The Pembrokeshire haunted Road trip: Dare you take the challenge?

Do you dare take the challenge?

7  Pembrokeshire paranormal places in one night!


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Compiled by G L Davies ( Send him your findings!


The Paranormal Chronicles and its sister group Pembrokeshire Beyond welcome all to the first of hopefully many Pembrokeshire haunted road trips. We dare all of you hardcore paranormal investigators and enthusiasts to try our selection of Pembrokeshire locations with alleged paranormal activity.

We will tell you where to go, what to expect to see and the possibility of an encounter in this guide. So why not fill the car up with some hardcore friends, have your camera’s at the ready and enjoy your own paranormal adventure? Why not send us your proof that you took the challenge by posting some vids or photo’s of your journey into the unknown on our Facebook wall. Please though while running this ghostly gauntlet please keep sensible and keep safe!

If you can’t get to Pembrokeshire then read on for some startling spectral stories and if you have your own group then why not start up your own local road trip!

We are keeping to our old haunts for our first road trip. 7 locations that have been documented here on Pembrokeshire Beyond or on our sister page The Paranormal Chronicles will be our first choices. We will Include links at the end of this guide for those of you that like to know what you are hunting.

Share with your friends and then let us begin!

The Pembrokeshire Beyond haunted road trip #1

The Pembrokeshire Beyond haunted road trip #1

St Thomas Church. Home of the Owl man? Picture taken by G L Davies

Location 1: St Thomas Church, Haverfordwest.

What to expect: Great starting point in the centre of Haverfordwest. St Thomas has been the home of the infamous OWL man. The owl man has been seen since the 1950’s and was recently sighted in November 2013. The Owl man is a man or creature said to jump down from trees onto unsuspecting walkers. It is said he wears a cloak of feathers. It will then dash off into the night. Man or Myth you decide? Also, keep an eye out for mist like apparitions and the hooded monk making his way back to the Augustine Priory.

The probability of encounter: 40%.The owl man seems to come out of his tree in November however the hooded monk is one of the most common supernatural sightings in the area.

Which of the 7 paranormal encounters will you experience at Clay lane?

Location 2: Clay lanes, Haverfordwest.

What to expect: The quiet country road connecting Haverfordwest to Merlin’s Bridge may be the most metaphysically active road in the county. Be on the look out for a ghostly woman dashing across the bridge overhanging the Freeman’s way bypass, giant white lights spotted in the field to the top  right of the hump-backed bridge, A phantom hitch-hiker at the gate at the top of the hill, a white/ grey  lady at the Haroldston ruins, a feeling of dread and fear on the road by the entrance to the ruins, a transparent walker on the road and the yellow eyes of a strange beast.

The probability of encounter: 80%.  Many walk the road with no issues however those of a more sensitive disposition have had terrible experiences on the lane. Our very own Keryn Williams is suspecting of a dark force on the road.Not recommended for those easily spooked but a must for those who love the thrill of the hunt. Try parking your car up and walk the length of the lane….in the dark.

Will you see it at Steynton?

Location 3: The A4076 that connects Milford Haven to Haverfordwest

What to expect: The road running from Haverfordwest to Milford Haven was home to an epidemic of sightings earlier this year. 44 sightings in two weeks.The road has two locations of interest. As you enter Johnston and at Steynton, A tall, lanky figure is seen to dash out across the road and alarm motorists. Legend says if you see the shadowy figure waiting by the church in Steynton and you don’t pick it up it will appear in your back seat and you will be involved in an accident not long after! Other sightings of strange anomaly include a Timeslip and ghostly sighting at the Redstock Bridge.

The probability of encounter: 70%. Theories on the recent abundance of sightings from Pembrokeshire motorists seem to point at the road works having disrupted something of a paranormal origin. With the works in full effect will you see something on the road? Please drive safe and make sure you don’t look in the back seat after dark…

Will you see a ghostly old lady on The Waterston road?


Location 4: Waterston Road

What to expect: The Waterston Lady. She is Pembrokeshire’s most prolific sighting. For decades an old woman in a ragged dress and emitting an eerie blue glow is said to be seen on this road.  There is also said to be a lady seen holding a bundle of rags. Is it the same lady or is there two? Look out for a ghostly horse and carriage while you are the road too!

The probability of encounter: 80% She is more often seen on weekends between 10 p.m and 1 a.m. Is she trying to catch the pubs before they close for some well-earned spirits? Be careful on the road adventurers.

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Location 5: Clarbeston

What to expect: The small road between Lys Y Fran and Clarbeston has terrified two unsuspecting travellers. A flaming coffin is said to travel through the road and over the hedgerow. The object was said to have knocked a man off his bicycle and gave him a terrible scare while another man walking thought the object was on collision to kill him. Thankfully the fiery coffin flew off above the hedge and disappeared into the night with no harm to the witness.

The probability of Encounter: 10%. The coffin was seen in the 1950’s and again in the early 1970’s. However, could it be your turn next to see it?

Will you see the apparition dash across the road?

Location 6. Newgale / The Welsh Road

What to expect: A man is said to run across the road into the path of unsuspecting motorists. he has been described as young with fair hair while others have described him as wearing a red jacket. Locals have confirmed the sightings since the early 1990’s. Who is this apparition that disappears into the rock face? With sightings as recent as last month making local news could it be your turn next to see him?

The probability of encounter: 50%. He has been seen recently but the sightings tend to be bunched together. Is it the last we will see of him for a while or is a new cluster of sightings imminent?

Location 7: Broad Haven

woman on road

What to expect: Having driven from New Gale past Nolton to Broad Haven keep your eyes peeled for strange lights and objects. Broad Haven was the epicentre of a UFO and alien activity epidemic from 1977 to 1982.  9-foot tall floating aliens, orange balls of light, disembodied limbs, cattle moved miles in seconds and an encounter with the Men in black was just a handful of the many reports from the time.

The probability of encounter: 30%. Pembrokeshire Beyond has received 10 UFO reports in Pembrokeshire this year. 3 of them have been while travelling to and from Broad Haven. Our advice…keep watching the skies.

We hope you enjoy this road trip. The 7 locations have been compiled by G L Davies and we urge you to please keep safe while investigating. If you have an experience or have an encounter then please contact us at and one of the team will get back to you as soon as possible. Please follow us on Facebook and please keep in touch, we love hearing from you.

There are hundreds of locations in the county to explore. There will be more Road trips coming soon!!


Is this the most haunted house in Pembrokeshire?

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