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Footage that ghosts exist
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Bizarre footage showing ‘Ghost of Witch’ floating through sky sparks online frenzy By Callum Hoare / Published 19th July 2018


TERRIFYING footage has emerged showing the ghost of a witch floating up to the clouds, according to wild claims online

The spooky clip, captured in Mexico, shows the phenomenon as it flies in broad daylight. It appears to be a figure wearing dark clothing and it seems to be holding onto something. ut the subject does not make life-like movement and the clip cuts out before we get a closer look. It was uploaded to YouTube channel mavi777 yesterday, where it has already racked up hundreds of hits.

“Oh my God, that looks just like a dead witch,” one comment read.

Another added: “Could be some kind of alien.”

And a third claimed: “Unbelievable. Looks like a witch to me.”

Witches are said to have magical powers, especially evil ones and are often depicted wearing black cloaks, riding broomsticks. In ancient history, the term was not exclusively negative and they were considered capable of both harming and healing.

Former MoD insider says UFOs are real and often narrowly miss crashing into planes as he spills secrets

By Nick Pope, ex-Ministry of Defence UFO project  13th July 2018,


UFO expert Nick Pope, who was bound by the Official Secrets Act, says his work involved monitoring Russian development of a death ray and dealing with psychics

ALIENS, UFOs and death rays sound more like the stuff of science fiction than the subjects of top-secret government briefings… but I know from my 21 years at the Ministry of Defence that our leaders take these threats more seriously than they let on.

I also learned from my time there that UFOs are real. And I should know because my job throughout the nineties was to investigate them.

From UFOs almost crashing into planes to alien abductions The bottom line was that we knew UFOs were real, but we didn’t know what they were. The majority of UFO sightings could be explained, but around five percent remain mysterious. The cases that concerned me most were the near-misses between UFOs and commercial aircraft – there are several such cases in the MoD’s UFO files.


What was much more fun was the other weird stuff that came our way simply because there was nowhere else in government to send it: crop circles, claims that people had been abducted by aliens, ghost sightings and people who claimed to be psychic and volunteered their services to British intelligence.

ufo PLAY

But is it really true, as the latest declassified files suggest, that we were racing against the Russians and the Chinese to acquire alien technology and develop some sort of super-weapon? Not quite, but the reality is almost just as bizarre.

MoD employees are allowed to say where they work, so I didn’t have to lie to anyone about that. However, we had to keep things bland and imply our jobs were boring and routine – which is tough when you spend your day dealing with this kind of thing. It helped that the MoD was the family business. I joined because my father, the MoD’s Deputy Chief Scientific Adviser, suggested I might find the work interesting. That turned out to be a huge understatement, but it was only once I’d been formally recruited and undergone rigorous security vetting that I got a real idea of what it all involved. Those of us involved in UFO research downplayed the true extent of our interest, and never let on that civil servant like me were trying to make sense of what we were dealing with. We never spoke too openly about the possibility any of the UFOs were from somewhere other than Earth, but we remained open-minded and certainly didn’t rule anything out.

As ever in the MoD, we were interested in what the Russians and the Chinese were up to. We were aware, in particular, that the Russians had put quite a lot of effort into researching and investigating not just UFOs, but parapsychology – telekinesis (moving objects with the mind), psychic phenomena and similar things. We viewed all this in terms of threats and opportunities, and one opportunity was the possibility that “novel military applications” might result from a better understanding of UFOs.

This was connected with a view that UFOs might not, in fact, be objects but rather the result of changes in energy in the atmosphere. This raised the intriguing possibility of channeling the energy and developing a death ray.

If that was the opportunity, the threat was that the Russians and the Chinese might beat us to it. All the while, the Americans were conducting their own research.


Last year, after years of denying there was any US government interest in UFOs, the Pentagon admitted they’d been investigating sightings after all. The Pentagon’s UFO project was known as AATIP – Advanced Aerospace (or Aviation, depending on who you ask) Threat Identification Program. When you can’t even be sure of the name of a government project, you know you’re dealing with some pretty secretive stuff.

The point is, they did a very clever thing by not mentioning “UFO” anywhere in the title, and as a result, Congress, the media, and the American people were completely in the dark until the story broke, and some declassified videos surfaced of US Navy jets chasing UFOs.

