More from Pembrokeshire’s most haunted house

There are many alleged haunted locations in Pembrokeshire. Is it possible that ghosts could ruin a relationship?
There are many alleged haunted locations in Pembrokeshire. Is it possible that ghosts could ruin a relationship?

A return to Pembrokeshire’s most prolific haunting

For those of you that have read the worldwide #1 bestseller A most Haunted house and have been curious for more information regarding the house and the true events that happened there then your wishes may have come true.

The E-book is based on a true account of a small house in the Welsh town of Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire and focused on a terrifying series of paranormal events that targeted a young couple trying to make themselves a home and a life together. Nearly 10,000 copies ( as of 25/10/14) of the account have now been read all over the world as people try and make sense of the horrendous haunting.

We at the Paranormal Chronicles receive many messages and emails in regards to the book with many believing that they have experienced the same ferocity that this haunting had exhibited. Then we received an exciting email from a person that correctly identified the location of the house and claimed that they had lived there in the nineteen eighties. Further research verified that these people had in fact lived there. We were intrigued.

We engaged in many lengthy emails on the house and they have gladly allowed us to publish one of the events that happened to them. We are currently in discussion to work on publishing their full account of their time at the house at a later date once scheduling allows.

If you have read a most haunted house then this is a fantastic account to add to the numerous chilling experiences that were documented by John and Sarah and for those looking for a little bit more from the house in question. If you have not read it then this is an alleged account for you armchair investigators to theorize over and please do get in touch as your idea’s, comments and theories often shed new light on our investigations.Here in Paul’s own words is his account and we hope it gives you some insight into A most haunted house.

Paul: When we read in the Western Telegraph at Christmas that there was a new book about a haunting in Haverfordwest our ears pricked up and we immediately thought that it had to be our old house. Once we read it and read the descriptions of the house, the layout, the part of town we knew it just had to be the one.

We briefly owned it in the mid nineteen eighties, I was working for the refineries back then and it was me and the Mrs and the children had grown up and flown the nest and when I had the option of early retirement I took it and we sold up. It is a lovey looking house but the house doesn’t want people there, it thrives off your negativity, it brings out the worst in you but I won’t go into that right now, that’s the past and we are over that but I can tell you about one night that scared the living heck out of me.

The house had been playing up so long, just like the book, so many of the things that happened in the book was happening to us, I felt so sorry for that couple. It was a relief for us to sell and at least we got out together, it was close at times and there were times where we treated each other bad and we were on the brink of divorce but we got out while we could. Things are fine now, things got better as soon as we left which makes us think that had the couple from the book just left that maybe they too would have been O.K.

We had seen things of course, we saw the small shadow thing downstairs and we heard the things running around the house, there was no attic conversion back then but we heard some strange, terrifying noises at night, like we were being burgled.

One night I was in bed and we hadn’t been there that long but things had been happening. I was busting for a pee and it was cold in that house and I did not fancy going down stairs to use the loo. I got up and it was freezing cold, when I put on the landing light I could see my breath. There was only the landing light as the living room light was downstairs by the bathroom door. I headed down the stairs, shivering and rubbing myself and I heard a breathing noise, the same noise as when you’re cold and you make those quick breathing noises. I stopped on the stairs and I could hear it clearly coming from the living room and it sounded like more than one person was there, more like several.

I knelt down on the stairs to look into the living room and it was dark apart from the light coming in from the street and I was startled to see four or five black shadowy figures all huddled in a circle making this weird phoof, phoof, phoof noises in a rhythm. I shat myself! At this time it has been bangs and small shadowy shapes which were frightening enough not a group of black featureless figures. One of them looked to be huge at least seven feet with two smaller ones and two really small ones. Those must have been the children that we heard so often running around in the night.

I’m not ashamed to say I screamed and ran back upstairs. My wife woke up and asked what was happening and I told her and she looked alarmed but was brave enough to get out of bed and go look for herself. I followed her expecting to see this congregation of shapes just stood there panting but the noise had stopped, the cold had gone and when she put on the light there was nothing there, nothing at all.

So much had happened from the time we moved in that she wasn’t cross she just cried and we stood there in the living room. So much happened there, so much. It has been thirty years and things that happened there still chill me even now and we live in a bright, warm house on the coast.

