More mystery from Pembrokeshires most haunted house

A return to Pembrokeshires most prolific haunting

For those of you that have read the worldwide #1 bestseller a most Haunted house and have been curious for more information regarding the house and the true events that happened there then your wishes may have come true.

There are many alleged haunted houses in Pembrokeshire. The house from a Most haunted house is a closely guarded secret.
There are many alleged haunted houses in Pembrokeshire. The house from a Most haunted house is a closely guarded secret.

The E-book is based on a true account of a small house in the Welsh town of Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire and focused on a terrifying series of paranormal events that targeted a young couple trying to make themselves a home and a life together. Nearly 20,000 copies ( as of 21/02/15) of the account have now been read all over the world as people try and make sense of the horrendous haunting.

We at the Paranormal Chronicles receive many messages and emails in regards to the book with many believing that they have experienced the same ferocity that this haunting had exhibited. Then we received an exciting email from a person that correctly identified the location of the house and claimed that they had lived there in the nineteen eighties. Further research verified that these people had in fact lived there. We were intrigued.

We engaged in many lengthy emails on the house and they have gladly allowed us to publish one of the events that happened to them. We are currently in discussion to work on publishing their full account of their time at the house at a later date once scheduling allows.

If you have read a most haunted house then this is a fantastic account to add to the numerous chilling experiences that were documented by John and Sarah and for those looking for a little bit more from the house in question. If you have not read it then this is an alleged account for you armchair investigators to theorize over and please do get in touch as your idea’s, comments and theories often shed new light on our investigations.Here in Paul’s own words is his account and we hope it gives you some insight into A most haunted house.

Paul: When we read in the Western Telegraph at Christmas that there was a new book about a haunting in Haverfordwest our ears pricked up and we immediately thought that it had to be our old house. Once we read it and read the descriptions of the house, the layout, the part of town we knew it just had to be the one.

We briefly owned it in the mid nineteen eighties, I was working for the refineries back then and it was me and the Mrs and the children had grown up and flown the nest and when I had the option of early retirement I took it and we sold up. It is a lovey looking house but the house doesn’t want people there, it thrives off your negativity, it brings out the worst in you but I won’t go into that right now, that’s the past and we are over that but I can tell you about one night that scared the living heck out of me.

The house had been playing up so long, just like the book, so many of the things that happened in the book was happening to us, I felt so sorry for that couple. It was a relief for us to sell and at least we got out together, it was close at times and there were times where we treated each other bad and we were on the brink of divorce but we got out while we could. Things are fine now, things got better as soon as we left which makes us think that had the couple from the book just left that maybe they too would have been O.K.

We had seen things of course, we saw the small shadow thing downstairs and we heard the things running around the house, there was no attic conversion back then but we heard some strange, terrifying noises at night, like we were being burgled.

One night I was in bed and we hadn’t been there that long but things had been happening. I was busting for a pee and it was cold in that house and I did not fancy going down stairs to use the loo. I got up and it was freezing cold, when I put on the landing light I could see my breath. There was only the landing light as the living room light was downstairs by the bathroom door. I headed down the stairs, shivering and rubbing myself and I heard a breathing noise, the same noise as when you’re cold and you make those quick breathing noises. I stopped on the stairs and I could hear it clearly coming from the living room and it sounded like more than one person was there, more like several.

I knelt down on the stairs to look into the living room and it was dark apart from the light coming in from the street and I was startled to see four or five black shadowy figures all huddled in a circle making this weird phoof, phoof, phoof noises in a rhythm. I shat myself! At this time it has been bangs and small shadowy shapes which were frightening enough not a group of black featureless figures. One of them looked to be huge at least seven feet with two smaller ones and two really small ones. Those must have been the children that we heard so often running around in the night.

I’m not ashamed to say I screamed and ran back upstairs. My wife woke up and asked what was happening and I told her and she looked alarmed but was brave enough to get out of bed and go look for herself. I followed her expecting to see this congregation of shapes just stood there panting but the noise had stopped, the cold had gone and when she put on the light there was nothing there, nothing at all.

So much had happened from the time we moved in that she wasn’t cross she just cried and we stood there in the living room. So much happened there, so much. It has been thirty years and things that happened there still chill me even now and we live in a bright, warm house on the coast.

I will never forget the cold and the sound they were making. It was awful

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