Radar operators tracked these things from time to time, and the speeds and maneuvers were astounding. We told Parliament, the media and the public that UFOs were of “no defense significance”, but this was a meaningless soundbite designed simply to get people off our backs. And while we may not have been in a race to acquire extra-terrestrial technology and alien weapons, as some conspiracy theorists are suggesting, it was certainly as spooky and surreal as anything you’ll ever see in The X-Files.

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Toksook Bay man and son see Bigfoot near Qalvinraaq River


July 18, 2018 by K.J. Lincoln

A man and his 10-year-old son who were checking their blackfish (can’giiq) trap on the frozen tundra are the most recent eyewitnesses in sighting a Bigfoot-like creature.

The sighting took place in mid-January 2013. The man and his son were traveling from their home, Toksook Bay, to check their blackfish trap near the two mountains called Ingriaraak. The Ingriaraak Mountains are located between the villages of Chefornak and Nightmute beyond the Kolavinarak (Qalvinraaq) River (Alaska)

tolsook map

The man said that the weather that day was beautiful and balmy. He decided it would be a good day to take his son out to check the trap for blackfish. They snow machined to where the trap was set and checked the trap.

However, when they were done and ready to go back home to Toksook Bay, the snow machine’s puller came off and could not start. They were stranded so the two climbed one of the Ingriaraak and got a cell phone signal. The man called home and asked for someone to come and get them.

alaskan tales
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After calling, the man and his son walked down back to the snow machine to wait. It started to rain and the boy was getting cold. The boy wanted to start walking and since there had been no reports of upcoming bad weather for that day and the trail markers were visible, the two decided to start walking back towards Nightmute.

The man wanted to bring home his catch, so he unhooked his sled from behind the snow machine and pulled it behind him while walking. His son rode in the sled for a while and then got out to walk beside his father. They were still quite away from reaching the Qalvinraaq River.

They had been walking for about an hour when the man happened to look behind them. About 200 yards away there, behind them, was a very tall, large, dark, strong-looking, muscular person-like creature standing, watching them. The man’s heart quailed but he did not show it to his son. His son, in the meantime, also saw the creature and waved to it, thinking it was a member of the search and rescue team coming to get them.

bigfoot video screen
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At this point, the thought that it may be Bigfoot did not cross the man’s mind. Fear flooded his mind, thinking it was an alangruq, or ghost. The man remembered his mother’s words to not look back no matter how powerful the urge was to turn and look. He maintained his control and calmly told his son not to wave at the creature or to look at it.

Soon they continued walking towards Nightmute, following the trail markers because the man knew that any search and rescue party would be coming for them following that same well-marked trail.

Only when he saw the lights of the oncoming snow machines did he dare look back. And when he did, he did not see anything except the frozen tundra. He told the rescuers about what they had seen and experienced and asked if they could all go back to see if there were any footprints made by the creature. But no, the rescuers did not want to. It was getting dark and they were anxious to get back to the village.

bigfoot s

During the time when they were walking, the man had taken out his phone to record what was behind him, pointing the phone over his shoulder without looking behind him. When they were safely in the village at Nightmute and eating at the home of a friend, the man told them what they had seen. He remembered his recording and took out his cell phone to view the footage, but alas, it had been somehow accidentally erased or deleted, or there was the possibility that he might not have hit the recording button at all.

His sharp-eyed son also described the creature as a yugpak, a very large person. He said the shoulders were very broad and powerful. The arms were long and strong-looking, like a wrestler’s arms. They reached down to its knees. There were also some light-colored markings or textures on the creature’s chest and stomach where the muscles stood out.

Back home in Toksook, the man told his wife and it made her feel scared. He told his wife’s parents, his parents, his grandparents, and his friends what they had seen. The next day he read about the Bigfoot sighting that occurred in the spring of 2012 in Kasigluk in the latest issue of the Delta Discovery, the January 16th, 2013 edition. It was the first published eyewitness account of a sighting in the newspaper.

The following day the man wanted to go back to that same area to look for footprints but the weather turned, and a blizzard blew in so he stayed home.

New York town ‘adopts’ Bigfoot as its official animal


Leave it to a small town in upstate New York to adopt an urban legend as its “official animal.”The village of Whitehall, population 2,556, has adopted Bigfoot as its “official animal” in a measure that passed 4-0, according to The Whitehall Times, the town’s newspaper.

The measure is seen as nothing more than a publicity stunt, according to former trustee Mike LaChapelle, but it is likely to get people talking one way or another.

“It can’t hurt,” said trustee George Armstrong. “It’s very well written by the way.”

The resolution came from Dave Molenaar, who identified himself as a member of the Bigfoot Tourism Council of Whitehall to the Albany Times Union.