I will never forget the cold and the sound they were making. It was awful

The paranormal chronicles hopes to return to a most haunted house soon with a further update so please don’t forget to hit the follow button on our webpage and join us on Facebook and we would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on the haunting. If you have not read the book then please click on the link below and give it a read and join us on our investigation into the unknown. You can borrow it through Amazon prime and if you don’t have a kindle then you can download the Kindle app for free for your computer, laptop, tablets and newer phones or own in paperback. Just simply click on the link below…..

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Pembrokeshire Woman claims paranormal entity abuse

finger prints

Has a Pembrokeshire woman been sexually abused by ghosts for over a Decade?

Warning: This article deals with content of a mature nature

For most of us the subject of the paranormal falls into one of two categories, fascination or skepticism. Some of you that follow our website may have had your own paranormal events and experiences but how many of you can say that you have been physically abused by an unknown invisible visitor? For most noises in the nights and chills in a room can be frightening enough but can you imagine being sexually assaulted by a metaphysical intruder? A recent study on our paranormal polls page saw that 51.30% of voters believe that a Ghost can have intimate relations with a living person. Could such a thing actually happen?

finger prints

Do ghosts exist? This photograph was taken hours before this dying man’s last breath. Three mysterious orbs appeared in the images, which some believe to be spirits and others swear are fingerprint smudges. What do you believe?

One woman from Pembroke Dock, Pembrokeshire claims that not only has her home been the epicenter of a terrifying haunting but also paranormal entities have been sexually abusing her for over a decade.

The woman in question is now 43 and has said the alleged sexual attacks began in her late twenties while she and her young son were alone in her home. There have been over a dozen assaults over the years which have affected her family and her ability to maintain a relationship. The spectral abuse has been documented in depth in the Amazon best-selling novel Ghost Sex: The violation by G L Davies.

Lisa (not real name) said that she has reached out on a number of levels for help but nothing has been able to dissipate the assaults and the attacks that have followed her to other locations and is not exclusive to her own home.Lisa’s son has witnessed his mother’s abuse and has experienced paranormal occurrences of his own. The events in the home have varied from the paranormal regular bumps and noises in the night, unexplained voices and singing, cold spots and smells and of course the deeply disturbing sexual abuse.

Ghost sex: The Violation has polarised readers with its graphic and detailed account of the events. It is a brutal and chilling documentation of a family in peril during a terrifying ordeal that has not suited everyone’s tastes. Controversial in its subject and raw in its telling paranormal investigator and writer of the Haverfordwest based worldwide bestselling A Most haunted house, G L Davies had this to say on the case;

I interviewed Lisa and her family over a 5 week period. The account was grim and relentless. The psychologist that I worked with does have explanations for what may be happening and a week long investigation was conducted at the property which is included in the novel. There are many theories on what is happening there but whatever is happening to Lisa she truly believes these paranormal transgressions are actually occurring to her. It was the most depressing and disturbing case I have ever investigated.”

Some have dismissed the case as implausible while others misguidedly have taken the graphic nature and detail of the book as an attempt at paranormal erotica. This is not the intention. To Lisa and her family this is a real event that has had a negative life altering effect on her and her family. Regardless of the theories that we as armchair investigators are encouraged and entitled to have we have to ask one fundamental question. What if this is true?

For Lisa and her family this may be a nightmare that may never go away. Lisa hopes one day that the attacks will cease and hopes to create a support group for other victims of this form of abuse. As for us, we can only hope that we never have our own personal paranormal violation. Join the investigation today and download Ghost sex: The Violation on Kindle (Borrow on Amazon prime) or in paperback through Amazon. We advise you read the taster first as the book is a very graphic and disturbing documentation of paranormal sexual violation and is not for those of a more conservative persuasion.

Click on the link and delve into possibly the U.K’s most chilling haunting and please press the follow button on this page so you never miss our reports, updates and investigations.

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Strange days for Pembrokeshire

Pembrokeshire: Home of much Paranormal activity
Pembrokeshire: Home of much Paranormal activity

Devil Hound new sighting, The Haverfordwest ghost monk seen and a new terrifying haunting.

