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Blackpool tenant claims ghost of his neighbour’s dead sister is HAUNTING him

Footage that ghosts exist    MICHAEL HOLMES Published:    11:10 Thursday 03 January 2019

Poltergeist moving furniture and being haunted by the ghost of a neighbour’s dead sister – these are the reports of spooky goings on in Blackpool received by the council.

These are two reports of spooky goings on in Blackpool received by the resort’s council.

An unnamed man, whose postcode was given in documents only as FY2 0, asked to be moved to a different home but was refused by disbelieving staff from Blackpool Coastal Housing (BCH).

When shown photographic ‘proof’, they said they could take similar snaps using an app on their smartphone.

A priest was even said to have been brought in to carry out an exorcism amid sounds of disembodied footsteps, with the spooked tenant saying they felt “very uncomfortable” remaining there, details released under the Freedom of Information Act revealed.

A ‘tenant log’ kept by BCH, which dated back to June 2016 and was the only reported haunting in council-owned homes in the past three years, said: “Tenant said they had witnessed a ghost in the property and it is moving items.

“Tenant said they feel very uncomfortable, it is very creepy, and they have even had a priest in to bless the flat. The tenant said another resident has seen the photos and told them it looks like her sister who passed away 12 months ago. Tenant also said the resident underneath him has told him she hears people running up the stairs and, when he showed her the photos, she said that’s the little girl she hears.”

Nearly two months later, the man went to BCH’s Grange Park office and showed a worker of the ‘ghosts’ they had captured.

But the log said: “After searching on the app store on an Android phone, I found several ghost-generating apps and I created very similar photos of my own.”

Read your Winter 2018/2019 Magazine for FREE. Click to read.
Read your Winter 2018/2019 Magazine for FREE. Click to read.

Monstrous creature ‘turned its head and looked straight at our car,’ Kentucky woman says

bigfoot-2 BY MARK PRICE DECEMBER 24, 2018 05:32 PM

A woman is reported to have seen a frightening “creature” on a road outside the eastern Kentucky town of Sandy Hook, prompting an investigation by the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization.

The group released a “follow-up report” this month that concludes the woman saw something that wasn’t human. Sandy Hook is about 100 miles east of Lexington, Kentucky.

“She described it as a walking tree, “ investigator Jack Smarr said after interviewing the woman.

His report stops short of declaring it was Bigfoot, a legendary “ape-like creature” that remains more a popular myth than a scientific fact, according to Live Claims of Bigfoot sightings have been reported across the nation for decades, including a 2017 night-time encounter in the woods of McDowell County, North Carolina.

Founded in 1995, the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization says it is oldest and largest “scientific research organization exploring the bigfoot/sasquatch mystery.” Smarr says he interviewed the Kentucky woman about her experience, calling it a Class B incident in which a “possible sasquatch was observed at a great distance or in poor lighting.”

The woman, who he declined to name, is reported to have seen “a creature” while she was a passenger in her husband’s vehicle, about 7:45 p.m. on Oct. 18.

“At some point, I started screaming… ‘there is something in the road!’,” the woman is quoted saying.

“I’m looking at this thing which is…at least 7 ft tall. It was the colour of a tree…It turned its head and looked straight at our car.”

The woman’s husband saw only “a strange shadow, but not the creature,” says the Bigfoot Field Research report. Smarr says “the entire episode lasted only 3 to 5 seconds” and the animal was nearly 100 feet away.

Social media reaction to the sighting includes one man who says he, too, has seen a “being the same colour as a tree,” but it was in western North Carolina. He wrote that he is relieved to learn someone else has seen the same thing.

“What I saw has a pattern and a colour scheme to its fur that, in my opinion, closely resembles what looks to be tree bark,” posted Charles Eric Presnell of Burnsville, N.C., on Facebook.

Montana man told police a hunter ‘mistook him for Bigfoot’ and shot at him, cops say

bigfoot s BY JARED GILMOUR DECEMBER 18, 2018 04:47 PM,

A Montana man was out target shooting when he became a target himself — and it was because a man “mistook him for Bigfoot,” he told authorities.

The 27-year-old from Helena told dispatchers on Monday that a day earlier he had been putting up targets on public lands outside the city when bullets started flying toward him, Lewis and Clark County Sheriff Leo Dutton said in a phone interview with McClatchy.

The man said one bullet hit three feet to his left on Sunday and another whizzed past him on the right. He explained that he ran into the trees for cover as more gunfire came his way. Eventually he came out to confront the man in a black Ford F-150 who shot at him, he said.