The town’s mayor, Phil Smith, said every last Saturday of September will “be officially known as Sasquatch Appreciation Day and that Sasquatch shall be the official animal of the village of Whitehall.”

bigfoot ad
Press play for the evidence

It’s a curious decision for Whitehall to adopt Bigfoot as its official animal, even though the town already has multiple statues and an annual festival for Sasquatch, according to WTEN.

In 1976, three people reported that had they seen “a large, ape-like creature between 7-feet and 8-feet tall, darting toward their car,” according to It’s unclear if the creature that was seen also starred in “Harry & the Hendersons,” but you never know.

According to The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, there have been 103 sightings in New York State, most recently in June 2015, when a married couple claimed to see it while boating on Lake George.

The legendary Bigfoot has had a whirlwind couple of years, most likely because it is trying to become an Instagram influencer or go glamping, like any good millennial. In October 2017, Bigfoot was reportedly spotted in Northern California, but only because he had gotten greedy and tried to eat a pig.

alaskan tales
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Jeffrey Gonzalez, a self-described paranormal expert, said he heard about the sighting from a local farmer who said he saw the creature and five others running on his ranch near Avocado Lake.

“One of them, which was extremely tall, had a pig over its shoulder,” Gonzalez said in comments obtained by Fox 26, a Fox News affiliate. “The five scattered and the one with the pig was running so fast it didn’t see an irrigation pipe and it tripped, with the pig flying over.”

In March, the residents of Wapum, Pa. held their annual Bigfoot hunt, but surprisingly came up empty-handed.


ANDREW GRIFFIN @_andrew_griffin


Scientists have made the most precise measurement of the universe’s expansion ever – and found a very strange result indeed.

The Nasa research used two space telescopes to work out exactly how quickly the universe was growing. Discovering that important number could help understand where the cosmos came from and where it is going.

But the new precise measurement actually leads to more confusion than it dispels. There seems to be a strange mismatch in the way the universe is expanding – a discovery that could suggest there is an entirely new physics underpinning the universe, waiting to be found.

ufo PLAY

he mysterious results could be caused by dark matter, dark energy is even more exotic than previously thought, or an unknown new particle in the tapestry of space, Nasa said.

Scientists have long been attempting to work out the rate the universe is expanding – known as the Hubble constant – as precisely as they possibly can. Discovering how quickly it has been growing since the big bang 13.8 billion years ago could answer the most fundamental questions about where the universe came from and where it is going.


But as the measurements have become more precise, they have also become more different. The results that come out of the different ways of measuring the rate of expansion are at odds with each other.

Astronomers have a picture of where the universe was near its beginning, and a measurement of how fast it has expanded since – with those, they should be able to predict where it is now, but the result they get is wrong. That suggests there is either something wrong with the measurements or with our understanding of the universe.

Scientists had initially been concerned that the discrepancy was the result of an error in one or more of the ways that they are trying to measure the constant. But the new research suggests that is not the case, and that the measurements are correct – but that something undiscovered is changing the way the universe is expanding.

One measurement comes from ESA’s Planck mission, which mapped the universe as it looked only 360,000 years after it came into being. By looking at that map, scientists can work out the speed at which the universe came to be where it is today.


But the new Nasa research shows that the expansion rate calculated from that data does not match up with the universe as we see it around us. The new data from the Hubble Space Telescope does not match up with the calculations from the Planck mission.

“The tension seems to have grown into a full-blown incompatibility between our views of the early and late time universe,” said team leader and Nobel Laureate Adam Riess of the Space Telescope Science Institute and the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. “At this point, clearly it’s not simply some gross error in any one measurement.

“It’s as though you predicted how tall a child would become from a growth chart and then found the adult he or she became greatly exceeded the prediction. We are very perplexed.”

Footage that ghosts exist
Is this footage proof that GHOSTS exist? Click now to WATCH

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Haunted: horror Haverfordwest
Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest available 30.11.18

Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest

The new terrifying true haunting from G.L.Davies

PRE-ORDER NOW for a 30.11.18 release

Blissful beginnings for a young couple turn into a nightmare after purchasing their dream home in Wales in 1989. Their love and their resolve are torn apart by an indescribable entity that pushes paranormal activity to the limit. Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest is the prequel to the bestselling A Most Haunted House (included as a new edit for the complete account).