We at the Paranormal chronicles have been feverishly working on a plethora of paranormal sightings that have been reported to us since Friday 8th August 2014. Yesterday we published a couples chilling account of a harrowing event, that they felt endangered their lives as they pursued phantom children to a cave at St Govans, during Hurricane Berthas’ merciless battering of the Pembrokeshire Coast   (Archives: Ghosts cause panic at St Govans)

St Govans. Pembrokeshire

St Govans. Pembrokeshire

We have received an email from a gentleman who claims that he has also had the same experience at St Govans and was left shaken up afterwards. We always leave out certain details in our reports so that when people contact us we can see if we can validate their sighting and this report was eerily similar. We shall be conducting a full investigation into the area and will publish and present the findings here at soon.

Whether the Hurricane combined with the Super moon has something to do with a record amount of paranormal activity cannot be determined. Here are some of the reports that we can publish at this time. We shall be investigating each in depth and will update as soon as new information is available. If anyone has any information regarding any of these reports then please can you contact us via Your anonymity will be protected and all accounts are only published with your given permission.

NEW Devil Hound sighting

In early April 2014 we published an article called Devil Hound: Proof at last? (Please visit our archives for any previous articles and reports) where we received a call from a lady saying that while she and her daughters had been out riding their horses near the llanmill valley that they saw a large black dog with red glowing eyes and steam or smoke rising from its back and head. It was large, larger than a normal dog and its presence disturbed the horses that then tried to turn back. The three witnesses’ watched in puzzlement as the dog looked at them, made a strange hissing noise and leapt into the undergrowth. The mother was unsettled but had the wits to dismount and take a picture on her phone of a footprint of the proposed beast and put a BIC lighter next to it for scale.

Devil hound or just a normal big dog print?

Devil hound or just a normal big dog print?

On Friday 8th August 2014 around 8 p.m a car with four people aged between 18 and 22 claim that while driving on the Amroth Road (A477) they saw a large black dog with red eyes bound across the road and disappear into the Pendeilo woods. They insisted that it was not the Big Cat that is often reported in the County but definably a dog, much larger than any domesticated canine they were aware of and its movement and eye colour were certainly distinctive. They declared the creature to be pure black, red eyes and a steam or smoke rising from its body.

This new sighting of the Mythical hound that has been reported in the area for centuries is only 7 kilometers from the last reported sighting in Llanmill, Narberth. Could the Devil Hound be on the move? Looking for pastures and prey new to feed upon? The area in which the alleged creature has been seen is vast and is home to many woodland, valleys and fields. To task a search would be difficult but locals are advised to please keep an eye out for any evidence and to please present them to us at the Paranormal Chronicles where we can discuss remuneration for any evidence that determines the validity of the beast.

1st Sighting of the Devil Hound was in Llanmill and 2nd near Amroth

1st Sighting of the Devil Hound was in Llanmill and 2nd near Amroth

In April The Paranormal Chronicles, conducted a survey on the origin of the Devils favorite pet that is said to curse anyone who sees it. The results were as follows:

28% believe it is the mythical cryptid the Devil Hound

23% believe it is Just a dog

17% assume it is another animal that has been misidentified

14% voted on a vivid imagination conjuring the accounts

14% think that there may be a new species living in Pembrokeshire

3% voted on the possibility of a mutation or an experiment gone wrong

We have a page dedicated to your thoughts in our Paranormal Polls so pop over and vote and help us with our research.

More news from the Devil Hound as we receive it

The Haverfordwest Monk  reported twice in one weekend

One of our favorite and most researched paranormal characters is the Ghostly monk of Haverfordwest. He is a hooded and silent figure, oblivious to the people around him as he makes his way through the night.  It was while investigating the routes he is said to walk through the town that we discovered the strange object photographed by Google maps which upon further investigation turned out to be a fly (Archive: Google maps Capture UFO over Haverfordwest, Wales.)

The Monk which is said to be seen walking from St Mary’s Parish Church at the top of High street, Haverfordwest and makes his way either down through the High street and through Quay street to the old Priory Ruin or up through Market Street, across the Rifleman field, onto Augustine way and then down Union hill again to the old Priory ruin.

This weekend the Monk was seen walking across the Rifleman’s field by Augustine way and then the next night walking down Union Hill. During our research there has always been one fact that we have not disclosed which makes us believe there may be something in the second sighting at Union Hill. The Monk is seen to walk on the pavement at the top of the Hill but as he descends he disappears into the ground until he is only visible from the waist up. He reaches the bottom of the Hill and disappears into the Hedge wall. This is exactly what was seen and described to us.

