The St Govan Chapel Mystery

St Govan's Chapel, Pembrokeshire

Is this Pembrokeshire’s most mysterious location?

Chronicled by G.L Davies    

After our record breaking amount of views for the Ghosts at St Govans article that took the Pembrokeshire county by storm ( Link at end of article) we thought it would be a great time to re-visit some of the fantastic ancient myths, legends and Ghostly encounters of one of the WORLDS more enigmatic and ancient locations. St Govans. Join the investigation and enjoy the stunning photographs and head with us into ancient and mysterious west Wales.

We at the paranormal chronicles have always had the sense that we are blessed to be based in the beautiful and ancient land that Is Pembrokeshire, west Wales and we feel it is our duty to endeavor to try and share with you, our global investigators of the unknown, our investigations and adventures. During the Easter of this year we braved the wind and waves that battered the coast of Pembrokeshire to bring you closer to some ancient myths and legends that have been deeply interwoven into the fabric that is the history of west Wales. We were there to visit the spectacularly ancient and mysterious St Govan’s chapel, near Pembroke. This incredible location is marinated in folk lore and legend and with the swelling and angry sea crashing along the coast it was a perfect day to explore these ancient mysteries.

Pembrokeshire Coast

It was a fantastic opportunity for the newest member of the team, R.L Armstrong to photograph the Chapel and the sea and wind battered coast line. R. L Armstrong braved cliffs and rock strewn coves to bring you closer to the location, she believes it is her responsibility to bring the area to life for you and that no matter where in the world you reside that you are here with us, a companion sharing our adventure. We want you to feel the energy and power as the sea crashed into the ancient coast line, to feel the wind and it’s chill as it howled a furious song.

Irish sea from St Govan's

The ancient chapel looks as if it has been carved from the cliff face, grey and solid; the chapel has stood there for over 1500 years. As you Stand there, you get the sense that the place is timeless; that what you see today was the same as when the chapel was constructed. As R.L Armstrong bravely climbed further into the rocks to gain a better vantage to capture some great shots of the chapel and the sea, I felt overwhelmingly insignificant. Trivial and small matters simply vanish as you watch the sea rise and crash in deafening booms against the rugged coast and you ponder the power of the earth and how easy it would be to be swept away and battered against the rocks, fighting for that final breath. In a location like this you realize how precious but fragile life is and that every day is a new adventure to be valued and appreciated.

St Govan's

St Govan’s is situated on Pembrokeshire coast national park and is near the town of Pembroke. The Chapel was home to a 6th century hermit and monk called Govan. It is said that marauding pirates saw an opportunity to kidnap Govan and hold him for a large ransom from the monastery. While on their mission to capture the man of peace and God he managed to escape and a rock opened up by the chapel, just large enough for him to hide in, so he could escape the sea dogs. The pirates were befuddled to the where abouts of the Hermit and when they left the rock opened up as miraculously as it had closed and out emerged , safe and unharmed, Govan. The rock had saved him. Govan was said to be so appalled and guilt ridden by his cowardice that he never left the place and became a watchman for the area, to warn the parishioners of the Bosheston area of unwelcomed Pirate activity.

Map of the Chapel at St Govan's

Poor Govan had further problems with the Pirates when they stole his prized silver bell, quite a prize for the scoundrels of the sea. Again Govan felt ashamed at his incompetence and he prayed with all his will and might that God help him and help he received. Angels were said to have appeared and recovered the bell and the bell was placed inside a rock for safe keeping. Govan would then tap the rock and a note a thousand times that of an ordinary bell would be heard.  What became of the thieving pirates that stole his prized bell has been lost through the ages like tears in rain. An altar has been carved in the said rock for pilgrims to the area to praise.

The Bell Rock at St Govan's

St Govan died in 568 AD and his remains placed under the Altar so he could stick to his word of protecting the Parish. In the chapel you can see a fissure in the wall which is the supposed location of the rock that saved him and in the rock is rib like indentations, said to be the imprint of Govan’s ribs as the rock enclosed him. The Chapel is damp and cold with small windows carved into its sides. People have claimed to see faces and events in the walls of the Chapel and R.L Armstrong has captured an image for you to analyse to see if you can see anything of a paranormal essence. If you can then please contact us as we would be fascinated to hear what you believe you can see.

Do you see anything strange?

The chapel well is said to cure eye complaints, skin disease and rheumatic tendencies so if you suffer greatly from these maladies then a pilgrimage to this beautiful and ancient spot would be highly recommended. Maybe you will experience your own miracle. The steps leading down to the chapel are also said to have a magical element preside over them in that no mortal is said to be able to count the steps. On two attempts our count was 76 and then 72 and when we asked some friendly Russian tourists if they would mind helping us they counted 74 and 77. Is it that we just lose count, perhaps some of the smaller uneven steps are counted twice or not counted at all, maybe there is something unearthly at work there? If you ever count them then please tell us what number you came too.

The magical steps of St Govan's Chapel

Many ghostly lights have been said to be seen on the cliffs in the area, light like lanterns swaying in the wind, perhaps the spirits of malevolent folk trying to make unsuspecting ships crash against the rocks for their precious cargo or maybe the ghost lights of long lost smugglers rendezvousing in the chilled blackness of the night. Perhaps the saddest of all is the story of an elderly couple. It is said that a couple grew old and in love and their lives were as intertwined as night and day. Childless they depended greatly on each other and never left each other’s side. St Govan’s chapel was their favourite spot for a Sunday drive and even into their seventies they would brave the rocks and waves and sit against the cliff and sit there, holding each other, keeping each other warm and safe. Their love was pure and unconditional but sadly the wife took ill and it was tragically diagnosed that she had terminal cancer. She died not long after. Heartbroken and alone the man was lost. However her last wishes to him were that he enjoy life and carry on until the day they would one day be back together, young and healthy in a place of love and light, their love strong and unbreakable. It is said that he visited the spot every Sunday for a year and could be seen sat alone, staring into the sea. Then one day he stood up and simply stepped off and vanished into the unrelenting crashing waves and his body was lost amongst the unforgiving waves. He has been seen several times by visitors to the area. People claim they have seen from the corner of their eye, as they explore the rocks and caves in the area, an old man jump into the sea and vanish. Alarmed people have ran over to help him just to be greeted by the ferocity of the sea as it battles the Pembrokeshire coast for eternity.  Did the old man find peace and is in the arms of the woman he loved or has he been cursed for taking his own life by having to re-enact his final moments over and over till the world is no more?