G.L Davies and are proud to announce the release of the new chilling true paranormal account, HAUNTED: Horror of Haverfordwest

It’s been 4 years since G.L.Davies shocked the world with his brutal and graphic depiction of paranormal sexual abuse and torment in the controversial bestseller Ghost Sex: The Violation. Now, on November 30th 2018 he returns to his roots with the pre-sequel to his chart-topping true paranormal account that was A most haunted house.

Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest is the return to that terrifying house that first sent chills up the spines of readers in A most haunted house. This time the account is set between the years of 1989 and 1991 and focuses on the account of a Pembrokeshire couple who move into that terrible home and this is their testimonial of the bewildering and horrifying events that took place there.

One of the spookiest writers around, G.L Davies dares you to enter his latest haunted house. A couple are pushed to breaking point as an entity possesses their home. Terrifyingly real, this is a must-read for horror fan

NetGalley’s Books of the Month for November 2018

This, new longer account explores the paranormal activity that pushes the occupants to the brink of sanity with the unique style that G.L.Davies fans have grown accustomed too through his previous works. This is not a sensationalised account more often found in other offerings of the genre but the actual transcripts from the interviews of the people involved along with notes and insight from G.L.Davies as he tries to discern what had happened to these people and how it links to his own personal experience at the house.

Haunted: horror Haverfordwest
Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest available 30.11.18

Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest not only includes a brand new account set between 1989 and 1991 but a NEW edit of A most Haunted house with the events that took place there in 2002 PLUS a summary of explanations which is a must for sceptic and believer alike as it dissects the possible rationale behind the events from the ordinary to the arcane. This is one of the most complete paranormal documentations in recent memory.

G.L.Davies is an author who leads the reader through a gripping account of his own personal haunting which I found to be very interesting. Through his experience, he has gained an unusual insight into what can happen to a normal person when they happen across The Paranormal. This chilling read will certainly start to worry the reader and will certainly have them looking behind them at some stage. This is a must read for those looking for explanations. As Demonologist on the TV show Most Haunted, I understand what the author went through and this book should not only make people more aware of what to them was previously unknown but make them think twice about meddling with it. 

Fred Batt, Most Haunted – TV Series

Already accepted by members of the paranormal community as one of the greatest paranormal accounts in Modern History,  Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest is assured to make readers feel uneasy as they turn their lights off before bed.

Available through, Amazon, Waterstones, W.H.Smiths, Barnes and Noble, Hive, Victoria Bookshop Haverfordwest, Kindle and wherever books are sold.

PRE-ORDER NOW for a 30.11.18 release

Bring your copy to Victoria Bookshop in Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire for the Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest book signing on

December 1st 2018.

Read what others are saying about

Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest

G.L Davies takes us into the real-life terror of a malevolent haunting in the pages of Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest. If you have the intestinal fortitude to venture forward, your bravery will be rewarded with a great, if frightening read. I’d say go for it and pick up your copy today! 

Jim Harold, Host of The Paranormal Podcast and Jim Harold’s Campfire

This is a Terrifying read, a book that will haunt you long after you have read it. Its builds masterfully, drawing you closer and closer and then the terror hits you. This is a modern paranormal masterpiece, complete with the original A most haunted house and a must-read section on explanations, this is possibly the most important paranormal account of the 21st Century. This is a haunting people will be talking about in a hundred years time and all the while they will say, I hope it didn’t happen in our house. G L Davies is finally back and he has grown as a writer and investigator, this is shocking and chilling brilliance. 

K-Town, Mysterious

Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest - Dare you step inside...
Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest – Dare you step inside…

If you are a paranormal investigator and have not read this book then you are not a real Paranormal Investigator. Raw, real, detailed, gritty and utterly frightening. As it includes the first book, A most haunted house, then this is the UK’s most detailed and prolific modern haunting investigating over twenty years worth of evidence. There are incidents and events that still linger long after reading, things difficult to make sense of, disturbing things that will leave you with you one thought, I hope this never happens to me! The best paranormal book out there, Read it, just not before bed. 

Nikki Davies, Lead Investigator – Devon Ghost Adventures

The courage it took to tell a story of the supernatural that drove one to the depths of depression is to be admired. G L Davies accounts are raw, real and riveting 

Jeremy Scott, Into The Parabnormal Radio

A paralogian to the paranormal is like a theologian to theology. A paralogian should have a good understanding of paranormal history, theory, & application. It is clearly evident that G L Davies not only has a real solid understanding of the different kinds of paranormal activity & phenomena people may experience, but he also understands the impact in which that said phenomena can have on an individual’s psychological well being as well as the parasociological implications for the surrounding family unit. G L Davies is a true paralogian through & through. Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest is a testament to that statement & a real pleasure to digest. I enjoyed this immensely. 

