Most of us in our lifetime will experience that cold worrying thought of what will happen to us when we die?

Morose for some, unpretentious for others it is that nagging question that wakes us from a deep slumber.

By G L Davies author of A most haunted house

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On with the Article


For some their religious and spiritual beliefs will give comfort and joy to our passing and that the passing of loved ones is merely a new chapter in their existence. For others, it is a terrifying realization that everyone we love, everything we care for, even our very own life, our own consciousness, our own being will simply cease to exist. Everything in life is not ours to keep, just merely a loan and one day will be taken away.

We, to put it bluntly, will expire.


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It is humankind’s greatest mystery, the one question that overrides all others – What happens to us after we die? This is the question that so much of humankind’s framework has been built around. Our mortality has birthed religion, philosophy, and spirituality.

Those with no ties to any particular religious or spiritual belief simply see our existence as a one time shot, not a dress rehearsal for the next stage of our spiritual evolution just a blur of life irrelevant in the grand scheme of the universe, that we are simply snuffed out and nothing will happen next.

This belief gives people the motivation to live for the now, to strive and accomplish to become good people living in a natural time frame of birth, life, death and for others it is an excuse to drift on the tides of life, sampling the many vices that life offers – after all if we are born and then die and there are no further consequences then there is no need for accountability but to simply live in the now.


Everyone reading this will have their own views from a paradise awaiting those that have led a good life based on the ancient doctrines, dogma, and teaching from the past, for others they take the wisdom and experience from this life and re-incarnate in a new form, perhaps for some our energy is unleashed from the vehicle we call a body and reconnects back to the universal flow and for the rationalists we are simply animal life that decays and is no more.

Whatever is your belief there is not a settled or established opinion, belief, or principle to what happens next as no one fully knows for sure.

Andrew D. Bently has explored this incredible notion first hand in his new book High Love, Still connected. It is an incredible account of love, loss, grief, and evidence that there is life after death.


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High Love, Still connected deals in detail with the tragic death of his wife, Winnie.

For those that have experienced first hand the cold hollow feeling of grief, the relentless pain of bereavement will find themselves connecting to the chapter detailing a beautiful woman’s death. It is a heartbreaking true account of people tethering to each other, emotional and physical, two lives shared as one, the power of love all powerful and absolute…and then it is taken away.

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Many of us have already felt that pain, that crushing paralyzing feeling, an earthquake of the soul but what if that was not the end? What if we truly did not lose that person? What if that person no longer exists in the rules and construct of our existence but were able to return from beyond and still impact upon your life?

High Love, Still connected presents so many accounts of influence and presence from someone that has passed that one cannot simply dismiss it as coincidental. A highly educated scientist, Andrew D.Bently does question at first the possibility that these are just the perceptions of a man lost to grief, desperate to hang on to the Woman he loved, just mere coincidence and a mind open to suggestion. It was to become so much more.


Quickly it becomes undeniable that the sheer volume of signs, messages, personal interactions from beyond are more than a heartbroken fueled imagination. These are real. Andrew and his family, Winnie’s family and friends are gifted with an abundance of evidence to cement that Winnie is very much part of their lives still and that love is a force so powerful that it can cross all realms of existence. HIGH LOVE, STILL CONNECTED is one of the most detailed accounts of paranormal activity recorded and witnessed in recent times.

High Love, Still connected presents a plethora of paranormal evidence, testimonials from others as well as photographs of Winnie’s interaction with those she still loves.

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The author has used this book, High Love, Still Connected to help others cope with grief, to answer the burning questions of our own mortality and all royalties from this book are being donated to charitable causes such as Brain Tumor research, Mental Health, and the Homeless.

This is a book of love, of loss, of grief and of hope. This book is there to comfort those experiencing bereavement, beautifully written and emotionally articulated that it will haunt you for days after you have read it. High Love, Still Connected will become a cherished companion in your life, always at hand when the abyss of death becomes all-encompassing. It is a beacon of light. One man has captured the essence of the hole that one leaves with their passing but quickly fills with joy with the undeniable evidence that the ones we love are still here with us.


If we open our minds to the possibility that the ones we lose are never truly gone and look for the signs, look for their influence still in our lives then maybe we wont have to worry about what happens next, maybe the next stage of our existence is more beautiful and powerful than the current one we are experiencing. Imagine a world where the ones we lose are not truly gone, they are still there, caring, supporting, loving you. It is a wondrous feeling of hope and joy.

High Love, Still connected is available on Amazon, Barnes, and Noble and through All royalties from this book are donated to good causes so please support this wonderful account. Click below for an interview with Author Andrew D. Bently on the experiences detailed in High Love, Still Connected.

Love does exists in all realms of existence.

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CLICK the LINK BELOW  NOW to READ TODAY – All Royalties donated to good causes

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