St Govan's. Pembrokeshire

St Govan is an incredible place to visit with so much in the area including spectacular coast line, a World War 1 bunker, the huntsman’s leap and a firing range to name just a few and next time the paranormal chronicles ventures down we will bring you along for more adventure and mystery. If you ever get the chance to visit then please do so. It is a mysterious place entrenched into the fabric of Welsh Culture. If you wish to read more paranormal accounts from this incredible area then click on this link below and please press the follow button on this page so you never miss out.


St Govan's Chapel, Pembrokeshire


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Stinking spectres terrify investigators

pc 4

The chilling Stinking men of Pembroke Castle terrify paranormal investigators.

Location: Pembroke Castle, Pembrokeshire

Chronicled & Photographed by G L Davies

Pembroke Castle, Pembrokeshire

I am frequently asked have I ever been truly frightened by a paranormal event and after deep consideration there is one particular instance that did genuinely perturbed me. Of course investigations can have its chilling or confusing moments where for a second you question everything you know to be real in the world, turn it on its head and have to re-evaluate your own personal beliefs while you try and make sense of what you have witnessed.

Occasionally on an investigation the sheer ambience and atmosphere will in itself cause a fear factor and a bump or a bang can cause the heart to beat fast and the hands to grow clammy, but these moments are what fuels a paranormal investigator, the quest for the truth, the search for evidence and the adrenaline pumping through your veins will make it a very exciting experience.

However one night did frighten me, not for a moment or two but to this day. It lingers in my mind like an irremovable stench. There are of course probable explanations but I was lucky to share the experience with others. None of us mentioned it at the exact time but a few minutes later we all had the same story, the same detail. Was it just suggestion, our minds creating a group hallucination due to the environment we were in or was there something more?

The location where we experienced the activity is one of the most impressive that you could ever hope to attend for an investigation. The location is the incredible Pembroke castle in South west Wales.

Pembroke castle is a medieval Norman style castle with 16 feet thick walls and battlements that reach 75 feet high. The castle juts up from an ancient rock formation and is surrounded by the river Cleddau that creates a natural defence. Underneath the castle is a huge natural cave called Wogans cavern that has shown evidence that early man had a community based there and in castle times was used as a boat house and cargo warehouse. The castle was built in 1093 AD and has resisted many attacks and several sieges and is the birthplace of King Henry VII. The castle was still in use till the mid-17th century and the families, the people and the events that took place there are richly woven into the tapestry of local history.

Before I continue with my chilling experience you need to realize just how important the castle was in terms of how it played its part in shaping the history of the United Kingdom. During the English civil war Pembroke castle surprisingly declared itself as an ally to Parliament and not to the throne. It was besieged by Royal troops and was only saved when Parliamentary re-enforcements arrived by sea to smash the stranglehold but then an amazing decision was made by the lords of Pembroke castle and that was to switch sides and ally itself with the Royals. Parliamentary advocate and key historic figure Oliver Cromwell personally oversaw the new siege of the castle as he was shocked by their betrayal and needed to personally resolve the situation and after a desperate 7 weeks finally took the castle and all that had betrayed parliament were tried for treason and the castle ordered to be dismantled. This chapter in the castle history could easily be part of the Game of throne series for its alliances, turns and betrayals. It remained abandoned until its restoration begun in 1880.

Wogans cavern. Pembroke Castle

Wogans cavern. Pembroke Castle

Now if we fast forward to a summers night in 2004 when I was privy to join a group of amateur ghost hunters and paranormal investigators that had secured a night at the castle, the first thing that surprises you by the castle is just how intact it is. This is no pile of rubble but a huge area with an intact keep, living areas, towers and even the room where Henry the VII was born; it really is a beautiful castle and a testament to the engineers and builders of the time and the efforts of the restoration.

The group that we accompanied were made up of two sections. Group one was the Investigators with camera’s, recorders and other equipment and group two was those with alleged mediumship ability. We started with the mediums and made our way through the grounds to the keep.

I vividly remember the keep, cold and black against the moonlit sky. The Pembroke castle keep is a huge round structure which would have supported a huge wooden fighting platform so that should the castle be attacked the defenders could attack the assailants from above, giving them a huge tactical advantage. Inside it is a huge empty building with a spiral staircase disappearing up to the point of the keep.

Once inside it was pitch back and we could hear the flutter of disturbed nesting birds high above us and a slight cool breeze blew in behind us with the entrance way illuminated by the moonlight. Inside through the torchlight we could very little apart from shafts of light from the torches highlighting speckles of dust floating in the air. We were told to gather in a circle and to turn off our lights. I stood there and in my mind I tried to imagine what it would have been like in here when the castle was still in operation, I tried to imagine the people that would have worked here. I do this on every investigation as I try to connect to the building and imagine the lives of the people that would have or do live there.

We gathered in that dark open space, I had my good friend and investigator G.T White and an investigator from London called Emma to my left. We all linked hands, there were perhaps twelve; maybe thirteen of us in all, and the medium began to speak. At first you could sense she was nervous as she began telling jokes but maybe she was just trying to get us relaxed, she blessed us all saying we were not here as enemies but as journeymen on a quest for enlightenment and she asked our spirit guides to protect us from any insidious spirits that perhaps remained.