We have uncovered that the path was much lower and steeper until the road and pavement were built which would explain why he seems to vanish into the ground. He is merely walking the original path not the new and modern one and where he vanishes into the wall was a field gate that led to the back of the old priory.

Priory Ruin, Haverfordwest. Home to a ghostly monk?

Priory Ruin, Haverfordwest. Home to a ghostly monk?

Haverfordwest Priory was a house of Augustinian Canons on the banks of the Western Cleddau at Haverfordwest. It was founded around 1200 on land given by Robert Fitztancard, the lord of Haverfordwest. It was dissolved in 1536. From 1983 to 1996, the site has been excavated and the outlines of the buildings are visible. Much architectural material of a high standard was discovered and can be seen in Haverfordwest museum. Also unearthed was a unique medieval garden with raised beds.

We shall publish a more thorough and detailed investigation into the Ghostly monk of Haverfordwest. There are so many tales and reports of the hooded and silent figure as he makes his way through the slumbering town in the small hours. We believe that there is no singular monk making his way to the priory but we believe there to be two. We shall publish our account soon so please follow our page so you can read our findings.

Keep an eye out for him as you walk through Haverfordwest after dark….

Disfigured Apparition haunts home

We have been approached by a very frightened household regarding a terrifying apparition that has caused such alarm that they contacted us in regards to offering a solution on the events. We cannot disclose any information of where the location is to safeguard the privacy of the occupants.

The occupants claim that they have awoken in the night and smelt lavender and heard creaking on the landing as if someone is creeping around. This has happened for many months and also become part of the routine and has caused little distress. It was not until friends stayed with their young child that the haunting became more terrifying. It is claimed that in the night one of the guest awoke in the night to comfort the child that was sleeping in a cot in the spare room. When he entered the room he saw an old lady hunched over the cot. He was startled and when she turned to face him he saw that her face was horribly disfigured “…as if she had been melted.” He was understandably distraught and yelled and the lady simply vanished.

The following night they heard what sounded like an old lady singing on the baby monitor. She was said to be singing a lullaby. The room was empty apart from an overpowering smell of lavender. The guests were said to have left the following morning and will no longer stay at the home. The house has been quiet until recently when the lady of the home said she woke in the night from a terrible dream but woke to find an arm draped over her, reassuringly. She believed it to be her partner but when she heard him stir on the other side of the bed she looked up to see the face of a horribly burned woman just mere inches from her own face.

This is not too dissimilar of a well-known case emanating from Prendergast, Haverfordwest called the Burning of Old Jean which was a tale of a kindly ghost that would comfort the children when they had restless nights but sadly was terribly disfigured through a fire that took her life and she was a horrendous sight to see.

We shall be investigating the home and hopefully find an explanation or resolution for the people that live there. We hope to publish and present the results at a later date.

It is indeed Strange Days Indeed for Pembrokeshire. Please don’t forget to press the follow button on this page and explore our archives. You never know what you will find. Thank you for reading and please feel to get in touch with us by emailing

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Ghosts cause panic at St Govans

Does this Cave at St Govans house the spirits of betrayed children?
Does this Cave at St Govans house the spirits of betrayed children?

Did ghostly children try and lead couple to their doom?

Regulars to the may have come across an article that we published in mid may 2014 on the myths, legends and ghosts of St Govan’s in Pembrokeshire. Most of our readers have the luxury of enjoying our reports from the comfort and safety of their own homes, however one thrill seeking couple may have had a paranormal encounter that could have caused them profound injury or even death. It is a night that they will not forget.

St Govan's, Pembrokeshire

St Govan’s, Pembrokeshire

The couple that have asked to remain anonymous, were at the stunning and ancient location of St Govans. Pembrokeshire. They hoped to capture stunning footage and photographs of the tail end of Hurricane Bertha. Bertha was smashing it’s way into the south of wales on the weekend of the 9th and 10th August. They claim that while on the wind battered cliffs they heard children screaming and saw several strange lights and believed that someone was in need of assistance. After nearly twenty minutes of perusing the “children” they were led to a cave while the sea was dangerously close and violent.

This is the account as reported to the Paranormal Chronicles by the Gentleman witness.