“I thought you were Bigfoot,” the shooter told the victim in the victim’s telling of the story, according to Dutton. “I don’t target practice — but if I see something that looks like Bigfoot, I just shoot at it.”

The man said he responded that he’s not Bigfoot. The shooter advised the man to wear orange in the future, and the man said he told the shooter that was a good point, according to Dutton.

Local law enforcement are now looking for leads on who the person in the black F-150 might be, though Dutton said “there was some question about the veracity of the report” because it was called in the day after the alleged near-death incident, and because the man couldn’t describe the alleged shooter. The man also said he didn’t want to pursue charges and didn’t want to talk to deputies, Dutton said.

Police checked the area where the shooting was reported, but didn’t find the pickup, ABC Fox Montana reports.

But after reports of the alleged shooting appeared in the Helena Independent Record, another woman came forward with a similar experience, potentially bolstering the man’s story, Dutton said.

The woman told law enforcement that she had been shot at by a man in a black F-150 as well. Bigfoot didn’t come up in that woman’s report, according to Dutton, but the woman did give a better description of the man, who she said she also confronted about shooting at her.

“We’re working to find this person,” Dutton said. “It is of great concern that this individual might think it’s okay to shoot at anything he thinks is Bigfoot.”

If the reports are true, the shooter could face attempted negligent homicide charges, Dutton said.

However, Dutton said he doesn’t think the public is in danger.

“It seems to be a localized event to one geographic area,” Dutton said, referring to the North Hills near Helena.

A study in 2017 found that — despite sightings reported across the country each year — only 16 percent of Americans believe Bigfoot is real, McClatchy reported. Compare that with 50 percent of people who believe in ghosts and 35 percent who believe ancient aliens visited the planet.

Was it a UFO, meteor or an out-of-control Russian satellite?

capture-xp0mgb1elad8pgg3lr2_ct677x380  by Martin Johnston, NZ Herald 6th Jan

According to a local expert the object seen flying through our sky last night was probably the remains of a Russian satellite – and it there’s a chance, a tiny one, that a small part of it might be sitting in someone’s backyard.

Thousands of excited Kiwis from Whangarei to Nelson quickly took to social media last night to post pictures and video of the bright object that streaked through our dusk sky, and then seemed to disappear.

There’s been much speculation since then about what the object was – and what happened to it once it vanished from view – but according to a leading space expert it was almost certainly the remains of an out-of-control Russian missile defence satellite.

Theoretical cosmologist Professor Richard Easther, the head of physics at the University of Auckland, said he was 99 per cent certain that it was the Russian Kosmos 2430 satellite – and that the Russians appeared to have lost control of it.

He said it was among several satellites sent up to Earth orbit by Russia to protect against missile attacks, primarily by the United States.

“The US has a similar constellation of satellites.”

Easther said it was most likely that any remains of the nearly 2 tonne satellite that had survived the intense heat of its dive through the atmosphere landed in the sea.

It was conceivable, however, that debris such as large chunks of glass or scorched metal had landed in someone’s backyard.

“In the remote [case] … that you discover some ‘space junk’, some spacecraft have small manoeuvring engines that use toxic propellants, so anything that looked like a gas bottle or tank should be treated with caution.

“But pieces of metal are almost certainly safe, apart from the sharp edges.”

Asked if there was any obligation to report such finds, he said, “I guess the fire brigade would be your first call; they handle chemical risks as well.

“And I have no idea who owns debris,” he said, adding, tongue in cheek, that if it did any damage, the Russian President could be approached: “you could send Vladimir Putin the bill.”

Easther said several satellites returned to Earth each year. Notable ones included the US Skylab and a Russian satellite that contaminated part of Canada.Debris from Skylab was found in Western Australia after the US space station crashed back to Earth in 1979.

The previous year, the Soviet reconnaissance satellite Kosmos 954 scattered radioactive debris over northern Canada when it re-entered the Earth’s atmosphere. A fault before re-entry had prevented the safe separation of its onboard nuclear reactor.

Easther said Kosmos 2430 was known to be passing over New Zealand at the time of the bright object last night. The proof that it was the cause would be in skywatchers reporting its absence.

If it had been a controlled descent, it would have been manoeuvred to splash into the Southern Ocean. The fact its re-entry occurred over New Zealand implied that “the Russians lost control of it”

Read your Winter 2018/2019 Magazine for FREE. Click to read.
Read your Winter 2018/2019 Magazine for FREE. Click to read.