As we stood there, I could barely make out anything in the dark, night vision was returning from all the torch activity but I could see G.T White and Emma in the gloom and the silhouettes of others across from me in the circle. The medium began to ask questions to speak openly and loudly into the echoing keep and I kept my senses alert. I listened intently for any noise, any chills or sounds and then I smelt something quite, quite awful. It was worse than excrement or rotting food, it was suffocating; it was so repugnant that if I hadn’t had felt so stifled and breathless by the overpowering smell that I would have been sick. My immediate thought was that perhaps someone in the circle was more frightened that they were letting on and perhaps had soiled themselves but then in the gloom a feet from me, I noticed something in the darkness between me and the other side of the circle; A small shadowy figure, it was blacker than the darkness that had enveloped us. Had someone left the circle or had crept in, was I perhaps hallucinating or my night vision playing tricks on me. The medium did not seem to be aware and I watched the figure uncurl so to speak and stand straight, five feet perhaps but no more. G.T spoke out to my right and asked “Can anyone else smell that?” to which there were answers from the darkness of “Yes, what is it” and “It’s making me sick.” I kept my eyes on the shadow person in the middle of the circle and was startled to see it move up close to where G.T was, G.T’s hand suddenly tightened around mine, the pain incredible and he released when the thing moved and stood directly in front of me, it’s stinking face a few inches from mine as it peered up. I will admit that I have never been so frightened by anything like this before or after. It had a pure black face. No distinguishable features. Its countenance was one of evil intent and a desire to do harm. It never spoke a word but those feelings washed over me in a cold and depressing fog. It was the first time that I ever wanted to run out of an investigation. The creature moved from me and to Emma and her hand tightened on mine and she said “There is something here!” The medium replied, “Yes his name is Andrew and he is curious about us.” and as she said this I realized there was another shadowy figure in the gloom and was doing the same as the first. When he peered at me, I thought I would collapse; I thought that I would despair to the point that I would never see light and life again, that I would never feel love again, that the world was an evil stinking decaying pit. It was the personification of dread and death, it quickly moved from me, much to my relief but then its focus was on Emma, who then shrieked, let go of my hand and ran from the keep. The medium shouted “Don’t break the circle, don’t break the circle!!” which everyone did very quickly and made their way to the moonlit entrance way. G.T and I ran out to see if Emma was O.K. and she sat there in the courtyard in the moonlight, sobbing. I asked her if she was ok and she said “No, I just starred death in the face.” G.T looked at me and said “I saw it too; there were two awful things in there. It was like death”

I was so confused by the experience, the fear, the moroseness and the depression and the overwhelming stench. I described my experience to them both, both interrupting to concur with my story, finishing my sentences for me. Exasperated I walked slowly back to the keep and met the medium on my way. I asked her what had happened in there and she casually replied that some children were in there trying to pull down her trousers. I asked if she knew what the smell was, what had happened to us and she replied “what smell?” Sadly she had not shared our experience and was unable to offer any explanation.

Pembroke Castle, Pembrokeshire.

Pembroke Castle, Pembrokeshire.

I spoke to some of the others in the circle. All had the same experience but four left immediately before I could speak to them. Something terrible either still resided in the keep or we had given it the power to manifest.  Maybe the power of suggestion, our mere presence within that particular environment and our motives had created the illusion of the stinking men, maybe we had overridden our rationale and our senses controlled our perception of events. I have researched over the years looking for an explanation, I have none yet. I have spoken to dozens of people who have worked and visited there and none had an inkling of an idea what the stinking men could be and none had a similar experience.

Perhaps for whatever reason the stinking men only felt the need to contact those in the circle, maybe for some of us there was more than just the dread and fear, maybe for the people that left they were giving a more horrendous message from the stinkers. To this day I have not been able to track down the four people that left early that night. I just pray that they haven’t taken home any unwelcomed visitors with them, for whatever those entities were they are the closest I have come to experiencing pure evil and to this day the memory of the presence of the stinking men makes me sick and fearful. Pray you never encounter them.

If you have experience something similar or would like to share an opinion, theory or just get in touch then please email: and please FOLLOW  us on our website so you don’t miss any upcoming blogs.

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Did Ghost ruin Honeymoon?

With so many pictures and stories emerging online of paranormal sexual abuse do you think there is a rational explanation or something more to this?
With so many pictures and stories emerging online of paranormal sexual abuse do you think there is a rational explanation or something more to this?

Did the sexual attentions of a ghost ruin a marriage? Read now the account of the Ghost of Red Mary. Warning this is a graphic and detailed paranormal account.

Location: Cardiganshire/Ceredigion, Wales.

We love your emails and messages that we receive at the Paranormal Chronicle offices and your feedback, opinions and stories inspire us on our journey into the unknown. You may have gathered if you have been to this website before that we like to pose questions and dilemma’s to you and we hope that when you read our investigations, our accounts and our e-novels and that you ponder and ask yourself  “what would I have done?” We certainly hope that you ask yourself that question after reading this heart breaking account.

This tragic account is from a lady from Fishguard, West Wales who was unfortunate enough to have an experience with an extremely sexually promiscuous female spirit that turned her attention to her husband…on their honeymoon.

As is common now we remind you that this account is of a sexually descriptive and disturbing nature and that those of a more conservative nature may wish to discontinue reading now. We ask you, as armchair investigators, to read the account and leave us feedback on what you believed happened. Your responses are invaluable to us and are an important aspect of our investigations. There is no right or wrong and your views are respected.

Here in her own words is the account that Samantha experienced during her honeymoon.

The wedding day was perfect. You could not have asked for a better day. We had married in a small old church on the coast and traveled up to Fishguard to have the reception. I had met Dave a year before online and he had moved up to Pembrokeshire and he had popped the question.

 We were very much in love and we were at an age where it was good to meet someone and settle down. I was in my mid-forties and Dave was in his early fifties. Neither of us had children but it was nice to think that we would have each other and companionship till our dying day.

 We had our friends and family down and it was a beautiful day, I didn’t need a lavish dress or a Rolls Royce to pick me up it was all about being together and being with our friends and family. We were blessed with sunshine, the smell of the sea and great people.

 We had decided that we would book into a coastal hotel up in Cardiganshire (West Wales). We had been to Spain and Malta in the year so we didn’t need anything fancy or expensive just a nice quiet place where we could be together. We wanted somewhere quiet and romantic.

 We got to the hotel and it was lovely, quaint and old fashioned and you could see the coast from the car park, it was lovely. We went into reception and there were all these old photos from the 19th century. There was an old man at the reception with a bald head and big white pork chop whiskers and he was very polite and helpful and as he carried our bags to the honeymoon suite he said that some of the guests had complained about Red Mary, a broken hearted ghost who had lost her husband at sea and had slept around to feel accepted. The story goes that a newlywed couple had found her dead in the bathroom of the hotel with her wrists slashed. It seemed that no other woman could have a man but her and she went out of her way to cause marital problems and eventually her despair consumed her and committed the act of suicide. Dave and I laughed and joked as we don’t believe in that kind of thing.