“We decided it would be a fantastic location to drive down to and get some cool pictures of the storm. We were surprised that we could get to the chapel. We expected it to be closed due to the weather conditions. We got there and it was around nine in the evening. It was rough as you like and pretty treacherous. The clouds were speeding past the moon which gave the place a fantastic look. We ventured down to the chapel and took some pics. It was when we headed up, we cant have been there more than ten minutes, that we heard a scream. My partner said it might be the wind or a bird but then we heard it again but this time much closer. We took action and headed up the steps back to the car park to see if there was anyone there. We heard the scream again from our right towards the old military barracks and we headed over.

It was so windy and the light was not so good and we had to hold onto each other just to walk at times. A little a head of us we saw a white light, really briefly and the sound of a scream. We passed the barracks and headed left through the gorse and it was less sheltered from the wind there. We could have sworn we heard what sounded like children running and laughing around us. We thought maybe this was a joke, maybe some holiday makers kids playing tricks on us, it is so isolated down there. We heard the scream and a gleam of light ahead of us. There is a small cove down there and the sea was crashing onto the rocks.

There is a cave to the right hand side and a quick flash of light, more, like a white glow to be honest, came from there. I will admit it was a stupid thing to make my way to the cave but we were convinced that there was someone in distress in there. As I approached the cave, I clearly heard a high pitched shout or scream from in there and as I headed in I thought I heard a kid crying and sobbing like. The cave was a dead end and the sea was nearly up to my waist. I felt around under the water half expecting to find someone but there was nothing. I stayed as long as I could with my pocket torch but thought this is crazy, i’m going to die in here. I headed back and I did think I would not make it as the waves crashed at the entrance of the cave.

The cove at St Govans where the alledged incident took place

The cove at St Govans where the alleged incident took place

I got back to the top of the Cove and my partner and I debated calling the coast guard but there was nothing there. I was so shaken up. It might have been the wind howling that made us think it was someone but we both saw the lights. We walked back to the car and there was no incidents on the way back. I was cold and wet and confused and so tempted to call the police because what if there was someone out there in danger. I did some research and came across your website and thought I would get in touch as you had written about the area before.”

Does this Cave at St Govans house the spirits of betrayed children?

Does this Cave at St Govans house the spirits of betrayed children?

We were delighted that they contacted us and relived that they were unharmed. We had investigated some of the Myths and Legends at St Govans but this was something we had not heard of before. Ghost lights are common on the cliffs of Pembrokeshire from the days of old when smuggling was common practice but this was something new. We spoke to a retired teacher who has a penchant for History and whom often advises us here at the Paranormal Chronicles on the validity of the evidence we present in relation to times, places and facts of our accounts.

He is and always will be skeptical on the subject of the paranormal but his archive of information is a godsend. He said the only thing he could think of that could link to Children at St Govans was back in the day when Govan himself was having on going issues with Pirates. The legend is that Poor Govan had problems with the Pirates when they stole his prized silver bell, quite a prize for the scoundrels of the sea. Again Govan felt ashamed at his incompetence and he prayed with all his will and might that God help him and help he received. Angels were said to have appeared and recovered the bell and the bell was placed inside a rock for safe keeping. Govan would then tap the rock and a note a thousand times that of an ordinary bell would be heard. Now our source says the story did not end there as the pirates were so infuriated with Govan that they kidnapped some of the children from the local Bosheston Parish and chained them up in a cave near the chapel having given Govan the ultimatum of handing over the bell in return for the children. It was an impossible trade due to the bell no longer taking a physical form and it is said that the chained children drowned. The pirates were stubborn in their resolve in their ongoing feud with Govan and the children paid with their lives.

Could it be that the children’s souls still wander the cliffs and coves of St Govan’s? Perhaps they feel betrayed and jilted by the negligence of Govan and the village elders for allowing them to suffer a cold and terrifying manacled extermination at the hands of the ruthless and greedy pirates. Do they haunt the cliff side looking to exact revenge on the unsuspecting? We at the Paranormal Chronicles feel that with this testimonial and the sheer volume of paranormal activity in the area warrants another trip to the location. Who knows what we shall encounter…

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War hero photographs UFO over Swansea

The Swansea UFO
The Swansea UFO

UFO photographed over Swansea, south Wales?

The Paranormal Chronicles have received this intriguing photograph and report from a Swansea resident who claims to have seen a large unidentified object from his bedroom window. Mr P Lewis captured the image in the early hours of the morning of Monday 21st July 2014. Mr P Lewis, a decorated ex-solider had this testimonial;

UFO spotted over Swansea, Wales?