Britain’s Roswell: The answer to Rendlesham Forest UFO incident has been disclosed…but will you believe it?


Was UK’s most notorious UFO sighting a REVENGE PRANK played on US airmen by SAS commandos?

Source – – 1 Dec, 2018 19:27


Thirty-eight years ago, on three nights between December 26 and 28, different sets of US Air Force personnel stationed at the RAF Woodbridge base, which reportedly housed nuclear warheads, witnessed bright orange, red, blue and white lights in the sky.

Sent out to further investigate, one serviceman on patrol reported a “smooth, opaque, black glass” craft on the forest floor, covered in incomprehensible hieroglyphs, while on another night a different team encountered an object the size of a basketball turn into a spaceship, and had a “silent standoff” with what appeared to be a humanoid alien. The team, some of whom have since been diagnosed with PTSD, said that indentations in the ground, damage to the forest, and abnormal radiation readings proved that these were not mass hallucinations.

rend 2

But now, Dr David Clarke, a researcher at Sheffield Hallam University, who once managed Britain’s national UFO sightings archive, says that he has found a less far-fetched explanation. Courtesy of a Special Air Service “insider” named “Frank,” who personally contacted the academic who has spent the past three years trying to get to the bottom of the mystery, which has been labelled Britain’s own Roswell.

According to the source, the root of the incident goes back to August 1980, when British SAS commandos made a practice landing inside the USAF base, in a live exercise intended to challenge their American allies – a rare but known practice during the Cold War.

But instead of receiving a friendly telling off, the team was allegedly hauled off into cells, mauled, and interrogated at length by US officers, who referred to them as “unidentified aliens.”

“After their release, the troopers made no complaint at their rough treatment but were determined to get their own back on the USAF for the beating that they had received,” said Clarke, quoted in the Daily Mail.

ufo PLAY

“In particular, their repeated characterization as ‘aliens’ sowed the seeds of a plan. They said: ‘They called us aliens. Right, we’ll show them what aliens really look like.’”

So come Christmas, the British supposedly created several contraptions using the materials at hand, such as remote-controlled kites, helium balloons, and coloured flares, and launched them into the sky.

“Someone in London recalled the events of the previous August and questions were asked. A few red faces – but also some satisfaction and amusement – followed,” said Clarke.

“The USAF was ‘reassured’ at a very senior level and no UK investigation was undertaken – for obvious reasons.”

According to Clarke, who says that he followed up the claims with several officials from the era, this is the reason for what some say appears to have been a continuously blasé reaction from the UK authorities to the incident.

While “Frank’s” yarn is interesting in itself, for determined conspirologists – including several men present on the nights of the sightings – who have claimed that the case has been deliberately hushed up by the military, this will likely be treated as a new red herring, put out by the government to throw them off the scent.

Do you believe this is what really happened that night or is this just part of the cover-up? Leave your theories in the comments.


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Has the infamous Ghost girl of Haverfordwest been photographed? (Along with a creepy looking old man!!!)

Haverfordwest Ghost (C) The Paranormal 2018 - Please contact The paranormal chronicles  for usage rights
Haverfordwest Ghost (C) The Paranormal 2018 – Please contact The paranormal chronicles  for usage rights

The Paranormal Chronicles have exclusively received an incredible picture of what appears to be not only the ghost of a child but a ghost of a strange looking old man at an empty house in the Haverfordwest Town Centre.

The house is reputedly haunted by the ghost of a little girl who died allegedly during the Victorian era. It is also said that a man hung himself in the house too. The little girl has often been seen in the house and at the window. Now, this house is not the House documented in Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest or A most haunted house but we can confirm it is within a 1-mile radius of that very haunted abode. This is the 16th house to have reported activity within the one-mile radius of the house featured In Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest. Is this a haunting epidemic, perhaps ley line energy, or is there a more rational explanation such as tetra activity, gas seepage, overactive imaginations or something more.

Click on the Play button below to watch more on this report along with a more detailed looked at the Photograph

october playslide

The house cannot be identified until further investigation has been conducted and The image needs further investigation and examination to truly get to grips with what we are looking at. Is it someone misidentified, it a trick of the mind, a reflection or is this clear evidence of two paranormal entities fighting to be seen or fused together as one. It certainly is creepy, and we will have a full follow up along with witness accounts soon. Let us know what you think in the comments below! Have we been hoaxed, is this real or do you have an explanation?

The Paranormal Chronicles very own G.L.Davies  shall be interviewing not only the photographer but hopefully the owners of the house for an exclusive TPCN episode in the next week or so subscribe now so you don’t miss the full story.