Kevin Malek, Paranormal Historian & Ufologist; Founder Of The Northern Wisconsin Paranormal Society Ltd & Co-Host for Paraversal Universe on the LNM Radio Network.

G L Davies once again takes readers on a terrifying journey into madness and the unknown that will grip believers tightly and shake sceptics to their very core 

Ashley Shannon, Schlock Tactics podcast

G L Davies Author of Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest
G L Davies author of Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest

G L. Davies is up to his old tricks again in his latest book Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest. His nasty detailed and unimaginable horror scenarios will give some readers nightmares. I interviewed G. L Davies on my YouTube Show before and thoroughly enjoyed his previous work 

Kevin Moore, The Kevin Moore Show

At Black Lotus, we pride ourselves in the exhaustive research we put into each of our episodes. Too often, people will not do the necessary legwork and research that is inherently required when investigating the paranormal. They simply parrot what others are saying and offer nothing new. This is why it was such a pleasure to discover G. L. Davies’ Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest. Written as an interview with the previous tenants of the house in which Davies once resided, it is not your typical haunted house story. While maintaining the integrity required of such research, Davies also writes with a human compassion that is rarely found among other paranormal explorers. Amazing work! We loved it!! 

Damian Gray & Ralph Torlucci, Black Lotus Media Productions

G L. Davies has done it again! Having experienced his previous work I can only say that “Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest” is the natural progression to the level of master in development of suspense & the building of shock & disbelief, all leading to the realization that these horrific paranormal experiences truly DO exist! 

Kat Hobson, Paranormal Experienced Radio

G L Davies masterfully brings the terror of living in a real haunted house to life again as he returns to the Horror of Haverfordwest! 

Jason Bland, Paranormal Soup – LNM radio

I had the pleasure of interviewing G. L Davies on my Radio Show many years ago discussing his first book and my listeners and I were left in awe, but I must say that his current book Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest also did not disappoint. It gave me chills as read it and I was unable to put it down as I was led on a journey through this very twisted Paranormal tale. It is a must-read for anyone interested in the Paranormal and this book will definitely be put on my shows “MUST READ”List. 

Christina George, Paranormal Connections Radio Show

Few of us will ever experience the paranormal in our own home. Where a place of sanctuary becomes strange and we fear for our own sanity. G L Davies takes us on a journey through the unknown with extraordinary clarity and humility. Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest will appeal to those interested in the paranormal, as well as those who want to know more about how such experiences can help us grow as a person. Life is for the living, not the dead. 

Claire Elliot, The Claire Witch Files

“G L Davies is a masterful author who, once again, leads the reader through a gripping account of the paranormal. Genuinely worrying and chilling. This is a MUST read and the section on the rationale behind the haunting is worth the read alone. 

Dave Dominguez , – Event Horizon online Radio show

Very creepy retell of what happened in a haunted house when a married couple lived in it for a short period of time in the late 80’s -early 90’s. I am a sceptic, but that does not mean that I could not suspend belief a few times while reading about the horrifying things that happened in that house…

Giulia Naccarato, NetGalley

I could not put this book down. I found the story to be creepy, scary and at times terrifying.  

Jill Long, NetGalley

A creepy ghost story just right for this time of year as the nights draw in. Atmospheric and draws you into the story and the characters 

Tracy Clarkson, NetGalley

Another creepy and scary book to read from GL Davies. This time it follows the story of another couple who lived in The House years before, the things they suffered and how it affected them. The tales are horrific and awful and I couldn’t imagine ever living through what they did. Having lived in Haverfordwest for 18 years of my life, I’m really grateful it wasn’t in this house….and I’m grateful I didn’t know it existed. This is a fantastic read if you want to read a horror that’s real life….if you’re brave enough to! 

kels_reads, NetGalley

I have just finished reading this book. I still have chills up my spine. I liked the way the story was set out and really got a sense of the terror experienced by Dai and Anne. Whether you are a believer in the paranormal or not, this book is well worth a read. 

Sue Blanchard, NetGalley


Haunted: horror Haverfordwest
Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest available 30.11.18


Available through, Amazon, Waterstones, W.H.Smiths, Barnes and Noble, Hive, Victoria Bookshop Haverfordwest, Kindle and wherever books are sold.

PRE-ORDER NOW for a 30.11.18 release

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