Is your child a Psychic Medium?

Is your child a Psychic Medium?

Raising faith - The True story of raising a child psychic medium
Is your child a psychic medium?

By Claire Waters – author of Raising Faith: A true story of raising a child psychic-medium

When my daughter Faith was 4 years old, we discovered she was a Psychic Medium.  That is, she could see, hear, feel and communicate with people who had died.


Faith would be most open to sharing details of our spirit visitors with me at night after a bath and Storytime, as I settled her into bed ready for sleep. She would lie still, quietly concentrating on an area at the end of her bed and would tell me who she could see standing there each night. Sometimes it was my deceased grandparents, other times it was our spirit guides to help us. She would listen patiently to what they were telling her, and then relay the messages to me. At 4 years old, sometimes the words were too difficult for Faith to pronounce and on these occasions, they would show her the word in a ‘bubble’ she called it, so she could read me the letters instead.

Raising a child with psychic gifts adds a layer of complexity to parenting which has required an open mind, a willingness to learn, and a respectful acceptance that everything we see, hear or have been raised to believe isn’t necessarily all that exists in this incredible universe.


My initial reaction upon discovering my daughter had psychic gifts was a combination of fascination and fear. Faith is now a young teenager and the journey we have been on together as a mother, daughter, and family has been extraordinary. In the beginning, we knew very little about psychic and spiritual matters but, during the past 10 years, we have been privileged to communicate with spirit people every day, including regular visits and conversations with our loved ones who have passed, and receiving guidance from our spirit helpers and guides both in times of difficulty and to help confirm or clarify my own understanding of the spirit world.

My desire to understand my young daughter’s experiences inspired me to learn as much as I could about this subject.  My learning journey became much more than I ever expected. The spiritual laws and understandings that I have acquired are life-changing, both for me and for anyone wishing to understand more about life here and now, and life after death of the physical body.

I feel incredibly proud and blessed to share this journey with Faith. How she lives her life as a ‘normal’ young girl alongside her psychic medium abilities is inspirational, but it’s not always easy.  Our book Raising Faith details the many challenges we have experienced as part of our journey together, including helping Faith manage the messages she receives from spirit, learning how to create boundaries with the spirits who visit her, responding with integrity to the messages and guidance we receive, learning how to protect our energy, and how to encourage only positive spirits and messages around us. We have learned the hard way that negative darker energies can be attracted to us and have learned how to prevent and detach these. We have discovered that the health and emotional well-being of sensitive, empathic and psychic people can be easily affected by the places we visit, the people we spend time with, and the foods (even healthy foods!) that we consume.

Raising faith - The True story of raising a child psychic medium
Raising faith – The True story of raising a child psychic medium

As a professional Homeopath and healer, I love helping people restore their health and feel well again, but I also get great pleasure from sharing my knowledge with my patients to empower them to understand how to stay well once healed. One evening as I was sat by Faith’s bed after listening to the messages from spirit, I said amusingly out loud to myself ‘I should write a book about all this!’ and then the penny dropped. I could sense spirit clapping their hands in delight at this revelation. I knew without a doubt that I had so much newfound knowledge to share, which could be so useful to other families raising psychic children, that Raising Faith was an important book to write and share.

As parents, raising a psychic-medium child can leave us feeling overwhelmed and isolated at times.  The challenges are numerous, yet despite the growing number of psychic children coming into the world, the information and support available to help these families is extremely limited.

Faith and I have learned so much on our journey together so far.  We hope the contents of this book help bring knowledge, comfort, and inspiration to those whose loved ones have passed on, to those interested in psychic medium abilities, and to other families raising extra-ordinary psychic children.

Raising Faith is released on 29th March 2019 and is currently available for pre-order on Amazon and other sites across the UK, US, and Australia.

Raising faith - The True story of raising a child psychic medium
Raising faith – The True story of raising a child psychic medium
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Meet the Author – Claire Waters

Claire Waters - Raising faith - The True story of raising a child psychic medium
Claire Waters -Raising faith – The True story of raising a child psychic medium

My name is Claire Waters and I live in rural Hampshire in the UK with my husband and two children Faith and Tom. When the children were 4 and 2 years old respectively, I learned of their psychic medium abilities and subsequently began a journey to learn as much as possible about psychic matters and the spirit world, to help and support them with their gift.

Since that time, my own psychic abilities continue to develop, and I love learning about psychic experiences and spiritual truths and lessons.

Professionally, I am a registered Classical Homeopath with 12 years’ experience managing a successful Homeopathy practice. I have also extended my training to include Nutrition, Kinesiology (including food testing) and Reiki healing.

My interest in nutrition and food sensitivities began after discovering my children, and many other sensitive or psychic individuals were often affected by the food they were eating.

Foreword by Stewart Keeys – Celebrity Psychic Medium

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“With the growing number of psychic children being born into the world, there is a need for genuine support and guidance for parents navigating this subject for the first time.

Learning your child has psychic abilities can be a daunting revelation but Raising Faith details one family’s discovery of their daughter’s spiritual gifts, their journey to understand about the spirit world, and how to balance spiritual gifts with everyday parenting challenges.

This book is much-needed support to anyone raising psychic children or wanting to learn more about our loved ones and spirit guides who continue to help and support us from the spirit world.”

Raising faith - The True story of raising a child psychic medium
Raising faith – The True story of raising a child psychic medium
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