UFO spotted over Swansea, Wales?

“I awoke around 04.30 hours. It was very hot in my bedroom so I opened the window and noticed a strange, stationary object hovering above Swansea. I would say that it was over the Llansamlet area. The object made no noise and my first notion was perhaps it was an exceptionally large bird of prey however the object remained stationary for at least five minutes. I thought that it was strange and it seemed to have something hanging below it so I grabbed my phone and I took several pictures of it. The whole time the object made no movement and no sound. I must have watched  for seven minutes in total .My young son woke up and by the time I had settled him down and returned to the window the object had gone.”

The Swansea UFO

The Swansea UFO

Mr Lewis also stated “I have been in two theatres of warfare and have seen many military and civilian aircraft and this certainly was not like anything I have seen before. When you look at the picture it would be easy to suggest it might be a bird or a kite, but then this would have to be a very large object and to remain stationary for so long was unusual. I doubt a bird of that size could hover for that long. We would be talking about a huge bird. There is also something hanging beneath it also. I would like to know if perhaps anyone else who was up at that time and saw the object as I would like to know what it is. I certainly will be keeping an eye out in the future to see if the object returns.”

On the 18th of July 2014, the paranormal chronicles received this witness account about a sighting again over south Wales; “I seen a large object last night over South Wales it had 4 large round white lights and a flashing red one. Also a small white light came up from the trees beneath it and looked like it joined on as It didn’t go anywhere else and as it came back over our house you could see how big it was. It then vanished from sight.”

These are two of many reports that have come from South Wales this year. Just what is happening above the skies of Wales? Does this object have a rational explanation or is there more too this?

The paranormal chronicles echoes the sentiment of Mr Lewis by asking that if anyone has any information on the object to please contact us. We also want to hear your thoughts on the object and what you believe it to be.

The Paranormal Chronicles now receives sightings from all over the Globe on a Daily Basis. Where ever we can we always try and get the permission of the witness to publish their account. Anonymity is guaranteed and if you have a sighting to share with the hundreds that visit this page everyday then please contact us at:

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Do you enjoy accounts of the Paranormal? Then why not read the new #1 Bestselling E-novel, Ghost sex: The Violation by G L Davies. It is a true, “brutal and traumatic”, story of a family in Wales that not only have to endure a terrifying haunting but brutal sexual paranormal violations. Click on the link below and read today if you dare!

Ghost sex: The U.K’s most terrifying haunting?

Ghost sex the violation. Is this Britain's most brutal haunting?
Ghost sex the violation. Is this Britain's most brutal haunting?

Read now for a taster of possibly the U.K’s most terrifying haunting

The Paranormal Chronicles is delighted to be able to give to you the first chapter of the #1 bestselling Ghost Sex: The Violation by G L Davies.  Ghost sex The Violation is the terrifying and disturbing follow up to the Worldwide bestselling A most haunted house which has now been read by over 4000 people. Ghost sex: the Violation is the true and chilling account that centres on a family in Pembroke Dock, West Wales that are invaded by a paranormal presence. The home is subjected to a prolonged and frightening haunting and escalates to a sickening and disturbing series of sexual violations.

Ghost sex the violation. Is this Britain's most brutal haunting?

Ghost sex the violation. Is this Britain’s most brutal haunting?

Paranormal Investigator G L Davies conducts a series of interviews with three generations of family that have been deeply affected by the vile supernatural intrusion into their lives. If you think you know about paranormal encounters, if you think this is just a Welsh version of the Entity or a more sexually descriptive version of the potter’s wheel scene in Ghost, then you are asked to reconsider and push away any preconceptions of what you are about to read. This novel is possibly the most chilling and debase paranormal account ever published and it is not for the faint of heart.

Described as “Brutal, chilling and compelling” this is one book that you need to ask yourself, Do you dare read? If you do then there is a link at the end of the article for you to click on and read the rest of the terrifying account. If you own a Kindle then you can join Kindle library and borrow the novel for free. If you don’t have a Kindle then click on the link and download the free Kindle app for smartphones, tablets and computers.  Due caution is advised.

