Strange lights over Pembroke


The Paranormal Chronicles has received a report of strange lights flying over Pembroke. Jo Chambers from Pembroke saw the lights at approx 10 p.m on Thursday 12th March and was able to photograph the object. Jo had this to say on the sighting.

The Pembroke UFO. Photographed and published with permission from Jo Chambers
The Pembroke UFO. Photographed and published with permission from Jo Chambers

“I live Wales in Pembroke, overlooking Pembroke town, last night l witnessed something strange, I was pulling the curtains at about ten o’clock, when I saw several lights in the sky over the town. They vanished quickly then immediately reappeared again forming what looked like a V shape then again disappeared and didn’t reappear. I took two photos on my mobile. To the right of the pictures you can see the lamp post outside my house and to the left of that the lights in the sky, as far as I’m aware there was nothing on in the town last night, I’ve Googled it and found nothing, l was wondering if anyone else saw anything.”

The picture as taken by Jo chambers with the location in the day time.
The picture as taken by Jo chambers with the location in the day time.

The Object was said to have made no sound. The Paranormal Chronicles is waiting on responses from various aviation sources to see if any aircraft were in the area at the time as part of its investigation into the mysterious lights.

With so much air traffic in the area from The Castlemartin Training Area and civilian aircraft from Withybush airport could this sighting have an rational explanation? Flares from Castle martin may be the cause but we are yet to have confirmation on if any exercise was in progress on the night in question.

Pembrokeshire has been a hot bed of UFO activity with sightings in July 2014  witnessed in Haverfordwest which then resulted an epidemic of sightings across Wales (read more). In the late 70’s and Early 1980’s Pembrokeshire was the focus of unprecedented UFO activity with hundreds of witness experiencing strange alien encounters as part of the world renowned Welsh Triangle. Have these alien visitors returned?

Photographed by Jo Chambers
Photographed by Jo Chambers

Just what has Jo Chambers photographed? We hope to have more information soon and if you witnessed the lights then please can you contact us at Your reports will be anonymous and your name, photographs and account will only be published with your permission.

We say to everyone in Pembrokeshire to Keep watching the skies. You never know what you will see.

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