 That night, I put on my sexy nightwear ready to consummate the marriage, not that we had saved ourselves, not at all, but tradition is good. Dave was in the bathroom for ages and I thought, I hope he is O.K and I opened the door and he was stood there naked, eyes closed, with an erection. I asked him if he was O.K and he looked startled and shocked and quickly grabbed a towel and covered himself up. He was red in the face and he was looking around the bathroom all confused. I thought maybe he was just knocking one out so he would perform better. I am no prude and masturbation is a key part of sexual activity as far as I am concerned.

I grabbed him by the arm and led him to bed and I began to pleasure his tumescence but he seemed distant and showed no interest. He lost his rigidity and asked that he be excused to go to the bathroom. I was curious to why he was so prudish as we had been very wild and adventurous over the last year.

I lay there and Dave was gone another five minutes or so and so I got up and I went back into the bathroom and there he was again. Naked, proud as a trooper, eyes closed, holding his hand just above his crotch area like he was rubbing something. I was furious. I asked him what he thought he was doing and he panicked again and said “Nothing, nothing, just getting ready.” And he had the audacity to ask for another five minutes peace!!

I was livid and I put on my coat and stormed out of the room and headed to the bar. I sat there with a gin and tonic expecting him to come down and apologize. He didn’t and I could not understand what had gotten into him. It’s an awful shock to think that maybe you have married the wrong man that might have some issues. Twenty minutes passed and I though damn him and I stormed up and barged into the room and the sick bastard was sat in bed, again with an erection and was making weird sucking noise with his mouth, flicking his tongue out and his hands were moving as if on an invisible body. I was shocked and then I watched him ejaculate in a huge squirt even though there was nothing stimulating his penis. I screamed at him and he jumped off the bed and said that it was all her fault. I screamed at him and asked to whom was he referring to and he said the woman and was pointing frantically into the corner of the room. I could see no one but my perverted new husband, standing naked and shamed.

I did what any sane woman should do and that was to throw him out. He protested and was adamant that she was in there. I was furious. I had married a lunatic and now it was all over. Everything had been for nothing.

I lay on the bed sobbing and I sat up and for a quick second through my blurry eye I saw a naked woman, in her early thirties with long red hair flowing onto her chest. I was shocked and I saw the gaping gash’s on her wrists where severe cuts had been made. She smiled a sickly smile and she simply vanished.

Had Dave been telling the truth? I spoke to him in the morning and I asked him to describe this woman and he said she had long red hair and pale skin. I was appalled. He said that it was like he was under a spell and he was addicted to her. I contacted the hotel owner the following week and asked more about the story and they said that a pale, red headed woman had been seen and either the husband or the wife staying there fled the room, but never both.

I tried to fix it with Dave but every time I saw him or he attempted to touch me I saw his face, his shame from that night and after four months of other issues that mounted up, we were over and he moved back to Brighton.

Years later I was re-searching the haunting and found out that the room was no longer a honeymoon suite that a fire had gutted that side of the hotel and the remains of the room had been made into two single rooms, not doubt a tremendous surprise for lonely travelling businessmen.

I never believed till that night in ghosts but a spirit defiantly broke my marriage and I say to any honeymooners that you check the room you are staying in first. If that room has history of the supernatural then don’t risk it. Find another hotel!!

We are grateful for the account and please feel free to contact us with your experiences at  and please follow us on this website. Would you tell anyone if you had sex with a Ghost? Would anyone believe you or would they think that you were suffering from a psychological break down?

The ghost sex phenomenon appears to be more widespread on a global level that we first anticipated based on your feedback and any information we can receive from yourself will be greatly appreciated. Could such a thing exist? We are skeptical but with so many accounts emerging could there in fact be something more to this?

If you enjoy paranormal accounts of this nature then you may wish to join the investigation on possibly  the most chilling and disturbing haunting the U.K has ever known. Ghost sex: The violation has been described as “Brutal and traumatic.” and set in Pembroke Dock in Pembrokeshire.

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Has the Owl man returned to Haverfordwest?


Will the OWL MAN make an appearance this November?

Based at St Thomas Church Yard, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire.

Chronicled and Photographed by G L Davies

St Thomas's, Haverfordwest. Pic: G L Davies

St Thomas’s, Haverfordwest. Pic: G L Davies

It’s not all ghosts, hauntings and UFO sightings at The Paranormal Chronicles. Occasionally a bizarre case will come our way but has just enough plausibility that we are obligated to investigate.  I had heard about this strange creature when I was growing up but it had become forgotten and lost and when the subject re-emerged a few months ago then I just had to take a closer look.

When I was around eleven years old I had started to get interested in the paranormal and at this time there was an old drunk that lived near me. He was a former crew member on a merchant navy ship but a kindly enough man. He was a character to say the least with every other word a colorful metaphor and he seemed perpetually attached to a tankard of his home brew. One summer he told me that around twenty years previously (This would have been the mid 1960’s) that he was walking (drunk of course) through the St Thomas Church yard in Haverfordwest one night on his way to another pub when he was frightened out of his wits by a “Giant owl” that flew from a tree above him and landed in front of him. He claimed the owl creature was about 6 feet tall had the legs of a man, the wings of a bird and a round face made up of white hair and feathers with a protruding nose not a beak.

The fellow said that he sobered up quickly and ran as fast as could and when he found safety in the pub he found nothing but ridicule and jokes at his expense apart from an elderly man who claimed that he had seen the Owl man around 10 years previously which had frightened him early one morning while the town was still slumbering before the start of a new day.

I quizzed my drunken man for further information but that was all he could re-cant, he said one minute he was drunk the next he was running for his life. Now, obviously  as excited as I was by this tale I had colossal amounts of doubts as the man was in fact inebriated most of the time however to his credit this was the only time he ever shared a story of its ilk as they usually consisted of him rambling on about his navy days.

That Character sadly died a few years later due to alcohol related illness and with him the Owl man and as I moved on in life, the story was filed away deep in my mind. That was until recently.


A young couple were walking through St Thomas’s on their way to the Haverfordwest town centre in early November, 2013. To help set the scene, St Thomas’s is a church that has stood proud above Haverfordwest for over quarter of millennia and serves the local parish. Today it is surrounded by broken graves and rusted spiked railings with tall dark tree’s towering above. A lane runs along the grave yard and the backs of the old houses of Goat Street. In the grey light of winter it is the epitome of a gothic setting.