© G L Davies 2014

The Paranormal Chronicles presents Ghost sex: The Violation

By G L Davies


If you haven’t already guessed this book is based on two very controversial subjects, sex and the paranormal. I would imagine that one or both are of some interest to you but before we begin I must warn you that this book, this paranormal account, is unnerving and the graphic and descriptive nature of the spectral intrusion and violation may be both unsettling and offensive to those of a more conservative persuasion.

Are you still there? Good, then let’s start with a deep and profound question that I need to ask you, to ask yourself. It is important that you do so, as you need to know what bearing, if any, sex has your life. As you will have concluded by the title of this book, sexual violation is a key theme in the investigation we are to conduct. Do not base this answer on what you have been told to believe, or one you expect others to believe is your answer. You must be honest. The question is: What does sex mean to you?

Is the physical act of sex a way of achieving closeness, possibly to solidify a bond?  Is sex a way of differentiating a romantic relationship from that of a plutonic one? Maybe sex is a way of getting people to like you, so that you feel attractive and desirable? Do you give yourself as an expression of gratitude and acceptance? Perhaps to some it is a physical and emotional expression, and to some just an animalistic and carnal urge that is programmed into the human condition to simply fornicate and reproduce, a part of us as normal as breathing and excreting. Is sex the heartbeat of a relationship? Or is sex just good exercise and an enjoyable, fun and adrenaline fuelled rollercoaster of physicality and pleasure? It might be a mixture of feelings but whatever sex means to you, it is constantly there. Whether you have too much, too little, have abstained or can’t get any at all, we all realise that sex is an important part of our lives. However, imagine if you will that your body is at the whim of an unknown and unseen visitor, which will conduct an illegal intrusion upon you. You cannot stop it, reason or plead with it, or even ask for help from such tangible institutions as the police, medical or psychological practices.  No justice can be served on the entity that has sexual union at its own malevolent whim. Just when you feel that you can despair no longer, you have given in to the mal-treatment and to the defilement; suddenly you realize that this paranormal incursion into your life may not be as bad as you first thought. Can you envisage that you have submitted and have accepted this taboo as a personally justifiable occurrence?

How would that affect those close to you? Consider your current partner if you have one and ask yourself how would they react if you were to have a paranormal affair? Could they lie next to you at night content in the knowledge that a metaphysical visitor, with a power far superior to our own, is having carnal relations with you? That something unearthly and quixotic is pleasuring you in a way they cannot. Would they take this in their stride, or see it as some negligence on your behalf, or perhaps that of God? Could you both look at each other the same way knowing that a third member was now part of your sacred relationship? There are so many questions that you will consider once you have undertaken this read and joined me on this investigation. This is indeed a journey that perhaps you did not expect to undertake today.

The paranormal of course is based on your own subjectivity and the experiences or beliefs that you have. Some people are hardened to this subject and can take the unexplained in their stride, but for some it is a terrifying topic. Regardless of your stance, I believe this investigation will have elements that will take you by surprise, the detail and ferocity of the events bestowed upon the home will shock you.

I have investigated the paranormal for over twenty five years. I have witnessed some truly baffling sights and experiences and have been able to bring peace to troubled and disturbed people by offering a solid and rational explanation for the events happening to them. In some cases I have been given no choice but to notify the authorities as the events perceived to be occurring are due, sadly, to a breakdown of mental and emotional functionality that have the possibility to do harm to others. This case, the one before you now, is like nothing I have ever been involved with. It breaks new grounds in terms of the experiences perceived by the witness’s and by the information collated in the subsequent investigation that book ends this account.

If you think you know about paranormal encounters, if you think this is just a Welsh version of the Entity or a more sexually descriptive version of the potter’s wheel scene in Ghost, then I ask you to reconsider and push away any preconceptions of what you are about to read. If the accounts presented are real, then every single one of us on this blue globe, spinning in the cosmos, is susceptible to a terrifying and illegal breach onto our physicality. If your house is deemed to be haunted then maybe the events happening so far just herald far more terrifying activity yet to occur.

I am by my own admission no William Shakespeare and where I may make grammatical and spelling errors I make up with a passion and enthusiasm to uncover the truth, to report to those willing to take the time to read these accounts of paranormal events happening to real people, just like you. For those of you that read my previous offering of A most haunted house, which was the raw and gritty account of a haunting so devastating that it tore the world apart of a young couple just trying to settle together and find happiness in a new home, then this account is just as confounding. Not only by the spirits need for sexual intrusion, but also for the chilling and terrifying haunting that took place in the home and its effects on the other members of the household. This is not just an account of a ghost’s sexual wrong doing, but of a paranormal infiltration and haunting into a normal household in a town in Pembrokeshire.