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Has a mum captured the image of a chilling child ghost spying on her children? Click picture to read now!


Is this Pembrokeshire Road the most haunted in Wales? Dozens of eyewitnesses believe it is! Click to read now!

Haunted clay Lane Haverfordwest
Haunted clay Lane Haverfordwest

Has the Haverfordwest Ghost monk finally be photographed? Click the image below to Read the full article with Pictures, video and article.

priory figure

Want to read more on the Ghost sex phenomena? Click the image link below!

Do you believe in Ghosts? Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest!!! You need to read this!

Haunted: horror Haverfordwest

Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest

The new terrifying true haunting from G.L.Davies

PRE-ORDER NOW for a 30.11.18 release

Blissful beginnings for a young couple turn into a nightmare after purchasing their dream home in Wales in 1989. Their love and their resolve are torn apart by an indescribable entity that pushes paranormal activity to the limit. Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest is the prequel to the bestselling A Most Haunted House (included as a new edit for the complete account).

G.L Davies and are proud to announce the release of the new chilling true paranormal account, HAUNTED: Horror of Haverfordwest

It’s been 4 years since G.L.Davies shocked the world with his brutal and graphic depiction of paranormal sexual abuse and torment in the controversial bestseller Ghost Sex: The Violation. Now, on November 30th 2018 he returns to his roots with the pre-sequel to his chart-topping true paranormal account that was A most haunted house.

Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest is the return to that terrifying house that first sent chills up the spines of readers in A most haunted house. This time the account is set between the years of 1989 and 1991 and focuses on the account of a Pembrokeshire couple who move into that terrible home and this is their testimonial of the bewildering and horrifying events that took place there.

One of the spookiest writers around, G.L Davies dares you to enter his latest haunted house. A couple are pushed to breaking point as an entity possesses their home. Terrifyingly real, this is a must-read for horror fan

NetGalley’s Books of the Month for November 2018

This, new longer account explores the paranormal activity that pushes the occupants to the brink of sanity with the unique style that G.L.Davies fans have grown accustomed too through his previous works. This is not a sensationalised account more often found in other offerings of the genre but the actual transcripts from the interviews of the people involved along with notes and insight from G.L.Davies as he tries to discern what had happened to these people and how it links to his own personal experience at the house.

Haunted: horror Haverfordwest

Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest not only includes a brand new account set between 1989 and 1991 but a NEW edit of A most Haunted house with the events that took place there in 2002 PLUS a summary of explanations which is a must for sceptic and believer alike as it dissects the possible rationale behind the events from the ordinary to the arcane. This is one of the most complete paranormal documentations in recent memory.

G.L.Davies is an author who leads the reader through a gripping account of his own personal haunting which I found to be very interesting. Through his experience, he has gained an unusual insight into what can happen to a normal person when they happen across The Paranormal. This chilling read will certainly start to worry the reader and will certainly have them looking behind them at some stage. This is a must read for those looking for explanations. As Demonologist on the TV show Most Haunted, I understand what the author went through and this book should not only make people more aware of what to them was previously unknown but make them think twice about meddling with it. 

Fred Batt, Most Haunted – TV Series

Already accepted by members of the paranormal community as one of the greatest paranormal accounts in Modern History,  Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest is assured to make readers feel uneasy as they turn their lights off before bed.

Available through, Amazon, Waterstones, W.H.Smiths, Barnes and Noble, Hive, Victoria Bookshop Haverfordwest, Kindle and wherever books are sold.

PRE-ORDER NOW for a 30.11.18 release

Bring your copy to Victoria Bookshop in Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire for the Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest book signing on

December 1st 2018.

Read what others are saying about

Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest

G.L Davies takes us into the real-life terror of a malevolent haunting in the pages of Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest. If you have the intestinal fortitude to venture forward, your bravery will be rewarded with a great, if frightening read. I’d say go for it and pick up your copy today! 

Jim Harold, Host of The Paranormal Podcast and Jim Harold’s Campfire

This is a Terrifying read, a book that will haunt you long after you have read it. Its builds masterfully, drawing you closer and closer and then the terror hits you. This is a modern paranormal masterpiece, complete with the original A most haunted house and a must-read section on explanations, this is possibly the most important paranormal account of the 21st Century. This is a haunting people will be talking about in a hundred years time and all the while they will say, I hope it didn’t happen in our house. G L Davies is finally back and he has grown as a writer and investigator, this is shocking and chilling brilliance. 

K-Town, Mysterious

Haunted: horror Haverfordwest
Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest available 30.11.18

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