They claimed that a large man or creature covered in feathers had jumped down from one of the trees and ran through the church yard at St Thomas’s.

They were frightened and they ran off down Goat Street and to the bottom of the high street. The young man returned with a friend a short time after to see if he could take a picture of the creature but to no avail. The girl spoke to some friends who had said they had listened to the live paranormal investigation I had conducted for Halloween which was broadcast on 102.5 Radio Pembrokeshire and I was soon messaged by herself on Facebook regarding the incident.

St Thomas's. Haverfordest. Pic: G L Davies

The girl shall remain anonymous until a time she feels more comfortable as she is well known at a local retailers and does not wish to be harassed or ridiculed however she has very kindly allowed me to publish her account in an attempt to see if anyone who reads this may have some information on the night’s events.

GLD:  So tell me in as much detail as you can what you saw that evening.

Witness:  We had just come from the cinema, it was around 10pm and we were to walk into town for a few drinks and meet up with friends as I was off the day after (Sunday). We walked the small road that leads to St Thomas’s and then the lane that runs through next to the railing and the church yard. It had a street light and I’ve walked it a few times and never felt threatened or anything. We were half way down, with the tree’s hanging above us and I heard this rustling and this thing fell and landed on the ground behind the railing. It was like a giant bird.

GLD:  When this thing fell did it land upright or did it land crouched?

Witness: It landed crouched and then it stood up, stretched its wings and then ran off across the yard. I screamed and we ran.

GLD: Did it make any noise that you can recall?

Witness: We heard the rustling and it did make an Urrggh noise when it landed and then it ran off.

GLD: What colour was the creature?

Witness: It was dark but of what I recall it had white and grey feathers but mainly white.

GLD: Recall as much as you can, I really need you to be there. I need you to be back in that moment, O.K.?  I need you to remember how you felt, was it cold after leaving the cinema, can you smell the tree’s and vegetation as you walk past them. Are you excited to be going into town? Bring yourself back to the moment.

Witness: It’s cold, we leave the cinema from the side entrance and people are heading off in every direction, some are laughing and chatting, a few cars pass us and we walk up towards the leisure centre, then we cross the road and walk left up that small street towards St Thomas’s and walk past the main gate. Some of the houses in the small street have the lights on. They look cosy. It’s cold outside. We are walking down the path and Dave (Boyfriend) has his arm around me and I’m excited to have a drink and get to the Friars (Pub) then I hear this rustling and this thing drops from a tall dark tree. It’s just a blur of white. It looks small, when it lands and then stands up. It’s the size of a man, tall really tall, it has its back to us and it stretches its wings and it’s covered in white and grey feathers. It looks huge. It then runs with its wings outstretched we don’t see its face or anything else and we ran. I didn’t see where it went too.

GLD: Recall where the feathers came to; were they just on its arms, wings, and back or all the way down to its feet?

Witness: No, the feathers came to say the back of its knee’s and then its legs were just grey.

GLD: Skinny legs like a bird or thicker like a man’s.

Witness: I’m not sure, it happened so quickly. Thick I think, not twig skinny.

GLD: Did you see its feet? Recall, think hard did it have talons like a bird or feet like a man or something else?

Witness: I can’t honestly remember.

GLD: Owls populate the area could it have been an owl; would you recognize an Owl or other large bird?

Witness: A man brought one into school once and it was massive but this one was huge, it was taller than my boyfriend and he is around six foot.

GLD: What did your boyfriend say when he and his friends came back?

Witness: He said they walked the path again and looked but could not see anything at all. My friend said it might be a swan but this was big, really big.

GLD: Would you say it could have been a man dressed up?

Witness: Yeah but why? He would have to hide in a tree in the middle of now where and then drop out of a tree. You could hurt yourself for a start. Everyone thinks I’m making it up but we did see something in the graveyard.

I explain to her that this is not the first time I have heard this story to which she was relieved. I told her about an incident in the 1950’s and the 1960’s and she asked if I ever find any further information to please let her know.


Did Haverfordwest have its own Mothman type Creature? (Mothman is a legendary creature reportedly seen in thePoint Pleasant area of West Virginia from 15 November 1966 to 15 December 1967. The first newspaper report was published in the Point Pleasant Register dated 16 November 1966, titled “Couples See Man-Sized Bird…Creature…Something”. Mothman was introduced to a wider audience by Gray Barker in 1970, later popularized by John Keel in his 1975 book The Mothman Prophecies, claiming that Mothman was related to a wide array of supernaturalevents in the area and the collapse of the Silver Bridge. The 2002 film The Mothman Prophecies, starring Richard Gere, was based on Keel’s book- Wikipedia)

Or were perhaps local residents creating this creature to harass and scare for their own amusement or some other motive?

I began delving through local parish records and looking at the census reports from the time the Church was built to Current times to see if they were any clues, anything of significance that could be attached to the sightings. In a newspaper clipping from 1963 it stated that some pedestrians using the side lane along St Thomas’s had been startled by a man in strange garb that had leapt out at them making strange sounds. Surely this was our Owl man? I now had 4 potential sightings stretched over a 50 year period, one recorded in the local paper and recent account just months old.

My immediate reaction was that this was no paranormal creature, nothing to get the cryptozoologist excited about. This was, I believed, a man and for whatever purpose was dressing up as a bird and frightening unsuspecting passers-by at St Thomas’s. The clues were that the creature crouched and make a “Uggh” noise when it landed just as a person would if it fell or leapt from any great height, that when it’s wings were spread that it had man sized grey legs and it ran off immediately not giving anyone a detailed look at its features. This person liked the thrill and the element of terror he imposed on the unsuspecting plus he liked his anonymity as surely after 50 years someone would know who he  was. Now he was either very old and had come out of retirement a few days after Halloween 2013 despite perhaps being in his 70’s or 80’s or someone had taken up his mantle. This was now my main focus to find out who was doing this and why.

After some interviewing some locals I was informed that a lady that had lived in the area for over 50 years was still a resident in the area. I had to speak to her as surely she would have heard of this strange occurrence.

Mrs Thomas (You get used to such coincidences) was a widow in her late 70’s and had lived in the area for over 50 years and was delighted to speak to me. She offered me in and we sat in front of her fire with tea and biscuits and I explained what I was investigating and how I had come to be speaking to her. She sat back in her chair and she began to chuckle. This is what she told me.

