Welsh UFO mystery Deepens

UFO mystery deepens plus please complete our poll on full disclosure from the U.K Government.

The Paranormal Chronicles is delighted to announce that  our call for information regarding a UFO sighting on Wednesday 4th June and Thursday 5th June in Pembrokeshire has been covered on a national level. The mirror.co.uk and the Carmarthen Journal  both covered our report as well as many media agencies from around the world with a plea for anyone who has information on the sighting to please get in touch with us.

We have received dozens of emails, thanks to the coverage, of people who saw the object on Wednesday 4th June and early Thursday morning. Reports indicate that the bright star like object was seen to make drastic course changes, was silent and was estimated to be flying at approx. 800 feet. Reports verified that two smaller objects were tracking the larger one and displaying some “fantastic aerial agility.”

Was this a military aircraft being escorted by two smaller ones? It is not uncommon for pictures and video’s to surface on the internet of aircraft escorting other strange unidentified craft. This one below claims that a UFO was seen being chased or escorted by two Fighter Jets on August 14th 2011, many are skeptical. With so many fakes online it is difficult to discern fact from fiction.

UFO's over wales?

With speculation running rife on what the object was, opinions and views we have received so far include the International space station, top secret military aircraft: the Aurora, Owls, an airship and space debris burning up in the earths atmosphere.

We plead to the government that any and all information on the UFO phenomenon be given full disclosure to the people of Britain. We have asked this in todays Poll to get your view on disclosure and please complete further polls and have your say in our paranormal polls section featured on this site. Your voice is important.

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If you have any information or any reports then please email us at paranormalchronicles@aol.com with the subject of UFO.

Here is the full report from the Mirror online:

‘UFO sighting’ over Wales leads paranormal investigator to launch Facebook appeal for witnesses

A paranormal investigator has launched a Facebook appeal for witnesses following a suspected UFO sighting over Wales.

Gavin Davies made the move after an unidentified cluster of lights was spotted in the night sky over west Wales on Thursday evening.

Davies said he was in bed when he saw the fast-moving objects over Haverfordwest.

He launched a Facebook appeal to gather information, photos and footage from anyone else who might have seen the same cluster of lights.

The UFO was described as being one larger, bright light, with two smaller lights around it and was heading east.

Gavin told the Carmarthen Journal: “My immediate suspicion was it was the International Space Station but I checked and it had already passed.”

Davies, who runs the Paranormal Chronicles website, told the Journal that he had received several responses from people who had spotted the object that night.

“It is literally a UFO,” he said. “I’m not saying it’s aliens but at this time we don’t know what it is.”

A post on the Paranormal Chronicles website said: “Reports suggest [the object] was too bright and large to be a Chinese lantern and [that it]made “drastic” course changes.

“No sound was heard coming from the object. The smaller lights “Buzzing” it have not been identified as of yet.

“If you have any information or able to get film or photographic documentation then please contact the Paranormal Chronicles at : Paranormalchronicles@aol.com”

If you have any information on this sighting or on any paranormal experience you have encountered then please get in touch with us. Don’t forget to like this article and share on Facebook and twitter and press the follow button so you don’t miss a thing.

Keep watching the Skies…you never know what you will see.

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