Strange days for Pembrokeshire

Devil Hound new sighting, The Haverfordwest ghost monk seen and a new terrifying haunting.

We at the Paranormal chronicles have been feverishly working on a plethora of paranormal sightings that have been reported to us since Friday 8th August 2014. Yesterday we published a couples chilling account of a harrowing event, that they felt endangered their lives as they pursued phantom children to a cave at St Govans, during Hurricane Berthas’ merciless battering of the Pembrokeshire Coast   (Archives: Ghosts cause panic at St Govans)

St Govans. Pembrokeshire
St Govans. Pembrokeshire

We have received an email from a gentleman who claims that he has also had the same experience at St Govans and was left shaken up afterwards. We always leave out certain details in our reports so that when people contact us we can see if we can validate their sighting and this report was eerily similar. We shall be conducting a full investigation into the area and will publish and present the findings here at soon.

Whether the Hurricane combined with the Super moon has something to do with a record amount of paranormal activity cannot be determined. Here are some of the reports that we can publish at this time. We shall be investigating each in depth and will update as soon as new information is available. If anyone has any information regarding any of these reports then please can you contact us via Your anonymity will be protected and all accounts are only published with your given permission.

NEW Devil Hound sighting

In early April 2014 we published an article called Devil Hound: Proof at last? (Please visit our archives for any previous articles and reports) where we received a call from a lady saying that while she and her daughters had been out riding their horses near the llanmill valley that they saw a large black dog with red glowing eyes and steam or smoke rising from its back and head. It was large, larger than a normal dog and its presence disturbed the horses that then tried to turn back. The three witnesses’ watched in puzzlement as the dog looked at them, made a strange hissing noise and leapt into the undergrowth. The mother was unsettled but had the wits to dismount and take a picture on her phone of a footprint of the proposed beast and put a BIC lighter next to it for scale.

Devil hound or just a normal big dog print?
Devil hound or just a normal big dog print?

On Friday 8th August 2014 around 8 p.m a car with four people aged between 18 and 22 claim that while driving on the Amroth Road (A477) they saw a large black dog with red eyes bound across the road and disappear into the Pendeilo woods. They insisted that it was not the Big Cat that is often reported in the County but definably a dog, much larger than any domesticated canine they were aware of and its movement and eye colour were certainly distinctive. They declared the creature to be pure black, red eyes and a steam or smoke rising from its body.

This new sighting of the Mythical hound that has been reported in the area for centuries is only 7 kilometers from the last reported sighting in Llanmill, Narberth. Could the Devil Hound be on the move? Looking for pastures and prey new to feed upon? The area in which the alleged creature has been seen is vast and is home to many woodland, valleys and fields. To task a search would be difficult but locals are advised to please keep an eye out for any evidence and to please present them to us at the Paranormal Chronicles where we can discuss remuneration for any evidence that determines the validity of the beast.

1st Sighting of the Devil Hound was in Llanmill and 2nd near Amroth
1st Sighting of the Devil Hound was in Llanmill and 2nd near Amroth

In April The Paranormal Chronicles, conducted a survey on the origin of the Devils favorite pet that is said to curse anyone who sees it. The results were as follows:

28% believe it is the mythical cryptid the Devil Hound

23% believe it is Just a dog

17% assume it is another animal that has been misidentified

14% voted on a vivid imagination conjuring the accounts

14% think that there may be a new species living in Pembrokeshire

3% voted on the possibility of a mutation or an experiment gone wrong

We have a page dedicated to your thoughts in our Paranormal Polls so pop over and vote and help us with our research.

More news from the Devil Hound as we receive it

The Haverfordwest Monk  reported twice in one weekend

One of our favorite and most researched paranormal characters is the Ghostly monk of Haverfordwest. He is a hooded and silent figure, oblivious to the people around him as he makes his way through the night.  It was while investigating the routes he is said to walk through the town that we discovered the strange object photographed by Google maps which upon further investigation turned out to be a fly (Archive: Google maps Capture UFO over Haverfordwest, Wales.)

The Monk which is said to be seen walking from St Mary’s Parish Church at the top of High street, Haverfordwest and makes his way either down through the High street and through Quay street to the old Priory Ruin or up through Market Street, across the Rifleman field, onto Augustine way and then down Union hill again to the old Priory ruin.

This weekend the Monk was seen walking across the Rifleman’s field by Augustine way and then the next night walking down Union Hill. During our research there has always been one fact that we have not disclosed which makes us believe there may be something in the second sighting at Union Hill. The Monk is seen to walk on the pavement at the top of the Hill but as he descends he disappears into the ground until he is only visible from the waist up. He reaches the bottom of the Hill and disappears into the Hedge wall. This is exactly what was seen and described to us.

We have uncovered that the path was much lower and steeper until the road and pavement were built which would explain why he seems to vanish into the ground. He is merely walking the original path not the new and modern one and where he vanishes into the wall was a field gate that led to the back of the old priory.


Haverfordwest Priory was a house of Augustinian Canons on the banks of the Western Cleddau at Haverfordwest. It was founded around 1200 on land given by Robert Fitztancard, the lord of Haverfordwest. It was dissolved in 1536. From 1983 to 1996, the site has been excavated and the outlines of the buildings are visible. Much architectural material of a high standard was discovered and can be seen in Haverfordwest museum. Also unearthed was a unique medieval garden with raised beds.

We shall publish a more thorough and detailed investigation into the Ghostly monk of Haverfordwest. There are so many tales and reports of the hooded and silent figure as he makes his way through the slumbering town in the small hours. We believe that there is no singular monk making his way to the priory but we believe there to be two. We shall publish our account soon so please follow our page so you can read our findings.

Keep an eye out for him as you walk through Haverfordwest after dark….

Disfigured Apparition haunts home

We have been approached by a very frightened household regarding a terrifying apparition that has caused such alarm that they contacted us in regards to offering a solution on the events. We cannot disclose any information of where the location is to safeguard the privacy of the occupants.

The occupants claim that they have awoken in the night and smelt lavender and heard creaking on the landing as if someone is creeping around. This has happened for many months and also become part of the routine and has caused little distress. It was not until friends stayed with their young child that the haunting became more terrifying. It is claimed that in the night one of the guest awoke in the night to comfort the child that was sleeping in a cot in the spare room. When he entered the room he saw an old lady hunched over the cot. He was startled and when she turned to face him he saw that her face was horribly disfigured “…as if she had been melted.” He was understandably distraught and yelled and the lady simply vanished.

The following night they heard what sounded like an old lady singing on the baby monitor. She was said to be singing a lullaby. The room was empty apart from an overpowering smell of lavender. The guests were said to have left the following morning and will no longer stay at the home. The house has been quiet until recently when the lady of the home said she woke in the night from a terrible dream but woke to find an arm draped over her, reassuringly. She believed it to be her partner but when she heard him stir on the other side of the bed she looked up to see the face of a horribly burned woman just mere inches from her own face.

This is not too dissimilar of a well-known case emanating from Prendergast, Haverfordwest called the Burning of Old Jean which was a tale of a kindly ghost that would comfort the children when they had restless nights but sadly was terribly disfigured through a fire that took her life and she was a horrendous sight to see.

We shall be investigating the home and hopefully find an explanation or resolution for the people that live there. We hope to publish and present the results at a later date.

It is indeed Strange Days Indeed for Pembrokeshire. Please don’t forget to press the follow button on this page and explore our archives. You never know what you will find. Thank you for reading and please feel to get in touch with us by emailing

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