When I was about 20, maybe younger, it was after the War, I remember that much and it wasn’t like it was today as a lot of the courting we did was done quietly and out of the way and we used to go to St Thomas’s. We used to dare each other to go in and see if ghosts would get us and some of the boys, well, they were only after one thing. Now I remember this one lad and he had some kind of slowness, I think today it would be said that he had learning difficulties. He had a child’s mind but he was older than us maybe mid-thirties and he would follow people up there at night. I think he was just lonely and wanted attention but now and then he would jump out and scare people. I think his name was Harry or something like that. I felt he was harmless enough; never hurt us or anything like that. He just made us jump all the time and make this weird laughing noise and run off. Now one night he jumped down at us, making bird noises and such and he had this big cloak on with feathers and string tied to it and it gave us quite a fright but it was Harry. Now as the years went on I’m sure he kept at it as now and again you would here of the Owl man or a bird man at the Church yard but it was Harry. I had forgotten about it till now.

I asked Mrs Thomas if Harry was alive if he could be contacted and she said that Harry had been dead thirty years or more. I pursued the matter asking her if someone could possibly have continued his ritual of scaring people and she was adamant that no one could have. Harry was almost hermit like and occasionally he would be seen in the town in later years with his long white hair and beard but kept himself to himself but he had no family and no real friends that she knew about.


Perhaps Harry’s exploits have inspired someone to continue with the Owl man shenanigans, maybe a neighbor or a rare friend of his inherited his feathered cloak and the idea or as Mrs Thomas said: Maybe It’s Harry’s Ghost, still haunting the grounds of St Thomas’s to give a scare and a fright to unsuspecting town folk as they pass through in the night.

As an investigator you can never have a clear cut opinion on what you are going to investigate. As one door closes another one opens and just when you think you have all the answers, the paranormal world changes all the questions.

If you have more information on the Owl man incidents or any experiences that you wish to share or maybe you just wish to contact us then please email us and please press the follow button so you never miss an update or post from us.

If you enjoy accounts of the Paranormal then why not read the #1 Bestselling E-novel A most haunted house by G. L Davies on Kindle Today. It’s free to Borrow from Amazon Prime and available in paperback. A most haunted House is based on a true and terrifying account of a prolific and aggressive haunting in a small Welsh Town in West Wales. Seen as controversial and sparking debate between skeptics and believers alike due to the ferocity and intensity of the haunting, A Most Haunted House is the true eye witness account of a young couple fighting to keep their new home and each other as an entity tears their world apart.

A most haunted house invites you the reader to decide for yourself on what truly happened at this home.

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More from Pembrokeshire’s most haunted house

There are many alleged haunted locations in Pembrokeshire. Is it possible that ghosts could ruin a relationship?
There are many alleged haunted locations in Pembrokeshire. Is it possible that ghosts could ruin a relationship?

A return to Pembrokeshire’s most prolific haunting

For those of you that have read the worldwide #1 bestseller A most Haunted house and have been curious for more information regarding the house and the true events that happened there then your wishes may have come true.

The E-book is based on a true account of a small house in the Welsh town of Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire and focused on a terrifying series of paranormal events that targeted a young couple trying to make themselves a home and a life together. Nearly 10,000 copies ( as of 25/10/14) of the account have now been read all over the world as people try and make sense of the horrendous haunting.

We at the Paranormal Chronicles receive many messages and emails in regards to the book with many believing that they have experienced the same ferocity that this haunting had exhibited. Then we received an exciting email from a person that correctly identified the location of the house and claimed that they had lived there in the nineteen eighties. Further research verified that these people had in fact lived there. We were intrigued.

We engaged in many lengthy emails on the house and they have gladly allowed us to publish one of the events that happened to them. We are currently in discussion to work on publishing their full account of their time at the house at a later date once scheduling allows.

If you have read a most haunted house then this is a fantastic account to add to the numerous chilling experiences that were documented by John and Sarah and for those looking for a little bit more from the house in question. If you have not read it then this is an alleged account for you armchair investigators to theorize over and please do get in touch as your idea’s, comments and theories often shed new light on our investigations.Here in Paul’s own words is his account and we hope it gives you some insight into A most haunted house.

Paul: When we read in the Western Telegraph at Christmas that there was a new book about a haunting in Haverfordwest our ears pricked up and we immediately thought that it had to be our old house. Once we read it and read the descriptions of the house, the layout, the part of town we knew it just had to be the one.

We briefly owned it in the mid nineteen eighties, I was working for the refineries back then and it was me and the Mrs and the children had grown up and flown the nest and when I had the option of early retirement I took it and we sold up. It is a lovey looking house but the house doesn’t want people there, it thrives off your negativity, it brings out the worst in you but I won’t go into that right now, that’s the past and we are over that but I can tell you about one night that scared the living heck out of me.

The house had been playing up so long, just like the book, so many of the things that happened in the book was happening to us, I felt so sorry for that couple. It was a relief for us to sell and at least we got out together, it was close at times and there were times where we treated each other bad and we were on the brink of divorce but we got out while we could. Things are fine now, things got better as soon as we left which makes us think that had the couple from the book just left that maybe they too would have been O.K.

We had seen things of course, we saw the small shadow thing downstairs and we heard the things running around the house, there was no attic conversion back then but we heard some strange, terrifying noises at night, like we were being burgled.

One night I was in bed and we hadn’t been there that long but things had been happening. I was busting for a pee and it was cold in that house and I did not fancy going down stairs to use the loo. I got up and it was freezing cold, when I put on the landing light I could see my breath. There was only the landing light as the living room light was downstairs by the bathroom door. I headed down the stairs, shivering and rubbing myself and I heard a breathing noise, the same noise as when you’re cold and you make those quick breathing noises. I stopped on the stairs and I could hear it clearly coming from the living room and it sounded like more than one person was there, more like several.

I knelt down on the stairs to look into the living room and it was dark apart from the light coming in from the street and I was startled to see four or five black shadowy figures all huddled in a circle making this weird phoof, phoof, phoof noises in a rhythm. I shat myself! At this time it has been bangs and small shadowy shapes which were frightening enough not a group of black featureless figures. One of them looked to be huge at least seven feet with two smaller ones and two really small ones. Those must have been the children that we heard so often running around in the night.

