The St Govan Chapel Mystery


Is this the most mysterious location in Pembrokeshire?

Chronicled by G.L Davies    

After our record breaking amount of views for the Ghosts at St Govans article that took the Pembrokeshire county by storm ( Link at end of article) we thought it would be a great time to re-visit some of the fantastic ancient myths, legends and Ghostly encounters of one of the WORLDS more enigmatic and ancient locations. St Govans. Join the investigation and enjoy the stunning photographs and head with us into ancient and mysterious west Wales.

We at the paranormal chronicles have always had the sense that we are blessed to be based in the beautiful and ancient land that Is Pembrokeshire, west Wales and we feel it is our duty to endeavor to try and share with you, our global investigators of the unknown, our investigations and adventures. During the Easter of this year we braved the wind and waves that battered the coast of Pembrokeshire to bring you closer to some ancient myths and legends that have been deeply interwoven into the fabric that is the history of west Wales. We were there to visit the spectacularly ancient and mysterious St Govan’s chapel, near Pembroke. This incredible location is marinated in folk lore and legend and with the swelling and angry sea crashing along the coast it was a perfect day to explore these ancient mysteries.

Pembrokeshire Coast

It was a fantastic opportunity for the newest member of the team, R.L Armstrong to photograph the Chapel and the sea and wind battered coast line. R. L Armstrong braved cliffs and rock strewn coves to bring you closer to the location, she believes it is her responsibility to bring the area to life for you and that no matter where in the world you reside that you are here with us, a companion sharing our adventure. We want you to feel the energy and power as the sea crashed into the ancient coast line, to feel the wind and it’s chill as it howled a furious song.

Irish sea from St Govan's

The ancient chapel looks as if it has been carved from the cliff face, grey and solid; the chapel has stood there for over 1500 years. As you Stand there, you get the sense that the place is timeless; that what you see today was the same as when the chapel was constructed. As R.L Armstrong bravely climbed further into the rocks to gain a better vantage to capture some great shots of the chapel and the sea, I felt overwhelmingly insignificant. Trivial and small matters simply vanish as you watch the sea rise and crash in deafening booms against the rugged coast and you ponder the power of the earth and how easy it would be to be swept away and battered against the rocks, fighting for that final breath. In a location like this you realize how precious but fragile life is and that every day is a new adventure to be valued and appreciated.

St Govan's

St Govan’s is situated on Pembrokeshire coast national park and is near the town of Pembroke. The Chapel was home to a 6th century hermit and monk called Govan. It is said that marauding pirates saw an opportunity to kidnap Govan and hold him for a large ransom from the monastery. While on their mission to capture the man of peace and God he managed to escape and a rock opened up by the chapel, just large enough for him to hide in, so he could escape the sea dogs. The pirates were befuddled to the where about of the Hermit and when they left the rock opened up as miraculously as it had closed and out emerged , safe and unharmed, Govan. The rock had saved him. Govan was said to be so appalled and guilt ridden by his cowardice that he never left the place and became a watchman for the area, to warn the parishioners of the Bosheston area of unwelcomed Pirate activity.

Map of the Chapel at St Govan's

Poor Govan had further problems with the Pirates when they stole his prized silver bell, quite a prize for the scoundrels of the sea. Again Govan felt ashamed at his incompetence and he prayed with all his will and might that God help him and help he received. Angels were said to have appeared and recovered the bell and the bell was placed inside a rock for safe keeping. Govan would then tap the rock and a note a thousand times that of an ordinary bell would be heard.  What became of the thieving pirates that stole his prized bell has been lost through the ages like tears in rain. An altar has been carved in the said rock for pilgrims to the area to praise.

The Bell Rock at St Govan's

St Govan died in 568 AD and his remains placed under the Altar so he could stick to his word of protecting the Parish. In the chapel you can see a fissure in the wall which is the supposed location of the rock that saved him and in the rock is rib like indentations, said to be the imprint of Govan’s ribs as the rock enclosed him. The Chapel is damp and cold with small windows carved into its sides. People have claimed to see faces and events in the walls of the Chapel and R.L Armstrong has captured an image for you to analyse to see if you can see anything of a paranormal essence. If you can then please contact us as we would be fascinated to hear what you believe you can see.

Do you see anything strange?

The chapel well is said to cure eye complaints, skin disease and rheumatic tendencies so if you suffer greatly from these maladies then a pilgrimage to this beautiful and ancient spot would be highly recommended. Maybe you will experience your own miracle. The steps leading down to the chapel are also said to have a magical element preside over them in that no mortal is said to be able to count the steps. On two attempts our count was 76 and then 72 and when we asked some friendly Russian tourists if they would mind helping us they counted 74 and 77. Is it that we just lose count, perhaps some of the smaller uneven steps are counted twice or not counted at all, maybe there is something unearthly at work there? If you ever count them then please tell us what number you came too.

The magical steps of St Govan's Chapel

Many ghostly lights have been said to be seen on the cliffs in the area, light like lanterns swaying in the wind, perhaps the spirits of malevolent folk trying to make unsuspecting ships crash against the rocks for their precious cargo or maybe the ghost lights of long lost smugglers rendezvousing in the chilled blackness of the night. Perhaps the saddest of all is the story of an elderly couple. It is said that a couple grew old and in love and their lives were as intertwined as night and day. Childless they depended greatly on each other and never left each other’s side. St Govan’s chapel was their favourite spot for a Sunday drive and even into their seventies they would brave the rocks and waves and sit against the cliff and sit there, holding each other, keeping each other warm and safe. Their love was pure and unconditional but sadly the wife took ill and it was tragically diagnosed that she had terminal cancer. She died not long after. Heartbroken and alone the man was lost. However her last wishes to him were that he enjoy life and carry on until the day they would one day be back together, young and healthy in a place of love and light, their love strong and unbreakable. It is said that he visited the spot every Sunday for a year and could be seen sat alone, staring into the sea. Then one day he stood up and simply stepped off and vanished into the unrelenting crashing waves and his body was lost amongst the unforgiving waves. He has been seen several times by visitors to the area. People claim they have seen from the corner of their eye, as they explore the rocks and caves in the area, an old man jump into the sea and vanish. Alarmed people have ran over to help him just to be greeted by the ferocity of the sea as it battles the Pembrokeshire coast for eternity.  Did the old man find peace and is in the arms of the woman he loved or has he been cursed for taking his own life by having to re-enact his final moments over and over till the world is no more?

St Govan's. Pembrokeshire

St Govan is an incredible place to visit with so much in the area including spectacular coast line, a World War 1 bunker, the huntsman’s leap and a firing range to name just a few and next time the paranormal chronicles ventures down we will bring you along for more adventure and mystery. If you ever get the chance to visit then please do so. It is a mysterious place entrenched into the fabric of Welsh Culture. If you wish to read more paranormal accounts from this incredible area then click on this link below and please press the follow button on this page so you never miss out.

St Govan's Chapel, Pembrokeshire

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