The Pembrokeshire Devil Hound: Evil on the Prowl

The Devil Hound

devil hound

Join the hunt for one of Pembrokeshires most chilling and  startling legends!

Location:  Narberth, Wales.


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Chronicled by G L Davies

G L Davies

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The Devil Hound? Could such a creature exist?

In the field of the paranormal it’s not unexpected to receive a frantic phone call early on a weekend morning. One can never assume that you can merely plan a day off without the apprehension that someone, somewhere in the county is experiencing a paranormal incident that defies their rational thought and that they need some help to come to terms with what they experienced. This is why I investigate, it’s that feeling of expect the unexpected that fuels my desire to uncover truths.

The paranormal chronicles and its sister site Pembrokeshire Beyond have documented accounts of an Owl man, a Phantom hitchhiker (Please feel free to explore our archive on this website), roadside hauntings, published an account of a terrifying haunting in A most haunted house and even had to interview people who claim they have had paranormal sexual relations. One man even claiming a demon stole his seed  (click here to read:  but on this morning we had something a little different to contest with: The Devil Hound.


Vivid Imagination or could something be stalking the countryside of Pembrokeshire?

Having lived on the Outskirts of the peaceful town of Narberth, Pembrokeshire a few years back, I had heard, drunken talk about a large black red eyed dog called the Devil Hound. Larger than a domesticated canine this beast was said to roam the fields and valleys around the area surrounding the crematorium. No picture of evidence has to my knowledge ever been produced and as far as I was concerned it was just a local legend,  a startling myth. Most areas have such creatures and Pembrokeshire has its fair share of big cats, strange and cruel hairy goblins and even a dragon.

Narberth, Pembrokeshire. Visit it.
Narberth, Pembrokeshire. A wonderful place to Visit.

The origin of the creature is unknown but a local farmer was kind enough to divulge that when he was a young lad growing up in the area in the 1950’s a series of brutal slayings had been reported of sheep.One sheep carcass found ripped to shreds high up in a tree another’s innards spread over half a mile of road. He always believed it was the Devil hound; a cruel creature cast out form the pits of hell to roam the green fields of Pembrokeshire causing terror to the good hardworking folk that lived there. He joked that it has been sent from hell to remind us that the devil cherished our soul and that we needed to hold on dear to our faith in Christ.

The creature has been alleged to have been spotted between Narberth and Llanmill

Then in the 1980’s a man travelling the road on his moped claims to have witnessed a large black dog with large coal red eyes and a large mouth drooling smoke or stream in a gateway. The man was so terrified that he  lost control of his moped and nearly crashed and was mortified that his small bike could not carry him away from the beast quick enough.

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Again in early 2003 a family on a Sunday drive claimed to see a large black dog with glowing red eyes emerge from a gateway a mile from the crematorium and bound across the road and disappear as quickly as it had appeared. Was there such a creature or was it merely a normal animal mistaken for something far more hellish?

On Friday 8th August 2014 around 8 p.m a car with four people aged between 18 and 22 claim that while driving on the Amroth Road (A477) they saw a large black dog with red eyes bound across the road and disappear into the Pendeilo woods. They insisted that it was not the Big Cat that is often reported in the County but definably a dog, much larger than any domesticated canine they were aware of and its movement and eye colour were certainly distinctive. They declared the creature to be pure black, red eyes and a steam or smoke rising from its body.

“They were red, literally red, like glowing red..”

Could the Devil Hound be on the move? Looking for pastures and prey new to feed upon? The area in which the alleged creature has been seen is vast and is home to many woodland, valleys and fields. Then  I had a frantic call from a lady who was given my number by a colleague saying that while her and her daughters had been out riding their horses near the llanmill valley they saw a large black dog with red glowing eyes and steam or smoke rising from its back and head. It was large, larger than a normal dog and its presence disturbed the horses that then tried to turn back. The three witnesses’ watched in puzzlement as the dog looked at them, made a strange hissing noise and leapt into the undergrowth. The mother was unsettled but had the wits to dismount and take a picture on her phone of a footprint of the proposed beast and put a BIC lighter next to it for scale.

Devil hound or just a normal big dog print?
Devil hound or just a normal big dog print?

As you can see the footprint is very large, probably a large heavy dog but to determine its size is difficult as the earth beneath is exceptionally damp enlarging the footprint further. A cast has now been taken and a canine expert who will try and determine what breed of dog it is. I asked the woman if it was possible that it was just a normal dog that was perhaps suffering from some malady like red eye. Red eye causes the dog’s eye to become inflamed and, well, red. This inflammation may be due to various factors, including excess blood in the eyelids (hyperemia) or in the eye’s blood vessels (ocular vasculature). This occurs when vessels expand in response to extra-ocular or intra-ocular (outside of, and within the eye, respectively) inflammation, or a passive accumulation of blood. The lady had this response for me;

I know an ill dog when I see one, whatever this was frightened the girls, the horses and myself. The dog was jet black with a massive head and a large body. It has steam or smoke coming off it. Its eyes were not inflamed. They were red, literally red, like glowing red and I don’t care how bad red eye gets it doesn’t  make your eyes glow like that. This was no pet dog or even a wild dog. This was something different and I shall not be taking the horses and the girls there again


The lady went quiet when I asked her could this be the local legend of the Devil hound come to life.

Further investigation will continue and with so many reports of large black cats, a wolverine and now this, it shall be a most interesting time in Pembrokeshire for cryptozoologists and paranormal investigators. Please follow our page so that you can keep up to date with this investigation and hopefully we shall unearth more on this terrifying creature after further analysis.

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Help us  search for proof on such an diabolical creature by taking a road trip to the area. Bring your camera because you never know just what could be lurking on the side of the road….

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Keep safe…and sleep well!

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