I’m not ashamed to say I screamed and ran back upstairs. My wife woke up and asked what was happening and I told her and she looked alarmed but was brave enough to get out of bed and go look for herself. I followed her expecting to see this congregation of shapes just stood there panting but the noise had stopped, the cold had gone and when she put on the light there was nothing there, nothing at all.

So much had happened from the time we moved in that she wasn’t cross she just cried and we stood there in the living room. So much happened there, so much. It has been thirty years and things that happened there still chill me even now and we live in a bright, warm house on the coast.

I will never forget the cold and the sound they were making. It was awful

The paranormal chronicles hopes to return to a most haunted house soon with a further update so please don’t forget to hit the follow button on our webpage and join us on Facebook and we would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on the haunting. If you have not read the book then please click on the link below and give it a read and join us on our investigation into the unknown. You can borrow it through Amazon prime and if you don’t have a kindle then you can download the Kindle app for free for your computer, laptop, tablets and newer phones or own in paperback. Just simply click on the link below…..

Sleep well

Pembrokeshire Woman claims paranormal entity abuse

finger prints

Has a Pembrokeshire woman been sexually abused by ghosts for over a Decade?

Warning: This article deals with content of a mature nature

For most of us the subject of the paranormal falls into one of two categories, fascination or skepticism. Some of you that follow our website may have had your own paranormal events and experiences but how many of you can say that you have been physically abused by an unknown invisible visitor? For most noises in the nights and chills in a room can be frightening enough but can you imagine being sexually assaulted by a metaphysical intruder? A recent study on our paranormal polls page saw that 51.30% of voters believe that a Ghost can have intimate relations with a living person. Could such a thing actually happen?

finger prints

Do ghosts exist? This photograph was taken hours before this dying man’s last breath. Three mysterious orbs appeared in the images, which some believe to be spirits and others swear are fingerprint smudges. What do you believe?

One woman from Pembroke Dock, Pembrokeshire claims that not only has her home been the epicenter of a terrifying haunting but also paranormal entities have been sexually abusing her for over a decade.

The woman in question is now 43 and has said the alleged sexual attacks began in her late twenties while she and her young son were alone in her home. There have been over a dozen assaults over the years which have affected her family and her ability to maintain a relationship. The spectral abuse has been documented in depth in the Amazon best-selling novel Ghost Sex: The violation by G L Davies.

Lisa (not real name) said that she has reached out on a number of levels for help but nothing has been able to dissipate the assaults and the attacks that have followed her to other locations and is not exclusive to her own home.Lisa’s son has witnessed his mother’s abuse and has experienced paranormal occurrences of his own. The events in the home have varied from the paranormal regular bumps and noises in the night, unexplained voices and singing, cold spots and smells and of course the deeply disturbing sexual abuse.

Ghost sex: The Violation has polarised readers with its graphic and detailed account of the events. It is a brutal and chilling documentation of a family in peril during a terrifying ordeal that has not suited everyone’s tastes. Controversial in its subject and raw in its telling paranormal investigator and writer of the Haverfordwest based worldwide bestselling A Most haunted house, G L Davies had this to say on the case;

I interviewed Lisa and her family over a 5 week period. The account was grim and relentless. The psychologist that I worked with does have explanations for what may be happening and a week long investigation was conducted at the property which is included in the novel. There are many theories on what is happening there but whatever is happening to Lisa she truly believes these paranormal transgressions are actually occurring to her. It was the most depressing and disturbing case I have ever investigated.”

Some have dismissed the case as implausible while others misguidedly have taken the graphic nature and detail of the book as an attempt at paranormal erotica. This is not the intention. To Lisa and her family this is a real event that has had a negative life altering effect on her and her family. Regardless of the theories that we as armchair investigators are encouraged and entitled to have we have to ask one fundamental question. What if this is true?

For Lisa and her family this may be a nightmare that may never go away. Lisa hopes one day that the attacks will cease and hopes to create a support group for other victims of this form of abuse. As for us, we can only hope that we never have our own personal paranormal violation. Join the investigation today and download Ghost sex: The Violation on Kindle (Borrow on Amazon prime) or in paperback through Amazon. We advise you read the taster first as the book is a very graphic and disturbing documentation of paranormal sexual violation and is not for those of a more conservative persuasion.

Click on the link and delve into possibly the U.K’s most chilling haunting and please press the follow button on this page so you never miss our reports, updates and investigations.

Sleep well.

Strange days for Pembrokeshire

Pembrokeshire: Home of much Paranormal activity
Pembrokeshire: Home of much Paranormal activity

Devil Hound new sighting, The Haverfordwest ghost monk seen and a new terrifying haunting.

We at the Paranormal chronicles have been feverishly working on a plethora of paranormal sightings that have been reported to us since Friday 8th August 2014. Yesterday we published a couples chilling account of a harrowing event, that they felt endangered their lives as they pursued phantom children to a cave at St Govans, during Hurricane Berthas’ merciless battering of the Pembrokeshire Coast   (Archives: Ghosts cause panic at St Govans)

St Govans. Pembrokeshire

St Govans. Pembrokeshire

We have received an email from a gentleman who claims that he has also had the same experience at St Govans and was left shaken up afterwards. We always leave out certain details in our reports so that when people contact us we can see if we can validate their sighting and this report was eerily similar. We shall be conducting a full investigation into the area and will publish and present the findings here at soon.

Whether the Hurricane combined with the Super moon has something to do with a record amount of paranormal activity cannot be determined. Here are some of the reports that we can publish at this time. We shall be investigating each in depth and will update as soon as new information is available. If anyone has any information regarding any of these reports then please can you contact us via Your anonymity will be protected and all accounts are only published with your given permission.

NEW Devil Hound sighting

In early April 2014 we published an article called Devil Hound: Proof at last? (Please visit our archives for any previous articles and reports) where we received a call from a lady saying that while she and her daughters had been out riding their horses near the llanmill valley that they saw a large black dog with red glowing eyes and steam or smoke rising from its back and head. It was large, larger than a normal dog and its presence disturbed the horses that then tried to turn back. The three witnesses’ watched in puzzlement as the dog looked at them, made a strange hissing noise and leapt into the undergrowth. The mother was unsettled but had the wits to dismount and take a picture on her phone of a footprint of the proposed beast and put a BIC lighter next to it for scale.

