UFO seen over Pembrokeshire


Reports are coming in of a bright star moving west across Pembrokeshire. At Approx 11.05 pm  a large bright star was seen moving over Haverfordwest and heading East. Witness accounts have also seen the Object travelling over Narberth, Whitland and also  Swansea. Smaller star like lights have been seen to approach the larger one and make circular flight patterns around it and then fly off at speed.

The Paranormal Chronicles have checked the ISS (International space station) Tracker and the space station has passed over Pembrokeshire tonight and we are trying to confirm the exact time the station passed over the region. Reports suggest it was too bright and large to be a Chinese lantern and the object made “drastic” course changes. No sound was heard coming from the object. The smaller lights “Buzzing” it have not been identified as of yet.

We ask that people east from Pembrokeshire, Wales to please look outside to see if you can capture any images of the object.

If you have any information or able to get film or photographic documentation then please contact the Paranormal Chronicles at : Paranormalchronicles@aol.com

More news as we have it. Keep watching the sky’s.

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    1. Thank you so Much for your reply Astrogirl. We are still looking into it and with an appeal by local and national papers we have received more sightings of the object all over the country saying that the object was making course changes and was seen at varying heights. I think perhaps we can rules out the ISS but it may be possibly a military drone, however that does not explain the smaller lights seen tracking it. We shall keep you updated as and when we get further information. Keep safe and keep in touch.

  1. Hi.
    I signed your petition, and have left a comment on your ufo page.
    As much as I would love the powers that be to disclose our contact with aliens, I cant honestly see it happening. They have too much money and nefarious deeds wrapped up in all the black projects to risk public exposure.

    Several years back the South Wales Police helicopter chased something over the Bristol channel, and there was supposed to be an investigation. Never heard anything after that.

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