Trust your own eyes? 20 optical illusions to test your mind…

The paranormal chronicles

20 optical illusions to ponder over!

The Paranormal Chronicles has always asked its loyal following to be very wary of what they believe to be witnessing in terms of paranormal activity. Can we all be sure that what we see is definitive paranormal activity or is it merely a trick of the mind? We at the paranormal chronicles believe that thorough experimentation, research and investigation is the key to separating fact from fiction. We ask you, the paranormal faithful, to join us now and enjoy 20 optical illusions, tricks of the mind and the power of suggestion to see what you really see. Sceptic and believers alike are welcome on this visual journey of 20 optical examples. If you enjoy this page and this site then please follow, join and share with your friends.

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PLEASE NOTE: The Paranormal Chronicles declines offers to monetize our website as we do not wish…

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