Devil hound or just a normal big dog print?

Devil hound or just a normal big dog print?

On Friday 8th August 2014 around 8 p.m a car with four people aged between 18 and 22 claim that while driving on the Amroth Road (A477) they saw a large black dog with red eyes bound across the road and disappear into the Pendeilo woods. They insisted that it was not the Big Cat that is often reported in the County but definably a dog, much larger than any domesticated canine they were aware of and its movement and eye colour were certainly distinctive. They declared the creature to be pure black, red eyes and a steam or smoke rising from its body.

This new sighting of the Mythical hound that has been reported in the area for centuries is only 7 kilometers from the last reported sighting in Llanmill, Narberth. Could the Devil Hound be on the move? Looking for pastures and prey new to feed upon? The area in which the alleged creature has been seen is vast and is home to many woodland, valleys and fields. To task a search would be difficult but locals are advised to please keep an eye out for any evidence and to please present them to us at the Paranormal Chronicles where we can discuss remuneration for any evidence that determines the validity of the beast.

1st Sighting of the Devil Hound was in Llanmill and 2nd near Amroth

1st Sighting of the Devil Hound was in Llanmill and 2nd near Amroth

In April The Paranormal Chronicles, conducted a survey on the origin of the Devils favorite pet that is said to curse anyone who sees it. The results were as follows:

28% believe it is the mythical cryptid the Devil Hound

23% believe it is Just a dog

17% assume it is another animal that has been misidentified

14% voted on a vivid imagination conjuring the accounts

14% think that there may be a new species living in Pembrokeshire

3% voted on the possibility of a mutation or an experiment gone wrong

We have a page dedicated to your thoughts in our Paranormal Polls so pop over and vote and help us with our research.

More news from the Devil Hound as we receive it

The Haverfordwest Monk  reported twice in one weekend

One of our favorite and most researched paranormal characters is the Ghostly monk of Haverfordwest. He is a hooded and silent figure, oblivious to the people around him as he makes his way through the night.  It was while investigating the routes he is said to walk through the town that we discovered the strange object photographed by Google maps which upon further investigation turned out to be a fly (Archive: Google maps Capture UFO over Haverfordwest, Wales.)

The Monk which is said to be seen walking from St Mary’s Parish Church at the top of High street, Haverfordwest and makes his way either down through the High street and through Quay street to the old Priory Ruin or up through Market Street, across the Rifleman field, onto Augustine way and then down Union hill again to the old Priory ruin.

This weekend the Monk was seen walking across the Rifleman’s field by Augustine way and then the next night walking down Union Hill. During our research there has always been one fact that we have not disclosed which makes us believe there may be something in the second sighting at Union Hill. The Monk is seen to walk on the pavement at the top of the Hill but as he descends he disappears into the ground until he is only visible from the waist up. He reaches the bottom of the Hill and disappears into the Hedge wall. This is exactly what was seen and described to us.

We have uncovered that the path was much lower and steeper until the road and pavement were built which would explain why he seems to vanish into the ground. He is merely walking the original path not the new and modern one and where he vanishes into the wall was a field gate that led to the back of the old priory.

Priory Ruin, Haverfordwest. Home to a ghostly monk?

Priory Ruin, Haverfordwest. Home to a ghostly monk?

Haverfordwest Priory was a house of Augustinian Canons on the banks of the Western Cleddau at Haverfordwest. It was founded around 1200 on land given by Robert Fitztancard, the lord of Haverfordwest. It was dissolved in 1536. From 1983 to 1996, the site has been excavated and the outlines of the buildings are visible. Much architectural material of a high standard was discovered and can be seen in Haverfordwest museum. Also unearthed was a unique medieval garden with raised beds.

We shall publish a more thorough and detailed investigation into the Ghostly monk of Haverfordwest. There are so many tales and reports of the hooded and silent figure as he makes his way through the slumbering town in the small hours. We believe that there is no singular monk making his way to the priory but we believe there to be two. We shall publish our account soon so please follow our page so you can read our findings.

Keep an eye out for him as you walk through Haverfordwest after dark….

Disfigured Apparition haunts home

We have been approached by a very frightened household regarding a terrifying apparition that has caused such alarm that they contacted us in regards to offering a solution on the events. We cannot disclose any information of where the location is to safeguard the privacy of the occupants.

The occupants claim that they have awoken in the night and smelt lavender and heard creaking on the landing as if someone is creeping around. This has happened for many months and also become part of the routine and has caused little distress. It was not until friends stayed with their young child that the haunting became more terrifying. It is claimed that in the night one of the guest awoke in the night to comfort the child that was sleeping in a cot in the spare room. When he entered the room he saw an old lady hunched over the cot. He was startled and when she turned to face him he saw that her face was horribly disfigured “…as if she had been melted.” He was understandably distraught and yelled and the lady simply vanished.

The following night they heard what sounded like an old lady singing on the baby monitor. She was said to be singing a lullaby. The room was empty apart from an overpowering smell of lavender. The guests were said to have left the following morning and will no longer stay at the home. The house has been quiet until recently when the lady of the home said she woke in the night from a terrible dream but woke to find an arm draped over her, reassuringly. She believed it to be her partner but when she heard him stir on the other side of the bed she looked up to see the face of a horribly burned woman just mere inches from her own face.

This is not too dissimilar of a well-known case emanating from Prendergast, Haverfordwest called the Burning of Old Jean which was a tale of a kindly ghost that would comfort the children when they had restless nights but sadly was terribly disfigured through a fire that took her life and she was a horrendous sight to see.

We shall be investigating the home and hopefully find an explanation or resolution for the people that live there. We hope to publish and present the results at a later date.

It is indeed Strange Days Indeed for Pembrokeshire. Please don’t forget to press the follow button on this page and explore our archives. You never know what you will find. Thank you for reading and please feel to get in touch with us by emailing

Do you enjoy accounts of the Paranormal? Then why not read the new #1 Bestselling E-novel, Ghost sex: The Violation by G L Davies. It is a true, “brutal and traumatic”, story of a family in Pembroke Dock,Wales that not only have to endure a terrifying haunting but brutal sexual paranormal violations. Click on the link below and read today if you dare!