Ghost sex: Dare you believe?

Read now for a taster of possibly the U.K’s most terrifying haunting

The Paranormal Chronicles is delighted to be able to give to you the first chapter of the #1 bestselling Ghost Sex: The Violation by G L Davies.  Ghost sex The Violation is the terrifying and disturbing follow up to the Worldwide bestselling A most haunted house which has now been read by over 20,000 people. Ghost sex: the Violation is the true and chilling account that centres on a family in Pembroke Dock, West Wales that are invaded by a paranormal presence. The home is subjected to a prolonged and frightening haunting and escalates to a sickening and disturbing series of sexual violations.

Ghost sex the violation. Is this Britain's most brutal haunting?
Ghost sex the violation. Is this Britain’s most brutal haunting?

Paranormal Investigator G L Davies conducts a series of interviews with three generations of family that have been deeply affected by the vile supernatural intrusion into their lives. If you think you know about paranormal encounters, if you think this is just a Welsh version of the Entity or a more sexually descriptive version of the potter’s wheel scene in Ghost, then you are asked to reconsider and push away any preconceptions of what you are about to read. This novel is possibly the most chilling and debase paranormal account ever published and it is not for the faint of heart.

dare you watch

Described as “Brutal, chilling and compelling” this is one book that you need to ask yourself, Do you dare read? If you do then there is a link at the end of the article for you to click on and read the rest of the terrifying account. If you own a Kindle then you can join Kindle library and borrow the novel for free. If you don’t have a Kindle then click on the link and download the free Kindle app for smartphones, tablets and computers.  Due caution is advised.

© G L Davies 2014

The Paranormal Chronicles presents Ghost sex: The Violation

By G L Davies


If you haven’t already guessed this book is based on two very controversial subjects, sex and the paranormal. I would imagine that one or both are of some interest to you but before we begin I must warn you that this book, this paranormal account, is unnerving and the graphic and descriptive nature of the spectral intrusion and violation may be both unsettling and offensive to those of a more conservative persuasion.

Are you still there? Good, then let’s start with a deep and profound question that I need to ask you, to ask yourself. It is important that you do so, as you need to know what bearing, if any, sex has your life. As you will have concluded by the title of this book, sexual violation is a key theme in the investigation we are to conduct. Do not base this answer on what you have been told to believe, or one you expect others to believe is your answer. You must be honest. The question is: What does sex mean to you?

Is the physical act of sex a way of achieving closeness, possibly to solidify a bond?  Is sex a way of differentiating a romantic relationship from that of a plutonic one? Maybe sex is a way of getting people to like you, so that you feel attractive and desirable? Do you give yourself as an expression of gratitude and acceptance? Perhaps to some it is a physical and emotional expression, and to some just an animalistic and carnal urge that is programmed into the human condition to simply fornicate and reproduce, a part of us as normal as breathing and excreting. Is sex the heartbeat of a relationship? Or is sex just good exercise and an enjoyable, fun and adrenaline fueled rollercoaster of physicality and pleasure? It might be a mixture of feelings but whatever sex means to you, it is constantly there. Whether you have too much, too little, have abstained or can’t get any at all, we all realize that sex is an important part of our lives. However, imagine if you will that your body is at the whim of an unknown and unseen visitor, which will conduct an illegal intrusion upon you. You cannot stop it, reason or plead with it, or even ask for help from such tangible institutions as the police, medical or psychological practices.  No justice can be served on the entity that has sexual union at its own malevolent whim. Just when you feel that you can despair no longer, you have given in to the mal-treatment and to the defilement; suddenly you realize that this paranormal incursion into your life may not be as bad as you first thought. Can you envisage that you have submitted and have accepted this taboo as a personally justifiable occurrence?

How would that affect those close to you? Consider your current partner if you have one and ask yourself how would they react if you were to have a paranormal affair? Could they lie next to you at night content in the knowledge that a metaphysical visitor, with a power far superior to our own, is having carnal relations with you? That something unearthly and quixotic is pleasuring you in a way they cannot. Would they take this in their stride, or see it as some negligence on your behalf, or perhaps that of God? Could you both look at each other the same way knowing that a third member was now part of your sacred relationship? There are so many questions that you will consider once you have undertaken this read and joined me on this investigation. This is indeed a journey that perhaps you did not expect to undertake today.

The paranormal of course is based on your own subjectivity and the experiences or beliefs that you have. Some people are hardened to this subject and can take the unexplained in their stride, but for some it is a terrifying topic. Regardless of your stance, I believe this investigation will have elements that will take you by surprise, the detail and ferocity of the events bestowed upon the home will shock you.