The investigation and interviews I conducted have some of the strangest and unique factors that I have transcribed. The Paranormal exceeds what is deemed physically possible based upon our times scientific assumptions so, as I did with A most haunted house, I ask that you take the account and digest it and fathom it in a fashion best suited to you. It is not for me to force upon you any beliefs of what occurred at this home in Pembroke Dock, but for you to use your own beliefs, theories and philosophies and decide for yourself. Unlike A most haunted house I was able, along with a psychologist, to spend a week at the home to conduct a more thorough investigation. After the family’s account which follows shortly, my investigation shall be presented to you to help you discern on the nature of the events. You are now the investigator and through my thorough interview techniques I ask that you look for evidence and clues on what you believe is fact or fiction.

The transcripts are in the words of the people involved. Often it shall be raw, gritty and exceptionally vulgar and colourful at times but these are the ways in which the family express themselves. This is their story and I ask that you take the time to concentrate on the accounts they tell and not the way they deliver it, as through their own expression and words you get a closer and truer look at what they experienced. You get a feel on their backgrounds and their upbringings, the very fabric of their countenance. We would also like you to note that during the questions regarding the sexual and graphic nature of the offense that a female investigator accompanied myself for those sessions and that the names of the people involved have obviously been changed to protect the anonymity of the family. Dates, locations and details that could link to the family have been changed and the accounts have been arranged into a more chronological fashion so, you, the reader can become more involved in the events as they happened.  The family have given me full permission to publish their story on the basis that if others out there have had similar experiences, it may help make sense of what happened. This account is shocking, chilling and exceptionally detailed in places so be warned this paranormal chronicle may not be to everyone’s liking.

Are you still there?

Excellent, then let’s meet the family.

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Google maps Capture UFO over Haverfordwest, Wales.

UFO captured over Haverfordwest, Wales?
UFO captured over Haverfordwest, Wales?

Google maps capture UFO over Haverfordwest

Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire.

Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire.

While investigating purported sightings of a ghostly monk in Haverfordwest ,Pembrokeshire, theparanormal have stumbled over an intriguing photograph captured by the Google maps street view car.

The Photograph taken at the top of Market Street and facing Hill Street shows a strange object in the Sky. The google watermark shows that the photograph was taken in 2013 and a request has been made by to Google for the exact time and date the photograph was taken. founder and author of the bestselling A most haunted house and Ghost sex: The Violation, G. L Davies, had these comments on the photograph;

“Investigator, D J Jones and I were examining a route a ghostly monk was said to travel when we saw the strange object in the sky. It had been captured by Google street maps and totally took us by surprise. It would be irresponsible to jump to any form of conclusion without further analysis. It could be anything from a fly on the lens, a hang-glider or aircraft or maybe caused by the camera itself. We shall contact Google to see if they will help us with our investigation. It’s compelling though.”

UFO captured over Haverfordwest, Wales?

UFO captured over Haverfordwest, Wales?

This is not the first time that a strange object has been captured by Google maps street view with a UFO over a Taiwan airbase being one of the more infamous.

Taiwan Google map UFO

Taiwan Google map UFO

“There are dozens of Google cars driving all over the planet snapping random geographic locations.” Continued G L Davies. “The probability is that something odd will be captured. I ask that anyone that reads this article to check their google maps street view to see what they see. It is not uncommon for people to witness nudity, crime, strange creatures and even UFO’s on there. If you see anything strange then please contact us at”

There are defects on the picture that may be the responsible for the image’s object but until word from Google then the object is open to speculation.

The Haverfordwest UFO follows on from an internationally reported object that was first reported by in early June. Pembrokeshire has a rich history of UFO and alien activity stemming from the Broad Haven mystery and the Welsh Triangle enigma. Could alien visitors be returning or is there a simple explanation for this object?

Check your Google maps street view for your area. You never know what you may see.

The Paranormal Chronicles now receives sightings from all over the Globe on a Daily Basis. Where ever we can we always try and get the permission of the witness to publish their account. Anonymity is guaranteed and if you have a sighting to share with the hundreds that visit this page everyday then please contact us at: Don’t forget to follow us on this webpage so you never miss out.

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