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Deadly Departed – Paranormality

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By Jock Brocas

For some, the paranormal is exciting, it’s exhilarating and at times heart-stopping. The thrill in delving into realms unknown to you is enough to get your heart racing, and there is something almost primitive about trying to find fire like the early man and change the direction of the human species. However, there is an eerie danger to the thrill, and for some who have experienced the paranormal first hand, it is an entirely different outlook. It is a terrifying experience that the experiencer does not want to live through again. Just ask my friend’s Gavin ( Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest) and Bob if they would go through what they had, I can bet you the answer would be a resounding NO!

A skeptic is merely one who has yet to experience a very real paranormal episode and no matter how knowledgeable one is in theory, that all changes when you’re in the firing line. Man’s law does not govern the spirit world, for, in that realm, there is no need to heed what man has laid down as the rules of life. The other side of the veil is another realm that supersedes man’s, and though it is governed by divine law, it is far more intelligent and advanced than our realm.


Those who are subjugated and oppressed by nefarious forces on the other side of the veil often find themselves at the behest of a far more intelligent force that operates out of the earthly remit. Now, add a heap of ignorance, lack of spiritual direction and foolhardy ego and you have the recipe for another pandora’s box. Those who claim to be of high spiritual vibration and who have more ego than a rugby team in the bar after the game, often let loose a heap of spiritual suffering on the very people they try to help.

In my own life and work, the paranormal found me, I did not find the paranormal. I never asked to do the work I do now, and I never chased it from the plethora of courses that purport to make you a professional. Instead what I believe is that spirit or God, or however you understand a higher spiritual power, chose to use me as a tool. A tool that is perhaps a light that transcends darkness and of course this in itself makes me a target for the forces that hide in the darkness, and I have felt myself at the other end of the spectrum and been burned by the fires that try to consume me. Even in my work as a medium, which I find immensely important and enjoyable to be serving souls who are suffering rather than a material effigy. Suffering souls under spiritual subjugation are often guided to cross my path and I cannot refuse to help where suffering exists.

Deadly departed by Jock Brocas
Deadly departed by Jock Brocas – Click to read

Suffering, however, is often brought on by ignorance somewhere and at some point in time. It is this ignorance that often offers a false sense of security and lulls people into the pit of despair as hungry black forces wait to engulf what light there may be.

Deadly Departed is not just a book, it is a tool, it is a guide and it is an answer to spiritual suffering. I was merely the medium that brought the existence of this living force to the plain of suffering.  It is a book in the physical sense, but it has a life and consciousness of its own, the words are not mine, but from a higher law and power – helping to bring light to where there may be darkness, and where darkness may engulf the suffering soul. In the words of my Good friend and Author Gavin Davies ( Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest), it helped him through dark times, but if he had it before the events, it may have been different.

 Hindsight is a great thing, but the truth is that “knowledge gives strength to the arm.” If we have the knowledge and understanding to act upon, then perhaps we would not find ourselves in caverns of darkness – the target of those forces that would seek our ruin. The book is your constant companion, something you can refer to time and time again. You can join our online group, ask questions, and seek understanding as a deadly departed reader. For those who claim to have been touched by the demonic and battled with them, it is often a poetic license giving ego to the story. The truth is different because when you have experienced it, it will never leave you, it will consume your thoughts and your vigil will never end as you continue the spiritual war every moment of your life. Flying objects are entertainment and the real battle is the one trying to control your psyche.

I have brought Deadly Departed to life in order that it helps to serve those suffering, mediums who are developing and who need to understand the balance in the spirit. To families that may be the target of dark spiritual forces and to those who suffer due to spirit influence and whose minds are not their own for now.

Deadly Departed is a gift from the Divine Power that animates us and is a shield of protection for your mind and soul.

This is an excellent book. Well written and easy to understand. Particularly suitable for those taking their first steps in to the world of parapsychology and spiritualism.
There are too many people today jumping head first in to the abyss without learning about some of the dangers within Mediumship, The Occult, EVP, Paranormal subjects and using Ouija/Spirit boards without some discernment.
There are many dangers (although far too many believe its all ‘love and light’,) and communicating and opening portals into the Spirit Realms should not be taken lightly.IMO, there are not enough books written on the dangers of the ‘After Life’ and I applaud the author for daring to go against the flow. THE MESSAGE IS STAY SAFE!!!

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deadly departed

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