I have investigated the paranormal for over twenty five years. I have witnessed some truly baffling sights and experiences and have been able to bring peace to troubled and disturbed people by offering a solid and rational explanation for the events happening to them. In some cases I have been given no choice but to notify the authorities as the events perceived to be occurring are due, sadly, to a breakdown of mental and emotional functionality that have the possibility to do harm to others. This case, the one before you now, is like nothing I have ever been involved with. It breaks new grounds in terms of the experiences perceived by the witness’s and by the information collated in the subsequent investigation that book ends this account.

If you think you know about paranormal encounters, if you think this is just a Welsh version of the Entity or a more sexually descriptive version of the potter’s wheel scene in Ghost, then I ask you to reconsider and push away any preconceptions of what you are about to read. If the accounts presented are real, then every single one of us on this blue globe, spinning in the cosmos, is susceptible to a terrifying and illegal breach onto our physicality. If your house is deemed to be haunted then maybe the events happening so far just herald far more terrifying activity yet to occur.

I am by my own admission no William Shakespeare and where I may make grammatical and spelling errors I make up with a passion and enthusiasm to uncover the truth, to report to those willing to take the time to read these accounts of paranormal events happening to real people, just like you. For those of you that read my previous offering of A most haunted house, which was the raw and gritty account of a haunting so devastating that it tore the world apart of a young couple just trying to settle together and find happiness in a new home, then this account is just as confounding. Not only by the spirits need for sexual intrusion, but also for the chilling and terrifying haunting that took place in the home and its effects on the other members of the household. This is not just an account of a ghost’s sexual wrong doing, but of a paranormal infiltration and haunting into a normal household in a town in Pembrokeshire.

The investigation and interviews I conducted have some of the strangest and unique factors that I have transcribed. The Paranormal exceeds what is deemed physically possible based upon our times scientific assumptions so, as I did with A most haunted house, I ask that you take the account and digest it and fathom it in a fashion best suited to you. It is not for me to force upon you any beliefs of what occurred at this home in Pembroke Dock, but for you to use your own beliefs, theories and philosophies and decide for yourself. Unlike A most haunted house I was able, along with a psychologist, to spend a week at the home to conduct a more thorough investigation. After the family’s account which follows shortly, my investigation shall be presented to you to help you discern on the nature of the events. You are now the investigator and through my thorough interview techniques I ask that you look for evidence and clues on what you believe is fact or fiction.

The transcripts are in the words of the people involved. Often it shall be raw, gritty and exceptionally vulgar and colourful at times but these are the ways in which the family express themselves. This is their story and I ask that you take the time to concentrate on the accounts they tell and not the way they deliver it, as through their own expression and words you get a closer and truer look at what they experienced. You get a feel on their backgrounds and their upbringings, the very fabric of their countenance. We would also like you to note that during the questions regarding the sexual and graphic nature of the offense that a female investigator accompanied myself for those sessions and that the names of the people involved have obviously been changed to protect the anonymity of the family. Dates, locations and details that could link to the family have been changed and the accounts have been arranged into a more chronological fashion so, you, the reader can become more involved in the events as they happened.  The family have given me full permission to publish their story on the basis that if others out there have had similar experiences, it may help make sense of what happened. This account is shocking, chilling and exceptionally detailed in places so be warned this paranormal chronicle may not be to everyone’s liking.

Are you still there?

Excellent, then let’s meet the family.

To continue reading Ghost sex : The Violation Click on the link below. We hope you enjoyed the taster and are prepared for the shocking account that follows. Don’t forget to follow us on this webpage so you don’t miss a thing. Thanks for reading and now click on the link below. If you dare!


Is this Pembrokeshire’s most haunted house?

If you enjoy accounts of the Paranormal then why not read the #1 Bestselling E-novel A most haunted house by G. L Davies on Kindle Today. It’s free to Borrow through Amazon Prime and is also available in paperback. A most haunted House is based on a true and terrifying account of a prolific and aggressive haunting in the small Welsh Town of Haverfordwest in West Wales. Seen as controversial and sparking debate between skeptics and believers alike due to the ferocity and intensity of the haunting, A Most Haunted House is the eye witness account of a young couple fighting to keep their new home and each other as an entity tears their world apart.

With over 50,000 copies read will you join the investigation?

Dare you read? Dare you click on the book cover below?

A most haunted house


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  1. Have just read this, and feel for the poor woman and her family, awful. However it saddens me the mothers ‘Judith’ who revealed who she thought the cold man was, if that was her true belief, surely it is best to try and make him move on and allow her daughter a chance at happiness?! Of all the story that was the part that felt unbelievable!

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