or dark robe and the other in grey. Both similar routes but Where were both monks heading to?

There are in fact TWO ghostly monks in Haverfordwest wearing different robes and taking two routes.

Haverfordwest Priory was a house of Augustinian Canons Regular on the banks of the Western Cleddau at Haverfordwest. Dedicated to St. Mary and St. Thomas the Martyr and situated on land given by Robert de Haverford, it was first mentioned around 1200.


 From 1983 to 1986 the site was excavated so that the outlines of the buildings can be seen. Much of the architectural material discovered was of a very good standard and can be seen in Haverfordwest museum. The excavations also revealed a medieval garden complete with raised beds, unique as the only surviving ecclesiastical medieval gardens in Britain and the beds have now been replanted with simple plants appropriate to the period.Priory Ruin, Haverfordwest. Is this the destination of a ghostly monk?


Priory Ruin, Haverfordwest. Is this the destination of a ghostly monk?

Could it be possible that modern locals in Pembrokeshire are viewing a monk traveling home to his Priory hundreds of years later? The distinctive habit of the canon regular that would have been situated at the priory is the rochet, worn over a cassock or tunic, which is indicative of their clerical origins. This has evolved in various ways among different congregations, from wearing the full rochet to the wearing of a white tunic and scapular. Could this have been misidentified in the night time by confounded witnesses as a grey hooded robe?

The monks at this time would have worn something similar to this.


Much work needs to be done and we ask everyone that travels these points to please be vigilant and feel free to report to us any feelings, findings or sightings.

Please, may we note that should you pass the monk on his way home not to be alarmed? In the centuries of sightings, all he has done is simply making his way home.

We have given you a small look into a fascinating metaphysical mystery and much more research and the investigation has to be conducted into the history, geography, and people of Haverfordwest from this ancient time.


It may be that with the correct research we can correctly identify the route and the person using it. There is so much to look into and it gives such incredible insight into the development of the town. This is truly a wondrous chiller that demands dedication and research. This is a riddle that connects the old and new.  It can be a glimpse into the past.

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Do You believe in Ghosts?

Is this Haverfordwest’s most terrifying haunting?

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